This list below contains the top 75 net-gainers from Reed Slatkin's ponzi scheme, according to December 2001 Trustee 'Interim Report'. The first numerical column represents the amount of money the investor paid to Reed; the second column was what Reed gave back to that investor; the third column is the difference between the amounts represented in first two columns. In some cases, multiple family members were paid back on separate accounts.. so even though Joel Kreiner tops the list, the combined accounts involving Ron Rakow total higher. In the cases involving multiple family accounts, we've noted the other places within this list to look.
Joel Kreiner & Stina Hans
William W. & Anne Hutchins
R.E. (Burt) Laing
Robert & Karen Rakow & Highlands Group
Jeffrey B. & Debra Schwartz
Glenn & Barbara Johnson
Linda Rosen
Joseph C. & Molly Walton
Richard & Barbara Levine
Richard & Joanne McMullin
Anthony & Margaret Hitchman
Arlo Gordin
Richard & Judith Freedman
Donald Rackemann
Brian & Joan Reso
James William Firman
Jean Batesman Summers
Armyan B. Bernstein et al
Daniel W. & Myrna Jacobs
Chris Mancuso & Mancuso LLC
Ron Rakow
Ansel Slome
Peter Henman Laufer & Milova
David Singer & Diana Venegas
Stuart & Deborah Steinberg
Roy & Lynette MacNeill
Paul & Ann Minshull
Donald & Karen Simons
Michael & Anne Kananack
Denise Del Bianco
Peter Summers
Peter & Hilary Jackson
John & Alexandra Rome Mudd
Robert & Susie Coelho Rounds
Sally Jo Levy Soverinsky
Bernard & Carol Levine
Tony & Joan Lonstein
Ronald & Ellen Schmier
Ralph Cooper & Karen Rounds
Sandra Codding
Joel Stevens
Bentley Richards
Lawrence & Sheila Gluck
Charles Lyons
Mary T. Walton
Dick & Patricia Zimmerman
Lee S. Minshull
Jean Janu
Armand Berstein
John & Sara Isham
Michael & Sara Doughty (Champ Frame)
William Reilly
Nathan & Lucille Bercovitz
Linwood (Chip) Lacy
Adrienne Rappoport
Rachel Walton
Michael Humphrey (aka Mark Parker)
Kevin & Maryann O'Donnell
George W. Murgatroid III (correct spelling is Murgatroyd)
Omega Trust ‑ Linda Heineman
Peter Coyote
Bernardo & Jeanne Lan
Timothy & Betsy White
Walter & Majorie Butcher
Mary Thompson
Robert Engel (Green Key)
Dinu & Francine Goldenberg
Jill Tate Higgins (OS II Inc)
Irving & Lillian Rakow
Don & Elizabeth Curier
Jeffrey & Shelley Katke
John Coale & Greta Van Susteren
Thomas M. Skrenes
Jeff & Jill B. Choder
Anna R. Hawken
Schedule of 75 Largest Net-Debtors
For the Period January 1, 1986 through April 30, 2001
Investor Name Receipt
Joel Kreiner & Stina Hans $ 3,143,315 $ 9,009,898 $ (5,866,583)

Longtime Scientologist Joel Kreiner was Deputy Guardian Legal in the Guardian's Office during the Snow White debacle, and is a graduate of Stanford Law School. He was also the Church's primary tax attorney. After entering private practice, he went into partnership with longtime Church lawyer -- and Slatkin investor -- James Q. Fisher, then became a sole practitioner. He is no longer an active lawyer, and refers to himself as an 'ex-attorney' on his OS page. Joel is a Cornerstone Club member, participates in legal mentoring programs at local schools and gave $250 to George W Bush's presidential campaign.

Joel Kreiner was also involved in several real esrate partnerships with Reed, as detailed in a previous report from the trustee. The percentage indicates Reed's share of the partnership; the value of the real estate is not known.

Laurel Canyon Properties LP
1619 W. Garvey #202
West Covina, CA 91790-2141

800 Mariposa LP
1619 W. Garvey #202
West Covina, CA 91790-2141

4686 Woodside LP
1619 W. Garvey #202
West Covina, CA 91790-2141

Fountain Properties
4490 Via Alegre
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

All these LPs share a common address, which makes it likely that they involve the same group of partners, including, of course, Reed.

First of all, there’s Laurel Canyon Properties LP, registered with the following

Number: 199427600003 Date Filed: 9/30/1994 Status: active
Principal Address
1619 W. GARVEY AVE., #202
WEST COVINA, CA 91790-2141
Agent for Service of Process

Darn those oh-so-inconvenient typos; the real name of the Registered Agent, according
to the address given, is Joel Kreiner.

Joel shows up, with the correct spelling of his name, as registered agent for the
next LP:

Number: 199518100003 Date Filed: 6/29/1995 Status: active
Principal Address
1619 W. GARVEY AVE., #202
WEST COVINA, CA 91790-2141
Agent for Service of Process

He is also listed as RA for 4686 Woodside:

Number: 199508800022 Date Filed: 3/27/1995 Status: active
Principal Address
1619 W. GARVEY AVE., STE. 202**
WEST COVINA, CA 91720-2141
Agent for Service of Process

(For the record, 4686 Woodside is an apartment complex in Los Angeles.)

And here’s James Q. Fisher, Kreiner's former law partner, listed as RA for Fountain Properties, which is registered under Joel Kreiner’s home address:

Number: 198417600347 Date Filed: 7/1/1984 Status: active
Principal Address
Agent for Service of Process
LOS ANGELES, CA 90067-2325
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William W. & Anne Hutchins 1,611,206 7,100,839 (5,489,632)
There are various Hutchins sprinkled throughout Scientology, including June, in Studio City, and Boyd. However, no record can be found for William or Anne, who live in Santa Barbara.
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R.E. (Burt) Laing 423,465 5,779,597 (5,356,132)
There is a Bert Laing who is a Scientologist and OT7, and also a Lyn Laing. Possibly coincidentally, there is a Robert E. Laing who goes by the name “Bert” who is the CEO of LincCapital, a venture capital firm in Chicago
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Robert & Karen Rakow & Highlands Group 3,056,077 8,273,876 (5,217,798)
According to this page, which lists sponsors for some kind of sporting event, the Highlands Group is engaged in “Providing Supplemental Financial and Accounting Services to Business and Industry.” Interestingly, this Highlands Group is located in Colorado. It could be another company altogether, or the Rakows could have recently moved to Florida.

A Robert Rakow from California involved in real estate development was involved in this dispute over reimbursement of funds to a bank that later become insolvent.

According to the December Report of the Trustee and Creditor Committee, "Members of Rakow’s family and entities controlled by them were investors with Slatkin. They are large “net debtors” having received at least $6 million more from Slatkin than they gave to him to invest for them." See also entries for Ron Rakow, Denise Del Bianco and Irving and Lillian Rakow.

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Jeffrey B. & Debra Schwartz 2,643,071 7,731,232 (5,088,161)

Here is a quote from a Jeffrey B. Schwartz with a Chicago investment firm:

COMFORT ZONE. Putting every penny of your 401(k) money into large-cap stocks tempts a lot of people. The company names are reassuringly familiar, and the returns have been excellent in recent years. ''Every adviser I talk to has trouble getting people into things like small-cap and foreign,'' says Jeffrey B. Schwartz, senior consultant for Chicago-based Ibbotson Associates, which provides investment software and consulting.

No wonder: For the 12 months ended Nov. 30, the total return on the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index was 23.7%, vs. 16.8% for a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter index of developed-economy stocks, -11.1% for an Ibbotson index of small stocks, and a lousy -19.7% on an International Finance Corp. emerging-markets composite index (table).

However, according to this page, Jeffrey Schwartz is president of Credicorp, Inc.
and a licensed mortgage broker:

Credicorp Inc. seems to be a debt consolidation/loan company, but it is not the Credicorp credit card company operating out of Texas (which has been investigated for fraud and is the subject of numerous scathing online consumer reports).

For what it’s worth, here is Credicorp’s corporate record:

CREDICORP, INC. File Number 54828055
Entity Type Corporate Master Type Corporation Domestic BCA
Incorporation Date 10/08/1987
Agent Change Date 10/16/2000
Agent Street 120 N LASALLE ST STE 3200
Agent City CHICAGO
Secretary Name RICHARD R WHITE

Agent Zip 606020000 Duration Date Perpetual
Current Paid Year 2000 Current Paid Date 10/05/2000

Reed Slatkin owned 205 shares of Credicorp, according to an earlier trustee report.

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Glenn & Barbara Johnson 772,000 5,262,657 (4,490,657)

Glenn Johnson was one of Reed’s stock traders, according to inside information, and there is no sign that he is also a Scientologist. He may be a car afficianado (oh that would be unique) who contributes to the club newsletter, including this article.
Was Glenn’s car really used in a photo shoot at the Playboy Mansion? Only time will tell!

Glenn is also the proprietor of Santa Barbara Capital Management LLC.

Glenn has a featured role in the December Report, which profiles his history as a 'consultant' to Slatkin:

According to a letter apparently written by Glenn Johnson (“Johnson”) in August 2000, he was an “early pioneer of the Personal Computer Industry” and a co-founder of Ashton-Tate Software and Government Technology Services, Inc. (Kevin O’Donnell is a co-founder of the latter company.)

Johnson was a “consultant” to Slatkin and also invested money with him. Johnson stated that he “heads up technology research” for Slatkin. According to Slatkin’s bookkeeper Phyllis Rogers, Johnson’s purported duties included helping Slatkin identify investments.

Johnson also was an investor with Slatkin. He received approximately $4.5 million in payments over and above what he paid to Slatkin.

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Linda Rosen 10,742,865 15,069,844 (4,326,979)
Linda Rosen is a Scientologist and Patron of the International Association of Scientologists, as well as a volunteer in Clearwater, although she appears to hail from Beverly Hills. According to recent reports, her investments with Slatkin were managed by Irene and Jack Dirmann, profiled in depth here. The Dirmanns apparently also acted as Rosen's Scientology "Field Staff Members", which means that they received a commission of 10% on Scientology services that she puchased.
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Joseph C. & Molly Walton 2,203,000 6,487,765 (4,284,765)
The Waltons are a wealthy Philadelphia family with a wide range of business and philanthropic interests. Several members of the clan invested with Slatkin; however, there is no indication that any of the Waltons are Scientologists. See also Mary T. Walton and Rachel Walton.
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Richard & Barbara Levine 2,566,969 6,639,764 (4,072,794)

Richard Levine is a low profile Scientologist who seems to be curiously absent from many of the usual places where wealthy Scientologists appear, including the Super Power Building donation list and the IAS Patron List. The Levine Family does appear in IAS-86 with a $20,000 donation, and according to CoS publications, Richard has taken the L courses.

