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La Fever, Jeanne . Issaquah, WA 98029

Although we still know comparatively little about Jeanne La Fever, thiscorporation turned up in the Florida Sunbiz database, which seems to be co-owned by Jeanne and Syl La Fever:


Name & Address Title
411 CLEVELAND ST., #411
411 CLEVELAND ST., #411

The same building (but not suite) is also home to many WISE and Scientologist-owned businesses, including Jean Brasel's Freedom of Religion for Everyone, Inc., , as well as Paris Morfopoulos' One Stop Shoppe and the Clearwater offices of fellow Slatkin investors - and Scientologists - The Warner Sisters.

Lacy, Linwood A . Midlothian, VA 23113
Linwood Lacy is a director of Earthlink, and was an early investor in the company. There is no indication that he is a Scientologist. Here is his bio from Earthlink filings with the SEC:

LINWOOD A. LACY, JR. has been a director of the Company since June 1996.
Since October 1996, he has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Micro Warehouse Incorporated. From 1989 to May 1996, he served as the Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ingram Micro, Inc., a microcomputer products distributor and a then wholly-owned subsidiary of Ingram Industries Inc. From December 1993 to June 1995, Mr. Lacy was also President of Ingram Industries Inc. From June 1995 until April 1996, he was President and CEO of Ingram Industries Inc., and from April 1996 to May 1996 served as its Vice Chairman. Mr. Lacy serves as a director of Ingram Industries Inc., Entex Information Services, Inc. and Micro Warehouse Incorporated.

Laing, RE Bert . Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Laing, Robert . Santa Barbara, CA 93108

There is a Bert Laing who is a Scientologist and OT7, and also a Lyn Laing.

Possibly coincidentally, there is a Robert E. Laing who goes by the name “Bert” who is the CEO of LincCapital, a venture capital firm in Chicago.

Lake, John & Chris . Granada Hills, CA 91344
John and Chris are Scientologists, and Patrons of the IAS, as John Lake and Christine A. Lake. John Lake is a former Guardian's Office staffer. Here he is, portrayed as a frightened victim of the FBI raid on Scn following the GO spy-ring discovery:

""I was frightened by his demands, and thinking they might start breaking the door down, I said, 'Wait, I don't have a key to that door. Let me call the night watchman in there to open it. I dialed the phone and it rang about ten times before John Lake answered it. "I told Lake that there were FBI agents out here in the lobby threatening to break the door down if he didn't open it. I turned to Mr. Linberg and asked to see the warrant (Lake had asked me over the phone to do this). Linberg gave me the warrant and I looked it over quickly. I said to Lake, 'Yes, they do have a search warrant, so you might as well open the door or they will break it open.”

The full story can be read here.

However, a not-quite so rosy view of John Lake is visible in the Stipulation of Evidence against those GO defendants: indeed, it seems John was one of the guards of Michael Meisner, the former GO operative who was held prisoner by CoS when it was feared he would divulge their schemes:

"Page four of that exhibit included a weekend guard schedule for "Herbert" (Mr. Meisner). It listed the following individuals as guards: Jim Douglass, Chuck Reese, Peeter Alvet, John Lake, George Pilat, and Gary Lawrence. Handwriting expert James Miller concludes as follows: "positive" that the first two pages were handwritten by the defendant Willardson; "positive" that the notation on the third page from "Cindy" to "Greg" was written by the defendant Raymond; and "positive" that the handwritten notation on the last page addressed "Dear Cindy" was written by the defendant Willardson. Government Exhibit No. 167 was seized by Special Agent Hillman from Room 15 at the Cedars Complex. It was inventoried and initialed by Special Agent Gonzales."

Christine has an OS page as well.

“I have been in Scientology since 1972. I have a degree in Computer Science and work in the field of Systems Administration for Windows NT in a computer software company called Executive Software. I have been in the software business for about 15 years, having worked at and been an owner in Realworld Corporation for about 11 years prior to living in Los Angeles. Prior to that I was on staff in the Church of Scientology for 8 1/2 years.

I am happily married to John Lake and have been for 20 years, and we have two wonderful children named Cara and Alex, and of course, the obligatory dog, cat and fish. The kids are dynamic and extroverted, and involved in life as a result of their own abilities and our applying Scientology technology to them, loving them and helping them grow up"

Executive Software is, of course, the famous WISE business owned by Patron Meritorious Craig Jensen, which makes the disk-defragmenter software which caused a fracas in Germany when it was incorporated into Windows 2000.

Chris Lake also "reviewed" http://www.admintech.com, and was quoted in a press release:
"I was very impressed with this site," says Chris Lake, another tester. "I am on the Web a lot, and this is the first time I have seen a Web site take so much care to make it easy for the visitor to understand what is being communicated," Lake continues, "And people will be surprised by its refreshing content."

Lan, Jeanie . Clearwater, FL 34625
Pat Balvin & Jeanie Lan

Both Jean and Pat, who are married, are Scientologists, and Jeanie appeared on the 1999 Investor List. According to records from Scientology publications, Pat Balvin is a former staffer and Patron of the IAS, while Jeanie, also a Patron, was in charge of Criminon, one of the CoS ‘community groups’, and ironically, one associated with fellow Slatkin investor, Scientologist and convicted felon, Libby Weigand.

According to his OS page, Patric was in San Diego at the time, involved in the wholesale/retail automobile business. He now appears to be in Florida, however.

Jeanie lists 2357 Stag Run as her address in Criminon’s corporate filing:

She is a director, as is Libby.

The address resolves to Bernardo and Jeanie Lan.

In her OS page, Jeanie says, “My whole life is Scientology.”

Landau, Yael &/or Michelle Landau &/or Asaf Landau . North Hollywood,CA 91607
Yael, Michelle (Asaf Landau)

Asaf Landau is “a 25 year old Israeli male, living in San Francisco, California. I'm interested in stimulating conversation, whatever the topic may be... from stupid wit (oxymoron) to deeper subjects...”
Michelle Yael would seem to be his partner, and she is involved with Friends of Narconon. Presumably she, at least, is Scientologist, and possibly Asaf as well.

Lang, Ben-Zion and Shoshana . Calabasas, CA 91302
Ben and Shoshana’s street address resolves to one Alan M Mintz, but there is no further information about him available. According to an extensive “Clear” List of Scientologists maintained by an outside critic, there is a Shoshy Lang with Clear # 13168 who was being audited at CCLA in the 1980s.

