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Reed Slatkin Declaration (Hitchman) dec    2002  
In this explosive declaration, filed in support of bankruptcy trustee Todd Neilson's efforts to seize the assets of longtime Scientologist Tony Hitchman -- fingered by Slatkin as his longtime partner in fraud, Slatkin accuses both Hitchman and Jack Dirmann o fholding him captive in Hitchman's Santa Barbara house in an effort to force him to sign over to the men his remaining shares in Earthlink. Slatkin also alleges that Hitchman was complicit in the Ponzi scheme, and even acted as his "fixer" when officials from the Church of Scientology got reports on his activities.
Jack Dirmann Declaration dec    2002  
Soon after the incendiary Slatkin statement was submitted as part of the trustee's ultimately successful effort to win a Writ of Attachment against Hitchman's assets, a counter declaration by Jack Dirmann denies any involvement in the activities alleged by Slatkin.
Jim 'Blue' Crosser Declaration dec    2002  
From former Deloitte and Touche consultant James Crosser comes this remarkable declaration that purports to demonstrate that Reed Slatkin's investment club really wasn't a Ponzi scheme at all.
This declaration first appeared on, a website seemingly dedicated to advocating the defence arguments being made by William Hutchins, Tony Lonstein, Linda Rosen and Peter Henman Laufer, all targets of Motions for Writs of Attachment filed by trustee Todd Neilson.
APPLICATION ORDER VACATING HEARING DATE ON TRUSTEE'S MOTION FOR PARTIAL SUMMARY JUDGMENT (including Burstein & Kollitz Declarations and assorted correspondence) dec    2002  
This application was filed by Danning, Gill, Diamond and Kollitz, attorneys for defendant Peter Henman-Laufer,among many others facing fraudulent transfer suits. In this motion, DGDK attorney Richard Burstein claims that Henman-Laufer has been unable to properly prepare a defence against the motion for summary judgmennt, due to a lack of opportunity to conduct discovery. Burstein also questions whether Neilson has clearly demonstrated that Slatkin acted with intent to defraud.
This file includes, as exhibits, correspondence between lawyers and declarations from two DGDK attorneys. Highlights include the Hitchman lawyers demanding that their clients be permitted to depose Slatkin, to which counsel for the trustee witheringly replies that it is "no concern of [his] that [their] clients elected to flee the country".
Laing Complaint oct    2002  
In this complaint, Robert Laing argues that trustee Todd Neilson should return 72,888 shares of Earthlink that he says Slatkin had been holding on his behalf.
Richard Levine
Richard Levine Declaration AND supplement to declaration (pdf only)
Levine Reply to Protective Order motion (pdf only)
apr    2002  
Slatkin investor and fellow Scientologist Richard Levine attempts to win a protective order against further information about his history with Slatkin being made public, claiming that he has suffered "great alienation, ridicule and embarrassment" due to the association of his name with that of Slatkin.
TRUSTEE REPORT - EXHIBITS! jan  19  2002  
Ron Rakow faxes, Chris Mancuso writes letters, Jean Janu is deposed.. the All-Stars are out in force, as seen in this massive collection of documents collected by Todd Neilson and referred to in his most recent report. Coming Soon .. Relational Flowcharts created by the Kirkland & Ellis lawfirm.
Annotated Top 75 Net Gainers List dec  24  2001  
We`ve researched the top 75 net gainers and compiled them into one page. The investors that compose this list were first announced in the recently released Trustee report.
TRUSTEE REPORT dec  19  2001  
Trustee Todd Neilson`s interim report is also available on the site as a pdf file, but exists here as an html file (warning: 2mb - please be patient when opening).
PLEA AGREEMENT - HTML / PDF may     2002  
Reed`s Overt-Witholds dec  26  2001  
In this transcript of a handwritten 1988 note, Reed makes many startling confessions, all written in "Scientologese". The style of note indicates that it is either an "Overt/Withold" writeup, or a "Knowledge Report".

The note was first brought to the public`s attention in a recent WSJ article.

Did the Church of Scientology see this note? That is unclear at this point, but it follows logic that Reed would be telling his auditor this information.

Here`s a newsgroup post from a long-time Scientologist that thoroughly analyzes this document.
The Slatkin Chapter 11 Exemption Claim List aug  2  2001  
Under Chapter 11, Slatkin can claim certain properties to be exempt from seizure. Here`s that list, submitted on July 27, 2001.
Reed Slatkin January 2000 SEC deposition - PART I
Reed Slatkin January 2000 SEC deposition - PART II
Text Version - Entire
june  27  2001  
In this extraordinary document, Reed Slatkin explains at great length, and to the apparent surprise of the SEC lawyers gathered to question him over his unlicensed investment activities how his unlicensed money management scheme was borne not of greed or laziness, but out of his deep-rooted religious beliefs, and his support for the Church of Scientology and its members.
Reed Slatkin February 2000 SEC deposition - PART I
Reed Slatkin February 2000 SEC deposition - PART II
Text Version - Entire
june  27  2001  
In his second appearance before the SEC, the casual demeanor that was a feature of Reed`s first day in court is conspicuously absent as the questioning moves to more specific details about his accounting and money management practices. Gone, too, are the frequent allusions to his devotion to the Church of Scientology, perhaps as a result of advice from his embattled securities lawyer, Gerald Boltz, who also makes a return appearance at this hearing, and at times seems more sceptical of Reed`s answers than the opposing counsel at the SEC table.

Much of the day`s testimony is devoted to questions about exactly how the money moved through the various accounts that Reed controls, as well as the intricacies of the accounting practice chez Reed at his Kellogg Street office. The SEC also comes forward with a number of internal documents, including letters, cancelled cheques and wire transfers. Reed`s response is confused, evasive and definitely not designed to inspire confidence in the veracity of his story. Eventually, the session closes, after Reed`s rueful comment that he feels "pretty beaten up", with the suggestion that it will resume at a later date. As far as is known, it never did.
The Slatkin 500 Investor List june  12  2001  
This list, from 1999, shows over 500 investors whose accounts totalled over 230 million with Slatkin. We`ve since written profiles on as many investors as we could research.

Alphabetized text version of the same list
Reed Slatkin declaration         
Reed`s legal response to Poitras.
NAA Financial Faked Documents         
Slatkin apparently created a fake Swiss Bank "NAA Financial" along with a few non-persons as shown in these documents, which he delivered to Poitras as "proof" of his current troubles. The quality of these "faxes" is noticeably degraded and that`s probably not an accident.
Slatkin Various         
Stuart Stedman, "manager" of various Wesley West estate entities, was sent by Slatkin these extremely informal and undetailed account statements. The information on these was apparently also a lie.

Slatkin had a boilerplate "friendly agreement" which is how he was able to get around being an unlicensed investment banker. This particular one was sent to Stedman.

Reed Slatkin documents filed in State of California
Paul Junger-Witt / Susan Harris
The Junger-Harris Motion         
These documents get extremely interesting on page 9 where it is alleged that Slatkin was looking for a "charitable contribution" at some later date. Which charity could Slatkin be thinking of?
Stuart Stedman
Stuart Stedman Declaration and text version         
John Poitras
John Poitras Declaration and text version         
Richard Conn (Poitras Atty) Declaration and text version         
Paul Gully-Hart
Paul Gully-Hart Declaration & text version         
Shows proof that Slatkin created fake "Financial Advisors"
Declaration of Service         
Detailing some of the complainants and who they`ve retained as counsel
Reed's Wine Collection         
SEC search on "Slatkin" (you will need to sign up for free registration)         
Insider activity at Earthlink         
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