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In the most recent issue of in-house Scientology publication Impact (June 2001), Reed is still listed as a Patron of the IAS. The Church of Scientology went out of its way to deperson Reed from the internet but forgot to deperson him in this instance.

On this page,
Jeffrey Donovan gives his employment history -
"In 1986 at the age of 25 I was approached by a small group of *investors (referred by a mutual friend) to develop technical analysis software for the equities markets, based on their own proprietary formulas."
At the bottom of the page is an asterik which says
"*Named held back for confidentiality reasons."


The Google cache of this same page reveals who this group of investors is: "Slatkin & Associates"

It seems that Jeffrey Donovan doesn't want anyone knowing who he worked for.. wonder why.

Scientology encourages its members to create cookie-cutter personal web pages using materials approved by the cult. These pages are often hosted on the cult's own servers. Compare these two versions of the web page for Reed Slatkin's niece, Niesha Renee Trout, on Scientology's server:

Original version, cached by Google weeks ago.. AND
The 'new and improved version' - What's the difference? ' Uncle Reed Slatkin' is now just 'my uncle'

Did Niesha edit out her own uncle? Or did Scientology do it for her?

REEDSLATKIN.COM.was registered 5 days after the first LA Times story broke, by fellow Scientologist Sheldon Goldberg, probably to keep investors from grabbing it for a class-action web site.

"The Foundation for Conscious Evolution" site had Reed and Mary Jo Slatkin listed as members of the Advisory Council in this google cache, but the current version has them removed.

And of course, there's fellow Scientologist Daniel Jacobs, as mentioned previously.
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