Richard is mentioned extensively throughout Reed’s deposition before the SEC. According to his testimony, Richard Levine is an “old friend”, and his co-partner in Tarzana Partners. He also has trading authority and “watches over” many of Reed’s trading accounts, and introduced Reed to another future business partner, Statistical Sciences.

From the December 12 Report of the Trustee and Creditor Committee:

In August 1987, Slatkin met Richard Levine (“Levine”), who was then a stockbroker at Prudential-Bache Securities. Slatkin showed Levine the performance of his “investment pool” which boasted a 40%-50% return and demonstrated to Levine a computer program that he claimed automatically flagged stocks to buy and sell based on certain market developments and other criteria. Levine, impressed by the software and the returns, decided to enter into a business arrangement with Slatkin.

In February 1988, Slatkin and Levine entered into a tentative transaction with John and Amy Jo Gottfurcht (“Gottfurcht”). Ex. 5. Gottfurcht had an existing money management company called Statistical Sciences Inc. (“SSI”), an investment advisory firm registered with the SEC, and he claimed to control over $100 million in client funds. The SSI transaction called for Slatkin and Levine to acquire a 25% interest in SSI and for Slatkin to contribute the license to use his software to SSI. Id. As part of the proposed transaction, an independent audit was made of certain aspects of the business, including Slatkin’s trading results of 40%-50% returns. The audit ultimately concluded that Slatkin’s statements and trading records were not correct and Slatkin admitted to falsifying those records.

Here is the corporate record for another Richard Levine/Reed Slatkin partnership:

Number: 199027400005 Date Filed: 10/1/1990 Status: active
Principal Address
Agent for Service of Process

Here is Levine’s history as a registered futures dealer, courtesy of the National Futures Association:

Sponsor Status Effective Date



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Richard & Joanne McMullin 426,174 4,213,197 (3,787,023)

Richard invested in Earthlink through Reed Slatkin, according to SEC documents. According to Reed's appearance before the SEC in JFebruary 2000, both Richard and Joanne are sub-contractors who worked with his company on occasion, and were listed as separate from other investors in the "Club" files. Joanne Rubenstein is Richard’s mother.

From the December Report:

Richard McMullin and Joanne Rubinstein (His Mother)
Richard McMullin was an “investment consultant” to Slatkin from at least 1986 until 1999, when he ceased working for Slatkin. By the early 1990s, Slatkin also hired McMullin’s mother, Joanne McMullin (who later married and change her name to Rubinstein) to assist with office tasks such as “typing, bookkeeping and records management as needed.” Rubinstein worked for Slatkin through 2001.

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Anthony & Margaret Hitchman 751,500 4,499,969 (3,748,469)

Tony Hitchman is a longtime Scientologist, and a good friend of Reed, who mentioned in his deposition before the SEC that Tony had asked for his investment assistance over dinner in 1985. Tony is originally from Rhodesia, and conducted one of the very few televised interviews with L. Ron Hubbard in 1966. The video of that interview is still used to train Scientology spokespersons, despite this scathing review by former Scientologist Robert Vaughn Young:

“… The LRH interview film, the one by Tony Hitchman, which has to be one of the worst and the corniest interviews ever made of anyone. The fact that Hubbard approved it and that it is sold in Scientology bookstores and given to libraries is difficult to believe. I strongly urge journalists to watch it! Watch these "TRs" of L. Ron Hubbard as he gives these little disarming chuckles and these _horrible_ answers. (And don't think for a minute the interview was spontaneous. It wasn't. It was completely canned, which makes it even worse.)”

During his journalism career, Tony also interviewed former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith, according to this page.

Tony has an Online Scientologist page, and his wife, Peggy, is an OT7.

Tony was staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel during the events surrounding the untimely death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson, according to this police interview:

On April 14, 1997, I had telephone conversations with the following individuals:
1. Tony Hitchman: Hitchman said he stayed at the cabanas from the middle of November, 1995 until January, 1996. Hitchman said he was at the church for services. Hitchman stated he did not see or hear anything unusual during his stay. Hitchman has no knowledge of the Lisa McPherson case.

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Arlo Gordin 5,070,559 8,794,782 (3,724,222)

Arlo Gordin is a Scientologist and chiropractor operating in the Los Angeles area.He is also an OTVII and 'Cornerstone Club' member of the Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida. His wife, Anne, is a Patron of the International Association of Scientologists, and according to FREEWINDS Mag Issue # 2 (circa November 1990) she is also an OT VIII.

Dr. Gordin was a member of the Creditors Committee until he was forcibly removed (after resigning, then changing his mind and attempting to keep his seat on the committee) when it became clear that far from being one of Slatkin's biggest victims, he had actually gotten back more money than he had put into the fund.

According to the Talk Magazine article (September 2001), Arlo has claimed that the Church of Scientology had attempted to interview Reed Slatkin about his investment business, a charge that the Church has denied:

Arlo Gordin told Talk that the Church of Scientology brought Slatkin in around this time to interview him about his financial activities, but that Slatkin repeatedly complained of headaches and said he couldn't answer questions. The churchtold Talk that it never asked Slatkin to submit to such interviews.

Arlo specializes in music-related injuries, according to this webpage:

"Dr. Arlo Gordin, a chiropractor who has treated many musicians, including Billy Sheehan and Stuart Hamm. As he notes, many career-threatening hand and wrist injuries can be successfully overcome."

He also claims that proper nutrition can cure depression, according to this article:

"Depression often needs to be dealt with physically, and nutritional healing is "far preferable to anti-depressant drugs or just living depressed", says Arlo Gordin, founder and clinical director of the Universal City Medical Group, one of the largest health, nutrition, medical and chiropractic centers in southern California. "When nutrition can do the job it is less expensive and without the harm of drugs. This alternative medicine approach has a more beneficial effect, and none of the side effects of anti-depressant drugs," says Gordin.

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Richard & Judith Freedman 2,193,291 5,719,047 (3,525,756)

Judy and Richard Freedman are both Scientologists and generous supporters of the International Association of Scientologists - both have donated more than $100 K. They are also Cornerstone Club-level supporters of the Super Power Building, and were amongst Reed’s earliest “investment club” members, according to his deposition before the Securities and Exchanges Commission.

Oddly, they do not appear on the 1999 Investor List.

The Freedman house is currently on the market with an asking price of just over $2 million.

At one point, long ago in the swingin’ 70s, the house was apparently the home of Schine Music, which put out such memorable numbers as “Heartbeat - It’s a lovebeat” by the DeFranco family, according to this page.

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Donald Rackemann 700,000 4,125,600 (3,425,600)

Don Rackemann was one of Reed's closest business associates during the Ponzi Years, and Reed invested in several of his (eventually failing) business ventures, including Golf Star (to the tune of $80,000) and Incomnet, a precursor to his current (failing) business, PriceNET USA, which is somehow involved in reselling Internet access. Reed owned 500,000 (nearly worthless) shares in PriceNET at the time that he declared bankruptcy, as well as 66,670 shares in Incomnet. Fellow Slatkin investment lottery winner and convicted mail fraudster Christopher Mancuso is also a longtime business partner of Rackemann, and the two gentlemen have been involved in several enterprises together, Incomnet and PriceNET.

Not satisfied with his spectacular success in the heady world of dotcom riches, Rackemann also attempted to move into the sporting arena with Golf Star USA, as described in this article from Golf Online:

New Founders Club suitor surfaces A new suitor has emerged in the Founders Club Golf Co. drama. Donald J. Rackemann, president and chief executive officer of Golf Star U.S.A. Inc., a company that owns a diamond-coating process used for application to clubfaces, is attempting to purchase Founders Club from Japanese sporting goods giant Asics. The purchase would involve worldwide rights, except for Japan, to the Founders Club name. Asics would retain production and distribution rights in Japan.

"I can confirm that we are negotiating," said Rackemann, who declined to comment any further.

After several ill-fated attempts by different groups to purchase Founders Club, the company closed its manufacturing plant in Vista, Calif., and is at least temporarily out of business in the U.S.

Here is a brief bio of Don Rackemann, from an SEC filing:

Donald Rackemann has been the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer since 1998. Prior to heading up Price Net, Mr. Rackemann was semi-retired but very involved in the manufacturing of golf equipment. From 1988 to 1994, he served as Chairman and CEO of National Telephone & Communications, Inc. a long-distance telephone service provider, which he co-founded and was responsible for its early growth and success. Incomnet, Inc. acquired the company during 1994.

Here is a sales pitch for PriceNET USA.

Don ran into trouble in his application to add a 1,000+ square foot expansion, with pool and spa, to his home. The proposal was eventually withdrawn in the face of opposition from his neighbours.

Don also has a fondness for fast cars, a fetish he shares with several other Slatkin investors and associates.

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Brian & Joan Reso 1,120,174 4,137,779 (3,017,605)

Brian and his wife Joan are both Scientologists, Patrons of the IAS, and have reached
OT7. He turns up with an offbeat comment in this story from the Clearwater Sun, which describes him as a 'decorator':

“No one has ever told me I came from the planet Helatrobus," counters Brian Reso, a 42-year-old Los Angeles decorator and Operating Thetan Level 6. "Likewise, Scientology doesn't feed you any beliefs about God."

He also owned 20, 670 of restricted ELNK stock at the time of the company's Initial Public Offering.

Neither of the Resos have Online Scientologist webpages, which suggests that they may well be on staff.

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James William Firman 551,825 3,494,131 (2,942,306)
Bill Firman of Santa Ynez, California, was listed on the final creditor list, but little information was available about him. He may be a local veterinarian specializing in horses, but this may be a different William Firman. However, the fact that he seems to have a thing for Corvettes suggests that this may well be our Bill.
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Jean Batesman Summers 572,081 3,487,081 (2,915,000)
(note - actual spelling is Bateson)

We do not know if Jean Bateson Summers is a Scientologist, although there is a Jean Summers listed as a clear on an informal list kept by an avid reader of Scientologist magazines and course completion lists. She is possibly related to Peter "Pete" Summers (see elswhere on this page), who is another Slatkin investor, as well as an investor in VitalStream, one of the (many) ill-fated private companies in which Slatkin invested his money. Heidi, Jane and Sam Summers also appear on the 2001 list of Slatkin investors.