Ben and Shoshana appear on the Clark County, Nevada tax assessment list:

250 139-06-812-004 LANG BEN ZION & SHOSHANA 99 6,300 34,560
107 264-28-610-108 LANG BEN-ZION & SHOSHANA 99 5,040 17,190

LaRose, Bob . Clearwater, FL 33755
That address resolves to the following WISE company:

Perfectly Balanced Books
Kathleen E. Lettau
133 Garden Avenue North
Clearwater, FL 33755-4119
United States
(1) 727-445-9707
(1) 727-445-9606
pbb@mail.usld.net mailto:pbb@mail.usld.net>

Perfectly Balanced Books also handled Slatkin investments for Sunnyside Investments (profiled elsewhere on both this list and the 1999 Investor List). According to Mr. LaRose, a former employee with Scientologist-owned firm Wiseman and Burke (profiled elsewhere on this list), he was the contact person for Slatkin at Sunnyside Investments before the account moved to Perfectly Balanced Books. He does not have a personal claim against Slatkin, as far as he knows.

Mr. LaRose is not a Scientologist.

Larsen, Karen . Santa Fe, NM 87505
Larson, Karen Chase . Sante Fe, NM 87501

That address resolves to Whitney Chase, Karen Chase and William Modahl, according to Infospace.

This webpage suggests that Karen is employed at Ortiz Middle School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Larson, Alan H & Janet W . Sheriden, OR 97378
Alan, Janet and Barbara Silver share the same address: the main office of Delphi Academy, a Scientology school owned and operated by the Larsons:
The Larsons have been profiled extensively on the 1999 Investor List; Barbara, who is a registrar at the school, is also a Scientologist.

(See also entry for Barbara Silver)

Lasker, Alex - Trustee . Marina del Ray, CA 90292
Apparently a screenwriter with no ties to Scientology, he co-wrote “Beyond Rangoon,” which starred Patricia Arquette and Spalding Gray, according to this Castle Rock promotional site

Leberger, Dani & Tami . Haifa 31250 Israel
Dani is cited in Source #78 as a Flag course completion in 1992.

Nothing for Tami Lemberger or Tamara Lemberger found.

There is also a "Dan Lemberger", a chiropractor who is quite the proponent of traditional subluxation theory, or straight chiropractic, at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. He apparently graduated rather recently (in 1997) , but was speaking at seminars on subluxations and arranging chiro. events by 1999, as well as serving in a "Chiropractic mission" to Brazil. For *this* Dan Lemberger, see:
http://www.chiroweb.com/archives/15/20/24.html .

Lee, Dr Jeffrey & Mrs Sherene . Tustin, CA 92780
This address corresponds to a dental complex in Tustin, California. But Jeffrey Lee is a cosmetic surgeon: .

Dr. Jeffrey Lee, M.D.
1076 E. First St.
Tustin, CA 92780
Fax: 714-734-9362
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr Jeffrey Lee's cosmetic surgery practice provides the latest in surgical care in: liposuction, facial surgery, hair transplantation, Botox, microdermabrasion and skin care. We tailor our care to the client's specific needs using advance surgical techniques that result in a natural rejuvenated appearance with minimal down time. Our in house medical Esthetician(skin care specialist) provides a variety of skincare treatments customized to the client's personal needs, including a complimentary consultation. It has been our experience that the best results come from a team approach, which includes the patient, the doctor and the Esthetician. 1) the patient establishes the ideal scene or the goal 2) the doctor establishes a blueprint of how to arrive at the goal 3) the Esthetician determines how to improve the condition of the skin prior or post surgery to refine the final look or to promote faster healing. Our goal is to achieve the maximum benefit for our clients. The practice offers Chamber clients complimentary consultations and 10% discount on all services and products.

Leibovit, Geraldine or Mark Sedona, AZ 86339
Leibovit, Jeremy Sedona, AZ 86339
Leibovit, Mark & Alice Sedona, AZ 86339
Leibovit, Mark Sedona, AZ 86339
Leibovit, Matthew Sedona, AZ 86339

Mark Leibovit runs VRTradercom, an online investment advisory service, and also publishes the stock newsletter, “Market Monitor”.

Here is his bio from one of the sites that runs his regular commentary on the market:

“Mark Leibovit from VRTrader.com … is a veteran market strategist and technical analyst. For many years, Mark served as one of the 'Ten Elves' on Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street Week. He frequently appears as a guest on PBS' Nightly Business Report with Paul Kangas, and he is Chief Technical Commentator for the Business News Radio Network. Mark has been ranked a top market timer by both Timer Digest and Hulbert Financial Digest. “

There is no sign that he’s a Scientologist.

Jeremy and Matthew could be children.

Levi, Ilan & Barbara - Trustees Santa Barbara, CA 93109-1790
Levi, Ilan M & Barbara G Trustees . Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Several possible Ilans, including a French tech businessman , and a retired Lucent/Bell Labs counselor .

Definitely a philanthropist, however; with his wife Barbara, he is a donor to the Santa Barbara Parkinson's Foundation, and serves on their board of directors.

Barbara Levi appears to be a prominent physicist. On the physics faculty at UC Santa Barbara, she is an editor of Physics Today. She is on a Leo Szilard lectureship committee, and was also a contributor. She is on the Executive Committee of the American Physical Society Forum on Education. She's also on the board of Girls Incorporated (a sort of more modern Girl Scouts) in Santa Barbara. She's studied and spoken on pretty much everything from global warming to nuclear weapons, and has written on national security topics. She graduated from Carleton in 1965, and sent off this update to an alumni page :

"Barbara Levi, email: bgl@worldnet.att.net mailto:bgl@worldnet.att.net> Most days I pull on my sweats and go down to my home office, where I plunk out stories for Physics Today. Nice life, but a bit solitary. So I welcomed the chance to teach a course in introductory physics at UCSB last winter quarter and this. As an antidote to my solitary writing activities, the 300 biology majors who take that course is overkill! But I am really happy to have the chance to be in the classroom again. Can anyone recommend sources of physics problems with biological and medical applications? I'm still serving on the APS Forum on Education, which is headed by fellow Carl, Paul Zitzewitz, who succeeded yet another fellow Carl...and now a NJ Congressional representative, Rush Holt! Best wishes to all from sunny California!"

