Abbot, George . New York, NY 10020
Abbot, Gregory . Aspen, CO 81611
Abbott, Gregory A . New York, NY 10020-1903
Abbott, Janice . New York, NY 10020
Abbott, Marcia . Aspen, CO 81611

The Abbotts were early investors in Earthlink and reside in Colorado. They are not Scientologists.

Adamina, Juanita D . Los Angeles, CA 90036
Juanita is the daughter of war veteran and longtime Scientologist Bob Adamina, according to Reed's testimony before the SEC. However, her address is interesting; it resolves to two different names, neither of which is Ms. Adamina:
Federico Frediani, an art curator at the 3rd Millennium Gallery in West Hollywood.

Here is his picture.

The same address also appears on a "Write to Celebs" page for actor Matthew Settle

Adini Family Foundation . Los Angeles, CA 90027
Adini, Amiram & Rivka . Los Angeles, CA 90027

Rivka tells her story on her home page. She was born in Israel, discovered Scientology, and now lives with her husband and daughter in Los Angeles, California.

She is involved with Friends of Narconon, along with Michelle Landau (Yael), who, with her husband, Asaf, is a fellow Slatkin investor. Amiram does not have an OS page.

Affiliated Technologies Ltd . Clearwater, FL 34625
The only Affiliated Technologies I can find is at this address:

Florida Profit
Changed 04/12/2001

And is registered to the following individuals:


Michael Garlick is listed as Registered Agent, however the address resolves to P. Bengle.

Agami, David . Mexico 11700
Agami, David . Mexico 11700
Agami, Ivette Romano de . Mexico 11700
Agami, Vicky . Mexico City 11700 Mexico
Agami, Viviane . Mexico 11700
Agami, Paulette . Clearwater, FL 33767

David Agami, in Mexico, is a Patron Meritorious of the IAS, and several of his family members, including Elias and Vicky, are also Patrons. He and his wife, Vivien, are Cornerstone Club Members. He is listed in WISE:

Naturelle S.A.
David Agami
Avienda De La Luz
Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico D.F. 53370
(+52) 5-872-8364
(+52) 5-251-9750

The company appears to be a cosmetic retailer. He also seems to be head of a Mexican industrial association dedicated to standards and certification, as discussed in this article

There are several Agamis listed on the Slatkin list, including Paulette Agami (a 13-year-old). I do not know that Ivette is a certain relation of theirs; however, the Agamis are a Mexican family prominent in Scn. They have six Online Scientologist pages, and David Agami is a Patron Meritorious, Viviane Agami is a Patron with Honors, and Elias and Vicky Agami are both Patrons of the IAS. David and Viviane are "Ambassadors" of the Planetary Dissem Org, their highest donation level, and Elias is a WISE member.

Alevizos, Peter or Nancy . Tequesta, FL 33469
Alevizos, Peter . Tequesta FL 33469

Both Nancy and Peter are Patrons of the IAS, and Peter is involved with this health care company:

Alameda County Health Care Services
10700 MacArthur Blvd. Bldg#15,
Oakland, CA 94605
contact: Peter Alevizos
Phone:(510)567-8100 Fax: (510)481-3724

Alexander, Jerry & Kim . Los Angeles, CA 90027
Jerry and Kim are on the Patron 2001 List as a couple.

Alexander, Merry . Clearwater, FL 33755
Merry Alexander was commended for her work for the Clearwater Community Volunteers, and is a member of She posted on this caregiver forum, looking for a companion for her mother, who is apparently in the early stages of Alzheimer's, and she also seems to be a racing fan, according to this post.

Allen, Jane . Beverly Hills CA 90210
Allen, Jane . Los Angeles, CA 90036
Allen, Jane . Denver, CO 80209

Jane Allen is a CCHR spokesperson and works from her home in Colorado, where she cares for two children.

Named in Who's Who of Women's Leaders in Colorado, she has worked with countless victims of psychiatric abuses to get laws passed in several states to help prevent these abuses. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs across the U.S. to bring psychiatric violations out of the shadows and into the public light.

Jane's interest stems from her mother, whom she described as "a gracious, much-loved lady who simply went for help and, like so many others, was completely dehumanized by electric shock." Her mother, warned the then 13-year-old Jane to never let psychiatrists "do this again."

"I grew up knowing that I had to do something about this atrocity being committed against women and other moms.CCHR is the group that is effectively working to eradicate psychiatric brutality so that people will not live in fear of abuse and dehumanizing treatments. I invite anyone with the same common interest to assist us."

According to Impact records, Ms. Allen is also an OTVII. Here is a picture of Jane receiving an award for her efforts to fight psychiatry.

The Beverly Hills address resolves to the IM Chait Gallery. It is not clear whether Jane also maintains a residence in Los Angeles in addition to Denver.

Anderson, Louise c/o B Silver . Sheridan, OR 97378
Louise (Weege) Anderson is on the Senior Honor Roll of the IAS.

Louise Anderson is also employed at the Delphi School in Oregon, which is also home to several other Slatkin investors, including Barbara Silver and Alan Larson.

See also Silver, Barbara and Larson, Alan.

Anderson, Sherry Linn and Robert M . Clearwater, FL 34614
Robert and Sherry Linn Anderson appear to be Scientologists, according to Ed records, although it's difficult to ascertain whether they are the "right" Robert and Sherry, given the fact that the name is horribly common.

Oddly, Sherry and Robert give as their address the location of the Church of Scientology Flag Ship Organization, according to this WISE record:

Church of Scientology
Flag Ship Service Organization
118 North Fort Harrison Avenue
Clearwater, FL 34615

Robert Anderson may have the owner of a mission in Boulder, Colorado, although that could be another individual of the same name. Here is a short description of this Robert Anderson from a story about Lawrence Wollersheim:

Robert Anderson went clear in 1976 and has attained the level of OT IV. He is the president of the Dianetics Center in Boulder, a Scientology mission where those interested can get audited, purchase life courses, etc., located across the Pearl Street Mall from the courthouse. He says he has never encountered any teachings about Xenu in Scientology, did not know about an intergalactic war being waged, nor about any banishment of alien races to the earth. Danos says the upper teachings of Scientology are kept secret because it is impossible for someone who has not been through all the consecutive levels to see them in their relationship to the whole body of Scientology. Without that context, "There is the possibility that it can be upsetting."

You can see him, wearing a tall hat as part of his Uncle Sam costume, in this picture.

According to this filing by Robert Vaughn Young in the FACTnet copyright case, Sherry Anderson has authored at least some Scientology materials.

Anderson, Marlin & Joyce . Tampa, FL 33629
Marlin runs a 'successful CPA business' according to his OS page.

He wrote a letter to the SP Times protesting Germany's treatment of Scientologists.

He has also written other letters to the editor, and is a member of the Cornerstone Club. They are also on the Patron 2001 list>. albeit with Marlin's first name misspelled as "Marvin".

Anderson, Ronald E and/or Susan M - TTEE U/D/T . Carpinteria, CA 93013
Apparently both former Sea Org, Ron was once Chief MAA at Flag:

"Suddenly, I was called off the tour and told by Ron Anderson (then Chief MAA) that I was to be a "Head on the Pike". Eleven others were ordered in after me. I was to be put in Treason, or declared. The charge: "case discussion of NOTS material". I did the condition under heavy protest, with the Chief MAA and Super Cargo talking to me for a week."

Ron and Sue were both involved in Gerry Armstrongs biography of L. Ron Hubbard.

Ron was involved in "handling" internal problems around the time of the Miscavige reorganization, according to this excerpt from Peter Green:

"The recommendations in that 6453-1 included a special Board of Review to be inaugurated for a limited period of time, specifically to encourage and hear current Scientology civil litigants' grievances against the Church and seek to resolve these on standard internal lines wherever possible. This special Board would not replace any standard justice recourse actions, but would handle those incorrectly handled by past members of the Guardians Office or other units acting on policies not those of the Founder. The Chairman was Ron Anderson, Secretary Nancy Kass, and Member Nick Fine for Gordon D. Cook, Acting Controller."

Hana Whitfield testifies that he was staff aboard the Apollo:

"204. During the early 1970s, Bruce Welsch, a crew member on board the "Apollo" went crazy, or Type 3 PTS. He was locked up in a port aft cabin by Stuart Moreau and Ron Anderson, two ship crew members. I was in the aft area a few days later on some work assignment and I could hear Bruce making almost animal type sounds. They were terrible, inhuman sounds. And I could hear what I thought could be chains rattling. I was not around when Bruce recovered. Attached hereto as Exhibit 82, page 2."

There are at least three Sue Andersons in Scientology. This may be the right one.

Andruscavage, Joseph & Tracey M Trustors . Burbank, CA 91505
Joe and Tracy are both Scientologists in good standing. They live in Burbank, California. Tracey is on the Patron 2001 List.

Archer, Gregg & Glenys San Luis . Obispo, CA 93401

Both Gregg and Glenys are listed under their own names living in Pismo Beach:

According to this page, Gregg has applied for a number of construction permits for houses in the San Luis Obispo region.

He is also a pilot and the brother of Scientologist actress Anne Archer in this exceprt from Cigar Afficianado magazine:

"I knew it could be death and it was exactly as I predicted," she says. "I got a lot of attention from those Clancy movies, but they really stamped me deeper into that mold." Some of the attention she got, though, was especially welcome. Gregg Archer, a pilot with Delta Airlines, had always taken his sister's acting career rather lightly. But he and his pilot buddies are fervent Clancy fans and she says those two films made her a hero to them."

Aronson, Lisa & Brian . Los Angeles, CA 90025
Although there is still no information available about Lisa and Brian Aronson, there is also a Sharon Aronson listed at the same address, although in a different suite.

Sharon is a bowler, and lives with Barry Watt.

Ash, Jennifer Brenner . Brookline, MA 02446
Jennifer Brenner Ash may be related to Dr. Barry Brenner, the kidney specialist, who was also in Massachusetts.

Atkinson-Baker Inc . Glenwood, CA 91230
Atkinson-Baker, Alan & Sheila . Glenwood, CA 91231

Both Shiela and Alan are IAS Patrons, and Alan runs Atkinson-Baker Court Reports, a WISE company in Glendale:

Atkinson-Baker, Court Reporters
Alan Baker
330 N. Brand Blvd., Ste. 250
Glendale, CA 91203-2330
United States
(1) 818-551-7300
(1) 818-551-7330

Sheila Atkinson-Baker has an OS page, as does Alan.

Here are some other references to the couple on the web:

Auerbach, Daniel E TTEE et al . Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
The address resolves to D and C Auerbach, which means that Dan is almost certainly married to Cassandra, a regular on TNX. She is head of the CCHR Legislative Action gung ho group for California. Interestingly, Cass and Dan were both declared SPs as of the 1992 Enemy List, but apparently have done penance.

Here is Cassandra's OS page:

Interestingly, she mentions that she's also a licensed securities dealer.

She's also looking for stainless steel sheets.

The "Dan Auerbach Family" is listed on the 2001 Patron List.

Aylor, James & Karen (James & Karen Family Trust ) . Camarillo, CA 93010
Scientologists from Virginia: There are six spampages for Aylors from Virginia, James and Karen and their four children. James says

"I was a practicing chiropractor 15 years ago when my wife and I were introduced by a very successful chiropractor to Scientology. We started out by doing basic courses and auditing. Our 4 children started doing services soon after. As time has gone by our family has continued to do courses and auditing with the result that as a family unit we are very successful and very supportive at one another's individual goals."

Karen says:

"I'm the office manager in our Chiropractic office. In fact, it was through the Chiropractic profession that we became Scientologists. We started going to Latch Management Seminars. At that time, they had what was called Personal Services, and we were all given a full session with one of their field auditors. My session handled a clash with one of my children. Totally blew my socks off. I told my husband that this (Scientology) was it, and went out and ate a 2-pound piece of cheesecake (I guess to fill up the space that used to be full of anxiety). Every time I think of that one small session, I get again realize why Scientology IS for everyone."

James Aylor isn't just a chiropractor, he's a peddler of various "anti-aging" treatments.

Azeez, Anne Woodbine, NJ 08270
Azeez, Foundation Sidney Azeez . Egg Harbor Township, NJ 8234
Azeez, Grandchildren Partnership Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Azeez, Michael . Egg Harbor Township, NJ 8234
Azeez, Michael B . Pleasantville, NJ 08232-0038
Azeez, Sidney . Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Azeez, Sidney FBO Susan VanDerMerwe . Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Azeez, Sidney Thomas Di Maggio . Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Azeez, Sidney TTEE for Nancy Labs Azeez . Ocean City, NJ 08226

Sidney Azeez is a director of Earthlink, and was also an original investor in the company. He is not a Scientologist. Here is his bio, from an Earthlink SEC filing:

SIDNEY AZEEZ has been a director of the Company since June 1996. Mr. Azeez founded Ultronic Systems Corp., which produced a stock and commodity quotation system. He also founded American Cellular Network, Inc. and Universal Telecell, Inc. ("Unitel"), cellular telephone companies, PCS, Inc., a wireless communications company, and several banks in Colorado and New Jersey. Mr. Azeez is a director of Unitel and Thermal Tech Development, Inc.

Michael Azeez is the president of Unitel, and Anne Azeez is likely a spouse of one or the other Azeez. Ric and Cindy Jackson also appear to be related to the Azeezes in some way.

Bahat, Ofra (for Dan Zakay) . North Hollywood, CA 91605
Dan Zakay is a professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University, and the co-author of several books on cognition, memory and consciousness. According to this webpage, his specialties are "judgment, decision making and temporal judgment," and he received his PhD in 1978.

Bahat, Ofra (for Hassia Forer) . North Hollywood, CA 91605

Bahat, Ofra (for Isaac Gedalyaho) . North Hollywood, CA 91605

Bahat, Ofra (for Jacob Ronen) . North Hollywood, CA 91605
Based on common factors amongst Ofra's other investors, Jacob Ronen is likely to be this Israeli computer programmer.

He may also be the Santa Monica developer listed in these city council minutes.

More about Ofra Behat
All three of these individuals list Ofra Bahat as the agent in whose care matters relating to this investment are to be entrusted.

Ofra Bahat is a Scientologist with an OS page which explains how she got involved in the church while living in Israel, and moved her husband and family to the United States as a result of taking the Communications Course, an entry level Scientology course.

Oddly (as staff members do not have OS pages), she is listed as a contact for the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.

Hubbard Dianetics Foundation of Celebrity Centre International
5930 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323-960-3100
Ofra Bahat
7504 Vantage Ave.
North Hollywood, CA
Phone: (818) 765-0455

Ofra was one of the top 10 Field Staff Missionaries (fulltime Scientology sales) for the American Saint Hill Organization for the last two weeks in January, 2001.

Her husband, Dali, was listed in WISE in 1993, while Ofra is on the IAS Honor Roll.

According to, her address is also used by Uri Zakay, possibly a relative of Dan Zakay, listed as one of the investors for whom Ofra is responsible.

Bailey-King, Janet . Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Bailey-King, Tim & Jan . Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Listed in WISE:

Your Travel Center
Janet Bailey
124 Placer Dr.
Goleta, CA 93117-1314
United States

Here is her pictur

Balvin, Pat & Jeanie Lan . Clearwater, FL 33765
Both Jean and Pat, who are married, are Scientologists, and Jeanie appeared on the 1999 Investor List. According to records from Scientology publications, Pat Balvin is a former staffer and Patron of the IAS, while Jeanie, also a Patron, was in charge of Criminon, one of the CoS 'community groups', and ironically, one associated with fellow Slatkin investor, Scientologist and convicted felon, Libby Weigand (see entry for David and Elizabeth Regan).

According to his OS page at, Patric was in San Diego at the time, involved in the wholesale/retail automobile business. He now appears to be in Florida, however.

Jeanie lists 2357 Stag Run as her address in Criminon's corporate filing

She is a director, as is Libby.

The address resolves to Bernardo and Jeanie Lan.

In her OS page, Jeanie says, "My whole life is Scientology."

Barona, Jose Luis Galicia . Mexico 3100
See entry for Jose Luis Galicia.

Barton, Raymond T & Pamela D Family Trust . Clearwater, FL 34616
Raymond Barton was profiled on the earlier investor list. New information:

Pam Barton is an officer of the Clearwater Community Volunteers, along with fellow Slatkin investor and star of, Bennetta Slaughter.

The address resolves to Pam and Raymond F Barton, although this could be a mistake with the phone company.

Bateson, Jean . La Canada, CA 91011
Jean Bateson Summers wanted to remove a tree from her La Canada property.

Applicant, Jean Summers, who has lived in her residence since 1979, advised that she moved to this area because of its lush vegetation. Ms. Summers stated that she appreciates trees, noting that she is a member of Descanso Gardens Guild and is a docent at Huntington Gardens. She advised that two acacia trees and a large plum tree have fallen as well as a large pine tree. A healthy deodar fell across her garage during a windstorm, striking her home and causing $57,000 of damage. Also, a retaining wall failed from ground moisture. She distributed photos of trees that fell during the night and of the tree in question and advised that the cracks in the retaining wall have noticeably widened. Met with more than one arborist regarding this situation.

The address seems to be shared with a Bob Osher, according to the same page:

Bob Osher, 1833 Earlmont, advised that the problem is that the tree continues to grow towards the house. Chairman Orr asked Mr. Osher if he would look favorably on a condition to plant a 48" box replacement tree. Mr. Osher responded that a 48" tree seemed unreasonably large.

Bob Osher is also the vice-president of Miramax Films, but it's unclear if that is the same Bob. Osher, or, indeed, if Bob Osher is somehow related to Jean Bateson. We do not know if Jean Bateson Summers is a Scientologist, although there is a Jean Summers,

Baum, Hedlund Aristei et al Baum Michael Esq, Paul Hedlund . Los Angeles, CA 90025
Baum, Michael L . Tarzana, CA 91356

Michael Baum is a former staffer with the Church of Scientology's Guardian Office (the Church's secret service operation that preceded the Office of Special Affairs) and Unindicted co-conspirator in the Snow White case which sent eleven Scientologists to prison, including L Ron Hubbard's wife.

He is currently a lawyer with WISE firm Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, Guildford and Downey, which specializes in cases related to alleged psychiatric drug abuses and airline crashes. His partner, Paul Hedlund, is also listed as an investor with Slatkin, and both men have previously invested together in another controversy-laden Scientologist-owned enterprise, Digital Lightwave.

Beam, Jack . Englewood, CO
Beam, Renee E . Cherry Hills, CO 80110

Jack lists the same address as Colorado Slatkin investor Renee Beam, and appears to be a practicing attorney who also wrote a thriller on water commodification issues for the International Joint Commission.

Jack Beam is the author of Go Blue, a fictional thriller involving proposed commodification of Great Lakes water. He is a practicing attorney specializing in medical malpractice law, and he has a keen interest in national water use issues. He spends his summers on the Eastern shores of Lake Michigan

His firm, Jack Beam & Associates, is located in Littleton, Colorado.