Jean Bateson Summers wanted to remove a tree from her La Canada property:

Applicant, Jean Summers, who has lived in her residence since 1979, advised that she moved to this area because of its lush vegetation. Ms. Summers stated that she appreciates trees, noting that she is a member of Descanso Gardens Guild and is a docent at Huntington Gardens. She advised that two acacia trees and a large plum tree have fallen as well as a large pine tree. A healthy deodar fell across her garage during a windstorm, striking her home and causing $57,000 of damage. Also, a retaining wall failed from ground moisture. She distributed photos of trees that fell during the night and of the tree in question and advised that the cracks in the retaining wall have noticeably widened. Met with more than one arborist regarding this situation.

The address seems to be shared with a Bob Osher, according to the same page:

Bob Osher, 1833 Earlmont, advised that the problem is that the tree continues to grow towards the house. Chairman Orr asked Mr. Osher if he would look favorably on a condition to plant a 48" box replacement tree. Mr. Osher responded that a 48" tree seemed unreasonably large.

Bob Osher is also the vice-president of Miramax Films, but it’s unclear if that is the same Bob Osher, or, indeed, if Bob Osher is somehow related to Jean Bateson Summers.

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Armyan B. Bernstein et al 3,447,988 6,326,963 (2,878,975)

Armyan Bernstein is a Hollywood producer whose credits include the hit film “Airforce 1,” as well as “Thirteen Days,” the story of the Cuban missile crisis, which was based largely on the recollections of Ken O’Donnell, the father of Scientologist - and Bernstein’s partner in the production company Beacon Films - Kevin O’Donnell, also a Slatkin investor. Bernstein was a Scientologist in the past, and has a Clear number on file, but it is not clear whether he is still active within the Church.

Also associated with Bernstein through Beacon Films is Hollywood lawyer and Slatkin business partner Richard Rosman. Coincidentally, Slatkin, Bernstein et al acquired Beacon Films from Colorado-based Ascent Entertainment, which at the time was under the management of yet another Slatkin compadre, Charles Lyons, who also appears elsewhere on this list, and received more than $2 million in loans from Reed.

From the December Report of the Trustee and Creditor Committee:

Armyan “Army” Bernstein (“Bernstein”) and his wife Christine began investing with Slatkin before 1987. Bernstein also referred his parents, Armand and Lynne Bernstein, to invest with Slatkin. The Bernstein family had accounts with Slatkin in their own names and in the names of a family trust and a profit sharing plan. Until the late 1990s, Bernstein’s relationship with Slatkin appears to have been primarily as an investor. In the meantime, Bernstein had developed a reputation as a respected movie producer.

In 1998, Bernstein and Kevin O’Donnell (“O’Donnell”) approached Slatkin with the idea to acquire the majority interest in Beacon Communications LLC (“Beacon”) from Ascent Entertainment. That investment was accomplished through a company called Boomtown Investments LLC (“Boomtown”). Slatkin became a significant participant in the buyout and provided significant funds to Boomtown and Beacon for working capital and film financing. Richard D. Rosman, Esq., a long-time Slatkin investor who also represented Bernstein and O’Donnell, was also involved in the transaction and became an owner of Boomtown.

In an April 2001 letter to Slatkin, Bernstein proposed that Slatkin engage Bernstein to negotiate with O’Donnell for the purchase of O’Donnell’s interest in Boomtown/Beacon using Slatkin’s funds. Bernstein also gave Slatkin documents (which Slatkin did not sign) that would have given Bernstein a lien on Slatkin’s interest in Boomtown.

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Daniel W. & Myrna Jacobs 760,500 3,486,201 (2,725,701)

Daniel Jacobs runs Corporate Development International, and until the Slatkin story broke, billed himself as a senior associate of Skatkin and Associates. His site at has since been pulled off the web, and now displays
a message stating that it is temporarily out of business.

According to Internic, the domain registry is in Mr. Jacob’s name:

Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
W. Jacobs, Dr Daniel (DDW94) dwjacobs@AOL.COM
Corporate Development International
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr. Suite 592
Toluca Lake , CA 91602
800 900 6660 (FAX) 818-845-4852
Daniel W. Jacobs, Ph.D.

When it was online, his site included this stipulation for media looking to reprint his articles:

“Any copy concerning Dr. Jacobs specifically should include the following: As a successful senior executive, consultant and corporate advisor for over 25 years, Dan specializes in identifying and resolving barriers to expansion while helping to bring about stable rapid growth for corporate and private investment clients. He is also the CEO of Corporate Development International, an international consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles, California and in Geneva, Switzerland.”

Here is a sample article entitled "The Romance of Salesmanship":

Salesmanship is exciting. It is the quest that counts. The chase is the thing. Once it's over and the deal is won and the initial exhilaration has worn off . . . it's a letdown. The blood starts surging through his veins again only when he's off on a new pursuit and he's back in the game.

It requires wit, nerve and persistence. It is a process of continual change and therefore an ongoing education. Yes, it has its basics that you must be familiar and competent with, but you're still always dealing with another human being. It's not like a chess game, because in sales, as in life, the pieces think for themselves! They don't always do your bidding. They have their own purposes and pressures that might or might not include your product or service.

But, let's be truthful about it. Once a salesman always a salesman whether you are in the game or not. If you've got the bug you might as well admit it and enjoy it. If it's in your blood have fun and use it to your advantage. If you don't love it, find another line of work. For the details will kill you. You'll hate it and it will show. The customers will pick it up and they'll stay away in droves.

He also disappeared from this page (resurrected courtesy of, which listed him as an executive partner for their shady-sounding "time share management" services for companies looking to set up European subsidiaries.

Myrna Jacobs is listed in Impact as a Scientologist, and according to our sources, Daniel also ran a successful field auditing group. Both Daniel and Myrna are Cornerstone Club donors to the Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida.

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Chris Mancuso & Mancuso LLC 1,827,800 4,306,214 (2,478,414)

Chris Mancuso, or Christopher J. Mancuso, is a longtime crony of several other Slatkin investors listed herein, including Don Rackemann and Ron Rakow. In fact, he was involved in Ron Rakow’s yogurt culture scam in the mid-1980s, according to this list of defendants. He and Rakow both served time for their role in the Culture Farms case, but apparently seeing both himself and his former partner go to prison for bilking thousands of unwary investors didn’t dampen Mr. Mancuso’s belief in Ron’s business savvy.

Chris Mancuso's colourful history was enough to attract the attention of Slatkin bankruptcy trustee Tod Neilson, who provided this mini-biography in the December report:

In about 1985, Slatkin became associated with Christopher Mancuso (“Mancuso”) and Rakow. The Trustee is informed that Mancuso and Rakow were each convicted of federal crimes arising out their involvement with a company called Culture Farms.

In the 1980s, Mancuso established investment accounts with Slatkin. Mancuso also was involved with accounts managed by Slatkin in the names of Givsen and Trojan Financial. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were transferred among and from those accounts.

More recently, in 1998, Mancuso, the “founder” of Communications Consulting, Inc., attempted to borrow $2.5 million from Slatkin. Additionally, from 1989 to 1995, Slatkin invested a net amount of $139,600 in NTC and in 1995, invested $850,000 in Incommnet, two companies with which Mancuso was involved.

As discussed below, Slatkin owned undeveloped real property at 6 Sea Greens, Newport Coast, California. Slatkin proposed to sell the property to a company called IBAR Development LLC or to Mancuso LLC.

On May 22, 1999, Rakow wrote to Slatkin:

“I was miraculously and accidentally, [sic] privy to a comm. between Mancuso and his Atty. yesterday, and all I can say is that if in your madness you don’t fund the escrow on Monday you will look back on that instant and this advisory, for a long time, with extreme regret and embarrassment. . . . Remember you live and thrive in a world of adulation & respect. In a brutally frank critique and examination you will be found to be a Human . . .

Although Slatkin was to be the seller of the property, on or about May 24, 1999, he transferred $3,750,000 to an escrow account at North American Title Company.

[ Editorial Note - North American Title Company is owned by Scientologist Gary Beeny, who was also involved in the forced takeover of the Cult Awareness Network]

On May 27, 1999, even though the sale had not closed, the escrow company transferred $2,646,856.40 of Slatkin’s money to Mancuso’s company, Mancuso LLC. The remainder of the funds were returned to Slatkin. On June 4, 1999, Mancuso wrote to Slatkin “Please give me a call on Monday and I will explain to you what I have done.”

In addition, as discussed above, in the SEC’s investigation, Slatkin testified that he had hundreds of millions of dollars in accounts in Switzerland. In an apparent attempt to create the false image that those accounts were real, in about February 2000, Slatkin used International Telecommunications Consulting, LLC (“ITC”) to set up a Swiss telephone line that actually forwarded calls to Santa Barbara, California, where they were answered.

Mancuso, on ITC letterhead, wrote to Slatkin about this phone line, noting that “when you dial the number the line has been conditioned to provide a truly genuine European ring (nice touch, huh?).”

As noted, Mancuso was an investor with Slatkin. He received approximately $2.4 million in payments over and above what he paid to Slatkin.

Chris J. Mancuso was also in business with another Slatkin investor, Donald Rackemann. In the 1980s, Rackemann and Mancuso partnered up in the 1980s to form National Telephone Communications Inc., which is now a subsidiary of Incomnet, the embattled network marketing venture. Reed had apparently invested heavily in Incomnet, according to the findings of the trustee and reported by the Wall Street Journal on July 31, 2001.

Chris J. Mancuso was also involved with World Technology Marketing, a Nevada corporation that faced allegations of credit card fraud from students at the University of Southern California. Chris Mancuso acted as World Technology’s secretary, and the president was Jerry Ballah, who coincidentally was also involved with Rakow’s lactic culture scam, and was also an executive with PriceNET.

During his days at World Technology Marketing, Jerry made headlines when the company was accused of credit fraud:

"Eight to 10 USC students claim to have been defrauded by the Irvine-based World Technology Marketing Inc., which is also known as Worldtech, World Marketing Alliance and World Marketing, officials from the Career Planning and Placement Center said.

