* Magazine of the Church of Scientology, Celebrity Center, Dallas *
Issue 11 Minor


An Interview with
Auditor and Entrepreneur

Bennetta Slaughter is partner and Executive Director of AMC Publishing as well as a successful wife and mother. She is a long time student at the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation and heads up a committee which sponsors regular Dianetics Lectures for the public given around the Dallas area.

Her husband David and their good friend, Jeff Schaffner, are also partners in the publishing firm. They have an eight-year-old daughter, Ashley, and a foster daughter, Gloria, who is studying at a local university. Bennetta is a trained auditor and has also studied L. Ron Hubbard Administrative and Ethics Technology. CELEBRATION Magazine interviewed Bennetta about her experience with DIANETICS and as a professional woman executive.

CELEBRATION: How did you get started in Dianetics?

BENNETTA: My friends, who were already involved in Dianetics, brought me to an introductory Dianetics lecture. I signed up for a Communications Course and the rest, as they say, is history. This is how I started to improve my condition in life. Since I found Dianetics though a public lecture, I now help sponsor the regular Dianetics lecture for others.

CELEBRATION: What is the difference between your career now and the way it was before Dianetics?

BENNETTA: I didn't have a career before Dianetics. I was a struggling sales person. With the Communications Course and every course I took thereafter, I increased my income drastically. Especially the Administrative Technology courses, which deal with organization. The reason this happened is that I applied the data I learned constantly to myself and my work in life.

CELEBRATION: Your whole family is involved in Dianetics, isn't that right?

BENNETTA: Yes, David is a Book 1 auditor -- he recently audited his mother after the death of his father. That handled a lot of her grief and she is doing much better because of the auditing. Our daughter, Ashley, has done the Purification Rundown, the Children's Communication Course in addition to auditing. Our foster daughter, Gloria, has done the Personal Values and Integrity Course, the Ups and Downs in LIfe course, the Hubbard qualified Scientologist course as well as other more advanced courses.

CELEBRATION: What are your current interests in Dianetics?

BENNETTA: I'm mostly interested in my training to become a more professional auditor. I'm enjoying helping my preclears while still busy being a mom, running a business and sponsoring the Dianetics lectures.

CELEBRATION: Why is training important to you?

BENNETTA: Training is a priority in my life because it is what has made the difference for me in success and failure. When I'm on course -- I'm applying the data that I get from my courses in my life.

This is the reason I can and do all of the things that I do. From my experience training is half of one's gains. Getting auditing is good, but a person can't make everything in life go exactly as they want it and as it should because they don't have all the data about life, communications and people. Training is the stuff of life and how to succeed in it.

It is a game, but one must know the rules of the game and how to play it. This has been figured out for us to use. We should avail ourselves of it and be masters of the game. I use the data given on the courses and play the game instead of something else.

CELEBRATION: What is it like to audit someone?

BENNETTA: It's the most incredible thing one will ever do! After I finished the book, DIANETICS, THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH, I gave an auditing session to a lady who had a severe illness as a child. She had been having a chronic problem because of this illness. The auditing dramatically improved her situation. It was a very thrilling thing for her to handle and it brought me a lot of joy, too.

CELEBRATION: Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?

BENNETTA: I know there are people who have read the Dianetics book who want to know more about the subject. I'd like to extend a personal invitation to those who would like more information to come to come to the public lecture or come into the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation here in Dallas and find out more. It has improved my life more than I can express. It will improve your life as well.