She also presented a 'Forum On Physics & Society'

Levine, Bernard & Carol . New York, NY 10023
Levine, Bernard and Carol . New York, NY 10023

Bernard M. and Carol Levine are both listed at this address.

There is a Bernard Levine, MD who is a professor of Immunology at NYU.
Bernard Levine, MD of Riverside Drive also seems to be involved in the National Home Health Care Corp, according to this SEC filing:

BERNARD LEVINE, M.D., has been a Director of the Company since July 1983. For more than 20 years he has been a Professor of Internal Medicine at New York University School of Medicine with a sub-specialty in Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Levine devotes a portion of his time as a private consultant to the health care industry.

The company runs a variety of HMOs, including several in Florida.

Levine, Jason . Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274
Jason’s street address also belongs to the following publishing house:

Western Front, Ltd.
416 Paseo Del Mar
Palos Verdes, CA 90274

Western Front, Ltd., has published, amongst other things, the sequel to Hal Lindsay’s Late Great Planet Earth.

According to these city government meeting minutes, the address is registered to the Minshulls, who appear elsewhere on this list:

Recommendation: Review and File.
a. Request to remove City street tree at 416 Paseo del Mar. Lot 5, Block 1511, Tract 6886.
Applicant/Owner: Jack Duston, on behalf of:
The Minshull Residence
416 Paseo del Mar
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

According to a Google search for “Western Front Ltd.,” the publishing house puts out a wide range of kooky literature, including Christian apocalyptic visionary, anti-aging and other alternate health theories.

Levine, Richard & Barbara - Family 1995 Trust . Tarzana, CA 91356
Levine, Laura . Tarzana, CA 91356

Richard Levine is a low profile Scientologist who seems to be curiously absent from many of the usual places where wealthy Scientologists appear, including the Super Power Building donation list and the IAS Patron List. The Levine Family does appear in IAS-86 with a $20,000 donation, and according to CoS publications, Richard has taken the L courses.

Richard is mentioned extensively throughout Reed’s deposition before the SEC. According to his testimony, Richard Levine is an “old friend”, and his co-partner in Tarzana Partners. He also has trading authority and “watches over” many of Reed’s trading accounts, and introduced Reed to another future business partner, Statistical Sciences.

The only listing for Tarzana Partners in the California corporate database is the following:

Number: C1703148 Date Filed: 2/18/1992 Status: dissolved
Jurisdiction: California
Mailing Address
Agent for Service of Process

Lewis, Norman . W Sussex, England RH194AQ
Lewis, Norman . Clearwater, FL 33755

Norman Lewis is a Scientologist at the Operating Thetan level, he has also been - and may still be - on staff with the Church of Scientology. He appears to live in a Scientology staff residence in Clearwater, but his UK address was not able to be resolved.

Lewis, Fiona . Santa Monica, CA 90402
Not a Scientologist, apparently, Fiona Lewis seems to be an actress with credits mainly in the 1970s and 1980s. Her last reported appearance was Innerspace .

Here are more details on her career.

Libbey, Eric . Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Eric Libbey is a member of the Santa Barbara Athletic Club, where he isranked as a squash player:
He also volunteered to man a checkpoint at an event held by the Santa Barbara Sport Car Club.

Lichtenberg, Matt . Los Angeles, CA 90024
According to this article, Matt is a partner at celebrity business management firm Goldman, Lichtenberg, Wasserman and Grossman:

"The music industry [hierarchy] is completely different from [that of] film and television," explains Matt Lichtenberg, a partner in Goldman, Lichtenberg, Wasserman and Grossman--the Los Angeles-based business management firm that handles Brandy's financial concerns. Lichtenberg says that a singer-musician's first concern should be securing an experienced manager although, typically, a model-actor will first find an agent.

Matt Lichtenberg solicits support for the Norwood Kinds Foundation:

If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation, please make checks payable to:

The Norwood Kids Foundation
c/o Matt Lichtenberg
Chase GLWG
10960 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 2150
Los Angeles, CA 90024

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Mr. Lichtenberg invested on behalf of some of his glitterati clients, and his name appears in relation to the entry for Anne Archer and Terry Jankow’s invested trust.

Linsom, Art . Santa Monica CA 90402
Linson, Art . Santa Monica, CA 90402
Linson, Barbara "lil" . Clearwater, FL 34616

According to correspondence from site visitors, Art Linson has never been a Scientologist, although both his sister and his ex-wife were involved with the church in the past. There is, however, a Lil Linson, possibly his ex-wife, who appears as a Patron of IAS, and is also congratulated for her efforts with the Clearwater Community Volunteers, a Scientology-run group.

Liska, Michael A & Carolyn L . Pleasanton, TX 78064
Michael resolves to this address:

Michael A Liska
105 Deer Run St
Pleasanton, TX 78064

Michael A. Liska is the past president of the San Antonio wing of the Texas Academy of General Dentistry:

Dr. Michael A. Liska
Imm Past President
1144 Oaklawn Rd.
Pleasanton, TX 78064
Office: 830-569-3888
Fax: 830-569-3888

He also sought help with this advertisement in the local paper:

our technically advanced: service oriented office is looking for a hygienist who will make a personal commitment to the health of our patients. The right person for us would be team oriented, open-minded about new techniques and ideas, committed to continued education and comfortable with changes. We believe in giving our clients the best possible care and need someone who shares our philosophy. Top compensation commensurate with experience. Interested persons send your resume to Pleasanton Dental Care, 1144 Oaklawn, Pleasanton, TX 78064, 830-569-3888.

Oddly enough, there’s no indication he’s a Scientologist.

Livingston, Anita & Marty . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Marty Livingston was on the 1993 WISE California list, but neither he nor Anita appear elsewhere on the list, which could mean that they are no longer Scientologists, or are members of the Sea Organization.

Lob, David & Michele . Laguna Beach, CA 92651
David Lob is the president of West Coast Diamond Exchange, a division of Liberty Diamonds.

Michele went to “Life Coach Training” at Therapist University.

Neither appears to be Scientologist, but you never can tell.

Lonstein, Danil Versailles Int LDC . Encino, CA 91436
Lonstein, Toni . Nassau, Bahamas
Lonstein, Tony Affluence Inv LDC . Encino, CA 91436
Lonstein, Tony Energy Inv LDC . Encino, CA 91436
Lonstein, Tony Exchange Inv LDC . Encino, CA 91436
Lonstein, Tony . Clearwater, FL 33767

The Lonstein family, Tony, Joan, Siri and Kathy, are all Scientologists and generous donors to the International Association of Scientologists, with both Tony and Joan donating $100K. Joan is an OT 7 and Tony is also in his OT levels. Siri seems to be on staff with the Church of Scientology.