One student, the first to make a complaint, claimed to have been charged $495 without her consent, though she did sign a blank credit card statement … The engineering student who found a charge on her credit card after the interview tried to call the company and said she has received no reply. "Ballah has also identified himself first as an independent representative, later as the vice president of Worldtech and finally as president of the company when contacted by DPS," Devega said."

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Ron Rakow 1,201,053 3,608,666 (2,407,613)

Scientologist, former Grateful Dead manager and convicted mail fraudster "Cadillac" Ron Rakow has been profiled extensively elswhere on this site, but in his latest report, Slatkin estate trustee Tod Nielson provides still more information on Rakow's involvement in the Slatkin Ponzi scheme:

"... In May or June 1985, Slatkin became associated with Rakow when he purportedly invested with Slatkin $200,000 that he had received from Culture Farms. Shortly thereafter, Rakow withdrew those funds. The Trustee is informed that Rakow was convicted of federal crimes arising out of his involvement with Culture Farms.

Notwithstanding Rakow’s legal problems, Slatkin maintained a very close association with Rakow.According to Slatkin, Rakow advised Slatkin about the purchase of art. Among numerous other transactions, Slatkin claims to have sold valuable paintings to Rakow and his wife; and during the summer of 2000, Slatkin purportedly sold Rakow and Del Bianco paintings worth approximately $1 million. The Trustee has reliable information that, notwithstanding this “sale,” the paintings remained in Slatkin’s possession until Del Bianco removed them from Slatkin’s residence after Slatkin filed his bankruptcy case. After learning that the paintings had been removed from Slatkin’s residence, the Trustee’s counsel communicated with Zaplin about the art. According to Zaplin, after June 2001, Rakow told him that he did not know where the paintings were located.

In addition, in late January 2001, the Hollis Taggert Gallery in New York sold the Thomas Moran painting, “View of East Hampton,” to Slatkin for $150,000. On June 14, 2001, Rakow personally delivered that painting to the gallery. According to the gallery’s owner, Rakow claimed that he had purchased the painting from Slatkin, but did not provide any details or documentation evidencing that purchase. Rakow asked the gallery to sell the painting on a consignment basis and asked that the consignment be listed in Del Bianco’s name. The gallery has possession of the painting and has agreed not to sell or transfer possession of the painting without the Trustee’s permission or a Court order.

Slatkin’s records show that Rakow was a “consultant” from the late 1980’s through at least 1997. Ex. 95. Slatkin described Rakow as an “entrepreneur and private business analyst” and claimed that Rakow provided him with preliminary and follow-up business and financial analysis for companies “under accumulation,” as well as investment ideas. It also is apparent that Rakow solicited investors for Slatkin and assisted Slatkin in making investments and other payments. Indeed, he may have directed certain of Slatkin’s activities. This is evidenced by the following examples:

* Rakow introduced Slatkin to Dr. Arlo Gordin, Mark Zaplin, John Svirsky, the Azeez, and others as a potential investment advisor.
* Rakow had signing authority on some of Slatkin’s accounts.
* Rakow directed the purchase of $2 million of disastrous investments through Co-Right Investments, a Canadian company owned by Slatkin.
* Rakow was involved with or otherwise connected to numerous companies into which Slatkin poured millions of dollars, many of which either no longer exist or have struggled with severe financial problems. Examples of such companies include Stryker Systems Inc. (which became Stryker Technologies and then Telsoft), Advanced Resin Technologies, Fashion Development Co., Intellego f/k/a Physicians Data Corporation, Ko-Ko Knits, Janice McCarty Enterprises, Digital Lightwave,, and American Interactive Media.
* As discussed above, Rakow was involved with Mancuso and the Sea Greens property.

On or about June 25, 2001, the government seized $386,885 in cash (the “Cash”) from the residence of Rakow and Del Bianco in connection with a court-authorized search of that residence conducted in connection with the government’s criminal investigation of Slatkin’s activities. The Trustee moved the Bankruptcy Court for an order requiring that the government turn over the cash to the Trustee. Although the Cash had been seized from their residence, Rakow and Del Bianco did not oppose the substance of the Trustee’s motion.

Members of Rakow’s family and entities controlled by them were investors with Slatkin. They are large “net debtors” having received at least $6 million more from Slatkin than they gave to him to invest for them.In addition, Rakow personally received at least $2.4 million more from Slatkin than he gave to Slatkin.

Among the Rakow family members who appear elsewhere on this list are Denise Del Bianco, reportedly Ron's wife, Robert and Karen Rakow, and Irving and Lillian Rakow. Jay and Keith Rakow were also listed on the 2001 Investor List, but neither appears on the list of net debtors.

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Ansel Slome 600,000 2,880,900 (2,280,900)

Ansel Slome's company, Slome Capital Corp, buys the insurance policies of terminally ill people at a cut rate. He was involved in a lawsuit with Amex Life Insurance over an allegedly fraudulently obtained life insurance policy. Here is more information on the case, to which Slome was a real party in interest.

Slome appears on this list of viatical insurance companies.

Ansel Slome is also an authorized agent of Kyneton Investments. He is also involved with Aries Ventures Inc., another somewhat mysterious holding company, which is involvedin gold mining in Zimbabwe and other areas, according to this Yahoo! Snapshot:

Aries Ventures, Inc., formerly known as Casmyn Corporation, is engaged on mineral resource development. As of and subsequent to September 30, 1998, the Company has been focusing on its gold mining operations in Zimbabwe. The Company conducts itsmining operations in Zimbabwe through its wholly owned subsidiary organized in Zimbabwe, Casmyn Mining Zimbabwe (Private) Ltd. In addition, the Company is currently implementing programs to improve production, increase reserves, reduce expenditures, and maximize operating profits and cash flows.

Mr. Slome is also a philanthropist and generous supporter of the local Jewish community
in Encino, California. He is not a Scientologist.

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Peter Henman Laufer & Milova 2,121,699 4,393,143 (2,271,445)

Peter Henman-Laufer appears on both the 1999 and 2001 investor list, and was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Evergreen Ventures Inc., along with Reed and several other individuals, including several other investors.

There are several possibilities for Peter Henman Laufer, including this Freemason (!), who is originally from South Africa, according to this page:

For translating these articles, we thank Bro. Peter Henman-Laufer, a founding member of Aviation Lodge No. 8471, E.C. (South Africa) and Past Master of Witwatersrand Lodge No. 3745, E.C. (South Africa). He recently joined Lodge Dilo (Czech Republic).

There is also a German journalist with the name Peter Laufer who has covered Eastern European issues, as well as written several books about the American system of justice.

Another Peter Laufer is this Miami-area personal chef.

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David Singer & Diana Venegas 1,614,800 3,824,556 (2,209,756)

David Singer is a Scientologist and Patron Meritorious of the IAS, which represents a donation of $100,000 or more to the Church's war chest. He is a chiropractor, and in addition to his practice, runs David Singer Enterprises, which specializes in management consulting for the medical profession. DSE is a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, according to the 2001 WISE Directory. His profile describes Singer as "one of the most sought out speakers" in the country. He was also peripherally involved in this lawsuit over a piece of chiropractic equipment that Singer allegedly recommended to the plaintiff, although he is not named directly in the suit.

In his spare time, Dr. Singer is also the Chairman of the Clearwater Beautification Committee, a local Scientologist-run group, which also includes, as a member, his fellow Slatkin investor Bennetta Slaughter, profiled elsewhere on this site for her efforts to 'organize' creditors.

Dr. Singer's wife, Diana Venegas is a longtime Scientologist, WISE member and generous donor to Scientology, including a Cornerstone Club-sized gift to the Super Power Building. She is also a Patron with Honours of the IAS. There are other Venegas in Scientology as well, possibly children or siblings: Czarina, Lysander and Nickolas, all Patrons as well.

Diana describes herself as a ‘fashion designer’, and seems to have designed the wedding dress used in the Meg Ryan weeper “Prelude to a Kiss.”

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Stuart & Deborah Steinberg 518,734 2,648,653 (2,129,919)
Stuart Steinberg is a Burbank podiatrist -- and not, oddly enough, a Scientologist, despite the fact that podiatry is one of the medical fields most targeted for recruitment by Scientology management and administration front groups like Sterling Associates. He also invested in Slatkin through his practice, the Burbank Foot Care Centre.
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Roy & Lynette MacNeill 4,332,748 6,397,250 (2,064,502)

(Note - Correct spelling is McNeill)
Both Roy and Lynette McNeill are Scientologists. Lynette has an OS page, and directs theatre in Hollywood; here is a review of her production of “Laura”. In her past, she may have been peripherally involved with Operation Snow White and the Guardian's Office, according to ex-Scientologist and historian Jon Atack, who mentioned her in his essay on Fair Game.

According to his OS page, Roy McNeill is a “businessman.” He and his wife found Scn
in 1992. They also appear to breed racehorses, according to this page.

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Paul & Ann Minshull 0 2,056,000 (2,056,000)

Paul Minshull appears to be with US Tangible Investment Corporation, a coin appraisal company in Texas. However, according to this press release, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of Heritage Numismatic Auctions:

As with all Heritage online sales, bidders on the items on eBay can view high-quality, full-color images of all auction lots."This special event will be promoted during National Coin Week on the eBay home page and coin category page, and on Heritage's home page. Heritage will also encourage participation through our unparalleled mailing and e-mailing lists," said Paul Minshull, Heritage's Chief Operating Officer

Heritage Coin offers a full service internet bidding site, and boasts this authoritatively named subsidiary:

The Numismatic Certification Institute (NCI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heritage Capital Corporation of Dallas, the world's largest rare coin dealer. As of this writing, NCI is not actively grading coins; however, many NCI-graded coins remain on the market. NCI standards-by Heritage's own admission-are from three-quarters of a point to a point-and-a-half more liberal than the standards set forth by NGC and PCGS. Thus, a coin graded Mint State-65 by NCI and priced at $50 might in actuality be the equivalent of only a Mint State-64 coin from either NGC or PCGS.