Here is a profile of Jack in a Michigan paper, in which he describes how he had to move to Colorado to learn to appreciate the Great Lakes:

"I deal with the issue of water with irreverent tones, but it really is a pretty damn serious issue. Water will be to the next century what oil was to this century and I couldn't have written this book while in Michigan. It took me moving to Colorado to really appreciate what Michigan had and to see the waste." The novel centers on a southwestern company's scheme to drain the Great Lakes so they can create a kind of paradise down there. "They're trying to blanket the whole southwest with green lawns and sprinklers," he said with a tone of urgency.

It hasn't all been blue skies and cool waters for Jack Beam, however. He and his co-counsel were accused of fomenting racism in a Denver murder trial. He has also apparently represented Dr. Kevorkian:

The motion alleges Fieger and local co-counsel Jack Beam tried to prejudice a jury by distorting of the facts of the case and making accusations of racism. The motion also says Fieger should never have told reporters he is seeking $250 million, 1,000 times the $250,000 maximum set by state law. Beam and Fieger - represented Dr. Jack Kevorkian and won a $25 million judgment against the "Jenny Jones Show'' earlier this year - couldn't be reached for comment.

He's also been involved in the tobacco litigation war, on the side of the angels.

He was also involved in this case, which resulted in the highest damages in Washington history.

Here is his Findlaw profile.

Beauvais Philippine . Santa Fe, NM 87501

Belden, Betsy B . San Diego, CA 92129
Betsy Belden is a Scientologist, and Patron Meritorious as well as a contributor to the Super Power Building. She is also a WISE member from Los Angeles.

Benedict, Mark W Trustee . Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Bennett, Weber . Carlstadt, NJ 7072
Bennett, Weber cust Noel David Weber . Carlstadt, NJ 07072

See entry for Bennett Weber.

Bentley Richards Manager . Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Bercovitz, Family Trust. Los Angeles, CA 90048
Bercovitz, Helen & Arnold . Los Angeles, CA 90048
Bercovitz, Nathan & Lucille (Trustees Bercovitz Family Trust) . Los Angeles, CA 90036


Berger, Bruce & Joanne . Canyon Country, CA 91351

Berman, Linda . Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706
Linda may be this clinician and expert on gambling issues:

Linda R. Berman, MSW, is an internationally recognized clinician, author and educator on compulsive gambling issues. She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs to discuss compulsive gambling and its effects on the family. Ms. Berman is the co-author of Behind the 8-Ball: A Guide for Families of Gamblers, which grew out of her work as Program Coordinator of the Addiction Center of Westchester Jewish Community Services, a non-sectarian mental health agency. She earned her masters degree from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services and is a nationally certified gambling clinician. Ms. Berman also has a private clinical practice in Ardsley, New York and New York City

She does not appear to be a Scientologist, but she is the sister of Ron Rakow.

She also wrote "Behind the 8 Ball," a book for families of gambling addicts.

Berman, Michael . Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Unknown, possibly related to Linda.

Bernstein, Armyan TTEE (Profit Sharing Plan) . Encino, CA 91436
Bernstein, Lynne and/or Armand Northbrook, IL 60062
Bernstein, Armyan (c/o Richard Rosman) . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Bernstein, Armyan . Los Angeles, CA 90067

Armyan Bernstein is a Hollywood producer whose credits include the hit film "Airforce 1," as well as "Thirteen Days," the story of the Cuban missile crisis, which was based largely on the recollections of Ken O'Donnell, the father of Scientologist - and Bernstein's partner in the production company Beacon Films - Kevin O'Donnell, also a Slatkin investor. Bernstein was a Scientologist in the past, and has a Clear number on file, but it is not clear whether he is still active within the Church.

Berry, Louise A - Trustee of Louise Berry Family Trust . Altadena, CA 91001
Louise Berry may be the co-author of this book:

Air Alert: Rescuing the Earth's Atmosphere
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Explaining the sources and consequences of pollution on our planet, a middle-reader's guide to protecting the atmosphere describes the latest scientific discoveries and lists pollution-fighting technologies.

by Christina G. Miller, Louise A. Berry (Contributor)

The two women have also collaborated on a number of other environmentally-themed books.

The address also resolves to Ross Petersen.

Berstein, Brad & Lillian . Los Angeles, CA 90039
Brad was - or possibly still is - used as a CPA for several Scientology organizations, according to the IRS 1023 filed in 1993. He is a partner at Jackson and Greenberg. He is also a former Scientology staffer, and worked at ASHO in the 1970s, where he worked on Scientology's "Defensible Records Project".

Besio, Steve . Clearwater, FL 33764
Steve and Sharon, who also goes by the name "Fifi," are, of course, Scientologists.

Steve won the International division of the Birthday Game, a competition for Scientology Field Staff Managers, or course salespersons, in March 1998. He is a Patron and former Scientology staff member, and is an OT7. Fifi is also a Patron.

Steve used to be involved with U-Man California.

On his OS page, Steve says he has been a professional Scientology counsellor for most of his adult life.

Besserman, Leanne & Linda . Glendale, NY 11788
Besserman, Ruth . Nesconset, NY 11767
Besserman, Alyse, Linda C/F. Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Besserman, Matthew, Linda C/F. Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Besserman, Steve & Linda . Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Steve and Linda Besserman were subscribers to Reed's ill-fated musical venture Sings Like Hell, according to this webpage, which pretty much explains how they met Reed.

They are also neighbours of both Reed and his investment mentor and former business partner, Robert Duggan. There is no evidence that they are Scientologists.

Ruth lives in New York with Sidney Besserman. They are likely related to Steve, Linda, Alyse and Leanna.

Betes, Elena . Clearwater, FL 33577
Betes, Gonzalo . Clearwater, FL 33755

Gonzalo is a Patron of the IAS. I believe Elena is his wife. They have a daughter named Layla. Gonzalo has an OS page.

Elena Betes is apparently involved with development projects in Clearwater:

"Item #D9 - 880, 900 and 908 North Osceola Avenue: Jacinto Castellano & Elena Betes/Jim Dan Inc. (Florida Marine & Resort Developers, Inc.) Owner/Applicant. Request flexible development approval to increase height of attached dwellings from 35 feet to 100 feet, reduce north side setback from 10 feet to 3 feet, and permit a non-residential parking lot within the MDR District, with a Comprehensive Landscape Program at J.A. Gorra's Sub, Blk 2, Lots 1-3, Sue Barco Sub, Lots 1, 13-14 & 22-23, and F.T. Blish's Sub, Lots 1-3 & 8-10 & triangle land to west. FL00-10-46..."

Betty, Charles G or Kathy T . Atlanta, GA 30327
Charles Betty was an original investor in Earthlink, according to his biography, included in Earthlink's filings with the SEC:

Mr. Betty has served as the President and as a director of the Company since January 1996, and, was named the Company's Chief Executive Officer in May 1996. From February 1994 to January 1996, Mr. Betty was a strategic planning consultant, advising, among others, Reply Corp., Perot Systems Corporation and Microdyne, Inc. From September 1989 to February 1994, Mr. Betty served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Digital Communications Associates, Inc., a publicly traded network connectivity provider.

Bishop, Richard . Anaheim Hills, CA 92801
Richard Bishop was involved in Newlink Communications, which was headed up by Samuel Licciardi, the husband of Denise Licciardi, sister to David Miscavige. The corporation is still active, but Samuel Licciardi no longer appears on the board of directors.

He is also a longtime Scientologist, and is mentioned in the SEC filing for STAR Communications, which is included under the Currier Family Trust in the 1999 Investor List as Richard A. (Allen) Bishop, although the 1993 California WISE directory lists him simply as "Rick Bishop".

He is a Patron of the IAS, and was listed in both the 1999 and 2001 WISE directories for this company:

CEO Telecom, Inc.
Rick Bishop
12440 Firestone Blvd., Ste. 300
Norwalk, CA 90650-4328
United States
(1) 562-864-6224
(1) 562-864-2890

Apparently, CEO Telecom is involved in "telephone sales".

Rick's last company (or is it the same company?) LD Services Inc., was purchased by Santa Barbara-based STAR Communications in 1997, according to this release.

The same filing includes the names of several other individuals and trusts who have invested with Slatkin:

THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED STOCK ACQUISITION AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (this "Agreement") is made and entered into as of November 30, 1997 (the "Execution Date") by and among STAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC., a Delaware corporation ("STAR"); BIG DAVE'S ACQUISITION CORP., a California corporation ("Acquisition Corp."); LCCR, INC., a California corporation formerly known as L.D. Services, Inc. ("LCCR"); and the Shareholders listed on the signature page of this Agreement, RICHARD A. BISHOP, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the Richard Allen Bishop & Teresa Anne Bishop 1996 Revocable Trust; JUDITH BOLGER; ELIZABETH CURRIER, individually and in her capacity as Trustee of the Currier Family Trust; DON CURRIER; THOMAS GUY ELTRINGHAM; JOHN BRENT MCDANIEL, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the John Brent McDaniel Revocable Trust; DONNA J.S. ROBINSON; and HAROLD B. ROBINSON.

Blaut, Jay M . Clearwater, FL 33765
Jay Blaut is a former Flag staffer and OT 7, and there are other Scientologist Blauts listed, including Carol and Daniel. The address resolves to Jay and Carol Blaut.

He seems to have been involved in some sort of lawsuit against a John Love, according to this June 2001 docket for a Florida court.

Given the apparent lack of web presence, including OS pages, for either Blaut, it's not impossible that they are still on staff.

Boblin Inc Money Prchs Pnsn Plan . La Canada, CA 91011
The address given for Boblin Inc. resolves to Linda Pawlik, who is also listed on the 1999 Investor List, although not much information about her is known. She is associated with actor Robert Picardo, the holographic doctor from Star Trek, as they appear on a joint listing on the 1999 Investor List.

Bolger, David & Judith . Tujunga, CA 91042
Note Judith Bolger, also listed in the STAR Telecommunications SEC filing.

As of 1998, David Bolger was the Executive Director of H.E.L.P Int, or the Hollywood Education and Literacy Program, a Church of Scientology "community group" that operates a stone's throw from the Office of Special Affairs building on Hollywood Boulevard. He is also an OT V. It is not known what relation, if any, the Bolgers have to Ellie Bolger, a long time Scientologist and staff member who was involved with the Church's finance division for many years.

David and Judith both attempted to infiltrate a California freezone Scientology group called CADA, according to a former member of that group.

Judith, a WISE member in her own right, seems to have been involved in a business with Donna Robinson, also a STAR Telecommunications shareholder. This really does demand investigation.

The incredibly helpful David gives an excellent snapshot of his family in his OS page:

Hello, my name is David Bolger, and here is a little bit about myself.

Hi there. My name is David Bolger. I work for the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project in downtown Hollywood. I have a wife and two boys and though we are a very tight family, we are all pretty much into our own things too. My wife, Judith is a wonderful photographer, as well as quite an artist when it comes to making quilts, sweaters or afgans. Matt is 15 and very much into sports and skateboarding as well as music. Zach, who is twelve, is a natural-born actor and keeps us all laughing with his new comedy bits. Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, for me, is what I love to do. H.E.L.P. is a community outreach, non-profit, tutor/mentoring facility, delivering literacy to all who need it. My job is to open new projects all around the world. This is especially rewarding for me as I had a hard time in school myself and know the value of having the tools made available to get a good education. Feel free to drop me a line some time. I could talk about H.E.L.P. for hours.

Bonati, Richard Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Richard Bonati is a computer consultant in Santa Barbara.

Boomtown Investments c/o Richard Rosman . Encino, CA 91436
Richard Rosman is a Beverly Hills attorney whose clients included the late Ella Fitzgerald. His wife, Fran Morris Rosman, runs the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation.

Rosman is also involved with Armyan Bernstein's production company "Beacon Films", as well as other businesses.

Borom, Lindeman Borom . Tujunga, CA 91042
Borom, Charles & Lanna . Tujunga, CA 91042

"Chuck" Borom, owner of this OS page, is mentioned several times on TNX in relation to his company, Impact International.

"Good morning TNXers -- Impact International (Wholesale Art & Mirror Company) has another opening -- we need a person with cabinet making skills to help in the wood working department.
Give Chuck Borom a call ... if you or someone you know fits the bill.
Thanks! "

Impact is listed in the WISE 1999 directory:

Impact International
Charles Borom
3055 Humbolt St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031-1830
United States

Brady, Anne Leighton . Sedona, AZ 91203
There is one reference to a Leighton in the FACTNET suicide files:

1978 Brown, Leila Laten suicide Leila Laten Brown, or Lila Leighton, (26 years old at the time) jumped from an apartment building several blocks from the San Francisco Scientology Organization. She had been receiving ervices there. Before commiting suicide, she went to the home of another Scientologist (FACT's source doesn't know the name). Her boyfriend at the time was a Doug Arth, who was also a Scientologist.

Anne may be a Scientologist; there is record of an Anne Gorden Brady taking L courses. She may also be related to Gerald T. Brady, also a Scientologist and an investor with Reed Slatkin.

Brady, Gerald T . Tujunga, CA 91042
Dr. Jerry Brady is a Scientologist and Chiropractor, and has an OS page.

His wife Kathryn also has an OS page.

He is also listed in the Theta Directory and the Who, What, Where Directory. Here is his entry from the 1999 WISE directory:

Family Life Chiropractic
Jerry Brady
7632 McGroardy St.
Sunland, CA 91041
United States
(1) 818-249-2300

Here is a picture of Kathryn and Jerry Brady.

Brand, Stewart & Ryan Phelan . San Francisco, CA 94129
That address is also given as the point of contact for the animal rights group "All Species", which is advocating a complete inventory of all life on earth.

Both Stewart and Ryan (not Tyan, and oddly, she's actually female despite her name) are involved with the organization, and the page includes biographies:

Stewart Brand is a co-founder and managing director of Global Business Network, founded and runs the GBN Book Club, and is the president of The Long Now Foundation. Brand is well known for founding, editing and publishing the Whole Earth Catalog (1968-85), which received a National Book Award for the 1972 issue. In 1984, he founded The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link), a computer teleconference system for the San Francisco Bay Area. It now has 11,000 active users worldwide and is considered a bellwether of the genre.
Brand is the author of many pioneering books including The Clock Of The Long Now in 1999, How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They're Built in 1994, The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT in 1987, and "Two Cybernetic Frontiers" on Gregory Bateson and cutting-edge computer science in 1974. It had the first use of the term "personal computer" in print and was the first book to report on computer hackers.

Ryan Phelan is an entrepreneur who has been influential in changing health care for the past twenty years. She has worked directly with patients, health care professionals, and health care plans to empower the role of consumers. She is the recent founder of Medical Advanced Research Applications (MARA) an incubator focused on health care innovation, In 1995, Ms. Phelan founded Direct Medical Knowledge (DMK), an extensive consumer health web site highly regarded for its depth and personalization features. DMK developed proprietary software that enabled users to drill down through the medical literature and retrieve just the relevant and pertinent materials. As President and CEO of DMK, Ms. Phelan forged alliances with prestigious health plans to provide DMK's services to their members. At the beginning of 1999, Direct Medical Knowledge was acquired by WebMD, a leader in the Internet health information industry, to be the backbone of Healtheon/WebMD's consumer health site,

Brasel, John . Harrison, NJ 07029

John Brasel is a Patron of the IAS as well as an active WISE member, according to this entry from the 1999 directory:

Exectech Consulting, Inc
John Brasel
201 Passaic Ave., Ste. 107
Harrison, NJ 07029-1396
United States
(1) 973-268-2200

There is also a fairly high-profile Clearwater Scientologist named Jean Brasel, but their relationship, if any, is unknown

Brener, Leon . Cannes, France 06400

Brenner, Barry M & Jane P Brenner . Weston, MA 02193
There is a Barry M. Brenner who is a doctor specializing in renal and kidney medicine, and has written several books on these and other medical issues.

According to this description, he is likely to be our Barry:

Barry M. Brenner, MD
Samuel A. Levine Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Director, Renal Division
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

Brewer, Marta . Woodland Hills, CA 91364
There are several Scientologist Brewers, including the late Ed Brewer, Jim Brewer and Cathy Brewer. No Marta, however, and the address doesn't resolve.

Brickowski, Frank . Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Yager, Robert A (for Frank Brikowski) . San Jose, CA 95124

The given address corresponds to this company, which seems to have nothing to do with Brikowski or Yager, and I wasn't able to find anything else out about either gentleman.

Sunstone Consulting:
San Jose Office
4820 Harwood Road #100
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 453-4531 phone
(408) 453-4524 fax

A note - on this list, Frank's name is now spelled correctly for him to potentially be the former NBA player turned referee, who raised eyebrows with his war against Chicago wunderkind Dennis Rodman after he called him an "actor" as opposed to a player.

Brumley Family Partnership . Santa Fe, NM 87504
The post office box in question is registered to this Santa Fe Buddhist group:

Buddhist Center - Santa Fe
PO Box 2959 Santa Fe, MN 87504
Tel: (505) 982-9590, Fax: 982-0165
Head: Lama Ole Nydahl
Tradiition: Tibetan, Karma Kagyu
Affiliation: Diamond Way Buddhism
Web site:
Contact: Paula Brumley
Center for Mindful Living

You can order meditation booklets c/o Paula's Buddhist centre.

There are no indications that Paula is a Scientologist, but given the discouragement from 'mixing practices', it would seem likely that she is not. Possibly coincidentally, Jean Janu, Reed's bookkeeper and a Santa Fe resident, is also a Buddhist.

Brutico, Angelo A & Susan Jr . Paoli, PA 19301

Bryan, Claudia Jemal & Ed . Clearwater, FL 33767
Claudia and Ed are both Scientologists and were profiled on the earlier Investor List.

Edward P. Bryan is listed at this address. Claudia is a $100K donor to the IAS and has taken some OT levels, she is also a published poet. Oddly, Edward Bryan's WISE business, Bryan Exhaust, operates out of Burbank, California, so this may be a bi-coastal couple.

Ed and Keith Bryan operate the following business:

Changed 04/19/1999
Name & Address
Name Changed: 05/15/2001
Address Changed: 05/15/2001
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

Claudia, meanwhile, has several poems on this website, including a paean to her husband, Ed.

Interestingly, her site is hosted by Karl Loren, apparently not a Scientologist (correction.. seems Karl, or 'Loren C. Troescher', is a Scientologist.. see this post for details) but nonetheless a rabid advocate of alternate medical procedures (including his own 'diet plan') and supporter of controversial alternate cancer treatment promoter Jimmy Keller, whose therapies elicited support from other Scientologists, as well as Scientologist and Slatkin investor Alice Juneau.

Bulger, Hamish & Sheila . East Sussex RH18 5AA, England
Bulger, Sheila . W Sussex England

According to Birthday Game stats for 1997, Sheila Bulger was the number one Flag FSM in the UK. She is also a Cornerstone Club member, and her husband, Hamish, runs a WISE decorating company in London.

Burbank Foot Care Center Inc . Burbank, CA 91505
The Burbank Foot Care Center is a DBA for Burbank Foot Care Centre, a Podiatry Group, run by Stuart Steinberg.

From corporate records:

Number: C1158813 Date Filed: 9/29/1982 Status: active
Jurisdiction: California
Mailing Address
Agent for Service of Process

See also entry for Stuart Steinberg.