Tony Lonstein was an initial investor in Digital Lightwave, and the “Lonstein Option” was mentioned in Brian Haney’s lawsuit against Bryan Zwan:

72. On October 2, 1995, Plaintiff gave his consent to the Second Haney Shares Option Amendment, after requesting that certain changes be made to protect his interest~s. If Defendant Zwan had informed Plaintiff that Digital had granted the March - July 1995 Digital IPO Options, the Baum-Hedlund Option or the Lonstein IPO Option, or that planning for the Digital IPO was well under way, Plaintiff would not have agreed to the Second Haney Shares Option Amendment because he would have realized his shares had a substantially higher value than that represented by the Haney Shares Option Exercise Price.

Tony and Joan are both on the 2001 Patron List, and Tony’s (former?) company, AddTel Communications, was a member of WISE:

Addtel Communications
Tony Lonstein
143 S. Glendale Ave., 3rd Floor
Glendale, CA 91205
Tel. 818-265-1122
Fax 818-265-3030

Tony has an OS page, as do many other Lonsteins, most likely children.

He hails from South Africa originally, and according to his bio, immigrated to the United States in 1984.

Tony is currently on the executive team of LendingUniverse.com, and also runs a private venture capital firm, according to this bio:

Tony Lonstein -
Mr. Lonstein is a director and principal of Financial Growth Company LLC, a private investment firm based in Los Angeles, which makes primarily angel-round investments in internet, technology and telecommunication startups. Recent projects include CUShopper.com, Prizecrazy.com, ReceiveTV, and Designfanatic.com. Previously, Mr. Lonstein was Chairman and Founder of ADDTEL Communications, Inc., a nationwide long distance service provider with headquarters in Glendale, California. After growing ADDTEL into a $30 million annual revenues firm, the company was acquired in 1997 by a Texas-based publicly traded company. Mr. Lonstein has extensive experience in the international markets, patent processes, and the telecommunications field.

Also on the LendingUniverse board is Scientologist money maven Michael Baybak.

Lonstein’s company has invested in VitalStream, a net broadcasting enterprise that also features another Slatkin investor, Alexander Eckelberry, on its board.

More information on Financial Growth Company:

Number: 199810710023 Date Filed: 4/17/1998 Status: active
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Principal Address
670 ISLAND WAY #706
Agent for Service of Process

Lorentzen, Bill . Clearwater, FL 34624
William B. and Victoria Lorentzen are on the 2001 Patron List as well as members of WISE, according to this entry:

Renewlife Formulas
William Lorentzen
1664 Sharon Way
Clearwater, FL 33764-6542
United States
(1) 727-533-4839
(1) 727-524-7574

Bill also has an Online Scientologist page:

“I play guitar and I have an album of Latin Jazz I'm just finishing up. I also have 2 business (a recording & music production company, and an Herbal supplement company) which are thriving. My favorite interest is skiing. I also love sailing and many other sports.”

Lotz, Trey - Field Ministry . Los Angeles, CA 90019
At one point, Trey Lotz was on the 1983 “Enemies List” issued by the Church of Scientology, but has apparently returned to the fold.

He is also listed in the 1999 WISE directory:

Lotz, Trey
978 S. Gramercy PI
Los Angeles, CA 90019-2153
United States
(1) 323-735-6105
(1) 323-735-8400

Lounsbury, Frances . Princeton, WV 24740
This site features a person with same name listed as chiropractor in West Virginia.

Since there is also a chiropractor clinic of the same name, from West Virginia, in the WISE directory for 1999, it seems likely Frances is a Scientologist.

From WISE:

Lounsbury Chiropractic Offices, Inc.
Princeton WV 24740

Louw, Krystyna . Hollywood, CA 90028
Krystyna Louw was on the 1999 Investor List, but here, she appears to be using the address of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre as her point of contact. According to Scientology magazines, she is an OT7.

Lovit, Samuel J or Sylvia C . Boca Raton, FL 33487
Lovit, Sylvia C . Boca Raton, FL 33487

Sam and Sylvia are on the Honour Roll of the Florida Atlantic University Foundation

This Samuel J. Lovit is a member of a completely unrelated (and much cheaper) Cornerstone Club for the University of Massachusetts . They do not appear to be Scientologists.

Ludwig, Timothy P . Burke, VA 22015
See other entry for Tim and Beth Shaffer-Ludwig.

Lustgarten, Moris . Clearwater, FL 33756
There is no record of Moris, but we do have a Clara Lustgarten who is an Online Scientologist.
She is also listed in WISE:

Lustgarten, Clara
121 Island Way #334
Clearwater, FL 33767-2225
United States
(1) 727-443-6244

Luzzi, Carmela . Boca Raton, FL 33433
This address resolves to Jim and Mela Luzzi, obviously our Carmela. The only potential Jim Luzzi I could find was this person,
a former AT&T manager involved in a class action suit against several major brokerages after losing 1/3 of his life savings in a stock purchase.

Lyons, Charlie . Lilleton, CO 80128

A major figure in the Colorado sports industry, Charlie Lyons spent more than a decade as CEO of Ascent Entertainment, a sports entertainment conglomerate whose assets included, among other things, the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and the Pepsi Center - and, at one point, Beacon Communications LLC, the film production company that eventually wound up in the hands of Slatkin investors Armyam Bernstein, Richard Rosman and Kevin O’Donnell.

In 1999, Lyons put together a tentative deal to sell the two teams and their arena to Bill and Nancy Walton Laurie, heiress to the Waltons.

DENVER (AP) -- Ascent Entertainment Group Inc. has agreed to sell the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche and the teams' future home, the Pepsi Center, in a deal valued at $400 million.
The sale will be to a partnership controlled by Bill Laurie and his wife, Wal-Mart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie of Columbia, Mo.
Charlie Lyons, currently chief executive officer of Ascent Entertainment, will become president of the partnership and will own an interest in the partnership, the company said Monday.

The halcyon days for Lyons ended shortly after this announcement, however, after the deal became mired in no fewer than three lawsuits, partly as a result of concerns amongst shareholders that Lyons hadn’t followed an open bidding process in brokering the deal. In this column, Denver Post writer Mark Kizla calls for his resignation.