Several other Minshulls, including Lee and Ruth, were also investors with Slatkin, although only Lee appears on the list of net debtors. Ruth is a somewhat notorious possibly former Scientologist who ran afoul of the Church for writing a successful series of books based on Hubbard philosophies that nevertheless were seen by some in management as unwanted competition. It is not clear if she, or any of the other Minshulls, are still Scientologists; they do not appear on any of the usual donation lists.

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Donald & Karen Simons 2,342,000 4,345,919 (2,003,919)

“Dynamo” Don Simons, software millionaire, racecar enthusiast, yacht owner and longtime Scientologist weaves in and out of the Slatkin affair like a silver thread. The owner and current CEO of Telsoft Solutions, Simons is a Patron of the International Association of Scientologists, as is his wife, Karen.

In this post, ex-Scientologist Michael Pattinson recalls talking to Simons about Slatkin’s investment ‘club’ while a guest on Simons’ yacht, and other tipsters and ex-Scientologists have confirmed that Simons was a friend of Reed.

He also been mentioned as an associate of other notorious Scientologists, most noteably Robert Cefail, currently in bankruptcy in Florida and the object of the infamous Raul Lopez lawsuit.

Since our initial research into Simons, we have learned that his financial ties to Reed were far more extensive than previously believed. Simons' company, Telsoft Solutions (formerly Stryker Technologies), was the beneficiary of considerable Slatkin investment club money, according to documents released by the trustee, which show that Slatkin owned 70% of the company, and has invested more than $2 million in Telsoft over the last decade.

From the December Report:

Slatkin’s involvement with the predecessor of Telsoft, Stryker Systems, goes back over a decade. In 1995, Stryker merged with its subsidiary to form Telsoft. Over time, Slatkin invested approximately $2.6 million in the company, which has not been recouped. The Trustee’s accountants have inspected Telsoft’s books and records, and the Trustee and his accountants and attorneys have met with Simons to discuss Telsoft’s business, financial condition, and prospects. Based on the Trustee’s investigation, it appears that, except for 1998 when it made a very modest taxable profit, Telsoft has consistently operated at a loss. In addition, the company has a substantial retained deficit and its gross revenues are declining. In short, the company has no equity.

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Michael & Anne Kananack 1,902,021 3,903,943 (2,001,922)

Michael Kananack was a member of WISE circa 1993. He is a Scientologist who has done some OT levels, as well as the Ls. He was formerly partners with fellow Scientologist, and Slatkin investor, John Coale - husband of CNN's Greta Van Sustern - who also made out well in the Slatkin investment lottery. After parting ways with Coale, he hooked up with Michael Baum, Paul Hedlund and George "Skip" Murgatroyd in the firm, "Kananack, Murgatroyd, Baum & Hedlund."

Mr. Kananack is not currently listed as an active lawyer in the Martindale-Hubbell index, and may be working in the entertainment industry, as suggested by this story:

AKA Pictures/AKA Movies Inc.
AKA Movies/Kananack with offices in Los Angeles and New York represents independent motion picture producers for the worldwide sale of their product in all media. The company is also involved in film financing, serving as executive producers of independent projects and acquires rights for new media, especially the Internet. "We are recommended as sales reps who have a lot of experience and who can be trusted," says Michael Kananack, VP Sales. "We do one-off deals, selling each movie as we go, and we have no output deals with anyone."

According to this story, Arthur Kananack is the former Vice President of Warner Brothers.

The company, AKA Movies, has recently entered into a deal with biotech firm "Harvard Scientific Corp", which is moving away from erectile disfunction treatment and into the entertainment industry:

``Gladiator Films'', added Mr. De Liege, ``our low budget direct-to-video, film division has just completed development on its first slate of three films and will begin pre-production of the first film next week. These films have a distribution contract in place through Arthur Kananack's AKA Movies, Inc.'' Mr. Kananack was formerly VP of Warner Bros.,
a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner Inc., (NYSE:AOL - news) and President of Viacom International.

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Denise Del Bianco 501,085 2,475,000 (1,973,915)

The wife of Slatkin cohort Ron Rakow, detailed here and elsewhere, Denise Del Bianco was apparently heavily involved with various vaguely suspicious activities during the Ponzi Year, and in the aftermath of Slatkin's move to declare bankruptcy. She received more than a million dollars in loans from Slatkin in the months before the collapse of the "Friends Club," and according to the December Report, was also paid as a "consultant":

Denise Del Bianco (“Del Bianco”) is reputed to be Ronald Rakow’s wife and appears to have been an active participant in numerous business deals orchestrated by Rakow. Del Bianco was a “consultant” to Slatkin and received $1,375,000 for her purported services. In addition, Slatkin loaned her money to purchase stock in certain companies, including Physicians Data Corporation, which is now defunct. Del Bianco was also involved in other Rakow-Slatkin transactions. As discussed above, after Slatkin filed bankruptcy, Del Bianco removed paintings valued at $1 million from Slatkin’s residence.

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Peter Summers 1,152,521 3,070,000 (1,917,479)
One of the mysterious Summers family, Pete is listed as an investor in VitalStream (probably not so) coincidentally one of the companies in which Slatkin invested money ($375,000) during the Ponzi years. Also on the list of Vital investors is fellow Slatkin net debtor Tony Lonstein. There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.
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Peter & Hilary Jackson 653,708 2,556,321 (1,902,613)

A British Scientologist, Peter Jackson is listed in the 1999 WISE Directory:

Jackson & Jackson Hosiery
Peter Jackson
8 Michael Fields, Forest Row
Sussex RH18 5BH
United Kingdom
(+44) 1342-825-592
(+44) 1342-823-771

He is also a Cornerstone Club donor to the Super Power Building in Clearwater, and is a Patron of the International Association of Scientologists.

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John & Alexandra Rome Mudd 600,000 2,434,617 (1,834,617)
The Mudds do not appear on any earlier investor lists.
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Robert & Susie Coelho Rounds 1,790,230 3,563,214 (1,772,984)

Susie Coelho Rounds is a Scientologist and Patron of the IAS, and has taken OT levels and the L rundown.

She is a “lifestylist”, according to her webpage and hosts the Home and Garden Television program “Surprise Gardener”. According to “About Susie”, she has been a model, actress, television host and tireless self promoter for many years. Her husband is Bobby Rounds, and her executive assistant is Kathy. She was previously married to Sonny Bono.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this Glendale real estate page, you can see the Rounds' former house on Rossmayne, which recently sold for just over half a million dollars.

Robert “Bobby” Rounds runs this WISE company, which appeared in the 1999 WISE directory:

Rounds Capital Management
Robert Rounds
970 Calle Bella
Glendale, CA 91208-3011
United States
(1) 818-637-7807
(1) 818-637-7808

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Sally Jo Levy Soverinsky 2,332,135 3,939,018 (1,606,883)

Sally Jo Levy is listed as the proprietor of a Birmingham, Michigan heating supply company. She could be related to either Randall or Mark Soverinsky, both of whom have addresses in Southfield, Michigan, from whence she hails. Mark Soverinsky is a doctor and program psychiatrist with the Pathway Family Center. Randall is a lawyer and probate specialist, according to this author’s note:

Randall J. Soverinsky is an associate at Patricia Gormely Prince, PC, in Farmington Hills, practicing in estate planning and administration. He is a member of the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan and was a contributor to Michigan Probate Litigation (ICLE 1998) and Trust Administration in Michigan (ICLE 1999). Mr. Soverinsky has also lectured for ICLE.

There is no indication that she is a Scientologist.

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Bernard & Carol Levine 175,000 1,761,400 (1,586,400)

There is a Bernard Levine, MD who is a professor of Immunology at NYU:
He also seems to be involved in the National Home Health Care Corp, according to this SEC filing:

BERNARD LEVINE, M.D., has been a Director of the Company since July 1983. For more than 20 years he has been a Professor of Internal Medicine at New York University School of Medicine with a sub-specialty in Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Levine devotes a portion of his time as a private consultant to the health care industry.

The company runs a variety of HMOs, including several in Florida.

There is no indication that either Bernard or Carol are Scientologists.

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Tony & Joan Lonstein 5,929,800 7,475,651 (1,545,851)

The Lonstein family, Tony, Joan, Siri and Kathy, are all Scientologists and generous donors to the International Association of Scientologists, with both Tony and Joan donating $100K. Joan is an OT 7 and Tony is also in his OT levels. Siri seems to be on staff with the Church of Scientology.

Tony Lonstein was an initial investor in Digital Lightwave, and the “Lonstein Option”
was mentioned in Brian Haney’s lawsuit against Scientologist Bryan Zwan:

72. On October 2, 1995, Plaintiff gave his consent to the Second Haney Shares Option Amendment, after requesting that certain changes be made to protect his interest~s. If Defendant Zwan had informed Plaintiff that Digital had granted the March - July 1995 Digital IPO Options, the Baum-Hedlund Option or the Lonstein IPO Option, or that planning for the Digital IPO was well under way, Plaintiff would not have agreed to the Second Haney Shares Option Amendment because he would have realized his shares had a substantially higher value than that represented by the Haney Shares Option Exercise Price.

Tony and Joan are both on the 2001 Patron List, and Tony’s (former?) company, AddTel
Communications, was a member of WISE:

Addtel Communications
Tony Lonstein
143 S. Glendale Ave., 3rd Floor
Glendale, CA 91205
Tel. 818-265-1122
Fax 818-265-3030

Tony has an OS page, as do many other Lonsteins, most likely children.He hails from South Africa originally, and according to his bio, immigrated to the United States in 1984.

Tony is currently on the executive team of, and also runs a private
venture capital firm, according to this bio:

Tony Lonstein -
Mr. Lonstein is a director and principal of Financial Growth Company LLC, a private investment firm based in Los Angeles, which makes primarily angel-round investments in internet, technology and telecommunication startups. Recent projects include,, ReceiveTV, and Previously, Mr. Lonstein was Chairman and Founder of ADDTEL Communications, Inc., a nationwide long distance service provider with headquarters in Glendale, California. After growing ADDTEL into a $30 million annual revenues firm, the company was acquired in 1997 by a Texas-based publicly traded company. Mr. Lonstein has extensive experience in the international markets, patent processes, and the telecommunications field.

Also on the LendingUniverse board is Scientologist money maven Michael Baybak. Lonstein’s company has invested in VitalStream, a net broadcasting enterprise that also features another Slatkin investor, Alexander Eckelberry, on its board, as well as Pete Summers, another one of the Slatkin 'winners'.