Burghorn, Jason B Trust/ Arnell I Burghorn Trustee . Largo, FL 34644
Burghorn, Jim . Largo, FL 34644
Burghorn, Jim or Arnell Custodians . Largo, FL 33774

Jim Burghorn is the author of "Hats and Stats: The Keys to Success at Work", a Scientology guide to the workplace.

He is associated with Ingrid Gudenas, of Applied Scholastics (AKA Effective Training Solutions), who sold Scientology training to Cisco Systems (!)

His WISE company, which publishes works like "Hats and Stats", is

Common Sense Publications
Jim Burghorn
12410 Chickasaw Trail
Largo, FL 33774-2827
United States
(1) 727-593-5393
(1) 727-596-2629

Jim and Arnell are married, and Jim has a spam page, typed in by someone who didn't know how to spell Jim's name.

His mother, Florence and son Jason also have Scn spampages, but Arnell does not. According to Warrior, Jim Burghorn was formerly Sea Org Staff at the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO) in Los Angeles.

Burke, Kevin . Glendale, CA 91204
A longtime Scientologist, Kevin is a former controller at Narconon, according to Wiseman & Burke, which proudly lists itself in thetadirectory. Bruce Wiseman, Kevin's partner, also serves as the president of CCHR.

Kevin hosted this event at CC Int on Feb. 18 of this year:

"Cause over Finances: Kevin Burke, CEO Wiseman & Burke and Solo NOTs Auditor. How to Handle the MEST Universe with Gavin Potter First 30 Clears to confirm will receive a FREE Manor Hotel brunch!"

Wiseman and Burke is a WISE investment firm.

See also entry for Andrew Mikmeev.

Butalia, Jas - BDO Dunwoody LLP . Calgary, Alberta Canada
He is a Tax Specialist/Partner with BDO Dunwoody, a large accounting and consulting firm in Canada.

Butcher, Margarie . Westlaco, TX 78596
1999 List - There is also a Walter Butcher located at the same address. It's probably just a coincidence, but Walter Butcher is listed as a member of the coaching staff for the Clearwater Chargers soccer team, the under 13 boys, to be specific.

Butcher, Andrew . Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Likely to be the Andrew Butcher from Santa Barbara, who is a contributor to the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundatio, supporting performing arts in Santa Barbara. He could be the same Andrew Butcher who is trade director for BXI in the Santa Barbara area.

BXI describes itself as:

"BXI Trade Exchange is the oldest and largest business to business barter company in the country. BXI provides a stable and secure infrastructure for businesses to barter and has over 50 area offices in the U.S., the Caribbean, Australia, and Canada serving over 20,000 members."

Butcher, Feline G . Glendale, CA 91207
According to information from ex-Scientologist Tory Bezazian, Feline Butcher runs a naturopathy clinic in Glendale.

Cabral, Lee Ann . Clearwater, FL 33755
Lee Ann and Thomas Cabral are both Scientologists and former staffers, and Lee Ann is also a Patron of the IAS.

The address is interesting; the same building houses a number of WISE businesses, including Ray Cassano's vitamin business, a hairdresser and a mortgage broker. It is also the address of Mark Gould, Scientologist, OT and beneficial owner of the Internet Cable CO., according to this SEC filing.

Lee Ann has an OS page which puts her in Massachusetts.

This could be a testimonial for a school of martial arts by Thomas Cabral.

Calabrese, Gail S . Tarzana, CA 91356

Cambigue, Lorena Lee . North Hollywood, CA 91607
Cambigue, Lorena/Lee . North Hollywood, CA 91607

This address resolves to Lee Cambigue, who was profiled on the earlier investor list. According to this Babelfished Scientology webpage, he is an interior designer.

Here is a similar page in English.

Lee also turns up in Margery Wakefield's recollections of her time in Scientology:

At the time I started OT3, I was living in the suburb of Studio City, where I was having a live-in affair with an architect-Scientologist named Lee Cambigue.
He was already OT3.
On the big day, the day I was to start the level, he volunteered to come and sit in on the course with me for the first day. I was grateful, as I was really frightened of what lay ahead.

Camille Long Hill Trust . Houston, TX 77098
This is a trust belonging to the late Camille Long Hill, a dancer whose work inspired this school.

Cann Family Trust . La Canada, CA 91011
Cann Family Trust is associated with Michael S. Cann, MD., according to this list of alumni from Russell High School in Russell, Kansas.

Dr. Cann is an orthopedic surgeon:

1818 Verdugo Boulevard
La Canada Flintridge

Dr. Cann wrote a testimonial in support of the Practice Performance Group, a management consultant firm specializing in services for physicians:

He reviewed this book on Cambodia for

Canton, Patricia . Marina del Ray, CA 90292
There is a Patricia Canton who hails from Mexico and runs this Duran Duran website, but it seems doubtful that this is the Patricia in question.

There are a number of Scientologists named Canton, including Beverly and Hugo, who was the president of the Orange County CCHR. According to her OS page, Beverly works for CCHR, and has done so for twenty years.

Carberry, Christiane & Mark . Denver, CO 80227
Carberry, Mark . Denver, CO 80227

Mark is on the IAS Honour Roll, and has an OS page as does Christiane.

According to his webpage, Mark is a computer programmer, Christiane is a mother, and they hail from Colorado.

Carlton, Betty . Austin, TX 78750
Does not appear to be Scientologist. She may be the herbalife distributor:

"Reports Betty Carlton, Global Expansion Team, "I received a call from my newest Supervisor. She had just come back from a Success Training Seminar, and she said to me, `I'm going to Hawaii!"

or the Betty Carlton who appears in a "success story" on a mysterious business-opportunity site:

"I loved the people, and the flexibility of my job as administrator for a non-profit organization. But after having our baby, I chose to work from home and be my own boss. It's been great! I replaced my full-time income within two months, our family has traveled on several free vacations, and I love being at home every day with my son. It's a mother's dream! ", or another such Betty Carlton.

Carrol George W Mahwah, NJ 07430
Carrol George W Irrev Trust FOB- Robert A Kramer Jr Mahwah, NJ 07430

There was, apparently, a "wealthy Texas philanthropist" in the early 20th century named George W. Carrol, according to this Baptist webpage.

No clue if this is "our" George, but he'd be getting mighty old if it is.

Here's a more likely possibility; this George Carrol is associate director of, New Jersey's Higher Education Network , according to this page.

The address given for George Carroll resolves to Kandy L. Kramer, who is a Scientologist and former staffer. The "Kramer Family" are listed as patrons. There are many other Kramers on the Scientology member rolls, but it is not clear which are related to Robert and Kandy, or, for that matter, how Robert and Kandy are related to each other.

Kandy runs "Thetatech, Inc." which is incorporated in New York.

There is a Robert A. Kramer who is a Florida lawyer specializing in tax planning and estates, according to this page.

A more likely possibility is the Robert A. Kramer who heads up e-Finance investing at the Jeffries Group:

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2000 - Jefferies & Company, Inc., the principal operating subsidiary of Jefferies Group, Inc. (NYSE: JEF), announced today the addition of Robert A. Kramer as Managing Director of e-Finance investment banking and Craig A. Peckham as Senior Equity Research Analyst covering the banking technology industry. Both Mr. Kramer and Mr. Peckham will be based in the Firm's New York office.
Mr. Kramer joins Jefferies from Bear Stearns & Co., Inc., where he started in 1983. As a senior managing director of their investment banking technology group, Mr. Kramer focused on financial service technology companies. His experience at that firm included several key merger and acquisition assignments as well as numerous other transactions.

Castellaw, Gerald and Nancy . Northridge, CA 91326

Gerald Castellaw appears to be a podiatrist.

Chadder, John . Sussex England RH185EZ
John Chadder and his wife, Mary, are both Scientologists from the United Kingdom, and he has an OS page.

Chait, IM . Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Chait, Isadore & Mary Ann . Beverly Hills, CA 90210

IM Chait is the Asian art gallery and auction house owned and operated by Beverly Hills socialite Scientologist Isidore "Izzy" Chait.

Izzy is married to Marianne Chait and is a Patron Meritorious. He is a contributor to many church fundraising campaigns as well as some unofficial projects, such as "Nekotech", an education program aimed at developing countries which also received support from many other well-known Scientologists and Church of Scientology organizations.

Izzy also has his very own "Online Scientologist" page.

Channing. Mr William E . Santa Fe, NM 87501
Will Channing is a private art collector who runs W.E. Channing & Co., according to this webpage:

He is an independent appraiser of American and Indian art and cultural objects, and appeared on the Antiques Roadshow, where he estimated the value of a Native American costume at between $15,000 and $20,000.

He also attends numerous antique and antiquarian shows around the country. He was involved in a controversy surrounding alleged plagiarism by shoe giant Nike, who has been accused of stealing the ideas of local Santa Fe artists for a marketing campaign:

Soon after organizing, the team had approached Wings, an 11-year-old organization that sponsors running and fitness camps for Indian high school and college youth, and proposed a partnership. In a separate fundraising initiative, Santa Fe Creatives presented a benefit concert for Wings in April 1997, featuring musician Matthew Andrae. Expenses exceeded revenues and Wings only received $24. But, Wings founded Will Channing said, 'I was encouraged by their collective consciousness. And they seemed to be well-intentioned.' While it did not play a large role in the development of Santa Fe Creatives' concept, Wings did endorse their organization by introducing members of the team to a key Nike official. In May 1996, Channing set up a lunch at a restaurant in Burro Alley for Santa Fe Creatives with Chuck Robinson, a Santa Fe venture capitalist who is on the Nike board. Channing wanted Robinson's advice on approaching Nike and his impression of the Santa Fe Creatives team.

William Channing also supplied American Indian musical instruments for Paul Winter's album "Canyon".

He was a director of the Earth Circle Foundation, currently dormant, according to the NM Corporate database.

Choder, Jill . Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201
According to this page, Jill Choder is associated with Big Red Productions, a New York-based production company that focuses on social and women's issues.

One of their projects was "Women in Limbo," a television series focusing on women's lives.

She uses the same mailing address as fellow investor Michael Goldman; he could be the president of Goldman Associates, an appliance vendor, but we're not sure.

Chortkof, Wilma and/or Burton Chortkof TTEES (The 1983 Chortkoff Revocable Trust) . Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Burt Chortkoff is a Santa Barbara drycleaner whose company boasts the following website.

He also participated in Mark Warkentin's Virtual Dollars business venture, but seems to no longer have an account. (The old page is here:)

There is also a Randy Chortkoff who works in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, but not sure if he is any relation to the Santa Barbara Chortkoffs. Jody and Scott Chortkoff are listed at the same residential address as Burton and Wilma.

Christensen, Jo Anne - Christensen Family Trust . San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Jo Anne - or Joanne - Christensen is a Scientologist and major donor to the IAS; a Patron with Honours, no less.

Here is Joanne on a Scientology web page touting the wonders of auditing.

And here is her OS page.

Her husband is Jamie, and she met him when she went to the local org to find out more about Scientology.

Christie, Gillian . Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Christie, Gillian Turner . Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Gillian Christie (Cullen) is a Santa Barbara Scientologist, WISE member and IAS Patron. She runs Christie Communications, a public relations firm that specializes in "integrated marketing strategies for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and industries, ergonomics, and health related products," as found in this online directory.

She has also been the recipient of Santa Barbara Business Digests' "Best of Business" award. An article on Christie can be found here .

Ciotti, Tony (for Hemsani, Moises) . La Crescenta, CA 91224
Moises Hemsani is a Scientologist, and a Patron of the IAS from Mexico. His OS page was apparently typed by someone who doesn't know his name, and misspells it throughout..

He describes himself there as a "successful businessman."

Cline, Dorothy J . Clearwater, FL 33764
Dorothy Cline is a Scientologist, as evinced by this webpage.
A "Dora Cline" was involved with Ellenburg Capital Corp in sale of DIGL stocks: From an SEC filing:

(7) The shares sold by Ellenberg Capital Corp. are being sold for the benefit of Barry L. Hasse (93,475 shares), Thomas Enstice (12,707 shares), John Callaghan (2,667 shares), Douglas Neuman (2,834 shares), Dora Cline (333 shares), Nancy Wenzel (333 shares), Melvyn Glass (667 shares), Sharon Tabor (33 shares), Leon D. Meekcoms (1,370 shares), Gayle Ege (667 shares), Kathryn Policar (667 shares) and Anthony Woller (667 shares). Ellenburg Capital Corp. has disclaimed beneficial ownership of such shares of Common Stock.

Clouden Pat Belleair, FL 33756
Clouden Patrick J and /or Laura M Largo, FL 33773

Pat Clouden is an associate of Bennetta Slaughter, and co-registered four corporations with Slaughter and husband David, all of which use the name "Lisa MacPherson." Both Laura and Pat are active within the Clearwater Scn volunteer community as well. Pat was also in business with fellow Slatkin victim Herb Zerden in this WISE company:

Rate Reduction Center, The
Herb Zerden & Pat Clouden
21905 U.S. 19 N.
Clearwater, FL 34625
Tel. 813-797-7858
Fax 813-797-9121

Clubbe, John & Joan Heiges Blythe . Santa Fe, NM 87501
John Clubbe not a Scientologist, but hails from the University of Kentucky English department and a prominent academic in English and urban history.

He is described by the International Napoleonic Society as:

"John Clubbe teaches English at the University of Kentucky, and has published numerous articles on Byron, two shorts books, and the standard interpretive bibliographical study. He has chaired the American Byron Society since 1975 and since 1986 has served as Joint President of the International Byron Society."

Clubbe is an expert in both Byron and Napoleon, and also has done historical research into Cincinnati, which has been published as Cincinnati Observed: Architecture and History.

His wife, Joan, is also from the University of Kentucky, where she is listed as an expert on the History of English: Joan Blythe, PhD (English) 257-6972 (home 281-5181)

She is a contributer to "Beauty and the Critic: Aesthetics in an Age of Cultural Studies", and presented on Milton's theology of the sun at a Milton conference

She also sold her house in 2000: Delmar Avenue, 251, Joan Heiges Blythe to Joshua W. and Anna J. Radner, $166,000.

Joan and John now live in Santa Fe.

Coale Cooley et al PC Clearwater, FL 33767
Coale Cooley Lietz et al Coale John P Washington, DC 20006

John Coale is the husband of CNN law reporter and lawyer Greta Van Sustern. Earle Cooley is Earle Cooley, Scientologist lawyer and former member of the Boston University Board of Trustees.

Cochrane, John . Capalab Queensland Austral 4157
There is no indication that John Cochrane is a Scientologist. Could he be this Queensland farmer?

John Cochrane: There's a lot of people saying I'll be buggered, it should be going to Queensland farmers. But as far as Nolans are concerned, in fact I happen to be one of the ex-employees at Nolans as an apprentice butcher there and worked in the slaughter yards, they would put a huge amount of money into the town. And I would think there would not be one soul around that would begrudge them of their payment.

Codding, Sandra Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Sandra, or "Sandi" is a Patron of IAS, married to James, also an OT.

They were both CADA infiltrators and are Key Contributors to the SP Building.

From WISE:

Codding, Sandra
3520 Midway Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95405-5176
United States
(1) 707-578-7795
(1) 707-545-0508

Code, Keith & Judy . Glendale, CA 91206
Keith Code, a longtime Scientologist, runs a motorcycle clinic in California. He has an OS page.

He has also been profiled in the Church's publicity tome "What is Scientology".

Keith Code is also associated with Scientologist chiropractor Dr. Harry Wong. His company is a member of WISE, according to the 1997 list:

California Superbike School

Keith Code
255 Harlow Dr.
Glendale, CA 91206
Tel. 818-246-0717
Fax 818-246-3307
According to this story, Judy helps out with the bike school.

Coelho, Susie - Rounds Gen Pts . Glendale, CA 91207
Susie Coelho Rounds is a Patron of the IAS, and has taken OT levels and the L rundown.

She is a "lifestylist", according to her webpage, and hosts the Home and Garden Television program "Surprise Gardener". According to "About Susie", she has been a model, actress, television host and tireless self promoter for many years. Her husband is Bobby Rounds, and her executive assistant is Kathy. She was previously married to Sonny Bono.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this Glendale real estate page, you can see the house on Rossmayne, which recently sold for just over half a million dollars.

Robert "Bobby" Rounds runs this WISE company, which appeared in the 1999 directory:

Rounds Capital Management
Robert Rounds
970 Calle Bella
Glendale, CA 91208-3011
United States
(1) 818-637-7807
(1) 818-637-7808

Cohen, Joseph & Ronnie . Santa Fe, NM 87505
Ronnie Cohen may be with Human Resources at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, according to this webpag.

He also seems to have been on the food committee for a barbecue in support of a local Santa Fe school.

Cole Family Trust . Los Angeles, CA 90041
Cole, R Rosser . Los Angeles, CA 90041
Cole, Rosser . Glendale, CA 91206

Rosser Cole is a lawyer, and appears on the WISE list for 1997 and 1999.

Cole, Rosser
200 N. Maryland Ave., Ste. 302
Glendale, CA 91206
Tel. 818-500-9418
Fax 818-500-0129

He has an Online Scientologist page.

His wife is Lucy Cole, and she is the executive director of Criminon West US.

Rosser is also listed in the Theta Directory and Who, What, Where.

Collbran, Steven K . Palm Harbor, FL 34683
"The Collbran Family" is listed on the 2001 Patron List.

Steve has an OS page in which he describes himself as a computer programmer. He is in Florida, and has published information on COBOL programming.

Christine Collbran was the vice president of the True School in Clearwater, which denied being a Scientology front, yet is licensed by Applied Scholastics, and uses Hubbard tech in its curriculum.
"True School" has since changed its name, and now operates as the Delphi Academy of Florida.

Collier, Sandra Murray . Buelton, CA 93427

Sandra Collier or "Sandy", is listed as a Scientologist taking the Ls (a high-priced, high level Scientology course) in Source #86

Coon, Cathy E & Theodore M . Marina del Ray, CA 90202
Ted Coon has been quoted in the press, and 'remembers … Slatkin as "very mild mannered and unboastful."'He was also involved with Scientology in the past, although it's not clear if he is still a member. He does have a Clear number, according to old records.

Cooper, Dr Helaine . Malibu, CA 90265
Cooper, Dr Helaine A . Los Angeles, CA 90068

No idea who Helaine is, but fellow Slatkin investor Arlo Gordin has an office next door:

Arlo Gordin, D.C.
Gordin Center/Universal City Medical Group
3535 Cahuenga Blvd West Suite 206
Los Angeles, CA 90068 USA
Phone: (323) 436-0303
Fax: (323) 436-0306

The website, oddly, has been superseded by a possibly Scientologist owned insurance company called Dynamic Benefit Solutions, which claims to have outlets in four states, but seems to be headquartered in New Jersey.

Corda, Michael & Helen . Las Vegas, NV 89109
Corda, Michael & Helen

Michael Corda would seem to be this Las Vegas musician (mid-70s) with former singer wife:

"It's a very cool place, this Vegas past, and it's no wonder it is haunted by so many colorful ghosts. I've been thinking about that place after talking to Michael Corda, the musical composer and longtime Las Vegas resident. Corda was Mickey Rooney's arranger, and his songs have been recorded by talent as formidable as jazz great Joe Williams, Sammy Davis Jr. and Nancy Wilson."

