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Scientology - Niesha Renee' Trout a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology...

About Myself

 H ello, my name is Niesha Renee' Trout, and here is a little bit about myself:

     I’m 19 and I live in Los Angeles, CA up in the hills near Celebrity Centre International. I’m an actress, a poet and a painter/sketch artist. I’ve been thoroughly involved in Scientology for the past three years. Growing up, both of my parents were Scientologists, but they would never really speak to me about it. They wanted me to explore lots of religions and expose myself to any number of philosophies before I settled on one. I think also that they wanted me to learn about Scientology by my own determinism.

     Around my 11th grade year in high school, I started having some major difficulties with friends and my parents. Actually, I’d always had difficulties my whole life, but the problems weren’t getting better, they were just changing and escalating and my happiness overall was plummeting downward pretty fast. My mother told my uncle, Reed Slatkin, a long time Scientologist, about my constant upsets with people and my various problems that weren’t handling, and he seemed to feel it was best if I got some Scientology counseling. I was open to trying it, because, at this point, I would have done anything to be happier. Before I received the counseling, I did the Success Through Communication Course at Celebrity Centre International. This helped a lot, but it was the Life Repair counseling that I received shortly thereafter that lead me on the path to changing my life forever.[End]

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