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Ronald & Ellen Schmier 1,489,575 2,962,000 (1,472,425)

Ron Schmier is a Michigan-area MD who was one of Slatkin's very first investors, according to his deposition before the SEC. He is on staff at this hospital:

Ronald S. Schmier, M.D.
NOMC Anesthesia Department
461 W. Huron
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 857-7306

He’s also a clinical instructor at this school. His wife is Ellen, and he has been involved in business with fellow Slatkin investor, Irving A. Rubin.

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Ralph Cooper & Karen Rounds 3,211,076 4,657,121 (1,446,045)

Ralph Cooper and Karen Rounds are both Scientologists and generous donors to the Church of Scientology, and have been mentioned in Impact Magazine. They are contributors to the Super Power Building, and were at one point supposed to testify as to the alleged copyrighted material found on the FACTnet hard drives.

Ralph Cooper Rounds is the brother of Slatkin investor Bobby Rounds (husband of Susie Coelho-Rounds) and their sister is Becky Rounds Neuman, sister of Slatkin investor and erstwhile business partner Douglass Neuman.

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Sandra Codding 700,000 2,137,000 (1,437,000)
Sandra, or “Sandi” is a Patron of IAS, and is married to James. Both Sandi and James are high-level "OT" Scientologists, as well as Key Contributors to the Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida. Sandra Codding is a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises.
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Joel Stevens 825,000 2,167,500 (1,342,500)
Stevens, who is also a Scientologist, acts as manager for actors (and Scientologists) Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi through his company, Joel Stevens Entertainment
He was also one of Reed’s original investors, and his name appears on the short list of founding Investment Club members that was tabled at Reed’s hearing before the Securities and Exchanges Commission in January, 2000.
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Bentley Richards 1,925,000 3,192,000 (1,267,000)
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Lawrence & Sheila Gluck 1,211,479 2,431,720 (1,220,241)

Larry is on the 2001 Patron List, and he and wife Sheila are the proprietors of the
Mission: Renaissance, studios located throughout California, and Larry also runs
the Larry Gluck Instructor Training Academy in Glendale.

Here is a picture of the happy couple, who are also both OT-level Scientologists.

Slatkin investors Ted and Sarah Prescott, also Scientologists, run a Mission: Renaissance
studio, and Sarah is the daughter of Larry Gluck, according to her webpage:

From the FACTnet suicide files, an anonymous tale of psychosis while in Scientology:

I was the Acting ED of Larry Gluck's school, while he was at Flag, and I was rapidly losing my hold on reality. I went to ASHO to tell them that I was PTS or something. They put me in session, told me I was a "completion," and routed me out. No Reg cycle, nothing. I could barely scrawl the success story. I was in a daze. I quit Larry's school a couple of days later, and went back to Northern California, where it took me months to be able to function normally again.

According to another FACTnet testimonial, Larry Gluck gave drawing lessons to Quentin
Hubbard at Flag.

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Charles Lyons 2,527,243 3,732,786 (1,205,543)

A major figure in the Colorado sports industry, Charlie Lyons spent more than a decade as CEO of Ascent Entertainment, a sports entertainment conglomerate whose assets included, among other things, the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and the Pepsi Center - and, at one point, Beacon Communications LLC, the film production company that eventually wound up in the hands of Slatkin investors Armyam Bernstein, Richard Rosman and Kevin O’Donnell, as detailed elsewhere here and in the December Report.

In 1999, Lyons put together a tentative deal to sell the two teams and their arena to Bill and Nancy Walton Laurie, heiress to the Waltons Wal-Mart empire:

DENVER (AP) -- Ascent Entertainment Group Inc. has agreed to sell the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche and the teams' future home, the Pepsi Center, in a deal valued at $400 million. The sale will be to a partnership controlled by Bill Laurie and his wife, Wal-Mart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie of Columbia, Mo. Charlie Lyons, currently chief executive officer of Ascent Entertainment, will become president of the partnership and will own an interest in the partnership, the company said Monday.

The halcyon days for Lyons ended shortly after this announcement, however, after the deal became mired in no fewer than three lawsuits, partly as a result of concerns amongst shareholders that Lyons hadn’t followed an open bidding process in brokering the deal. In this column, Denver Post writer Mark Kizla calls for his resignation, which eventually happened after the deal fell through and shareholder unhappiness forced Lyons to resign from his post with Ascent, which resulted in a multimillion dollar severance package:

Lyons gets $3.6 million
Charlie Lyons, formerly the president, chairman and CEO of Denver-based Ascent Entertainment Group, will receive a severance package worth $3.6 million. Lyons has been on leavesince June following a dispute about the sale of the company's sports teams. He resigned this week.

The December Report has this to say about Lyons:

Slatkin probably met Charles Lyons (“Lyons”) through his investment in Beacon/Boomtown. Lyons was the president of the Beacon’s parent, Ascent Entertainment, a publicly traded company which also owned professional sports franchises (the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets). Lyons then was involved with spearheading other entities in which Slatkin invested including California Media Group, LLC and RBG Capital Group. Lyons had a consulting agreement with Slatkin for an annual retainer of $750,000 a year.He also borrowed money from and invested money with Slatkin. In total, Lyons received approximately $1.2 million from Slatkin over and above what he paid Slatkin.

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Mary T. Walton 244,000 1,415,000 (1,171,000)
Mary T. Walton is another member of the wealthy Walton family, discussed elsewhere in this list. See also Joseph and Molly Walton and Rachel Walton.
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Dick & Patricia Zimmerman 371,865 1,531,792 (1,159,926)
Patty and Dick are both Scientologists, and volunteers at Flag, the Church's major complex in Clearwater, Florida.Dick is a celebrity photographer who has been in Scientology for over 20 years, and his wife, Patty, was a vocal supporter of the redevelopment proposal that went down to crushing defeat at the polls. They are both generous donators to the International Association of Scientologists, of which they are Patron-status members, as well as the Super Power Building.
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Lee S. Minshull 1,897,365 3,052,359 (1,154,994)

Like his brother (?) Paul, also on the Slatkin investor net debtor list, Lee Minshull is in the numismatic business, and describnes himself as “a leading expert in gold coins” on his company’s website.

Here are his references, from his corporate webpage:

Has contributed to Guidebook of United States Coins (Red Book) for over 20 years.
Has dealt in coins for over 25 years
Belongs to the following organizations
Sotheby's Internet Associate
American Numismatic Association (life member)
Professional Numismatic Guild PNG
Professional Coin Grading Service PCGS
Numismatic Guarantee Corporation NGC
Has credit lines with
Butterfield & Butterfield
Malaga Bank

Like the other Minshulls, it is unclear whether they are, or were, Scientologists.

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Jean Janu 330,006 1,468,611 (1,138,605)

Jean Janu is Reed Slatkin’s bookkeeper and a member of the local Buddhist group in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There is no indication that she is a Scientologist. She is mentioned extensively in the December Report:

According to Jean Janu (“Janu”) , she met Slatkin through her client Mark Zaplin, who was involved in a restaurant business named Riverbenders in Laughlin, Nevada. Slatkin was an investor in that business along with David Purcell.

Janu began performing bookkeeping services for Slatkin in about 1990. She performed those services in New Mexico where she lived and traveled to Santa Barbara on a regular basis to meet with Slatkin.Early projects on which Janu worked include Riverbenders, Lizardhead Partners, and Aviarian Partners. In 1995, Janu began working full-time for Slatkin (as an “independent contractor”) and within a year thereafter Slatkin was her only client.

Janu maintained Slatkin’s investor list. She also posted the investments for Slatkin’s client accounts. Slatkin paid her approximately $1,131,000 for her services. Janu claims to have invested approximately $255,000 with Slatkin some time after she began working for him full-time. According to Janu, she sold real property and used the proceeds of that sale to make the investment. By the time Slatkin filed bankruptcy, Janu had withdrawn $302,311 from that account.

Janu’s parents, Nelson and Virginia Spencer, also invested with Slatkin. They received approximately $604,000 more than they paid to Slatkin.

In April 1995, Janu transferred to Slatkin for an unknown consideration title to real property in New Mexico that was held in the name of her child’s trust. On April 23, 2001, one week before his bankruptcy, Slatkin transferred that property back to Janu also for an unknown consideration. Although the Trustee has sought an explanation of this transaction, Janu has refused to provide that information, invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. However, Janu’s counsel has represented to the Trustee that Janu will not transfer that property without Court authorization.

According to the report, Janu has also changed her name several times:

Janu was formerly known as Jean Marie Spencer, then Jean Jansma. She changed her name to Janu in about 1985.

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Armand Berstein 0 1,122,000 (1,122,000)

(correct spelling is Bernstein)

Armand Bernstein is the father of Slatkin investor and business partner Armyan Bernstein, who is profiled elswhere in this list. He and his wife Lynne were encouraged to invest with Reed by their son.

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John & Sara Isham 360,000 1,472,263 (1,112,263)
Neither John nor Sara Isham appear on the original investors lists from 1999 or 2001; however, Mark and Donna Isham were both listed as members of Slatkin's "Friends Club". John and Sara could be children of the listed Ishams, or somehow related in some other way. Oddly, neither John nor Sara appears to be a known Scientologist.
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Michael & Sara Doughty (Champ Frame) 823,000 1,913,651 (1,090,651)
Mike is a Scientologist,and his company, Champ Frame Straightening, appears in the WISE 2000 Directory: He was sued by Tools USA for unfair competition, and has a personal webpage in addition to his official Online Scientologist page. He and his wife, Sarah, are both generous donors to the church, and are members of the Cornerstone Club as well as Patrons of the International Association of Scientologists.
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William Reilly 859,010 1,948,000 (1,088,990)

The mysterious William Reilly does not appear to be a Scientologist. Could he be the former EPA administrator currently working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines?

The following entry for Billy Reilly appears in the 1999 WISE International List:

Stunt Man
Billy Reilly, Jr.
23 Culuerden Rd.
Bacham, London SW12 9LT
United Kingdom
(+44) 831-607-701
(+44) 81-286-6932

Billy Reilly is, apparently, an Irish stuntman, according to his Online Scientologist page. He is also listed on this page that includes contacts for the London Hubbard Dianetics Foundation. It's not clear that Billy Reilly has anything to do with William Reilly (who has an address in Miami), but it's the best lead so far.