He has no immediately apparent connection to Scientology.

Coyle, Karen . San Jose, CA 95118
Karen and Brian Coyle are Scientologists and IAS Patrons from San Jose. They are also supporters of the Super Power Building. Brian, a doctor, heads up the Advanced Medical Center, which is a WISE company.

Crosser, Blue . Ventura, CA 93003
This address resolves in Infospace to Jim Crosser. Jim Crosser is listed on the Member Roster at, which almost certainly means he is a Scientologist.

It is possible that Jim used to live in Seattle, and bought and sold a motorcycle through this bike web forum.

Culloden, Charles A & Sally B . Glendale, CA 91201
Both Sally and Charles are active Scientologists, and have Online Scn pages. According to Charles' page, he has been a mortgage banker for sixteen years. He continues:

"I use to be a member of the "Chicago Board of Trade." I got my membership when I was 22 years old, I was at the time the youngest member of this exchange, which is the largest grain exchange in the world. I traded commodities and did quite well. I even got myself on the front cover of Business Week.
I then found out about Scientology and moved to California. I didn't work for over 10 years as I spent that time in studying Scientology. I then met the girl I am now married to and I went back to work in the mortgage industry.
At the last nationwide direct lender I was with, I was the number one retail agent for them in the nation and now I am with a mortgage banking group and I am enjoying it and doing well.
I completely attribute my success in life and business to what I have learned in Scientology. "

Charles also spent several years in the Sea Org.

Sally's page is here.

Cunningham, Sherri L . Clearwater, FL 33755
Sherri is a Scientologist in Florida, and is also a member of the IAS.

Currier Family Trust . Elkins, NH 03233

The Currier Family Trust appears in this SEC filing related to an unrelated acquisition:

THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED STOCK ACQUISITION AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (this "Agreement") is made and entered into as of November 30, 1997 (the "Execution Date") by and among STAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC., a Delaware corporation ("STAR"); BIG DAVE'S ACQUISITION CORP., a California corporation ("Acquisition Corp."); LCCR, INC., a California corporation formerly known as L.D. Services, Inc. ("LCCR"); and the Shareholders listed on the signature page of this Agreement, RICHARD A. BISHOP, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the Richard Allen Bishop & Teresa Anne Bishop 1996 Revocable Trust; JUDITH BOLGER; ELIZABETH CURRIER, individually and in her capacity as Trustee of the Currier Family Trust; DON CURRIER; THOMAS GUY ELTRINGHAM; JOHN BRENT MCDANIEL, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the John Brent McDaniel Revocable Trust; DONNA J.S. ROBINSON; and HAROLD B. ROBINSON.

Don and Elizabeth Currier are both Patrons of the IAS and Cornerstone Club Super Power Building supporters. Elizabeth Currier is also a member of WISE, and "The Currier Family" are Patrons with Honours.

Don has an OS page.

Eliabeth's page is here.

Curry, Michael . Clearwater, FL 34615
According to this online advertisement in the Scientology publication Freedom, the address is that of a local Church of Scientology:

For a free copy of this booklet, please write to the
Church of Scientology,
503 Cleveland Street,
Clearwater, FL 33755

Oddly, the ZIP code is distinctly different.

However, according to this page, the building in question is definitely owned by the Church of Scientology, specifically the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization:

Owner: CoSFSO
Address: 503 Cleveland St.

This page gives a picture of the building in question, and reveals that it is, in fact, the Coachman huilding.

Why Michael Curry, late of Pasadena, is using the Church of Scientology's address for his correspondence on Reed-related matters is a mystery.

Curry, Michael T and/or Michael L Curry . Pasadena, CA 91106
Michael T. Curry is on the 2001 Patron List, as are Michael and Jaye Curry. Michael is listed as a $100 K donor to the International Association of Scientologists in IAS issue 86, according to records. Michael Curry is also on the Member Roster of (, the successor to the Scientologist-only mailing list TNX.

There is also a Curry Insurance Agency in Pasadena, California on the 1997 WISE list.

Curry Insurance Agency
Michael Curry
489 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
Tel. 818-449-3870
Fax 818-449-5268

Curtis, David E . Torrance, CA 90501
Curtis, David . Torrance, CA 90502
Curtis, David . Torrance, CA 90501

David Curtis is listed in the 1999 WISE directory, albeit under a different address:

Effective Graphics Inc.
David Curtis
1821 Kona Drive
Compton, CA 90220-5481
United States
(1) 310-604-0952
(1) 310-637-2170

Here is David's neighbour, a painter.

Coincidentally, on his company's corporate registration filing, the registered agent is Roger Sanders, who is also a Scientologist, attorney and fellow Slatkin investor.

Curtis, Dan MD Inc Retirement Plan . Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Curtis, Danuta Jackson Retire Plan . Palm Harbor, FL 34683
Curtis, Dr & Dr Danny Lee . Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Floridian Dan Curtis is listed as an Honour Roll Member of IAS, and according to his OS Page, both he and his wife, Danuta, are doctors. Here is an entry from the Florida Corporate Records for Dan and Danuta Curtis, Inc.


Dan runs the Better Health Medical Clinic in Palm Harbor, with partner Dr. Bruce Harris, of Clearwater. Danuta is the former wife of Scientologist CPA James J. "Jim" Jackson, the co-founder -- although no longer co-owner -- of WISE accounting firm Greenberg and Jackson.

Dallaserra Laurence . W Sussex, England
Laurence Dallaserra is a British Scientologist, and a Patron with Honors of the IAS.

D'Amour, Michael & Atsuko . Los Altos Hills, CA 94024

Michael R. D'Amour is a Patron of the IAS. He and Atsuko are also key contributors to the SP Building. He is currently the president of Veridicom, a high tech venture firm specializing in electronic fingerprints and other security mechanisms.

Interestingly, he also worked at Fortress Technologies, a Scientologist-owned company operating out of Clearwater.

He was also have been involved in this settlement, which involved a class action suit against Quickturn Design Systems.

He and his wife endorsed Emily Cheng in her campaign for a seat on the City Council of Los Altos Hills.

According to this alumni report from Stanford, Atsuko was the executive vice-president of D'Amour and Associates, and managed the company's finances.

Atsuko D'Amour is now EVP of D'Amour & Assocs. and works out of her home in Los Altos Hills. Atsuko does finance and investment management for the firm, which specializes in alternative energy.

Daniel, Deborah . Anaheim Hills, CA 92807


Daniel, Robert F TTEE . Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Danto, Ethel & Barbara . Santa Monica, CA 90403

If this is Ethel R. Danto, she is a philanthropist and supporter of several Jewish charities, including Temple Israel, which is also supported by Slatkin investor Irving A. Rubin.


To provide annual support for the Hodari Family Children's Library and Media Center to purchase software, videos, books and other materials. Excess contributions will provide for an award to an exemplary teacher in one of Temple's educational programs.

Darfus, Dawn &/or George K Darfus . Los Angeles, CA 90035
According to this webpage, George Darfus is a graduate of the US Naval Academy class of 1950.

He attended this navy event.

Davis, Scott O & Lesbeth A - Trustees . Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Scott O. Davis appears to be the former Chief Financial Officer of Broadcom Corporation, previously known as Amerigon Inc., and has filed suit against his former employer, alleging all sorts of very nasty things:

In March 1998 Scott O. Davis, the Company's former Chief Financial Officer, filed a complaint in California Superior Court against the Company and its Chief Executive Officer, Henry T. Nicholas III, alleging claims for fraud and deceit, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, constructive fraud, conversion, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and declaratory relief. The claims related to Mr. Davis' alleged ownership of 26,000 shares of Series D preferred stock originally purchased by Mr. Davis in March 1996 (which shares would have converted into 312,000 shares of Class B common stock upon consummation of the Offering).

The purchase agreement between the Company and Mr. Davis contained a provision permitting the Company to repurchase the shares in the event that Mr. Davis did not continue to be employed by the Company for a certain period of time. After Mr. Davis resigned in June 1997, the Company exercised its repurchase right. Mr. Davis' complaint alleged that the repurchase right should not be enforceable under several legal theories and sought unspecified damages and declaratory relief. The Company asserted certain counterclaims against Mr. Davis. In March 1999 the parties entered into a settlement agreement and agreed to dismiss with prejudice all of the claims and counterclaims in the case. The settlement was approved by the Court in April 1999. The terms of the settlement are confidential but the Company believes that they do not have a material effect on its business, results of operations, financial condition or equity.

Dayton, Sky and/or Arwn . Los Angeles, CA 90067

Sky Dayton, a longtime Scientologist and I-business visionary, is the founder of Earthlink. A graduate of the Church of Scientology's Delphi Academy, here is his bio from the Earthlink corporate website.

In 1993, Sky heard about the Internet and decided to get connected. After spending 80 frustrating hours attempting to configure his computer for Internet access, he concluded there must be a better way -- EarthLink was born. Sky's vision was that the Internet would be the next mass medium, and EarthLink was how the masses would get to it. In June of 1999, Sky joined with former Disney Internet chief Jake Winebaum to found eCompanies, an Internet incubator and venture fund backed by EarthLink, Disney, George Soros, KKR, CS First Boston and Goldman Sachs, among others. eCompanies aims to create world-class Internet companies.
A die-hard snowboarder, Sky is a trustee of the US Ski and Snowboard team. When not working or snowboarding, Sky spends his time surfing the waves of Malibu, California, where he lives with his wife, Arwen, their Weimaraner, Birk, and an ever-expanding number of household computers connected to EarthLink.

de Geamont, Patricia and Guy . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
de Gramont, Guy A & Patricia S . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
de Gramont, Guy & Patricia . Santa Barbara, CAA 93110

Apparently not Scientologists, Guy is a descendant of the Rothschilds, and apparently is actually a Count: Guy de Gramont (*1947), m.1982 Patricia Clark (*1954)

He has a website and seems to be interested in aircraft.

Except for her maiden name and date of birth, nothing found on Patricia.

de Winter, Jo . Los Angeles, CA 90036
Jo de Winter is an actress with credits and bio available from the Internet Movie Database.

Ms. de Winter has not been overly active of late, nor has her career been marked by any number of outstanding roles. However, she did appear in "Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo" with fellow Slatkin investor Susie Coelho.

There seems to be no evidence she is a Scientologist

Decuypere Dr Jeanne Clearwater, FL 34617

Jeanne Decuypere, a Scientologist, was also Lisa McPherson's chiropractor. She had a deposition where she testified to the numerous supplements she sold to Lisa, as well as refusing to give answers about her own Scientology involvement.
She states that Bennetta Slaughter recommended her to Lisa, claims that Lisa divulged suicidal feelings to her, and says she recommended Lisa receive some food while she was dying in the Fort Harrison.

She is also a WISE member and Patron of the IAS.

Del Bianco, Denise . Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Denise Del Bianco is a member of the Guild of Italian American Actresses
She is also the longtime companion of Reed's associate Ron Rakow, and, with Rakow, is involved in a lawsuit over the ownership of a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

"In a lawsuit filed Friday, Mark Zaplin of Zaplin-Lambert Gallery asks a judge to determine the rights and interests of himself, the Gerald Peters Gallery and Ron Rakow and Denise DelBianco of Santa Barbara, Calif., in the ownership of an O'Keeffe painting, Early Spring Tree."

DeSalvo, Anne . Los Angeles, CA 90068
Anne DeSalvo is an actress, and does not appear to be a Scientologist.

Dillard, Mary B (Polly) . Glendale, CA 91201

UNKNOWN, possibly related to the other Dillards. According to our source, the Dillards -- Ty, Ann and Eugenia (Jeanie) are all brothers and sisters, and come from a wealthy family on the East coast.

Dirmann, Jack and Irene . Clearwater, FL 33767
Irene and Jack are Key Contributors to Super Power Building and on the 2001 Patron List.

They are also former staffers according to this account by Warrior:

"It was just prior to this time that Irene was transferred from her post of Commanding Officer ASHO Day, to the Office of Evaluation and Execution (at Flag). And Jack Dirmann, who had been the Hubbard Communications Office Area Secretary (HCO Area Sec, or HAS) ASHODay was ordered onto the mission as the Mission Second with Wayne Marple."

Jack was involved the Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education, a Scn front which attempted to legitimize the detox treatment, as well as something called "HealthMeal".

According to state corporate records, the foundation also holds stock in HealthMeal. Moreover, the foundation' s vice president, Scientologist Jack Dirmann, has served as HeaithMed's administrator.

In 1986, four doctors with the California Department of Health Services accused HealthMeal of making "false medical claims" and of "taking advantage of the fears of workers and the public and about toxic chemicals and their potential health effects, including cancer." The doctors also criticized the foundation for supporting "scientifically questionable" research."

More on Irene, from Warrior:

"Irene Dunleavy/Howey/Dirmann - former LRH Comm Saint Hill, CO ASHO D, Office of Eval & Execution Flag, etc. (many posts)"

Here is Jack's Online Scientologist page.

This page has more information about Jack Dirmann, including his involvement with Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education, a front group originally formed to validate L. Ron Hubbard's medical theories on purification. It also includes rumours about his involvement with Reed Slatkin in the weeks immediately preceding his move to file for bankruptcy.

Dirmann, Margaret J . Sarasota, FL 34232
Dirmann, James . Sarasota, FL 34236
Dirmann, Madeline . Sarasota, FL 34236

James is most likely Jack's son, and Margaret his wife. Madeline is James and Margaret's daughter, and Jack and Irene's grand daughter. James is a lawyer in Florida.

Djiji, Gigi & Pauline . Van Nuys, CA 91411
According to further research, it appears that Gigi Djiji runs a construction company in the Los Angeles area, but no other information about either Gigi or his wife, Polly, is available.

Dockery, Forrest & Jane . Simi Valley, CA 93065

Both Dockerys are Scientologists, and Forrest has an OS page, where he describes himself as follows:

"Hello, my name is Forrest Dockery, and here is a little bit about myself: I'm a small business owner. I manufacture and sell specialty tools and fasteners which I'ved developed. I'm happily married with a 15 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. We moved into a large new house at the beginning of the year. My family and I volunteer our time at the Dianetic center near us. I got into Scientology in 1975 in Mineapolis, MN."

Jane also has a page, where she writes:

"Hello, my name is Jane Dockery, and here is a little bit about myself:
My husband and I have a very successful marriage and business together because we've applied Scientology technology to those areas from the beginning. At home, we have 2 beautiful, happy children that have been doing Scientology courses since they could read. When I'm not working with my husband or taking care of my children, I volunteer at my local Scientology Church and take enormous pleasure in seeing others realize their full potential as well."

Amy Dockery, the 12-year-old daughter, also has a Scnpage.

Dorsett, Ken & Ellen . Clearwater, FL 33755
Dorsett, Ken & Ellen . Sunland, CA 91040

Dorsett, Ellen . Los Angeles, CA 90065
Ellen is married to Scientologist Ken Dorsett. She works in the clinic owned by Scientologist and Slatkin investor Arlo Gordin. .

Kendall Dorsett is an OT VIII and CI VIII, and has an OS page.

He is also a partner in Fink and Dorsett, a WISE accounting firm:

Fink & Dorsett
Roland Fink
1201 N. Pacific Ave., Ste. 104
Glendale, CA 91202-3823
United States
(1) 818-549-9606

Ken Dorsett was also involved with ATEG, a company with which several Scientologists have been - and in some cases, still are - associated, and is currently the subject of an SEC complaint that claims that members of the Church of Scientology, and the Church itself, have been manipulating the stock.

This was posted on the Operation Clambake message board in 1998:

"In volume 3, issue 1 (5/4/98) of ARS Week in Review, a question was posed: "Is the American Technologies Group a Scientology-run company?" I do not know if ATG is a scientology-run company, but I do know that a number of scientologists work there. Ken Dorsett and Jim Nicastro are two. I also know that in its early days ATG sold stock of a different company (SOL-3) to people buying ATG stock and never replaced the SOL-3 stock with ATG stock. I have reason to believe that insider information took place, so some scientologist owners of ATG stock were able to buy and sell at favorable terms while other people, that weren't scientologists, that never received the legitimate stock certs were jerked around until the price of ATG stock fell quite a bit and lost out on making money they should have legitimately been able to make. ATG is not a reputable company to deal with. Harold Rapp may talk tough, but will he talk so tough when a number of "dissatisfied" customers turn their SOL-3 certs over to the SEC and file formal complaints?"

Kendall and partner Roland Fink were involved with a Colorado company called Osteo.

Last October, they both resigned from its Board of Directors.

Doughty, Michael E and Sarah E . Studio City, CA 91604
Mike is a Scientologist, and has an OS page.

Mike is in the WISE 2000 Directory:

Champ Frame Straightening
Mike Doughty
11178 Penrose St, Ste. 1
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Tel. 818-768-9800
Fax 818-768-4942

Mike was sued by Tools USA for unfair competition.

He has a webpage for his business.

Downey, Lisa . Palmdale, CA 93550
Downey, Lisa TTEE . Sunland, CA 91040

Lisa Downey was a participant on TNX, and may be related to the late Bill Downey, who was a partner at Baum Hedlund Aristei Guilford Downey until his death in 1999.

Doyle Kathleen . Los Angeles, CA 90048
Doyle, Kathleen . West Hollywood, CA 90048

Kathleen "Kathy" Doyle is an "international fashion model" who has an OS page.
She has also been on the silver screen, as immortalized on this webpage.

Dubow, Alexander Anne C Dillard and . Glendale, CA 91201
Both Annie Dillard and the Dillard-Dubows are listed as members of IAS, with the latter being on the Honour Roll. Ty Dillard is also an active Scientologist, and Tina and Vicky Dillard also have OS pages.

Annie Dillard has an OS page.

Dumas, Felicia TTEE (c/o Elisa Southard) . Benicia, CA 94510
There are numerous Dumas throughout Scientology, including Christiane, who was the Flag Banking Officer with New Era Publications, Charlene, who has an OS page, Georgette, a Patron of the IAS and Eric, who has taken the L courses, but no trace of Felicia. The Southards are also Slatkin investors.

Dupont, Victoria . Teton Village, WY 83025
Victoria Dupont apparently lives in Teton Village, according to Google, which has a phone number for her there.

She is a chairperson for the 2001 Auction on behalf of the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance.

She is also a member of the Wally Wiseguy Program, which teaches children how to be safe in case of a chemical emergency.

There is no indication that she is a Scientologist.

Dyas, Jerry and Mary . Belleair Beach, FL 34634

Jerry and Mary are both Scientologists, and Patrons of the IAS. Jerry is COO of smartcertify, which wishes to do automatic certification online, perhaps utilizing study tech.
smartcertify promotes eLearning and has had some success in reaching out to large corporations. SmartCertify is owned by a non-Scn company, but it has some scn-oriented methods and products in its teaching, remaining from its days as outright Scn-owned company ForeFront. The merger, however, was controversial.

Co-founder of David Singer Enterprises, a scn chiropractic recruitment, mgmt tech, and FSMing company:
"I founded PDT in 1990 with the top executives of the newly formed company, David Singer Enterprises, Inc {}. (Dr. David Singer, Dr. Harry Schick, Mr. Jerry Dyas and Mr. Ron Litchfield) "

Dynotech Ltd . Clearwater, FL 33755
That address resolves to Steven Perry and Vincent Arruda.