After the deal fell through, shareholder unhappiness forced Lyons to resign from his post with Ascent, which resulted in a multimillion dollar severance package:

Lyons gets $3.6 million
Charlie Lyons, formerly the president, chairman and CEO of Denver-based Ascent Entertainment Group, will receive a severance package worth $3.6 million. Lyons has been on leave since June following a dispute about the sale of the company's sports teams. He resigned this week.

Madero, Esperanza . Clearwater, FL 33765
Esperanza is a Scientologist from Florida with an OS page who also appears on the 1999 Investor List.

Mancuso, Chris . Irvine, CA 92612
Chris Mancuso, or Christopher J. Mancuso, was involved in Ron Rakow’s yogurt culture scam in the mid-1980s, according to this court filing from the bankruptcy of Culture Farms:

Chris J. Mancuso was also in business with another Slatkin investor, Donald Rackemann, who appears on the original investor list as the president of PriceNET USA, an Irvine, California ISP.

Mancuso and Rackemann were partners in this company:

Type: Corporation File Number: C8863-1988 State: NEVADA Incorporated On: November 07, 1988
Status: Merge / dissolved Corp Type: Regular
Resident Agent: LAUGHLIN ASSOCIATES, INC. (Accepted)
Address: 2533 N. CARSON STREET
Address: 5727 CANOGA PARK
Address: 5727 CANOGA PARK

Here is a brief bio of Don Rackemann, from an SEC filing:

Donald Rackemann has been the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer since 1998. Prior to heading up Price Net USA.com, Mr. Rackemann was semi-retired but very involved in the manufacturing of golf equipment. From 1988 to 1994, he served as Chairman and CEO of National Telephone & Communications, Inc. a long-distance telephone service provider, which he co-founded and was responsible for its early growth and success. Incomnet, Inc. acquired the company during 1994.

Don ran into trouble in his application to add a 1,000+ square foot expansion, with pool and spa, to his home:

The proposal was eventually withdrawn in the face of opposition from his neighbours.

Here is a sales pitch for PriceNET USA.

He also likes fast cars.

Chris Mancuso was also involved in this company:

Type: Corporation File Number: C2801-1998 State: NEVADA Incorporated On: February 10, 1998
Status: Revoked Corp Type: Regular
Resident Agent: DOMINIC P. GENTILE, LTD. (Accepted)
Address: 3 PARK PLZ #1200
Address: 3 PARK PLZ #1200

Jerry Ballah was also involved with the lactic culture scam, and seems to have been mentioned by the Van Harlingens (!) as part of a real estate deal in Florida that somehow went awry. He also seems to have been involved with Donald Rackemann and PriceNET USA, but is no longer with the company.

During his days at World Technology Marketing, Jerry made headlines when the company was accused of credit fraud:

“Eight to 10 USC students claim to have been defrauded by the Irvine-based World Technology Marketing Inc., which is also known as Worldtech, World Marketing Alliance and World Marketing, officials from the Career Planning and Placement Center said.
One student, the first to make a complaint, claimed to have been charged $495 without her consent, though she did sign a blank credit card statement …
The engineering student who found a charge on her credit card after the interview tried to call the company and said she has received no reply.
"Ballah has also identified himself first as an independent representative, later as the vice president of Worldtech and finally as president of the company when contacted by DPS," Devega said.”

Here is the official warning against World Technology Marketing Inc. from USC:

Despite a seemingly heaven-made match, PriceNET and Jerry Ballah have since parted ways, with the company filing suit against Ballah for a laundry list of alleged offences, as detailed in this filing:

Price Net USA, Inc. has filed a lawsuit in the superior court of Orange County, California against the former Director/President Jerry Ballah, Bruce Ballah, The Big Store.com, The Big Hub.com, The Big Biz.com, OhGolly.com, IPowerBiz, PriceNet Marketing, and MGI WorldNet.com (the Ballah group). The lawsuit was filed during August 2000 in the amount of not less than $25,000,000 for Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Breach of Contract, International Interference with Contractual Relationships, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, Accounting, and Injunctive Release. The discovery process is ongoing and the Company is vigorously pursuing the matter toward a favorable outcome. The case is set for a settlement hearing in August 2001.

These days, Jerry is running his own e-commerce “network marketing” venture, iPowerbiz.

Mancuso, Michael . Newport Beach, CA 92663
Michael and James Mancuso were both involved with Clear World Communications Corp., according to this page:

This makes it likely that he is related to Chris Mancuso.

The only listing for this address is:
Douglas S Ginter
177 Riverside Ave Ste F
Newport Beach, CA 92663 Phone: 949-650-5107

There is a Markus Ginter who is the Executive Establishment Organizing Officer at Flag Land Base, but it’s not clear if this is just a coincidental name.

Mantis, Julie S . Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Julie is the VP for Sales at Earthlink, according to this bio .

She is also a Scientologist and Cornerstone Club member.

Mardigan, Ronald . Los Angeles, CA 90068
Mardigian, Merle & Ron . Los Angeles, CA 90068

Address reverses to Ronald *Mardigian*.

Mardigian is an agent in LA.He's on the screenwriting faculty at USC School of Cinema,
and he's involved with the prestigious Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowships:
"Final judging for the competition was done by the Nicholl Committee, chaired by writer Fay Kanin and comprised of writers John Gay, Hal Kanter, Dan Petrie Jr., Frank Pierson, Tom Rickman and Daniel Taradash, cinematographer John Bailey, editor Mia Goldman, actor Eva Marie Saint, producers Gale Anne Hurd and Peter Samuelson, director Robert E. Wise and agent Ronald Mardigian. Saint, Goldman, Rickman, Hurd and Mardigian introduced this year's Fellows at the dinner."

He became a Red Ape Rain Forest donor at the LA zoo.

USC says:

"Ron Mardigian
Mr. Mardigian worked his way up from the mailroom to become a Senior Vice President at the William Morris Agency, where he worked for 39 years. His client roster has included Eric Roth, Paul Schrader and Oliver Stone. "

There is no evidence he is a Scientologist.

Margo, Rod David . Los Angeles, CA 90067

Rod Margo is a lawyer with Condon & Forsyth, the anti-BHAGD profiled in the original investor list. He seems mainly involved with aviation law. It’s not clear how he, or his firm, wound up involved with Reed.