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Nathan & Lucille Bercovitz 270,000 1,357,831 (1,087,831)
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Linwood (Chip) Lacy 1,000,000 2,080,972 (1,080,972)

Linwood Lacy is a director of Earthlink, and was an early investor in the company. There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.

Here is his bio from Earthlink filings with the SEC:

LINWOOD A. LACY, JR. has been a director of the Company since June 1996. Since October 1996, he has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Micro Warehouse Incorporated. From 1989 to May 1996, he served as the Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ingram Micro, Inc., a microcomputer products distributor and a then wholly-owned subsidiary of Ingram Industries Inc. From December 1993 to June 1995, Mr. Lacy was also President of Ingram Industries Inc. From June 1995 until April 1996, he was President and CEO of Ingram Industries Inc., and from April 1996 to May 1996 served as its Vice Chairman. Mr. Lacy serves as a director of Ingram Industries Inc., Entex Information Services, Inc. and Micro Warehouse Incorporated.

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Adrienne Rappoport 468,458 1,545,950 (1,077,492)

Adrienne is a Scientologist and a Patron Meritorious of the International Association of Scientologists with a donation of more than $250,000. There is also a Douglas Rappoport, possibly her husband, who is a Patron of the IAS as well. Other Scieintologist Rappoports include Graeme, a Los Angeles-area musician and 'businessman', and Bridgette, who describes herself as a "wife", and is in the real estate business.

Adrienne is also listed in the 1997 WISE directory:

Fresh Air Business, The
Adrienne Rappoport
1041 - 2nd Street #2
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Tel. 310-395-3391

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Rachel Walton 174,000 1,246,410 (1,072,410)
Rachel M. Walton is, presumably, another member of the Walton clan, as discussed elsewhere in this document. See also Joseph and Molly Walton and Mary T. Walton.
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Michael Humphrey (aka Mark Parker) 1,000,000 1,998,794 (998,794)
Oh good, an AKA. That's always the sign of a legitimate investor.

Neither Michael Humphrey nor Mark Parker appear on the original investor lists from 1999 or 2001. There is a Mark Alan Parker who is a Scientologist, a former staff member of the Church of Scientology and a Patron of the International Association of Scientologists. He also appears on the 1999 WISE List:

Parker, Mark Alan
313 Lotus Path
Clearwater, FL 33756-3829
United States

The address, interestingly enough, is the same as that used by Gerry Chromoy and Jessica Rockwell-Chromoy, who are also Scientologists and Slatkin investors (albeit not amongst the top 75 winners).

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Kevin & Maryann O'Donnell 20,831,975 21,818,364 (986,389)

Kevin O’Donnell is a Scientologist, early Earthlink investor and co-founder of the company who also sits on the Earthlink Board of Directors. His biography appears in numerous ELNK filings before the SEC:

KEVIN M. O'DONNELL, a co-founder of the Company, has been a director of the Company since its inception. Mr. O'Donnell is President of O'Donnell & Associates, a venture capital firm specializing in emerging high technology companies. In 1982, Mr. O'Donnell founded Government Technology Services, Inc., a reseller of computer equipment to the federal government, and from 1982 to 1990 served as its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President.

O'Donnell has also done business with Reed Slatkin outside of Earthlink.He is an investor in the Slatkin/Bernstein movie partnership Beacon Films, as documented elsewhere on the site. Maryann is his former wife, and Murphy & Kress appears to be an artist management firm whose clients have included the late John Candy, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern. Both O’Donnells are Scientologists.

Kevin O'Donnell is profiled in the December Report:

Slatkin and Kevin O’Donnell (“O’Donnell”) began doing business deals together by the early 1990s. Ex. 92. Prior to meeting Slatkin, O’Donnell had co-founded a successful company called Government Technology Services, Inc. Between 1990-1992, O’Donnell and Slatkin were involved in a few stock trading partnerships which sometimes involved other individuals, such as O’Donnell & Gale, Slatkin & O’Donnell and Gale & Connard.

[ Editorial Note - 'Gale' could be Stanley Gale, also a Scientologist and Slatkin investor.]

Slatkin’s association with O’Donnell ultimately led Slatkin to make his initial investment in Earthlink. O’Donnell’s son had gone to school with Earthlink’s founder, Sky Dayton, and O’Donnell introduced them and persuaded Slatkin to invest. Following the Earthlink investment, Slatkin entered into other business deals with O’Donnell. For example, O’Donnell was involved in Army Bernstein’s plan to acquire Beacon Entertainment from Ascent before Slatkin became involved. O’Donnell was also an investor in the Bon Carre, Eastgate, and Fort Pierce mall properties with Slatkin.

The relationships among Slatkin, O’Donnell, Army Bernstein, and Richard Rosman became strained during 2000 and 2001. In an April 2001 letter to Slatkin, Bernstein wrote:

“Mr. O’Donnell is in breach of his obligations under the Boomtown and Beacon operating agreements, has been uncooperative in furthering the objectives of Boomtown and Beacon,and has threatened to divulge confidential information of Boomtown and Beacon.”

O’Donnell was married to MaryAnn O’Donnell throughout the time he was associated with Slatkin. The O’Donnells legally separated in 1999, and their divorce became final in December 2000. Slatkin and O’Donnell also invested together (along with others) in numerous other companies.

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George W. Murgatroid III(correct spelling is Murgatroyd) 2,204,951 3,189,340 (984,389)
Scientologist and Patron of the IAS, “Skip” is a well-known Scientology lawyer who has done "Prozac litigation" for an assortment of Scientology-related anti-psychiatry campaigns. He has denied being a lawyer for Scientology; however, his claims have been repeatedly disproved.

Murgatroyd was offered initial stock in Digital Lightwave, the luckless Clearwater tech company owned by Scientologist Bryan Zwan, in which Slatkin's cohort Ron Rakow apparently also tried to invest. (Zwan was eventually sued for millions by disgruntled former Digital Lightwave partner and ex-Scientologist Brian Haney - the suit was settled in favour of Haney after several years of acrimonious pre-case negotiations.

"Skip" Murgatroyd was a partner with other Scn attorneys at Coale, Kananack and Murgatroyd, which later became Kananack, Murgatroyd and Baum. He is currently "Of Counsel" with Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, Guilford and Schiavo (?), which is apparently the latest incarnation of the Baum-Hedlund freefloating legal partnership. Several other Baum Hedlunds were investors with Slatkin, including Michael Baum, Paul Hedlund and the late Bill Downey.

The other Murgatroyds are almost certainly relatives of Skip, as “The Murgatroyd Family” are listed as Patrons of IAS.
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Omega Trust ‑ Linda Heineman 753,259 1,708,000 (954,741)
Linda Heineman is a CPA in Pasadena, California, who is also listed as trustee of the Bulger and Eltringham Family Trusts, which are also listed as Slatkin investors. There is no further information about what the Omega Trust might be, but oddly, on the 1999 Investor List, the Omega Trust is listed as having $2,410,240.10 on the books with Slatkin. Compare that to the latest figures, which show considerably less money invested, and withdrawn.
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Peter Coyote 393,000 1,336,442 (943,442)

Peter Coyote is a Hollywood actor who apparently has no connection to the Church of Scientology whatsoever. He also does not appear on either of the previously released investor lists from 1999 and 2001, which compounds the curiousness of his statement to the press in this recent story on the latest Slatkin revelations:

Other investors said they believed Neilson's assessment of their gains was inaccurate. Actor Coyote is listed in the report as receiving nearly $1.4 million from an initial investment of $393,000, but said he "didn't receive nearly that much" from Slatkin.

"If I had to give it all back, that would wipe out my retirement money," said Coyote, who said he stopped investing with Slatkin five years ago. "I don't know what to do."

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Bernardo & Jeanne Lan 729,515 1,665,000 (935,485)

Jeanie appeared on the 1999 Investor List, and subsequent research has revealed that Bernardo is her late husband. She is now married to Pat Balvin, who also appears on the 2001 Investor List. According to records from Scientology publications, Pat Balvin is a former staffer and Patron of the IAS, while Jeanie, also a Patron, was in charge of Criminon, one of the CoS ‘community groups’, and ironically, one associated with fellow Slatkin investor, Scientologist and convicted felon, Libby Weigand (see the entry for David and Elizabeth Regan on the 2001 Investor List page).

According to his OS page, Patric moved to Florida from San Diego, where he was involved in the wholesale/retail automobile

Jeanie is a director of Criminon, according to this corporate filing, and in her OS page, Jeanie says, “My whole life is Scientology.”

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Timothy & Betsy White 652,626 1,543,008 (890,383)
Tim White is a Scientologist and Sponsor of the International Association of Scientologists, and both he and his wife, Elizabeth, are volunteers with various church-run groups in Clearwater. He is listed as a resident of California on the 2001 Investor List.
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Walter & Majorie Butcher 279,151 1,140,500 (861,349)

Majorie, alternately spelled Margarie, and Walter Butcher are listed on the 2001 Investor List, with an address in Texas. Margarie Butcher is listed as a supporter of the International Association of Scientologists, and Andrew and Feline Butcher are also listed as Slatkin investors.

A Walter Butcher is listed as a member of the coaching staff for the Clearwater Chargers soccer team, the under 13 boys, to be specific.

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Mary Thompson 450,000 1,272,190 (822,190)

Mary Thomson is a Florida-area Scientologist, or at least, she was at the time that she wrote her “About Myself” profile for her OS page.

I got into Scientology because I wanted to improve my golf game. I went from a 36 handicap to an 8. No, not really - the real reason was that I was getting divorced and was total effect of the whole thing. I didn't think I could do anything. Well, it completely helped me to be at cause over the whole scene and to believe in myself and now I'm winning in life happily.
And it really did help my golf game too!