There is a Steve Perry who is a Patron of the IAS and former staffer, as well as a Cornerstone Club member; unfortunately, according to his OS page, he also lives in Washington. Not sure if he's the right Steve Perry, or if Infospace is out of date, and no hits on Dynotech in the Florida corporate database.

However, here is a hit for 'our' Steve Perry, as head of 21st Century Publishing:
Florida Profit
Changed 04/24/2001
PO BOX 1314
Changed 04/24/2001

There are a few possibilities for 21st Century Publishing, including this gaming company, which is headquartered in Washington (which would make sense if Steve Perry has moved to Clearwater).

Steve Perry is also listed as an individual investor.

Eckelberry, Alexander TTEE . Island Estates, FL 33767
Alexander Eckelberry is the Managing Partner of Greyhound Partners, which is related to Bulldog Capital.

This story mentions Feshbach brothers and Bulldog Capital, a WISE company. Alexander is the brother of Riggs Eckelberry, a longtime Scientologist, and their mother is a Sea Org member stationed at Flag in Clearwater.

Bulldog Capital is also mentioned by Reed in his testimony before the SEC in January 2000 as one of the investment managers to whom he will be transferring accounts.

Eickhoff, William . Kinnelon, NJ 07405
Eickhoff, Dr William T & RoseMarie . Kinnelon, NJ 07405
Dr. Eickhoff , who was mentioned in the 1999 Investor List, is a Scientologist and chiropractor with a WISE member practice in Clifton, New Jersey, according to this local business directory:

Eickhoff Chiropractic
William T Eickhoff, D.C.
1011 Clifton Ave.
Clifton NJ 07013-3518
(973)470-0687 Fax: (973)470-0862
Safe, low force treatment for the relief of pain and restoration of health
Serving our community since 1976.

William Eickhoff donated to the Planetary Dissemination Campaign, and both he and Rose Marie are Patrons of the IAS.

Their home address also resolves to these two individuals: Martin and Justin Feinberg.

Eltringham, Thomas . Tujunga, CA 91042-1903
There are several Eltringhams in Scientology, including Lydia and Guy, who is likely the benefactor of the Eltringham Trust detailed in the investor list. Hana Eltringham Whitfield, a prominent ex-member and critic of Scientology, is also related to this family. Lydia and Guy both have OS pages:

The Eltringham Trust is also mentioned in this SEC filing related to a shareholder transaction with regard to STAR Telecommunications:

THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED STOCK ACQUISITION AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (this "Agreement") is made and entered into as of November 30, 1997 (the "Execution Date") by and among STAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC., a Delaware corporation ("STAR"); BIG DAVE'S ACQUISITION CORP., a California corporation ("Acquisition Corp."); LCCR, INC., a California corporation formerly known as L.D. Services, Inc. ("LCCR"); and the Shareholders listed on the signature page of this Agreement, RICHARD A. BISHOP, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the Richard Allen Bishop & Teresa Anne Bishop 1996 Revocable Trust; JUDITH BOLGER; ELIZABETH CURRIER, individually and in her capacity as Trustee of the Currier Family Trust; DON CURRIER; THOMAS GUY ELTRINGHAM; JOHN BRENT MCDANIEL, individually and in his capacity as Trustee of the John Brent McDaniel Revocable Trust; DONNA J.S. ROBINSON; and HAROLD B. ROBINSON.

Emery, Pat . Los Angeles, CA 90026
There is a Pat Emery who is on the 2001 Patron List of the IAS, as well as Randy Emery, who was on staff at Sterling Management and apparently died of a brain tumour, according to the FACTnet archives.

Engel, Robert A and Marjorie . Santa Fe, NM 87504
Here is one possible Robert Engel:

… Mr. Engel is Past Chairman of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Jewish Committee, presently serves as a member of the Allegheny County Board of Health and is on the Executive Committee of Hill House Association.

There is a Dr. Marjorie Engel who is a psychologist and president of the Stepfamiles Association of America, and has written numerous books on divorce, remarriage, etc. But I don't know if she's our Marjorie. The psych thing makes it seem unlikely.

Erdtmann, Lothar as TTEE U/T . Clearwater, FL 33756

Lothar Erdtmann is an IAS Patron and supported the Planetary Dissemination Campaign. There is also a Johanna Erdtmann listed as a Patron.

Johanna has an OS page at , and, according to this, she lives in Clearwater. Both Lothar and Johanna are featured in this clip from a Clearwater news broadcast. In 1993, Johanna lost a court case in which she tried to prevent herself from being called a Scientologist.

Estrada, Carol Barbara Dewey Trust . Clearwater, FL 33755
California Community Foundation is a major state charity that administers dozens of trusts and charitable projects. More information can be found at its website. The Barbara Dewey Trust is just one of many trusts dispersed by Calfund.

Recent investigation has determined that the Barbara L. Dewey Charitable Lead Trust is, in fact, a lead fund set up by Dewey for her daughter, Carol Lee Estrada, a longtime Scientologist from Clearwater, Florida. A 'lead fund' is money that is used for charitable purposes for several years before reverting to the beneficiary; in this case, Ms. Estrada. According to Jack Shakely, who works with the California Community Fund in Los Angeles, Ms. Estrada's husband, Edward Estrada, who is also a Scientologist, 'insisted' that $1 million be invested with Reed, over the objections of the CCF Board of Governors. Shakeley also says that CCF has joined a class action suit led by the "Houston investors" - apparently Stuart Stedman. Carol and Edward are apparently divorced, and there is no indication that either Estrada has become involved in the ongoing tussle over the missing money. Both remain Scientologists.

Exchange Investments . Encino, CA 91436
See entry for Tony Lonstein, as this is one of his (many) corporations.

Faivus, The Jean Faivus 1995 Trust . Los Angeles, CA 90039
This street address googles to Camden Financial, whose site appears to be down, but thankfully, is still in Google's cache. It is some kind of investment advisory company that puts out a newsletter called Camden FinancialWire.

Internic listing:

Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Walker, Jason (JW8318) javabean@BEST.COM
913 Norton Ave
Glendale, CA 91201

The address resolves to John and Mary Mason.

Also at this address is Douglas Walker, another Slatkin victim and the father of Adam Walker, one of Sky Dayton's oldest friends. Jason Walker could be another son.

Fell, Don & Dianne . Glendale, CA 91201
Fell, Donald G & Dianne - Trustees . Glendale, CA 91221

Donald Fell has an OS page.

His company, a mail order gourmet cookie delivery service, is also listed in the WISE 2000 directory:

Snookies Cookies
Don Fell
1753 Yictory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201
Tel. 818-502-2013

Both were on the 1983 Declare List as Suppressive Persons, but have obviously done steps A-E and are currently in good standing.

Ferry, Lynn . Menlo Park, CA 94025
Lynn Ferry is on the 2001 Patron list, and used to work on staff at ASHO in Los Angeles. Her husband, Richard Ferry, was slso on staff, and was once ordered to RPF, according to a post by Warrior.

Both were Sea Org members. Richard and Lynn run a tree service in San Francisco, and, according to his webpage, plan to retire to their ranch in the Sierras.

Here is their business site.

Firman, Bill . Santa Ynez, CA 93460-1136

Bill Firman could be this horse connoisseur, and Dr. Bill also seems to like fast cars, if this is the same individual.
Dr. Bill builds a dock?

Notice was given that the Board of County Commissioners would hold a public hearing to consider a request by William Firman for a variance to construct a boat dock with a 10.0-foot setback requirement pursuant to Orange County Code, Chapter 15, Article IX; on property located adjacent to Big Sand Lake, District 1; Section 3, Township 24, Range 28; Orange County, Florida (the legal property description is on file).

There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.

Fisher, Dianne & James . Los Angeles, CA 90027-1306
Fisher, Jamie Kimberly . Los Angeles, CA 90027-1306
Fisher, Shanna Melynda . Los Angeles, CA 90027-1306

James Q. Fisher, husband of Dianne, is a Scientologist and attorney who has done considerable work for the Church in past years. He is the former law partner of Norton S. Karno, one of the most mysterious and intriguing non-Scientologist figures in the history of Scientology, who is also representing Doug Neuman in the Slatkin bankruptcy case. He is also a former law partner of fellow Slatkin investor Joel Kreiner.

James is mentioned in the CoS Shyster List:

KREINER, JOEL -- (Source's notes: "At one time he was Deputy Guardian Legal for the US Guardian Office. The last I knew he lived in the LA area. Joel was involved in the Allard case. Also, he was involved in the FCDC E-Meter case and an IRS tax case. James Q. Fisher was his partner at one time. I believe Neal Hamel and Vaughn Young would probably remember Joel. Both Joel Kreiner and James Fisher are "OTs". Kreiner's old address (in 1977) was 6255 Sunset Blvd, Suite 2000. Now Moxon's office is at 6255 Sunset Blvd.")

James Q. Fisher worked for the Church during its battles with the IRS for tax exempt status in the 1970s:

On November 5, 1973, the petitioners' motion to quash and this Court's Order to Show Cause came on regularly for hearing before this Court. Appearing for the petitioners was Assistant United States Attorney, Arthur M. Greenwald and on behalf of the respondents, James Q. Fisher, a member of the law firm of Karno, Rudnick & Fisher, a professional corporation.

In recent years, he wrote this story for the WISE management firm Wiseman and Burke (co-investors with Reed).

He is listed in the WISE directory for 1997:

Law Office of James Q. Fisher
James Q. Fisher
3786 Amesbury Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1306
United States
(1) 323-665-8444

Here is his profile, from the Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Directory:

James Q. Fisher
1801 Century Park East, Suite 2400
Los Angeles, California 90067-2326
(Los Angeles Co.)

Statement of Practice:
Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Tax Planning, Business Transactions, Real Estate, Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies.
Firm Size: 1

James Q. Fisher, (Member) born Brooklyn, New York, July 25, 1943; admitted to bar, 1968, California; 1974, U.S. Tax Court. Education: University of Southern California (A.B., cum laude, 1964; J.D., 1967). Member: Beverly Hills (Member, Sections on: Taxation; Estate Planning) and Los Angeles County (Member, Sections on: Taxation; Estate Planning) Bar Associations; State Bar of California. (Certified Specialist, Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). Practice Areas: Estate Planning Law; Wills Law; Trusts Law; Probate Law; Tax Planning Law; Business Transactions; Real Estate Law; Corporations Law; Partnerships Law; Limited Liability Companies

Flanagan Wagner, Patricia . Clearwater, FL 33767

Patricia is a Scientologist from Indiana and was an original investor in Digital Lightwave, along with her husband David.

David A. Wagner or Patricia Flanagan Wagner............ 34,906 * 17,456.

Patricia is a Patron With Honors of the IAS, and David A. Wagner is a Patron of the IAS.
David and Patricia are both dentists, and David has given a "success interview" to infamous Scientology "consultant" company Sterling Management: .

David and Patricia both have OS pages.

Forn, Neil & Susan Shapiro . Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Neil Forn may be the sailing afficianado and team member of Illusion, a sailing crew run by former skier Peter Hershorn of Aspen, Colorado, whose athletic career was cut short by a tragic accident that left him partially paralysed, according to this article.
As a member of the crew, Forn also participated in the Pan American Disabled Games, and the International Trapseat Cup.

Foster, Bill & Karen . Elkins, NH 03233
Karen Foster has an OS page, and Bill Foster is mentioned in the following document.

Foster, Mark & Kathleen . Santa Clarita, CA 91351
From Santa Clarita California, Mark and Kathleen are Scientologists, who own Mortgage Resource Group, a mortgage business in Santa Clarita, California.

On his page, Mark says:

"My name is Mark Foster. I am the owner of a mortgage company in Santa Clarita, California. I started my business in 1991 after doing a course in Scientology which helped me open up my potential and move forward in that area. I have expanded consistently ever since in production and income. I have a wife named Kathy, and a bulldog named Barkey. We live in Santa Clarita, and have since 1989. My wife works with me at our business."
How we started in Scientology was that in 1988, I was working at a bank for a lady who was a Scientologist. I noticed that she and 3 friends at the same bank were all among the top producers for loans in the state of California, and they were all Scientologists. I thought I had to check this out. It's been quite an adventure ever since."

Kathleen also has an OS page:

"I got into Scientology in 1990. (…) My husband and I own a mortgage company which keeps us very busy. We also spend time taking Scientology courses (of course!), volunteering for Criminon (we rehabilitate criminals using technology based on L. Ron Hubbard's works.), playing with our bulldog, going to music concerts, travelling, and various physical activities like skiing & biking I also started running about 2 years ago and have run in 3 marathons since then. That's something I never dreamed I'd be doing!"

Mortgage Resource Group is listed in the WhoWhatWhereDirectory:

Mortgage Resource Group
29228 Marilyn Drive
Canyon Country CA 91351
(661)298-4478 Fax:

and on the website of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Cathy Morfopoulos, who also works at MRG, is also a Slatkin investor.

Fraker, Pat & Robert . Boothbay, ME 04537
Fraker Patricia Wade . Boothbay, ME 04537

Patricia is a Scientologist with an OS page.
She is an OT7, and her husband is named Robert.
Oddly, the OS page has her living in California, not Maine. Perhaps this is a second residence.

Fraser, Lawrence J & Deborah . New York, NY 10025
Deborah and Lawrence Fraser are both longtime Scientologists, and apparently also members of the Sea Org, as Deborah is a director of this Scientology corporation :

P.O. BOX 3335

PO BOX 899

Registered Agent Name & Address

Address Changed: 06/02/1999
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address
P.O. BOX 1373
P.O. BOX 1931
P.O. BOX 2714
P.O. BOX 956

This corporation was mentioned in the IRS closing agreement as an 'operating arm' of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS):

The Service hereby issues individual determination letters (copies attached as Exhibits III-21 through III-23, respectively) that the International Association of Scientologists ("IAS") and its operating arms: Membership Services Administration, Ltd., and Foundation International Membership Services Administration d/b/a IAS Administrations, are organizations described in Code sections 501(c) (3), and 509(a) (3). IAS and its operating arms are not described in Code section 170(c) (2) because they are foreign entities.

Deborah was also a director of the mysterious IMU Services , now defunct, but mentioned in Peter Reichelt's book as part of the corporate shuffle that moves CoS money offshore:

Changed 08/17/1988
Changed 08/17/1988
Registered Agent Name & Address
1450 TAMPA FL 33602
Address Changed: 08/17/1988
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title
2056 US HWY. 19 S.

From Fishman's "Paper Chase" essay, as cited in Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt , 1997 - Page 297:

"Theta Management, IMU Services, and Assisco handle much of the money flows from Europe to the United States. The Author Family Trust is used to transport the gold on freighters world wide."

The last address is a building within the Big Blue complex in Los Angeles, which makes it almost a certainty that Deborah Fraser was Sea Org staff at one of the various Scientology corporations, at least in the late 1980s. There are no Patron mentions or other donations for Deborah and Lawrence Fraser, or anything else, for that matter, but they do appear on the Clear List, which also notes that they were in Florida in the mid-80s. This would fit with what we know so far. Since Deborah is still an active director, it would appear she is still on staff and SO.

Where did she and Lawrence get the money to invest with Reed?

Fraser, Neil - The Warren Coopers Green . E Sussex, England TN22 3AA
According to a list of Scientologist donors, Neil Fraser is a Patron of the IAS with more than $100 K in donations. He has also taken some OT levels, and the Ls.

The only reference to this address that I can find is, coincidentally, that of an investment firm allegedly involved in trading irregularities:

Fairhaven Investment Services traded as financial advisers from offices at "Roselea", Coopers Green, Uckfield, Sussex, TN22 3AA. The firm was authorised by FIMBRA from April 1988 to May 1991 when authorisation was surrendered. The Scheme is aware of one claim which relates to alleged negligent advice not to join an occupational pension scheme in favour of a personal pension plan.

He is listed here as a Patron of the IAS in 1994. However, in Impact #75, approx. 1997, he is not listed.

According to my Super Power donor list, Neal (sic) and Pavane Fraser are Cornerstone Club members, but that doesn't necessarily mean he isn't also the deleted patron.

Fredman, Scott . Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Freedman Family Trust . Los Angeles, CA 90005
Freedman, Richard & Judith Freedman - TTEE . Los Angeles, CA 90005
Judy and Richard Freedman are both Scientologists and generous supporters of the International Association of Scientologists - both have donated more than $100 K. They are also Cornerstone Club-level supporters of the Super Power Building, and were amongst Reed's earliest "investment club" members, according to his deposition before the Securities and Exchanges Commission.

Oddly, they do not appear on the 1999 Investor List.

The Freedman house is currently on the market with an asking price of just over $2 million:

At one point, long ago in the swingin' 70s, the house was apparently the home of Schine Music, which put out such memorable numbers as "Heartbeat - It's a lovebeat" by the DeFranco family, according to this page.

Galaxy Scientific Corp Attn: Jim Yoh Egg Harbor Township, NJ 8234
Attn: Jim Yoh
2500 English Creek Ave - Bldg 11
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 8234

Presumably, these Yohs are related.

James and Julie Yoh resolve to the Bortons Road address, according to Infospace. According to this bio of Dr. Yoh, Jovian is their son.

James Yoh is the president and CEO of Galaxy Scientific Corporation and vice-president of the Monte Jade Science & Technology of Mid-Atlantic States (MJMA), which appears to be a high tech industry association.

Galaxy Scientific Corporation is a multi-million dollar private high tech firm that specializes in defence, aviation and civil applications, with offices around the globe, according to its website:

Galaxy Scientific Corporation provides superior, technology-driven products and services to a broad range of customers in both government and private industry. Galaxy Scientific Corporation is a key member of the Galaxy Group, comprised of Galaxy Tracking Systems, Galaxy Aviation Corporation, Galaxy Litebeams, and Galaxy Aviation Security, L.L.C.

As for Dr. James W. Yoh, he has been recognized as a business leader by not one but two presidents:

Both the George H. W. Bush and Clinton Administrations have twice recognized Dr. James W. Yoh, Galaxy's Chief Executive Officer, as a national leader in business management and technical achievement.

No slouch herself, Julie has a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Gale, Stanley M . Los Angeles, CA 90039
Dr. Stanley Gale, a Patron of the IAS, has an OS page:

Oddly, he is NO LONGER LISTED on the main California page for Online Scientologists.

According to his webpage, Scientology inspired him to become a chiropractor. His office is at the following location:

Dr. Stan Gale, D.C.
1920 Allesandro Street
Silverlake, CA 90039
United States
Phone: 323 663-7736

According to ex-scientologist Warrior, Dr. Gale is a personal friend of fellow Slatkin investor and Scientologist, chiropractor Arlo Gordin.

Galicia, Jose Luis . Mexico
From his OS page, as translated by Babelfish:

I am industrialist and I dedicate to real estate. I am 57, married, I have 2 children and 2 grandsons, Studies of quimico Engineer and administration. I have given conferences of administration in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina.

Jose Luis acted as Special Representative for Mexico at the Fifteenth Meeting of the Caribbean Group for Cooperation in Economic Development held by the World Bank.