Marik, Jaroslav & Jirina . Los Angeles, CA 90049
Dr. Marik is a specialist in fertility and IVF, and runs a clinic in Los Angeles. He is also the Head of the Czech Society for the Preservation of Human Rights, and was associated with "Evergreen Ventures"
in this case
FILING DATE: 01/27/94

Marino, Gennaro & Kim . Champaign, IL 61820
Kim K. and Gennaro G. are Scientologists, and Gennaro is a Patron and has taken some OT levels. Gennaro is an engineering consultant, according to his WISE entry, and according to Infospace, he goes by the name “Jerry”:

G.G.Marino Engineering Consultants
Gennaro Marino
1601 Park Haven Dr.
Champaign, IL 61820
Tel. 217-352-2288
Fax 217-355-9246

According to his corporate webpage, Gennaro’s firm specializes in geotechnical engineering, including earthquake-proof buildings.

He is also an author. The Property Loss Advisory Board, a specialized industry association for insurance firms, sent a copy of his book on assessing earthquake damage to each home loss office:

Earthquake Project - We have completed our just-in-time earthquake training materials, which are accessible through our Web site. A copy of the Earthquake Damage Inspection, Evaluation, and Repair textbook by recognized expert Gennaro G. Marino, Ph.D., P.E., has been sent to each home office loss manager.

Marsh, Edward E 1180 Gulf Blvd Ste 1006 . Clearwater, FL 33767
Marsh, Edward TTEE . Clearwater, FL 33767

Edward Marsh is a Scientologist and Patron of the IAS. In his professional life, he is a trustee, and apparently has some business as such -- he is quoted as:

"As a trustee conducting foreclosures sales each day, I see numerous good people in unfortunate situations desperately seeking relief. Now they have somewhere to turn for sane, inexpensive help."
-- Edward E. Marsh, President, The California Trustee.

However, he seemed to use Slatkin investments in his work as a trustee.

There was also an Edward E. Marsh, unsure if it is the same Edward E. Marsh, who wrote a book called "How to Be Healthy With Natural Foods.". Also, Edward E. Marsh is president of First Independent Trust Deed Service.
Edward E. Marsh, Jr. is a practicing attorney.

Martin, Don c/o ePolicycom . Torrance, CA 90502
Martin, Donald E . Orange, CA 92868

Donald E. Martin is with Sterling Insurance Company, and has been profiled elsewhere on the site. His bio is as follows:

Donald E. Martin
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Don Martin has an extensive insurance background, having founded Cal-Surance in Orange, California, 37 years ago. As CEO and sole stockholder of Cal-Surance, he managed the growth of one of the top 50 insurance brokers in the U.S. Cal-Surance is an insurance brokerage comprised of six successful divisions, with annual sales exceeding $150 million. A chartered property and casualty underwriter (CPCU), Martin is also a nationally known speaker and the author of three motivational books. He is the chairman and CEO of Insurance Technology Solutions.

Epolicy.com is a new venture from the same people behind Cal-Surance; according to this brochure, its purpose is to deliver professional insurance products online.

Mayer, James & Kristine . Barrington, IL 60010
Both James and Kristine Kerkman Mayer are Patrons of the IAS.

There is a Jeanne Kerkman noted as a member of the park foundation that led to the creation of the L. Ron Hubbard Park in Tilden, Nebraska -- no idea if she’s related.

A lot of people in Tilden don't want to talk about Scientology now. The Lutheran pastor has no comment. Jeannene Kerkman, of the park foundation, doesn't return calls. The wife of park foundation member Duane Eggers says, "He isn't available." As in, ever.

McCarty, Eugenia A . Glendale, CA 91206

McDowell, Douglas & Peggy . Tesuque, NM 87574

Douglas and Peggy McDowell hail from Santa Fe, where they were introduced to Reed Slatkin by local art dealer Mark Zaplin. They are not Scientologists.

McGahee, Michael & Denise . Clearwater, FL 33765
Denise is associated with Scientologist and Digital Lightwave Investor Claire Guignon, and lives in Clearwater, according to a post made to TNX. Denise and husband Mike were members of the Sea Org for several years, and were actually declared "enemies" of the CoS in 1983, but have since returned to the fold. Their son is Dusty.

McGuire, Joe Ann . Liberty Twp, OH 45011

McMullin, Richard D and/or Joanne Rubinstein . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
McMullin, Richard D and/or Joanne McMullin . Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Richard invested in Earthlink through Reed Slatkin, according to SEC documents. According to Reed's appearance before the SEC in JFebruary 2000, Both Richard and Joanne are sub-contractors who worked with his company on occasion, and were listed as separate from other investors in hte "Club" files. Joanne Rubenstein is Richard’s mother.

McNeill, Roy & Lynett TTEE (The Binkdom Trust) . Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Both Roy and Lynnett*e* McNeill are Scientologists.
Lynnette has an OS page and directs theatre in Hollywood; here is a review of her production of “Laura”.

According to his OS page, Roy McNeill is a “businessman.” He and his wife found Scn in 1992.

They also appear to breed racehorses.

Apparently the address is either the former or current home of Robert Loggia, according to this Hollywood star location list.

Melrose, Penny (The Melrose Family Trust) . Sunnydale, CA 94087
There are a number of Scientologists named Melrose, including Richard and Penny, who are WISE members:

Faron Melrose, Inc
Rick & Penny Melrose
1678 Meadowlark Ln
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-4847
United States
(1) 480-793-7883
(1) 408-773-8023

The company has a website.

All four partners are Scientologists and patrons.

On his OS page, Richard says:

“After a career which has involved music, art, electronics (including work on the Mariner Mars space program) and business management, as well as contributions to the establishment of Scientology service organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, I am currently active as a minister making contributions to the whole network of Scientology churches and missions, particularly in northern California. "

On his page, George Wynns credits Rick Melrose for his recruitment:

"I first found out about Scientology in San Francisco through Rick Melrose’s (a lecturer) introductory lectures a number of years ago, and I was fascinated with L. Ron Hubbard’s writings. Since then, I have had the privilege of doing many things with and in Scientology."

