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Executive Offices: United States
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr.
Suite 592
Toluca Lake, CA 91602 USA

Phones USA
Business: (800) 900-6660
Cellular: (818) 519-5522
Facsimile: (818) 845-4852

Executive Offices: Europe
Les Algorithmes - Bât Aristote A
2000, route des Lucioles - B.P. 29
06901 Sophia Antipolis

Phones: Europe
Business:  +41.22.758.03.06
Facsimile: +41.22.758.03.04
Cellular: +33.609.53.94.61


Executive Summary

  • A senior executive, consultant and advisor with over 25 years experience working with individuals and businesses in the private sector.  With advanced degrees in business management and administration, his expertise is in assisting management to identify and resolve barriers to expansion while establishing stable rapid growth. 
  • Technically competent and experienced in all aspects of business.  Detail oriented diverse knowledge and interests.  Creative problem solving.  Able to manage personnel from diverse backgrounds.  Great people and communication skills.  Team player yet able to lead and command respect of others.  Creative and respectful of creative input and talents of others. 
  • A Senior Executive Advisor and a member of the Board of Directors for several private companies including a full service marketing business developing high-tech markets for Fortune companies worldwide and other start-up ventures.
  • Hands on experience in assisting management with the transition from start-up to a post-entrepreneurial organizational environment in business.
  • As an internationally published author of numerous articles on the applied philosophy of sales he uses his unique knowledge and experience in this area to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales professional.
  • Mr. Jacobs is President and CEO of Corporate Development International, a successful consulting group with offices in the United States and Europe active in all aspects of business development.

Professional Experience

1978 to present

Corporate Development International
President and CEO

Corporate Development International is an executive consultant and advisory group working primarily with individuals and businesses in the private sector. Its mission is to assisting management in identifying, evaluating and resolving barriers to expansion while establishing the means for stable rapid growth.

As a senior executive level consultant and advisor for various companies in all stages of development in the U.S. and Europe, responsibilities have included:

  • Organization reorganization and turnaround
  • Growth Planning and Implementation
  • Promotional programs implementation
  • Identification of impediments to goals attainment
  • Brainstorming creative sessions
  • Entrepreneurial company transition strategies
  • Problem solving and correction
  • Debt management and handling
  • Financial management
  • Sales force development and management

1981 to present

Mueller International, Inc.
(formally MuellerShields, OME)
Senior Executive Advisor

Mueller International is a full-service marketing organization for high tech business to business Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.


A member of the Board of Directors and senior executive responsible for overseeing all national and international expansion and development.  Hands-on personal involvement in all aspects of planning, programming and execution of strategic plans for expansion and overall viability and stability of the company. Areas of activity have included: 

  • Management consulting, advice and evaluation
  • Strategic planning and implementation programs for expansion.
  • Designing organizational patterns for optimum production and profitability.
  • Establishing and managing the sales executive team.
  • Management techniques and analysis.
  • Organizational communication systems
  • Individual communication and sales skills training.
  • Executive testing, training and leadership programs.

Has been personally involved in sales and/or consultant with companies such as 3M, Motorola, Comshare, Computer Sciences Corporation, Philips, Sprint, Intel, Penske, IBM, Sony, ABB, Seimens, and many more. 

Opened and staffed five new sales offices worldwide, including offices in Europe. Helped drive gross revenues over 7X in a four year period after establishing the sales executive team.


1991 to 1997

Simplicity Records, Inc.
Managing Partner

An independent record label that expanded into a niche market that focused on high end retail sales though individual gift shops, book stores and specialty stores.


  • Writing the initial business plan
  • Fund raising
  • Strategic planning for niche market business development
  • A & R activities
  • Artist management
  • Creative design
  • Executive production of musical products
  • Promotion though magazine ads, radio spots etc.
  • Product marketing though development of reseller and distributor channels 
  • Financial management
  • Member of Board of Directors 


Signed and produced the artist that resulted in a CD that held a “TOP 10” position in this market for over two years.  Grew the company from a start-up to a viable company with nationwide distribution of its products, including negotiating licensing agreements for distribution throughout the U.S., Canada and Asia.


1974 to present

Reed Slatkin & Associates
Consultant & Senior Advisor

Reed Slatkin & Associates is a private investment group with interests in the public and private equity markets.


  • Advisor and liaison between Reed and various companies in which he holds an equity position
  • Member of the Board of Directors of these companies as required
  • General business evaluation, including market opportunity, finance, products development
  • Executive evaluation and management, organizational structure, sales analysis
  • Consultant and senior advisor to the executives and staff of the individual companies as required.


Michigan State University BS (Economics)

Columbia State University MBA, Ph.D. (Business Administration and Management)

Ongoing independent research and study in addition to many courses and seminars on the subject and nature of human relationships and behavior characteristics.

Seminars and classes on the study and application of law for the business executive.

An internationally published author of many articles as a featured sales expert for magazines such as, SalesDoctors, SalesVault, SharpStream, HeadquartersSales and others.

References furnished on request.





CDI Executive Offices, U.S. 
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr.
Suite 592
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Tel: (800) 900-6660
Fax:(818) 845-4852

CDI Executive Offices, Europe
Les Algorithmes - Bât Aristote A
2000, route des Lucioles - B.P. 29
06901 Sophia Antipolis
Tel: +41.22.758.04.06


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