He has also been listed as a representative of the Foreign Ministry of Mexico.

Gannett, Peter Cole . Santa Fe, NM 87504-8870

Peter Cole Gannett is a member of the Harvard Radcliffe Club of New Mexico.

Garner, Patricia (Trisha) . Glendale, CA 91201
Patricia Garner is listed on the Patron 2001 List, along with Benjamin Garner.
She goes by the name "Trish" and has an OS page.

Gault Geoff & Lisa . Saratoga, CA 95070
Gault, (G L Gault B Family Ltd Partnership) . Campbell, CA 95008

Geoff and Lisa Gault are both on the 2001 Patron List. They run this WISE company:

The William Jefferies Company
Lisa & Geoff Gault
2155 South Bascom Ave., Ste. 214
Campbell, CA 95008
Tel. 408-371-5715
Fax 408-371-1450

Lisa and Geoff both have Online Scientologist pages.

Genge, Jacqueline . Los Angeles, CA 90077

Gerber Shelly . W Sussex, England RH19 3FF
Shelly is a Patron of the IAS and lives in the United Kingdom, according to her OS page.

She hails from Southern California originally, and notes that she was on staff with the Church for several years. The given postal box seems to resolve to the following company:

Box 183 / East Grinstead
West Sussex

Gerlis, Harold . Glendale, CA 91207


Giambo, Mariana . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
There was no listing available for either Ms. Giambo or this address, but there are several other Giambos in Santa Barbara, including Angelo, George F., Greg and Rosanne. George Giambo is a member of the Santa Barbara PC Users Group.

Gibbs, Marla - Ocean Technology Inc . Grand Cayman Cayman Islands BWI
Gibbs, Marla . Grand Cayman Cayman Islands BW
Here is one listing for Ocean Technology Inc., no idea if it's the same one:

Ocean Technology Inc
P O Box 1548
Millersville, MD 21108-4548
United States
Mr Robert Stryker
Tel: 410-421-8955
SIC codes and descriptions:
2092: Fresh or frozen packaged fish

Here is the website for the Ocean Technology Inc., food company:

But according to this resume, there is also an Ocean Technology Inc. involved with torpedos:

1983-1985 Ocean Technology, Inc., Middletown, RI
Data Analyst
Reviewed, analyzed and formatted torpedo performance data.

However, there is another Slatkin investor, Fred Ockrim, who is also in the ocean foods business, so it seems likely that if Ocean Technology Inc. is, in fact, a company, that it would be the snack fish, and not the torpedoes. How Marla Gibbs, the actress from the Jeffersons, who currently runs a dinner theatre club in Los Angeles, fits into the picture is anyone's guess.

Gildersleeve, Janet K . Los Angeles, CA 90027
Jan Gildersleeve Studios was involved in ATEG's marketing campaign for 'The Force' through King World Television. According to an SEC filing by ATEG, Ms. Gildersleeve is the former senior vice-president of Ronco, one of the oldest informercial production companies out there. She is also on the Patron 2001 List, and on the ISS Honour Roll. According to our sources, she also worked for the Church of Scientology in the 1970s, where she helped in the production of Auditor Magazine.

Gillon, Brendan S . Montreal, Canada PQ H4A 2T7
Brendon Gillon is probably not a Scientologist, but appears to be a linguistics professor at McGill University, another academic for Reed.

He is a specialist in semantics, and editor of Semantics: A Reader.

He is a descendant of Paul Gillon, the "Grandfather of ENIAC."

Glenski, Bernadette . Clearwater, FL 33755
Glenski, Bernadette . Clearwater, FL 33756

Clearwater resident, likely a Scientologist, who wrote to the FDA encouraging them to label irradiated food.
There are various Glenskis sprinkled through the Patron/IAS lists too.

Glickman, Wendy Reinis . New York, NY 10023
Wendy is likely related to Richard Reinis, the Krispy Kreme donut visionary mentioned earlier in this list - perhaps a sister.

The most likely candidate for Wendy seems to be this film archivist and conservator Wendy Glickman, who works in New York City. Here is a bio written of Wendy after she won a scholarship in Amsterdam:

During a recent visit of The Haghefilm board of directors to the George Eastman House in Rochester U.S.A., the third Haghefilm fellowship was awarded to Wendy Glickman.
She just finished her training at the L. Jeffrey Selznick school for film preservation, -also based in Rochester, with excellent results. The Haghefilm fellowship is a fully paid learning period of one month. She will be staying in Amsterdam and work at Haghefilm on a special conservation project from GEH. Wendy Glickman is a graduate of the university of Ann Arbor, Michigan, her final degree was a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Video Studies. Already in her fist year of college, she took an interest in film history, and this was one of the reasons she decided to specialise in film conservation and restoration immediately after college. This took her to de L. Jeffrey Selznick school for film preservation in Rochester.

There are a Peter and Marlene Glickman who are Scientologists in Clearwater, but it is not clear if they are related to Wendy.

Gluck, Lawrence J and/or Sheila L - Trustees . La Canada, CA 91012
Larry is on the 2001 Patron List, and he and wife Sheila are the proprietors of the Mission: Renaissance, studios located throughout California, and Larry also runs the Larry Gluck Instructor Training Academy in Glendale, according to this webpage:

Here is a picture of the happy couple, who are also both OT-level Scientologists.

Slatkin investors Ted and Sarah Prescott, also Scientologists, run a Mission: Renaissance studio. Sarah is the daughter of Larry Gluck, according to her webpage.

From the FACTnet suicide files, an anonymous tale of psychosis while in Scientology:

I was the Acting ED of Larry Gluck's school, while he was at Flag, and I was rapidly losing my hold on reality. I went to ASHO to tell them that I was PTS or something. They put me in session, told me I was a "completion," and routed me out. No Reg cycle, nothing. I could barely scrawl the success story. I was in a daze. I quit Larry's school a couple of days later, and went back to Northern California, where it took me months to be able to function normally again.

According to another FACTnet testimonial, Larry Gluck gave drawing lessons to Quentin Hubbard at Flag.

Godwin, Frances J . Burbank, CA 91505
Frances appears in the FACTnet psychosis/suicide accounts:

"Godwin, Frances -- psychosis
Frances Godwin (who was briefly married to Bobby Gerrold, the guy who died of cancer) went nuts on the ship, during the researching of Expanded Dianetics. By her own account, she sat in her bathroom for weeks and her parents couldn't get her to come out. Alan Walter is the one who went to her home and talked her out of the bathroom. Frances is a successful field auditor in LA and is dating a guy not yet really in Scn.."

Frances apparently found out about this entry, and sent this response to FACTnet:

"I have been notified that I am a subject of your more recent newsletter. I have attached the copy of what I was sent. Since you have stated that you intend to clean up inaccuracies of your data I request that you withdraw the incorrect and slanderous information about me immediately. Although it is true that I was briefly married to Bobby Jarrell (not Gerrold) and did Expanded Dianetics research on the Ship, I have never gone "nuts" nor have I ever locked my self in a bathroom for weeks. (Actually, I have been known through out my life to spend an unusually small amount of time in the bathroom for a female. The only excessive time I have ever spent in a bathroom was when I was a teenager and sneaking cigarettes although we are talking under an hour and certainly not weeks.) My family would be more than happy to attest to this matter. I should be noted that my father, brother, and sister are not Scientologists and would have no vested interest in saying otherwise. I did know Alan Waiters quite well but at no time did he talk me out of a bathroom in my parents home or any other bathroom. In fact Alan Walters has never talked me out of any room nor have I locked myself in any room for any unusual amount of time."

According to ex-Scientologist Warrior, Frances was also on staff at ASHO, although she was not Sea Org.

Goldberg, Francis & Powers (for ASTER Corp) . Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Here is the corporate record for Aster Corp:

Number: C0869333 Date Filed: 7/12/1978 Status: active
Jurisdiction: California
Mailing Address

Agent for Service of Process

Goldenberg, Dinu . Las Vegas, NV 89137
Goldenberg, Francine . Las Vegas, NV 89137

Dinu Goldenberg, as well as Francine and Adin Harper Goldenberg, were listed on the 1999 Investor list, but scant information was found.

Dinu was involved with this Nevada corporation:

Type: Corporation File Number: C5902-1997 State: NEVADA Incorporated On: March 20, 1997
Status: Revoked Corp Type: Regular
Resident Agent: ALAN C. SKLAR (Accepted)
Address: 953 E SAHARA AVE
Address: 953 E SAHARA AVE
Treasurer: TOBY AKERS
Address: 953 E SAHARA AVE

Goldenberg, Adin Harper . Northridge, CA 91324

Dinu was mentioned in an obituary printed in the Jewish News of Los Angeles.

Goldman, Michael . Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201
See entry for Jill Choder

Goldman Robert B . Lakehurst, NJ 08733

According to this alumni webpage for Binghampton University in New York, Robert B. Goldman may be this 1996 graduate currently working for the New York investment bank Lehman Bros

Gordin, Arlo . Los Angeles, CA 90027
From an article on bass players and hand injuries:

"Dr. Arlo Gordin, a chiropractor who has treated many musicians, including Billy Sheehan and Stuart Hamm. As he notes, many career-threatening hand and wrist injuries can be successfully overcome."

From an article on depression:

"Depression often needs to be dealt with physically, and nutritional healing is "far preferable to anti-depressant drugs or just living depressed", says Arlo Gordin, founder and clinical director of the Universal City Medical Group, one of the largest health, nutrition, medical and chiropractic centers in southern California. "When nutrition can do the job it is less expensive and without the harm of drugs. This alternative medicine approach has a more beneficial effect, and none of the side effects of anti-depressant drugs," says Gordin.

He is an OTVII and 'Cornerstone Club' member of Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida.

His wife, Anne, is an IAS Patron. According to FREEWINDS Mag Issue # 2 (circa November 1990) she is also an OT VIII.

Gordon, Michael L . New York, NY 10023

Michael Gordon may have been involved with MFN Financial, previously known as Mercury Finance, which filed this form with the SEC. According to the filing, Michael Gordon is with AG Partners, LP and Angelo Gordon, two partnerships with John M. Angelo. The two men are also involved with Shop at Home Inc.

Gould, Henry . Los Angeles, CA 90027
The address given for Henry Gould appears to be local housing for onlines (and possibly staff) Scientologists, according to the addresses that pop up for it.

It is also the address of Scientology Missions International, the International Hubbardian League of Pastors, Narconon Western United States, the Continental Liaison Office, and numerous other Scientology corporations.

Grand Matthews Ltd . Clearwater, FL 33767
See Edward Marsh.

Greenberg & Jackson (c/o Brad Bernstein) . Los Angeles, CA 90039

This is a WISE accounting firm that is almost entirely staffed by Scientologists. Several of its accountants, including Brad Bernstein and others, are also on the list of investors, both personally and as trustees of accounts, such as Great Expectations.

Greenberg, Lois . North Hollywood, CA 91606
This address is used by Jill Kirsh, the ex-wife of Slatkin investor Bernie Kirsh, as the location of her company in WISE directories from 1997 to 2001:

Color Company, The
Jill Kirsh
6100 Shadyglade Ave.
N. Hollywood, CA 91606
United States
(1) 818-760-8114
(1) 818-760-7798

No further information on Lois is available.

Greenberg, Toby . Sedona, AZ 86339
Toby Greenberg uses the same mailing address as the Leibovit family, however Tobie Greenberg is a Scientologist in Clearwater, Florida, and was on staff with the Church of Scientology at one point. She is involved with this Florida corporation:

Florida Profit
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Address Changed: 04/30/1993
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

Greer Celeste G . Atlanta, GA 30305
Greer, R Michael . La Crescenta, CA 91214

Groffman, Ruth & Michael . Dunedin, New Zealand
According to this webpage, Ruth is a Scientologist in Australia. She also donated to the Planetary Dissemination Campaign.

Gross, Howard and Sharon Maloney . Burbank, CA 91504

Grossfeld, Maria G . Bal Harbour, FL 33154
Grossfield, Kenneth & Marie . Miami Beach, FL 33140

The Grossfelds, who also turned up on the earlier Slatkin investor list, used to run Paris Legs, Inc. in Miami:

Interestingly, Kenneth R. Grossfeld seems to have been involved in - yes - a variety of telephone services companies, including Touchtone Network Services Inc., with Moshe Stein, and Worldnet Communications Group, with Richard Grossfeld.

He was also involved with the Chicago Commodity Corp:

There are many other corporations registered under his name, most with himself as sole officer and currently inactive.

Marie Grossfeld also ran Sunco Promotions:

We can now confirm, based on further information gleaned from these corporate records, that Kenneth R. Grossman is the Kenneth R. Grossman accused of running a fraudulent 'boiler room' securities operation out of South Florida, according to this release from the SEC:

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that on December 28, 2000, it obtained emergency relief halting an alleged ongoing fraudulent securities offering being conducted by a Miami, Florida boiler-room and its principals and telemarketers. Among other things, the SEC's complaint alleges that the boiler-room, Web Hosting Headquarters Partnership (Web Hosting or the Company), failed to disclose to investors that it is controlled by individuals with a prior history of defrauding investors, and that it has diverted, and would continue to divert, 62% of funds raised from investors to pay its principals and telemarketers. The complaint further alleges that Web Hosting and the named individual defendants had already raised at least $2.5 million from defrauded investors, and that its fraudulent sales were ongoing. All of the named individual defendants reside in South Florida.

According to this motion in the case by the SEC, the environment in the Rhoades/Grossfeld boiler room was far from friendly:

Located at 500 N.W. 165th Street-Road in North Miami Beach (the "165th Street-Road facility"), the boilerroom was run by Defendants Kenneth Grossfeld and Donald Rhoades (Defendant Karyn Miller's father), both of whom were present when the Receiver took control. In an open area of approximately 1500 square feet, roughly 30 salespersons operated more than 50 phone lines; the walls and credenzas of the desks were covered with scripts and exhortations Rhoades had had designed such as "Greed. Urgency. Excitement" and "The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves" and "Have You Flogged Your Crew Today?"

This wasn't the first brush with the law for Ken Grossfeld, who also tangled with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association in 1999:

Grossfeld is a commodities broker. The NFA, a self-regulatory organization designed to oversee commodities brokers, brought charges against him. Grossfeld settled with the NFA by agreeing to pay fines of about $85,000. Subsequently, the Commission commenced administrative proceedings, charging Grossfeld with violations of the antifraud and supervision provisions of the Commodities Exchange Act. Grossfeld was found liable for these violations and fined $1.8 million.(3)

Hammer Consulting Ltd Partnership Largo, FL 33779
Hammer, Dianna Largo, FL 33779
Hammer, Kevin Largo, FL 33779
Hammer, Lauren Largo, FL 33779

The Hammers appeared on the earlier investor list, and Kevin Hammer is a Patron of the IAS.

He has been involved with currently inactive corporation Twin Produce:

Florida Profit
311 S BETTY LANE #34
311 S BETTY LANE #34
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title
311 S BETTY LANE #34

He is also the sole officer of Diana and Lauren Incorporated:

There are no listings for Dianne, Diana or Lauren Hammer. Laurie and Kevin may have participated in this golf tournament, however.

Hanson, G Lynne . Los Angeles, CA 90027
Gregonia Lynne Hanson was an active participant on TNX, and appears to have been an active Scientologist. She lives in Los Feliz with her husband, and rented rooms to Scientologists coming to LA to do courses. Husband could be Laurence E. Hanson. She is the coordinator of the Los Feliz Elementary School.

Harrington, Nunei . Studio City, CA 91604
Another Hollywood investor in Slatkin Associates, Nunei Harrington plays Ellen Blake, a recurring character on the soap opera "Sunset Beach."

She has also been seen in "JAG" (which stars Scientologist actress Catherine Bell) and "Party of Five." She is also almost certainly Nunei Harrengton (sic), who has an OS page, making her a Scientologist.

Harris, Stephen & Patty SLH Holding Ltd . Canada T2N 1X7

Harrower, Norie Eastgate Mall LLC . Santa Monica, CA 90401
Harrower, Norman . Santa Monica, CA 90401

Norman "Norie" Harrower is a California real estate developer involved with numerous projects, including Windward Properties LLC, which is building a high tech incubator complex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to this story.

He was also the force behind the Eastgate Mall redevelopment in Chattanooga.

He is also a managing director of Johnson Capital Management.

There is no indication that he's a Scientologist.

Hauser, Cole . Clearwater, FL 33755
Hauser, Cole . Hollywood, CA 90068

There is no indication that Cole Hauser is a Scientologist. However, his father, Wings Hauser is a former Scientologist, and was married several times, including to another member of Reed's investment "club", Cass Warner, with whom he had a child.

An actor, this is a short bio of Cole: "Cole Hauser, son of actor Wings Hauser and the grandson of a former police cimmissioner, Cole got his movie debut in the film School Ties in 1992. Since then Cole has been in such film's as Dazed and Confused, A Matter of Justice and Good Will Hunting.

Some Trivia:
Arrested for felony grand theft for taking $10.00 from a parking attendant, and impersonating a police officer. "
Has appeared in "Pitch Black" and "The Hi-Lo Country", among other movies, including "Good Will Hunting.

Hawken, Anna Atty to, David Zuckerman Esq . San Francisco, CA 94104
Hawken, Anna . San Francisco, CA 94129

Ms. Hawken's name appears as a donor for several San Francisco-area charities, including the city library and a local theatre group, but she appears to be much less high profile than the gentleman whose last name she shares. There is no indication that she is a Scientologist.

Hawken, Paul Trustee ITF Jonathan Maxwell Hawken . Sausalito, CA 94965
Hawken, Paul . Sausalito, CA 94965

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist and writer of some renown, as explained on numerous webpages devoted to his works:
His homepage is at
There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.

Hayward, Fred & Mary . Santa Barbara, CA 93110


Hayward, Hugh & Margaret . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Hugh Hayward participated in the Santa Barbara marathon, finishing 402nd of a field of 792:

Hedlund, Paul . Los Angeles, CA 90025
Although it is not clear whether Paul is a Scientologist, he is a partner at WISE law firm Baum Hedlund Aristei Guilford Downey, and has also been in business with several other Scientologist lawyers, including fellow Slatkin investor George "Skip" Murgatroyd. He and Michael Baum were also early investors in Digital Lightwave. Marta is the wife of Paul Hedlund, and she teaches at Rosemont Middle School in La Crescenta, California.

She has a black belt in Karate.

Heineman, Linda - Trustee . Pasadena, CA 91107
Heineman, Linda - Trustee, Omega Trust . Pasadena, CA 91107

Linda Heinneman gave a seminar at a conference hosted by Flagg (no relation) Management on "ASPS", a networking system that involves accessing program and data on remote machines via a dumb terminal:

Session 12. 11-noon
Putting ASP's to Work in Your CPA Practice
Linda Heineman, CPA, Linda L. Heineman, Pasadena,
CA Stephen Wolfe, VP Prod Mgmt, NetLedger, San Mateo, CA
Patrick Ryan, VP Prod Devel, Intacct Corp, Los Gatos, CA

Apparently a big fan of APS, she also wrote this article for a state professional society. According to the bio at the end of the article, "Linda Heineman, CPA, owns a CPA firm in Pasadena that specializes in technology consulting. She is a member of the state Technology Committee."