Metzler, Robert & Charlotte . Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Metzler, Robert Cust for Metzlers . Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Metzler, Robert & Charlotte . Tarpon Springs, FL 94689
Metzler, Robert D . Tarpon Springs, FL 94689

Bob is ex-GO Copenhagen, as mentioned in various affidavits:

From Mr. Jakob Andersen vs Church of Scientology Denmark 503/1978 (7043) Testimony of Ms. Vibeke Damman, Oslo

JACOBSEN: What's the channel of command? Who is at the head of Guardian's Office? At the end of your time there?

DAMMAN: The Guardian's Office where I worked?

JACOBSEN: In Copenhagen.

DAMMAN: In Copenhagen it is Bob Metzler.

JACOBSEN: Who was his immediate superior?

DAMMAN: Jane Kember.

Robert and Charlotte are 'Cornerstone Club' members of the Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida.

Both Robert and Charlotte are IAS Patrons.

Their company, Gold Coast Promotions, was a WISE member in 2001.

Metzler, Charles . Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Charles Metzler is a Patron of the IAS and likely a relative of Bob and Charlotte Metzler, former GO staffers and fellow Slatkin investors profiled elsewhere on the earlier investor list.

Meyerowitz Rook Chiropractic Group . Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Meyerowitz-Rook Chiropractic is a Santa Barbara chiropractic clinic. Its partners are Arnold Meyerowitz and Thomas W. Rook, both chiropractors.
Dr. Meyerowitz used to practice in Arizona, and was brought before the medical council in this case:
MD-98-0373 11973 13263 R.C. v ARNOLD MEYEROWITZ, MD, according to this webpage.
Interestingly, there is no indication that either is a Scientologist. Perhaps they met Reed through the Santa Barbara social scene.

Michelson, Randy San Francisco, CA 94111

Mikmeev Andrew /Sunnyside Inv Perfectly Balanced Books Clearwater, FL 33755
From the Nevada Secretary of State corporate database:

Type: Limited Liability
Company File Number: LLC10389-1996
Incorporated On: May 09, 1996
Current list of officers on file
Corp Type: Limited Liability Company
Resident Agent: PRENTICE-HALL CORP. SYSTEM, NV.,THE (Accepted)
Address: 502 E. JOHN STREET #E CARSON CITY NV 89706
Manager or Member: ANDREI MIKHEEV
Address: 206 S. BRAND BLVD. #200 GLENDALE CA 91204
Manager or Member: KEVIN BURKE Address: 206 S. BRAND BLVD.

Andre Mikheev is a Russian Scientologist and Patron of the IAS, with his wife, Oxana.

Is this Andre? From WISE 1999:

Andzey Mikheyev
Dzerzhinskogo, 1-20 644099
Omsk Russia (+7)
mikheev@intnet.net Edlist:

Kevin Burke, also a Scientologist, is the latter half of Wiseman and Burke.

From WISE 1999 Directory:

Wiseman & Burke
Kevin Burke
206 S. Brand Blvd., Ste. A Glendale,
CA 91204-1379 United States
(1) 818-247-1007 (1) 818-247-1861

The Burke Family is on the 2001 Patron List, and Kevin is a longtime Scientologist and OT.
According to the bio on the Wiseman Burke corporate webpage:

"Kevin J. Burke, sought-after speaker on wealth building and financial services, and the corporation's managing partner, was a Controller for a national drug rehabilitation corporation for many years. Subsequently, he was the internal business and financial manager for several corporations operated by an internationally known recording artist and composer after which he worked for several years with a C.P.A. firm in Los Angeles. Between them, the partners have thirty-five years of experience in banking, finance, money management, financial planning, taxes and accounting. The clients are also served by Wiseman & Burke, Inc.'s staff of 15 investment, tax and financial management professionals."

Milgrim, Hale & Anne . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Hale is the former president of Capitol Records, and the "number one Deadhead" in the world according to some fan pages out there, including this one: .

He and his wife, Anne, are both members of Foundation for Conscious Evolution, as well as the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation

They can both be seen (for now) on the Sings Like Hell friend page.

Miller, Steve (ITF Siri Miller) . La Crescenta, CA 91214
Miller, Steve & Astrid . La Crescenta, CA 91214

Both Steve and Astrid are Scientologists, and Astrid is also a trainer at Sterling Management, according to her webpage:

Minshull Paul R & Ann H Plano, TX 75039
Paul appears to be with US Tangible Investment Corporation, a coin appraisal company in Texas:

However, according to this press release, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of Heritage Numismatic Auctions:

As with all Heritage online sales, bidders on the items on eBay can view high-quality, full-color images of all auction lots.
"This special event will be promoted during National Coin Week on the eBay home page and coin category page, and on Heritage's home page. Heritage will also encourage participation through our unparalleled mailing and e-mailing lists," said Paul Minshull, Heritage's Chief Operating Officer

Heritage Coin offers a full service internet bidding site. It also boasts this authoritatively named subsidiary:

The Numismatic Certification Institute (NCI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heritage Capital Corporation of Dallas, the world's largest rare coin dealer. As of this writing, NCI is not actively grading coins; however, many NCI-graded coins remain on the market. NCI standards-by Heritage's own admission-are from three-quarters of a point to a point-and-a-half more liberal than the standards set forth by NGC and PCGS. Thus, a coin graded Mint State-65 by NCI and priced at $50 might in actuality be the equivalent of only a Mint State-64 coin from either NGC or PCGS.

Minshull, Ruth E . Northport, MI 90027
This is obviously the wrong postal code, since it resolves to Los Angeles (coincidentally, the same zip code is used by addresses within the Big Blue circle)
Ruth Minsbull is almost certainly Ruth Minshull, an oldtime Scientologist who wrote several Scientology-related books that were attacked by the church as being “off source.”

She was even mentioned by current RTC executive Guillaume Lesevre in passing at the famous 1982 Missionholder Conference in San Francisco:

Now when you come back, I suggest definitely that you get rid of all those Ruth Minshull and Peter Gillham and other publications and you just get on LRH books. Just go down in your reception in your bookstore and just get those other books out of there.

Several of her books, in fact, were banned. It’s not clear whether she stayed in the CoS after the controversy.

This speculation on Ruth’s fate came from a Freezoner:

Ruth Minshull was a Scientologist who wrote 2 excellent books on practical use of Scientology principles. One was 'How to Choose Your People', on the Tone Scale, the other, 'Miracles for Breakfast', was on child-raising. I believe she also wrote some shorter pamphlets.
The copyrights on both of these, as with all similar books, were held by Hubbard, not the actual author. The books were suppressed during the purge of the early 80's, and I'm reasonably certain that Minshull has been declared.