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Robert Engel (Green Key) 500,000 1,311,644 (811,644)

Robert and Marjorie Engel hail from Santa Fe, New Mexico, which makes it likely that he is the Registered Agent for Berkley Agency LLC, an insurance firm recently incorporated in New Mexico, as well as this insurance agency. He also may be the Robert Engel who owns this land in Riverside, California, according to these minutes from the city council:

PARCEL MAP NO. 29141, AMENDMENT NO. 3 - EA No. 37578 -Robert A. Engel - Hemet-San Jacinto Zoning District - Third Supervisorial District - Easterly side of Palm Avenue, southerly of Diamond Valley Road, westerly of Coraleer - 20 Acres - A-1-10 Zone - REQUEST: Subdivide 20 acres into 2 residential lots, 10-acre minimum-APN: 469-020-008 (2nd LDC)

Marjorie and Robert were directors of the Old Santa Fe Trail Preservation Council Inc., a non-profit organization dedicating to preserving a local nature walk. Robert is apparently quite the community activist; he also serves as officer for a number of other associations and corporations, including a local condo association, an investment management firm, a real estate partnership called "Soaring Eagle", The Herbalist, Inc., a currently inactive sales corporation, and Green Key Management, which is listed in his entry on this list and describes its business as 'wealth and asset management.'

There is no indication that they are Scientologists.
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Dinu & Francine Goldenberg 875,000 1,660,000 (785,000)

Dinu Goldenberg, as well as Francine and Adin Harper Goldenberg, were listed on the 1999 Investor list, but scant information was found.
Dinu was involved with this Nevada corporation:

Type: Corporation File Number: C5902-1997 State: NEVADA Incorporated On: March 20,
Status: Revoked Corp Type: Regular
Resident Agent: ALAN C. SKLAR (Accepted)
Address: 953 E SAHARA AVE
Address: 953 E SAHARA AVE
Treasurer: TOBY AKERS
Address: 953 E SAHARA AVE

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Jill Tate Higgins (OS II Inc) 1,500,000 2,238,703 (738,703)

Jill Tate Higgins does not appear on either the 1999 or 2001 Investor Lists.

From the California Corporate Database record for OS II Inc:

Number: C1443450 Date Filed: 8/17/1988 Status: merged out
Jurisdiction: California
Mailing Address
10153 1/2 RIVERSIDE DR., #598
Agent for Service of Process
10153 1/2 RIVERSIDE DR., #598

Jill Tate Higgins is listed in the acknowledgements of this report on clean air by the Natural Resources Defense Council, and she also sits on the Council's Board of Directors. According to this story, she was the largest shareholder -- and sat on the board -- of Day Runner, Inc, a Fullerton, California-based company that makes organizers and daily planners. She resigned last July, along with three other board members. This FACTnet report lists her as a Scientologist, but she does not appear in any other lists.

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Irving & Lillian Rakow 137,500 839,000 (701,500)
Lillian and Irving Rakow are mentioned by Reed in his deposition before the Securities and Exchange Commission, as he tries to explain why a cheque was issued to the couple from the joint “friends” account. He refers to Lillian as “the mother of a close friend” - possibly Ron Rakow. See also Robert and Karen Rakow.
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Don & Elizabeth Curier 2,600,000 3,268,000 (668,000)

(note - correct spelling is Currier)

Don (C.) and Elizabeth Currier are both longtime Scientologists who have achieved the 'rank' of OT7. Both Don and Bess appear on the 1982 Enemy List, but have apparently returned to the good graces of the Church since that time. Today, Don and Elizabeth Currier are Patrons of the IAS and Cornerstone Club, as well as Super Power Building supporters. Elizabeth Currier is also a member of WISE, and The Currier Family are Patrons with Honours. She is also the corporate secretary of the embattled Wireless Webconnect!, a WISE company involved in the ill-fated Ricochet highspeed internet resale business.

The Currier Family Trust is listed on the original list of Slatkin investors, with a balance of 250,880.60.

From an SEC filing related to an unrelated acquisition:

THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED STOCK ACQUISITION AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (this "Agreement") is made and entered into as of November 30, 1997 (the "Execution Date") by and among STAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC., a Delaware corporation ("STAR"); BIG DAVE'S ACQUISITION CORP., a California corporation ("Acquisition Corp."); LCCR, INC., a California corporation formerly known as L.D. Services, Inc. ("LCCR"); and the Shareholders listed on the signature page of this Agreement, RICHARD A. BISHOP, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the Richard Allen Bishop & Teresa Anne Bishop 1996 Revocable Trust; JUDITH BOLGER; ELIZABETH CURRIER, individually and in her capacity as Trustee of the Currier Family Trust; DON CURRIER; THOMAS GUY ELTRINGHAM; JOHN BRENT MCDANIEL, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the John Brent McDaniel Revocable Trust; DONNA J.S. ROBINSON; and HAROLD B. ROBINSON.

Other Slatkin investors listed in this excerpt include the Eltringhams and Richard A. Bishop, none of whom turn up on the list of net gainers.

Elizabeth and husband recently sold a house in New England.

According to Don's OS page, he is "a business owner, an executive. I have 4 children (2 sets of twins) and have been married for 24 years. I love ski, golf and travel, especially in Europe. I got into Scientology in Boston in 1970 and my life has never been the same!"

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Jeffrey & Shelley Katke 532,500 1,198,000 (665,500)

Jeffrey Katke is the CEO of Metagenics Inc., or Ethical Nutrients, a (Katke) family-run natural foods manufacturer that has had its shares of trials and tribulations with the Federal Trade Commission, which took issue with its claims that an over-the-counter calcium supplement could 'restore lost bone':

Ads that claimed an over-the-counter calcium supplement could "restore lost bone," eliminate pain and was superior to other forms of calcium in the prevention or treatment of bone ailments were deceptive and misleading, according to FTC Administrative Law Judge Lewis F. Parker. Judge Parker’s decision upholds FTC charges against Metagenics, Inc., doing business as Ethical Nutrients, and its president, Jeffrey Katke. The charges were made in an administrative complaint seeking an order to halt the deceptive claims used to market Metagenics’ calcium supplement, "Bone Builder."

The full order can be found here.

In a demonstration of true chutzpah, Metagenics sued rival vitamin company Bio-Genesis for, among other things, false advertising - precisely the same thing that the FTC charged Metagenics for doing:

``Improper advertising of disease claims and ingredients is irresponsible, carrying the strong potential of harm to the public,'' said Jeffrey Katke, Metagenics CEO. ``As an industry that the public relies upon to enhance its well-being, we must collectively ensure that manufacturers maintain high ethical standards in both the manufacture and marketing of their products."

Oddly enough, there is no indication that the Katkes are Scientologists, "Ethical" Nutrients notwithstanding.

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John Coale & Greta Van Susteren 2,076,130 2,735,000 (658,870)
John Coale is a Washington, DC-area attorney and high level Scientologist, and the husband of CNN legal commentator - and attorney in her own right -- Greta Van Sustern, also an OT-level Scientologist. The Coale-Van Susterns are Key Contributors to the Super Power Building in Florida, which means a donation of $100,000.

Back in May 2001, John Coale raised many eyebrows when he admitted to profitting from Reed's ponzi scheme:
"We were lucky," Coale told the Wall Street Journal last week. He and Van Susteren got their initial investment back "and then some," Coale said.

According to this page on lawyers involved in litigation against the gun industry, both Greta and John have faced diciplinary action for so-called "ambulance chasing":

As of April 1996, Coale, his wife Greta Van Susteren - who is also his partner in a law firm, and the law firm were all the subject of serious bar disciplinary proceedings in West Virginia, whose state bar's discipline board was seeking to suspend their right to practice law in West Virginia for a year as a result of soliciting prospective clients in ways prohibited by bar rules, generally referred to by the public as "ambulance-chasing"; in Coale's case, the term seems particularly appropriate because one of the incidents that landed him in trouble was his law firm's employee allegedly trying to chat up a severely-burned man in an intensive-care unit. Such phone or in-person solicitation of prospective clients is so likely to lead to suspension of a lawyer's law license that it very rarely happens.
As the April 24, 1996 issue of "People Daily" (a web-site offshoot of "People" magazine) described their situation:

"The firm headed by Susteren, her husband John Coale (who recently handled Lisa Marie Presley's divorce from Michael Jackson) and their former law partner Phillip Allen illegally contacted families of West Virginians injured in accidents between 1990 and 1993, the state's Lawyer Disciplinary Board contends. In one incident, the Charleston Daily Mail reported, a firm employee, over the protests of the accident victim's wife, tried to enter a hospital intensive care unit to talk to a man who suffered burns over 60 percent of his body. "We don't do these things in West Virginia," state bar lawyer Sherri Goodman told the paper."

By the end of 1996, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia had ruled that Coale and his wife were both guilty of professional misconduct in such solicitations, stating: "Accordingly, we find that respondents Allen, Coale, and Van Susteren engaged in professional misconduct by inducing others to initiate the improper telephone solicitations which we found violative of Rules 7.3(a) and 7.3(b)(1) of the Rules of Professional Conduct."

Coale was a member of the plaintiff steering committee for the Castano Tobacco Litigation, and was also involved in negotiations that produced the tobacco settlement, and participated in this discussion, defending the deal. Recently (December 2001), when informed that he might have to return his ill gotten profits, he responded angrily:
"I'll fight this thing for 100 years," said [John] Coale, who said he made the decision to invest the couple's money with Slatkin starting 10 years ago. "Most of that money went to the IRS."
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Thomas M. Skrenes 275,000 932,113 (657,113)
Dr. Skrenes is a Scientologist and WISE member who runs a "Holistic Health Center" in Tustin, California. According to the listing on the Scientologists Online website, he used to have an OS page, but it is no longer active. He is mentioned in this Dutch article as a "chiropractor/acupuncturist," but it is unclear what the context is. This site describes him as a homeopath who creates "his own homeopathic prescriptions."
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Jeff & Jill B. Choder 326,300 961,000 (634,700)

According to this page, Jill Choder is associated with Big Red Productions, a New York-based production company that focuses on social and women’s issues. One of their projects was “Women in Limbo,” a television series focusing on women’s lives. She was also one of Reed's original investors, according to his deposition before the SEC. She does not appear to be a Scientologist.

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Anna R. Hawken 1,365,322 1,995,000 (629,678)
Ms. Hawken’s name appears as a donor for several San Francisco-area charities, including the city library and a local theatre group, but she appears to be much less high profile than Paul Hawken, the environmentalist and Slatkin investor whose last name she shares. There is no indication that she is a Scientologist.
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TOTALS $ 128,520,701 $ 279,525,749 $ (151,005,048)
Balance of Net Debtors (371 Accounts) $ 85,521,034 $ 129,997,262 $ (44,476,228)
Note: Receipts and disbursements include all receipts from and disbursements to each Investor regardless of the description or type.
Source: Books and records of the Debtor.