Henman-Laufer, Peter . Beverly Hills, CA 90212

There is a Paul Laufer on the 1999 Investor List.
Peter Henman-Laufer was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Evergreen Ventures Inc., along with Reed and several other individuals, including several other investors.

Peter Henman Laufer is a Freemason (!), and originally from South Africa, according to this page.

For translating these articles, we thank Bro. Peter Henman-Laufer, a founding member of Aviation Lodge No. 8471, E.C. (South Africa) and Past Master of Witwatersrand Lodge No. 3745, E.C. (South Africa). He recently joined Lodge Dilo (Czech Republic).

There is also German journalist with the name Peter Laufer who has covered Eastern European issues.

Herman Family Trust . Penn Valley, CA 95946


Higgins, Errol . Irvine, CA 92618
Well, there is Errol Higgins, the colour blind photographer.

Highlands Group Inc c/o Robert Rakow Retirement Account . Naples, FL 34102
According to Florida corporate records, The Highlands Group Inc. is registered to Robert and Karen C. Rakow:

Florida Profit
Changed 04/07/2000
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Address Changed: 05/02/2001

According to this page, which lists sponsors for some kind of sporting event, the Highlands Group is engaged in "Providing Supplemental Financial and Accounting Services to Business and Industry." Interestingly, this Highlands Group is located in Colorado. It could be another company altogether, or the Rakows could have recently moved to Florida.

A Robert Rakow from California involved in real estate development was involved in this dispute over reimbursement of funds to a bank that later become insolvent.

As for Karen, this web designer sounds like a likely possibility, although according to the bio, she was living in Cathedral City, California at the time. One of her clients included the estate of the late Lon Chaney.

Hitchman Family Children's Trust . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Hitchman, Anthony C . Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Tony Hitchman is a longtime Scientologist, and a good friend of Reed, who mentioned in his deposition before the SEC that Tony had asked for his investment assistance over dinner in 1985. Tony is originally from Rhodesia, and conducted one of the very few televised interviews with L. Ron Hubbard in 1966. The video of that interview is still used to train Scientology spokespersons, despite this scathing review by former Scientologist Robert Vaughn Young:

"… The LRH interview film, the one by Tony Hitchman, which has to be one of the worst and the corniest interviews ever made of anyone. The fact that Hubbard approved it and that it is sold in Scientology bookstores and given to libraries is difficult to believe. I strongly urge journalists to watch it! Watch these "TRs" of L. Ron Hubbard as he gives these little disarming chuckles and these _horrible_ answers. (And don't think for a minute the interview was spontaneous. It wasn't. It was completely canned, which makes it even worse.)"

During his journalism career, Tony also interviewed former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith.

Tony has an OS page, and his wife, Peggy, is an OT7.

Hoffman, Selma . Akron, OH 44313
The address resolves to Elihu B Hoffman, but no more information is available on Elihu and Selma, alas. They do not appear to be Scientologists.

Hoffman, Allan S & Karla L . Washington, DC 20006
Hoffman, Allen S 1998 Trust . Washington, DC 20006

Allan S. Hoffman is a professor at the Department of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington, according to this webpage.

There is also a biography of Dr. Hoffman here.

He also gave a guest lecture on the history of medical implants at the University of Kentucky, the alma mater of several other Slatkin victims, also academics, from the English department.

Karla L. Hoffman, also a doctor, teaches at George Mason University in Washington, according to this bio.

She seems to be involved with systems operations engineering, with many publications and committee memberships to her credit as well.

Holly, Hans D and Karen . Montrose, CA 61021

Karen Holly is on the 2001 Patron List.

Homer, Carolyn . Oak Park, MI 48237


Honikman, Terry Acct #1 Profit Shrng . Ocean City, NJ 8226
Honikman, Alfred (Alfred Honikman Trust U/A) . Goleta, CA 93117

Mr, Honikman is the former mayor of Capetown who was 'very outspoken against apartheid', according to the bio provided for a recent book that he authored:

"Alfred Honikman served as an alderman of the City of Cape Town throughout the first 32 years of the apartheid era, from 1948-1980. During that time he also served a term as Mayor and as chairman of several important committees and as a member of the City's Executive Committee. An outspoken and clear-speaking opponent of apartheid, Mr. Honikman was frequently in conflict with the powers that be. These conflicts are recalled in his memoir, sometimes with humor, sometimes with sorrow, always with affection for the city and the land of his birth. In 1980, Mr. Honikman retired from all public office and moved with his wife to Santa Barbara, California, although he has returned for visits to South Africa almost every year since then."

He is also mentioned on a different site as one of Capetown's Jewish mayors.

Honikman, Basil & Linda - Rtrmnt/Koegh . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Honikman, Basil & Linda . Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Basil is Executive Director of RunningUSA as well as distance running coordinator for Team USA
He is also an Accident Investigation Expert Witness on Slips, Trips and Falls.
His wife, Linda, is also involved with the Road Running Information Center.
Neither appear to be a Scientologist.

Honikman, Jane . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Honikman, Jeanette . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Honikman, Terry - College Fund . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Honikman, Terry - Money Purchase Pnsn . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Honikman, Terry - Profit Sharing Fund . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Honikman, Terry Account #4 . Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Both Terence ("Terry") and Jane are involved with Postpartum Support International, a group to provide assistance to new mothers.
Terry is the group's treasurer, and Jane is its president. She also writes booklets and does media appearances. In a recent online chat, she discussed Paxil as an option for depressed moms, and did not display the anti-psych venom that is the norm for most Scientologists, which leads one to believe that she is not a member of the Church.

Howard, Lisa Ann . Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Possibly the Hollywood actress Lisa Howard, who had a recurring role on Days of Our Lives as April Ramirez, and now appears on King of Queens. Leah Reimi, a Scientologist, is also a regular on the show, which could explain how Ms. Howard came to be acquainted with Reed.

Hubbard, Arthur Comray . Los Angeles, CA 90048
Arthur Hubbard is most likely the son of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. He is a Scientologist, albeit a low profile one, and is also an artist.

Hudak, George J - Hudak Family Acct . Goleta, CA 93117
There is also a Chris Hudak at the same street address who may be a contributor to this online gaming zine.
Here is a profile of Chris.
If this is, in fact, the Chris in question, he's the guy who doesn't have blue hair in this picture.

As for George, he continues to play hard to get.

Huelsman Family Limited Partnership . Sylmar, CA 91342
Huelsman Family Ltd Partnership - Stephen Huelsman . Sylmar, CA 91342
Huelsman, Gregory J Trust c/o Stephen Huelsman . Sylmar, CA 91342
Huelsman, Gregory J Trust - J Barry Huelsmann Trustee . Sylmar, CA 91342

According to our sources, Judy and Gregg Huelsman are both Scientologists. As of 1991, Judy worked for the Glendale branch of David Morse Associates, an insurance investigation agency owned by fellow Scientologist and Slatkin investor David Morse. DMA allegedly hires only Scientologists as executives, investigators and adjusters as internal company policy. Judy Huelsman also appears in a Scientology publication taking courses with several other investors, including Jim Burghorn and "Greta Coale," AKA Greta Van Sustern.

Hutchins, Paul . Hopkins, MN 55346


Hutchins, Robert . Mound, MN 55346

Hutchins, William & Anne . Santa Barbara, CA 93105

There are various Hutchins sprinkled throughout Scientology, including June, in Studio City, and Boyd. However, no record can be found for William or Anne. The address does not resolve in Infospace.

Infinity Investments Ltd LP . Belleair Bluffs, VA 33770
Whatever Infinity Investments is, it doesn't seem to be either the tech people or the African American small group...instead, it's a partnership of the husband-and-wife prominent Scientologists David Singer and Diana Venegas. more to come here. Whence Sheridan Snyder?

From the original profile of Infinity Investments:
Our source has traced the address given for Infinity Investments LP to Virginia biotech wunderkid and multi-millionaire Sheridan Snyder, whose corporate ventures include the billion-dollar Argonex , as well as his former company, Genzyme, which he founded two decades ago.

Isaacson, Cory & Kim . Topanga CA, 90290

It's not clear what relation Cory and Kim may be to Jim and Joyce Isaacson, who were major players in the ASI palace coup, and involved in church management at high levels.

Cory Isaacson is listed on the 1993 WISE list for California. Cory and Kim are generous donors according to Ed's list, and "Cory Michael", who also apparently goes by his middle name, has taken some OT levels.

Cory's company was listed in the 1997 WISE Directory:

Compuflex International
Cory Isaacson
9310 Topanga Canyon Blvd., 1st Floor
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Tel. 818-772-7990
Fax 818-772-7999

He and Kim are also both listed in the 2001 WISE Directory, although confusingly, it appears that Kim may be a deleted Patron.

Here is Cory's OS page, and here is his picture, which accompanied an article that he wrote on Java.

Here is a letter to Hubbard College International about how the tech has helped his company succeed:

His current company, GBI, has partnered with Sybase. Here is an article about some of the work in which he is involved.

Kim has a bit part in the John Travolta movie Perfect, which also featured fellow Slatkin investor Anne DeSalvo.

Isham Mark & Donna c/o GLWG Los Angeles, CA 90024
Isham, Mark & Donna . Hidden Hills, CA 91302

Mark Isham is a Scientologist trumpeter and musician.

Jackson & Jackson Ltd Pnsn Scheme W Sussex, England BN7 3DA
Jackson Peter W Sussex, England BN7 3DA
Jackson PW & H M W Sussex, England BN7 3DA

The mailing address resolves to this information technology consulting firm.

As for Peter Jackson, he is listed in the 1997 WISE Directory:

Jackson & Jackson Hosiery
Peter Jackson
8 Michael Fields, Forest Row
Sussex RH18 5BH
United Kingdom
(+44) 1342-825-592
(+44) 1342-823-771

As this is one of the clients of the above IT firm, I think it's safe to say that these are both confirmed. He is also a Cornerstone Club donor to the Super Power Building

Jackson, Cindy (Cust Morgan Jackson) . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Jackson, Ric & Cindy . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Jackson, Ric & Cindy (Cust Paris S Jackson) . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Jackson, Ric & Cindy (for Ashley Jackson) . Santa Barbara, CA 93111

The address reverses to Anne Azeez, who is also an investor with Reed Slatkin, which means that Ric, Cindy and Ashley are most likely children or otherwise related to the Azeez family.

Jacobs Daniel W Clearwater, FL 33755
Jacobs, Daniel W & Myrna Y . Burbank, CA 91505

Daniel Jacobs runs Corporate Development International, and until the Slatkin story broke, billed himself as a senior associate of Skatkin and Associates. His site at has since been pulled off the web, and now displays a message stating that it is temporarily out of business.
According to Internic, the domain registry is in Mr. Jacob's name:
Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
W. Jacobs, Dr Daniel (DDW94) dwjacobs@AOL.COM
Corporate Development International
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr. Suite 592
Toluca Lake , CA 91602
800 900 6660 (FAX) 818-845-4852
Daniel W. Jacobs, Ph.D.

When it was online, his site included this stipulation for media looking to reprint his articles:

"Any copy concerning Dr. Jacobs specifically should include the following:
As a successful senior executive, consultant and corporate advisor for over 25 years, Dan specializes in identifying and resolving barriers to expansion while helping to bring about stable rapid growth for corporate and private investment clients. He is also the CEO of Corporate Development International, an international consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles, California and in Geneva, Switzerland."

Sample article:

He also disappeared from this page.

Myrna Jacobs is listed in Impact as a Scientologist. According to a source, Daniel also ran a successful field auditing group.

Janu Jean M Santa Fe, NM 87505

Jean Janu is Reed Slatkin's bookkeeper and a member of the local Buddhist group in Santa Fe. There is no indication that she is a Scientologist.

Jastrow, Terry and Anne (Trust of 1986 Matt Lichtenberg) . BeverlyHills, CA 90212
Anne Jastrow is, in fact, the noted actress Anne Archer, a Scientologist, and devotes her time to the Church of Scientology's Applied Scholastics Literacy Campaign, according to her IMDB profile.

Terry Jastrow, a Scientologist, is Anne Archer's husband, and once starred in an informercial for Dianetics. According to the Celebrity FAQ, he is also a Scientologist and producer/director for ABC sports; he is also president of Jack Nicklaus Productions. He also starred in a movie with his then-wife called "Waltz Across Texas".

Jenner Catherine Montreal, Quebec H4A 2T7
Catherine "Cathy" Jenner was listed on the 1999 Investor List. According to this page, she seems to be a lawyer at Stikeman Elliot in Montreal:

74. I am indebted to Mtre Catherine Jenner of Stikeman, Elliott for this argument.

Here is her profile, courtesy of Martindale Hubbell:

Catherine A. Jenner
Stikeman Elliott
1155 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, 40th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H3B 3V2
(Montreal Dist.)
Telephone: 514-397-3000
Fax: 514-397-3222
Send Email
Practice Areas: Corporate Law; Commercial Law; Real Estate; Banking Law; Civil Law.
Admitted: 1978, Ontario; 1993, Quebec
Law School: University of Toronto, M.L.S., 1982; University of Toronto, LL.B., 1978; Université de Montreal, LL.B., 1993.
College: University of Toronto, B.A., 1973.
ISLN: 900002869

She also edited a book on Executive Employment Law:

JFSCARPA LP Pleasantville, NJ 8232

John Scarpa was another early ELNK investor, and currently lives in New Jersey, where he is involved with a company called Microfirst.

Johnson Jay Clearwater, FL 33765

Jay Johnson was listed on the earlier investor list, and is a Scientologist and WISE business owner.

He runs this Clearwater company:

Florida Profit
Changed 04/21/1997
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Address Changed: 04/20/1999
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

The company is profiled here. Jay was also involved with Sturgis & Blair, Inc.

Johnson Kate Edelman Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Kate Edelman Johnson is a member of the Chairman's Council of the American Film Institute.

Her mother passed away in November 2000, according to this online obituary in the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles:

Rita Edelman died Nov. 3, at the age of 90. She is survived by her daughters, Kate Edelman Johnson and Rosemary; and sister, Ruth Jane Golding. Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary.

Edelman is apparently a Hollywood player, according to this report of a charity event, hosted by Kevin Spacey, that was held at her home. Here is another description of the event:

Variety reported that PTA was in attendance at the recent Kevin Spacey hosted Celebrating Our Future, Remembering Our Past'' gala at the home of Kate Edelman Johnson on October 24th. The evening was to benefit the Motion Picture & TV Fund by enlisting the younger generation of Hollywood to follow the example set by the fund's founders. Guests and participants included Gregory Peck, Jack Lemmon, Helen Hunt, Danny DeVito, George Clooney & foundation board chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg. Along with PTA, other "New Hollywood" now committed to continue the fund's support are: Haley Joel Osment, Spike Jonze, Rose McGowan, David Arquette, Rachael Leigh Cook, Jenna Elfman, Noah Wyle, Leelee Sobieski, Vince Vaughn, Amanda Peet, Stephen Dorff & Freddie Prinze Jr. For more information about the Motion Picture & TV Fund, check out their website here.

Johnson, Glenn & Barbara . (and Santa Barbara Capital Management LLC) Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Glenn Johnson is Reed's trader, according to inside information, and there is no sign that he is also a Scientologist. He may be a car afficianado (oh that would be unique) who contributes to the club newsletter, including the following article.
Was Glenn's car used in a photo shoot at the Playboy Mansion? Only time will tell!

Santa Barbara Capital Management LLC comes up with the following address in the California corporate record database:

Number: 199917610039
Date Filed: 6/23/1999
Status: active
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Principal Address
Agent for Service of Process

Johnson, Robert & Kathy . La Canada-Flintridge, CA 91011

Robert is Robert E. Johnson, who was VP of sales and marketing at Earthlink, as described in an SEC filing:

"ROBERT E. JOHNSON, JR. has served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing of the Company since February 1995. From June 1992 through January 1995, he served as Vice President of Sales for Competence Software, Inc., a provider of interactive training software. From 1982 to May 1992, he was employed by Real World Software, Inc., a provider of accounting software, and served as its Vice President of National Sales from 1990 to May 1992. In December 1994, Mr. Johnson filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition which was dismissed in January 1996 when Mr. Johnson and his creditors agreed upon a repayment plan.

His biography is available here.

It mentions his wife, "Cathy" (likely a misspelling on the part of Reed's typist).

According to sources, Robert and Kathy Johnson are also both ex-GO, with "Bobby", as he was known at the time, taking the post of Assistant Guardian Information (Branch 1) (Boston) in 1975 -- a senior post. At the time, his wife, Kathy, was the Assistant Guardian's Communicator, also in Boston. In 1979, our source says, "Bobby" was promoted to Assistant Guardian (Boston), where he remained until 1982, when he headed to the private sector, landing at RealWorld Software. During his Real World days, Robert may have crossed path with fellow Slatkin investors Jay Johnson, and Chris Lake, also an ex-GO.

Johnston, Drew & Dede . Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Johnston, Andrew & Lesley . Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Drew is a Scientologist and auditor, according to his OS page, and Dede is also an "active Scientologist".

This address appears to be something on the order of a Mailboxes, Etc: it is home to "celebrity addresses", The Gauntlet, the Linda Blair Fan Club,, "Pathfinder" memory tapes, and all sorts of other mailing-addresses, and seemingly no actual businesses. Most of these use "#" or "Ste." but a few admit to its maildropness by using the correct "PMB," or "Postal Mail Box."

Johnston, Terry N (and Johnston Bros Inc, and Quinto Farms Inc) . Gustine, CA 95322
Terry Johnston is a Scientologist who says, on his page:

"I'm 53 years old. I've been married for 20 years and have 4 children. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have worked as a painting contractor and an English teacher (in France) and a writer. For the past 21 years I've been farming in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California. I raise almonds, peaches, nectarines and alfalfa."

His farm, Quinto, is also listed as a Slatkin investor. It grows almonds and stone fruits on 450 acres of land in Gustine, CA. ( Johnston represents Quinto on the Merced County Private Industry Council, and Quinto Farms has a scanner frequency, 43.0800.

Judd, Carolyn . Los Angeles, CA 90069
According to her OS page, Carolyn Judd is a child actor turned producer (movies and TV), as well as a WISE Member. She's a 'Cornerstone Club' member of Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida, and according to FREEWINDS Mag Issue # 2 (circa November 1990) she is also an OT VIII.

Juneau, Alice R TTEE . Clearwater, FL 33765

Mike and Abby Juneau are Scientologists in Clearwater, and Abby was a regular participant on TNX. Alice Juneau is referenced on a website dedicated to support letters for 'healer' Jimmy Keller. Melissa Wattman, a Scientologist in Florida, wrote to the site praising "Jimmy"'s healing ability, and according to the weblog, her letter was accompanied by one from her mother, "Reverand Alice Juneau" in La Bonita.

Justice, James . Indiana Beach Rocks, FL 33785

James Justice is a Scientologist and a screenwriter. His OS page says:

"I am a writer. When I got into Scientology I was doing more dreaming than writing. Scientology is about survival and it teaches the basic truths that help a person survive better at whatever they are doing. After being into Scientology for a short time I started producing as a writer, and soon sold a screenplay for almost half a million dollars."

Kananack, Michael . Ojai, CA 93023
Kananack, Michael J . Ojai, CA 93023

Michael Kananack was a member of WISE circa 1993. He is a Scientologist who has done some OT levels, as well as the Ls. He was formerly partners with fellow Scientologist, and Slatkin investor, John Coale - husband of CNN's Greta Van Sustern - and later, hooked up with Michael Baum, Paul Hedlund and George "Skip" Murgatroyd in the firm, "Kananack, Murgatroyd, Baum & Hedlund."

He is not currently listed as an active lawyer in the Martindale-Hubbell index, and may be working in the entertainment industry, as suggested by this story

AKA Pictures/AKA Movies Inc.
AKA Movies/Kananack with offices in Los Angeles and New York represents independent motion picture producers for the worldwide sale of their product in all media. The company is also involved in film financing, serving as executive producers of independent projects and acquires rights for new media, especially the Internet. "We are recommended as sales reps who have a lot of experience and who can be trusted," says Michael Kananack, VP Sales. "We do one-off deals, selling each movie as we go, and we have no output deals with anyone."

According to this story, Arthur Kananack is the former Vice President of Warner Brothers.

The company, AKA Movies, has recently entered into a deal with biotech firm "Harvard Scientific Corp", which is moving away from erectile disfunction treatment and into the entertainment industry:

``Gladiator Films'', added Mr. De Liege, ``our low budget direct-to-video, film division has just completed development on its first slate of three films and will begin pre-production of the first film next week. These films have a distribution contract in place through Arthur Kananack's AKA Movies, Inc.'' Mr. Kananack was formerly VP of Warner Bros., a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner Inc., (NYSE:AOL - news) and President of Viacom International, (NYSE:VIA - news).

Kanat, Jolie . Greenbrae, CA 94904
Kanat, Jolie . Greenbrae, CA 94904

Jolie Kanat is a Scientologist and is also the ex-wife of Peter Alexander, a former Scientologist whose story can be found here.

Kaplan, Mike Clearwater, FL 33767
Kaplan, Anita & Mike Tenants by the Entirety . Clearwater, FL 34617
Kaplan, Mike . Clearwater, FL 33757

Mike Kaplan is a Clearwater-area Scientologist. He has been involved in several business ventures with fellow Scientologist, and Quarterdeck founder Mike Siewruk, including North American Hotlines, Stay-Trim Weight Control Centres, Showcase Publications and other failed outings.

Anita Kaplan used to run a company called 'Intimate Bagels', but no longer is listed as active in any Florida corporations. Mike also seems to be involved somehow with Forefront Direct.

Karczewski, Mat Merit Consultants Inc . Bellevue, WA 98008
Karczewski Mateusz M & Hanna E . Bellevue, WA 98008

Matt is a Scientologist, and has an OS page.
He owns and operates WISE company Merit Consultants, of which he is the principal:

Merit Consultants, Inc.
Matt Karczewski
1350 184th Ave. NE.
Bellevue, WA 98008-3440
United States
(1) 425-747-9206
(1) 425-747-9213

Hannah and Matt are also Cornerstone Club members and on the 2001 Patron List.

Merit Consultants is also listed separately as an investor.

Kasle, Christine . Indianapolis, IN 46260

According to the earlier investor list, Christine donated to the Planetary Dissemination Campaign and is on the 2001 Patron list. Her husband is Michael.

In 1998, "Dr. Chris Kasle" provided the funding for Arsenal High School in Indiana to participate in the "Set a Good Example" contest organized by Scientology-associated business group Concerned Businessmen's Association of America:

This year the CBAA deemed the efforts of the students at Arsenal Technical High School, in conjunction with the guidance of teacher Mary Allen, principal Gerald McLeish, and the funding of Dr. Chris Kasle, worthy of this prestigious award.

She apparently runs "Kasle Family Dental", which was a WISE company as of 1997:
Kasle Family Dental
Dr. Chris Kasle, P.C.
1619 W. 86 Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260
Tel. 317-372-9939

Katke Family Trust . San Clemente, CA 92672
In San Clemente, there is a Christopher J. , Timothy and Michael B. Katke .

Michael B. Katke is listed as the author of a health questionnaire.
He is listed as the national sales manager for something called "Ethical Nutrients Unipro", which gives a San Clemente address:

Ethical Nutrients-Unipro
Mike Katke
National Sales Manager
971 Calle Negocio
San Clemente CA 92673
BUS: 714-366-0754
FAX: 714-366-2859

Mike is also quoted in an article in Natural Foods Merchandiser:

Because sufficient anecdotal evidence often exists for the efficacy of nutritional supplements, the use of secondary research to support structure and function claims can fall within the realm of acceptability, says Mike Katke, brand manager for Metagenics in San Clemente, Calif. However, Katke adds that the use of secondary research is only acceptable "if the [untested] product is provided in the dosage and for the uses relating to the results documented in a given study."

It appears the Federal Trade Commission had some problems with Ethical Nutrients:

Ads that claimed an over-the-counter calcium supplement could "restore lost bone," eliminate pain and was superior to other forms of calcium in the prevention or treatment of bone ailments were deceptive and misleading, according to FTC Administrative Law Judge Lewis F. Parker. Judge Parker's decision upholds FTC charges against Metagenics, Inc., doing business as Ethical Nutrients, and its president, Jeffrey Katke. The charges were made in an administrative complaint seeking an order to halt the deceptive claims used to market Metagenics' calcium supplement, "Bone Builder."

The full order can be found here.

Katselas Productions Inc . Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Katselas, Milton S . Beverly Hills, CA 90211

KNOWN - Someone eventually has to write this up.

Kauer, Emil . Clearwater, FL 33755
Emil Kauer is listed as an IAS Patron Germany. There is also a Claudia Kauer, who is with OSA Germany, according to Peter Reichelt's book, Helnwein and Scientology. Claudia wrote a letter to Time Magazine from England.

Kaufman, Hal . Woodland Hills, CA 91364
According to this webpage, Hal is a graduate of Columbia High School (1965) in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Oddly, his AOL profile reads:

Member Name: Bonnie, Casper
Location: Heaven on Earth
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Im playing the field
Hobbies: volleyball, guys, shopping,guys, and volleyball
Computers: apple
Occupation: being a kick ass, totally hot babe
Personal Quote: i say so much stuff

Um. Yeah.

Kavner, Robert . Saratoga, CA 97020
Robert Kavner was a director of Earthlink, and an early investor:

ROBERT M. KAVNER has been a director of the Company since June 1996. Since August 1995, he has been Managing Director of Kavner Associates, a private venture capital and consulting firm in the media and communications industry. From 1994 through August 1995, he headed Creative Artist Agency's business advisory group. From 1984 to 1994, Mr. Kavner held several senior management positions at AT&T, including Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of the Communications Products Group, Chief Executive Officer of the Multimedia Products and Services Group, President of the Computer Division, Chairman of the UNIX Systems Laboratory, Chairman of AT&T Capital Corporation, Chairman of AT&T Paradyne Corporation and Chairman of AT&T Venture Capital Group. Mr. Kavner also served as a member of AT&T's Executive Committee. Mr. Kavner serves as a director of Fleet Financial Group, Ascent Entertainment, Inc. and Tandem Computers, Inc.

Here is another bio of Robert.

Kelso, Christy L TTEE F/T . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Christy L. Kelso is a contributor to the Lifeline Foundation, and he or she has also donated to the Orange County Fire Authority Firefighter's Benevolent Association.
This could be Christy.

Kempner, Rudi & Ursina . Clearwater, FL 34615
Rudi Kempner, father or brother of Helena Kempner Kobrin, is a Patron with Honours of the IAS. He and his wife, Ursina, are also Cornerstone Club Members. He was also in business with Helena's husband, Michael, with Distribution Video in Clearwater. Currently, Rudi and Ursina are both in the Sea Org at Flag, in Clearwater, Florida.

Kendrick, Gilbert W . Boca Raton, FL 33487
Now this is odd. This address resolves to:

Gill Hendricks
5630 Coastal Dr
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Gill Hendricks? Hmm.

Okay, the Florida corporate database pulls this up for Gilbert W. Kendrick:

Florida Profit
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title
3570 NW 8TH AVE
1781 SE 9TH ST

As well as this:

Florida Profit
2061, INC.
265 S. FEDERAL HWY., STE. 282
265 S. FEDERAL HWY., STE. 282
Registered Agent
Name & Address
2455 E. SUNRISE BLVD., STE. 905
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title
265 S. FEDERAL HWY., STE. 282

There is also the Pelo series of companies, of which this is the first:

Florida Profit
Changed 06/16/1992
Changed 06/16/1992

FL Status
ACTIVE Effective Date
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Name Changed: 11/10/1997
Address Changed: 11/10/1997
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

The subsequent Pelos (I, II and III) also include Ms. Linares, but not Mr. Katz.

Keough, Danny c/o Thomas Keough . Sheriden, OR 97378
Danny Keough is best known as Lisa Marie's ex-husband, and is also a Scientologist.

Kern, Hugh J & Paulette J . Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Possibly these two Santa Ynez-area Kerns, who are not Scientologists, but were angry about a winery.

That the Board of Supervisors consider the appeal of Petie and Hugh Kern of the Planning Commission's September 16, 1998 decision to approve with conditions the request of Patricia Beltranena, agent for owner, Cory Holbrook, for approval of a Final Development Plan under the provisions of Article III of the AG-I-20 Zone District, to develop a winery, and to approve the Negative Declaration 98-ND-37 pursuant to the State Guidelines for Implementation of CEQA, AP Nos. 135-051-019 and 135-051-020, located approximately ¾ mile east of Highway 154, on Roblar Avenue, known as 3555 Roblar Avenue, Santa Ynez area, Third District.

Here is a story about the dispute.

Kerner, Bett . Clearwater, FL 33755
Bett Kerner is listed in the WISE 1999 Directory:

Kerner, Betty
6279 Kerrydale Dr.
Springfield, VA 22152
Tel. 703-913-4862
Fax 703 503 2845

There is also another WISE company run out of the same address, most likely by Betty's husband, Joseph:

Kerner Management
Joseph C. Kerner
6279 Kerrydale Dr.
Springfield, VA 22152-2133
United States
(1) 703-913-5342
(1) 703-913-5342

Betty has an OS page.

Kezsbom, Ike (Nationwide Title Clearing, Great Expectation) . Monrose, CA 91020
Kezsbom, Laurie Star . La Crescenta, CA 91214

Ike is the president of Nationwide.
He is also a Scientologist and former staffer, and is mentioned in this story from an ex-Scientologist.
His wife Kathie Kezsbom is also a Patron of the IAS, and Ike was once Technical Director at an Org.
Laurie is likely the real name of Ike and Kathie's daughter, Star.

Kicinski, Tom & Carol . Dunedin, FL 34698
Carol has an Online Scientologist page; Tom does not, but it is likely that he, too, is a Scientologist.
Tom also likes fast cars, as discussed in the following article:

"Tom Kicinski has seen people swoon over their convertibles. They have, he said, ``a combination of independence and a freer spirit than the other guy.'' Since 1978, Kicinski has owned Premier Auto Upholstery & Convertible Tops in Santa Clara, Calif. Besides working with convertible owners, he has contracts with dozens of dealers to do their upholstery and convertible new-car warranty work."

Kilpatrick, Bill . Glendale, CA 91207

Bill has been a member of WISE for at least seven years, with his various companies, including Concept Technologies, Inc., a publishing house and his current main interest, The Software Works!, a Glendale-area software company. His wife is Stephanie.

In a database produced by the Publishers Marketing Association, Concept Technologies was described this way:

Concept Technologies Inc. has a goal of causing broad social improvement by increasing mankind's general understanding of how to get things done as individuals, as managers and as a team.

Bill is also an active Scientologist and generous supporter. He is a Patron of the IAS, and has been mentioned in Celebrity Magazine when he received an award for being a Power FSM in 1999.

Kirsh, Bernie . North Hollywood, CA 91606

Bernie was the co-producer on at least one of Chick Corea's albums, and has an OS page.
These pages list his credits, including with with fellow Scientologist, Chick. Bernie is now married to wealthy Scientologist Barbara Salmon, according to reports.
There is also an OS page for his ex-wife, Jill Kirsh:

Klein, Barry -Trustee . Montrose, CA 91021
Barry is an IAS Patron, and according to this bulletin, was one of the Church of Scientology's top fundraisers in 1998:

3. Barry Klein, WUS

He was also one of Scn's biggest fundraisers in 1993, according to this NYT article:

"The files showed one of the biggest fund-raisers was Barry Klein, who made $217,694 in 1989, $201,314 in 1990 and $176,582 in a third year that was not listed. Mr. Klein is listed as a field staff member and "disseminator." Field staff members are not considered church members and are paid commissions based on donations raised from parishioners. Disseminators, also not considered employees, raise money for the International Association of Scientologists or' a full-time or part-time basis, collecting 10 percent of the money they raise. "

Klein, Leonard & Katherine . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Klein, William Warren . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Klein, Andrew Eric . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Leonard Klein may well be associated with Slatkin investor CJ Flynn, who lists someone of that name as Registered Agent for his company, Opscenter Technology. (See entry for Ops Center for more information on CJ Flynn.) He is a CPA, and his last known partnership was with KLEIN,GARDNER & SCHNEIDER, which operated out of Los Angeles.

Kobrin, Michael D or Helena K . Glendale, CA 91201
Helena is a lawyer for the Church of Scientology, and has represented various corporate entities, most noteably Religious Technology Center, in ongoing litigation. She is a partner in Moxon and Kobrin, an LA-based law firm that she co-owns with longtime CoS attorney and Snow White Unindicted co-conspirator Kendrick Moxon.

Kramer, Kandy . Mahwah, NJ 07430-3269
George W Carrol Irrev Trust FOB c/o Robert A Kramer Jr
George W Carrol

There was, apparently, a "wealthy Texas philanthropist" in the early 20th century named George W. Carrol, according to this Baptist webpage. No clue if this is "our" George, but he'd be getting mighty old if it is.

Here's a more likely possibility; this George Carrol is associate director of, New Jersey's Higher Education Network ,

The address resolves to Kandy L. Kramer, who is a Scientologist and former staffer, and the "Kramer Family" are listed as patrons. There are many other Kramers on the Scientology member rolls, but it is not clear which are related to Robert and Kandy, or, for that matter, how Robert and Kandy are related to each other.

Kandy runs "Thetatech, Inc." which is incorporated in New York:

Selected Entity Name: THETATECH, INC.
Current Entity Name: THETATECH, INC.
Initial DOS Filing Date: 03/17/1993
County: ORANGE
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
20 WEST 20TH ST. / SUITE 801
Chairman or Chief Executive Officer KANDY L. KRAMER
PO BOX 1619
Principal Executive Office
Registered Agent

There is a Robert A. Kramer who is a Florida lawyer specializing in tax planning and estates,
but a more likely possibility is the Robert A. Kramer who heads up e-Finance investing at the Jeffries Group:

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2000 - Jefferies & Company, Inc., the principal operating subsidiary of Jefferies Group, Inc. (NYSE: JEF), announced today the addition of Robert A. Kramer as Managing Director of e-Finance investment banking and Craig A. Peckham as Senior Equity Research Analyst covering the banking technology industry. Both Mr. Kramer and Mr. Peckham will be based in the Firm's New York office.
Mr. Kramer joins Jefferies from Bear Stearns & Co., Inc., where he started in 1983. As a senior managing director of their investment banking technology group, Mr. Kramer focused on financial service technology companies. His experience at that firm included several key merger and acquisition assignments as well as numerous other transactions.

Kreiner, Joel & Stina Hams . Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Joel Kreiner (CA)Joel Kreiner was Deputy Guardian Legal in the Guardian's Office during the Snow White debacle. He was also the Church's primary tax attorney. After entering private practice, he went into partnership with longtime Church lawyer -- and Slatkin investor -- James Q. Fisher, but now operates as a sole practitioner. He is a Cornerstone Club member, participates in legal mentoring programs at local schools and gave $250 to George W Bush's presidential campaign.

Kretchmar, Randolph and Cheryl Rae Berman . Wilmette, IL 60091

Cheryl and Randolph are Scientologists from Chicago. Cheryl is a Patron of the IAS, and Randy is an OSA public with Chicago Org. Cheryl, whose maiden name is Berman, is head of the Creative Division of the Leo Burnett Co. in Chicago. Leo Burnett is a biggie in advertising with clients like Disney and Hallmark. Burnett also had the Eli Lilly Prozac mass marketing account but it is not clear if they still have this account. Her resume can be found here.

Kriste, George V . Salinas, CA 93905
Kriste, George . Malibu, CA 90265
Kristie, George & Ramie . Malibu, CA 90265

George V. Kriste (CA) George Kriste was one of Reed's fellow investors in International Dispensing. He is also CEO of New Century Media, a radio and television broadcaster with stations across the country. He also ran into some difficulties with the Federal Communications Commission.

Krueger, Gregory A . Burbank, CA 91504

According to this page, which belongs to Scientologist and former Earthlink sales manager Tim Corbo, Greg Krueger is a local musician with whom Tim played in Pasadena.
Greg's wife, Judy, is also a musician and a Scientologist on the IAS Honour Roll, making it very likely that Greg is a Scientologist as well.

Kugler, Todd & Beth Rose . Clearwater, FL 33765

Beth Kugler is the daughter of Ike Kezborn, and is married to Todd Kugler, the middle son of Scientologist and IAS Patron Ben Kugler. They have two children, and Todd works with Ben at Distribution VIdeo and Audio, which Ben describes in the following excerpt from his OS page :

"I'm currently the CEO of a company called Distribution Video and Audio - a 10 year old firm that buys and sells videos, video games, CD music and CD ROM Products. These products are bought nationally on a wholesale/liquidated basis and sold to the major mass merchants. I am currently in transition turning over the business to my 3 eldest sons and am a partner in a consulting firm that specializes in improving ones bottom line. I have 7 children ages 31 to 8 and a wife of 22 years. I am very much interested and involved in organizations that help primary children. I am currently on the boards of Cherish the Children Foundation and the World Literacy Crusade, Clearwater, Florida. My best friend from High School introduced me to Scientology after we graduated from College. We're still best friends today and we're both very much with Scientology."

Kuchman, Mimi &/or Mary Louise Denver, CO 80220
Mimi Kuchman is a Denver-area actress.

Kuhlman, Linda . Northfield, IL 60093
This address is unlisted according to Infospace, however there is a listing for Linda Kuhlman in Winnetka, Illinois. That number is shared with Michael C. Brown.
Just to drive me insane, there is a Lansing, Michigan quilter named Linda Kuhlman:

Kuhn, Tarl . Los Angeles, CA 90027
There are a host of Scientologist Kuhns, although none named "Tarl" in our records. This Tarl, on the other hand, has a very interesting address; it is the former location of Bridge Publications, the Church of Scientology's publishing wing. It is currently listed as the home address of:


according to this Freezone webpage that provides names and contact information about various non-CoS Scientologists available for auditing and other processing