Recently, Ruth submitted this whimsical article on little-used words to the Christian Science Monitor:

She is also quoted as an ‘author and educator’ in this essay on income taxes, “the vampire of civilization,” by Tom Hill, almost certainly a Scientologist, possibly one practicing outside the church:

As stated earlier, (page 6) the basis of morale is production. Author and educator, Ruth Minshull agrees, "How a person spends his time strongly influences his emotional tone. If he is idle, without goal or direction, he will go downscale."50Downscale means to go down in emotional tone. What is the significance of this statement, that production is the basis of morale, in relation to income taxes? Is there really any connection? Does the earlier section on the history of taxes have any meaning in this discussion? I believe the answer to all of these questions is yes.

Aha. The same postbox is used for something called SAA Publishing, according to this site offering “work at home opportunities”:

In 1980, SAA Publishing put out Minshull’s book on destructive, selfish children, and is listed as being in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Ruth Minshull, How to Cure the Selfish Destructive Child. Ann Arbor, Michigan: SAA Publishing, 1980. Pbk. pp.40.

Minshull, Lee S . Tarzana, CA 91356
Lee Minshull is “a leading expert in gold coins” according to his company’s website.

Here are his references, from his corporate webpage:

Has contributed to Guidebook of United States Coins (Red Book) for over 20 years.
Has dealt in coins for over 25 years
Belongs to the following organizations
Sotheby's Internet Associate
American Numismatic Association (life member)
Professional Numismatic Guild PNG
Professional Coin Grading Service PCGS
Numismatic Guarantee Corporation NGC
Has credit lines with
Butterfield & Butterfield

Malaga Bank

According to these city planning meeting minutes, Lee’s address is the same as listed earlier for Jason Levine:

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Minshull
416 Paseo Del Mar
Palos Verdes Estates, CA. 90274

So Jason Levine is using Lee Minshull’s address, and Lee Minshull is using the Levine’s address.

You know, the strange thing is that I still don’t have a clue if these people are Scientologists. I’m assuming they’re related to Ruth, but I can’t tell if she’s still a Scientologist either. Their names don’t turn up on any donor lists or course completions, but it seems weird that they would hook up with Reed by accident.

Minkoff, David MD Pension Fd/Profit Sharing Plan . Clearwater, FL 34615
Dr. David Minkoff was the Scientologist doctor on duty at the hospital to which Lisa McPherson was brought, only to arrive DOA, by Church of Scientology staffers who had been treating her for the last 22 days.

February 21, 1997 By: THOMAS C. TOBIN

“Church officials say no one realized it was an emergency. They say McPherson distrusted doctors and was reluctant to get help. They say they finally convinced her to see Dr. David I. Minkoff, a Scientologist who is on staff at the New Port Richey hospital.

Abelson confirmed that one of McPherson's two companions in the van was Scientology medical liaison Janis Johnson, a medical doctor who is not licensed in Florida.”

From the affidavit of a former Scientologist:

I went to the doctor, a scientologist who was not ashamed to demand me to pay $150 for treatment. When you get $30.00 pay, this is no small amount of money. (Dr Minkoff, at the Countryside clinic in Clearwater).

He was a member of WISE as of 1999:

Home Health Works
David & Uri Minkoff
131 N. Garden Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33755-4198
United States
(1) 727-442-5612
(1) 727-447-7746

Dr. Minkoff’s wife, Sue, was an active Scn volunteer and OTVIII. They are both Key Contributors to the Super Power Building. There are rumours that both have since left the Church.

Dr. Minkoff recently had his medical licence suspended for a year as a result of his actions in Lisa McPherson’s case.

Mintz, Jefferey M Issue Trust A . Los Angeles, CA 90027
Mintz, Mr Jeff . Los Angeles, CA 90027

Jeffrey Mintz is a remote registrar for Flag, the Church's Clearwater, Florida headquarters. He operates out of Los Angeles. According to sources, he is a longtime Scientologist. As his mailing address, he gave the address of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles


Mogensen, Paul . Clearwater, FL 33765
Mogenson, Paul . Clearwater, FL 33765

There is an Eva J. Mogensen listed in WISE2000, and Eva and Paul Mogensen were both commended for their work at the 1997 Say No to Drugs parade organized by the Church of Scientology. They were both directors of Jefferson Academy in Clearwater, and Paul was also involved with Modern Management Consultants Inc. Paul Mogensen has an OS page, as does Eve.

Morfopoulos, Cathy & Spyro . Montrose, CA 91020
Morfopoulos, Cathy & Spyro . Encino, CA 91316

There are a Kathryn and Tas Morfopolouses, possibly related to Paris Morfopolous, owner of the notorious One Stop Shoppe outside FLAG in Clearwater, run a company called Ecos with John Golashesky and Brian Tipler of Glendale. Tas is also a Canadian Patron of the IAS.

Cathy and Spyro are supporters of the “Character and Ethics ” program in Glendale:

Spyro is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, and Tas is a chef in British Columbia.

Cathy (from Who, What, Where guide):
Mortgage Resource Group
Mark Foster 800-354-3133
Cathy Morfopoulos 818-995-3390
Purchase, Refinance, Debt Consolidation

She is also listed in Theta Directory.

Morse, David . Lake View Terrace, CA 91342
David Morse is behind the Scn insurance-adjusting agency David Morse and Associates.
David Morse and Associates has been a sort of employment agency for ex-Guardian's Office types, including (now-former-Scn-) Mike McClaughry, as well as Duke Snider and others. He is a Patron with Honors of the IAS.

Duke’s wife Ann has money invested with Slatkin, as does Tom Reitze, also a former GO. Maybe others too, will have to check.

Moses Family Trust . Encino, CA 91316
The Moses Family Trust conducted an insider transaction related to Be Free, Inc., an Internet marketing venture:

Albert N. and Constance A. Moses are both Scientologists.

MS-BF LLC . Glendale, CA 91206
The elusive MSBF!

From the California Corporate Database:

Number: 199606110022
Date Filed: 3/1/1996
Status: active
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Principal Address
230 N MARYLAND #109
Agent for Service of Process
230 N MARYLAND #109

That address crossreferences to this entry in the 1999 WISE directory:

Management Success
Michael Lee
230 N. Maryland Ave., Ste. 109
Glendale, CA 91206-4283

United States
(1) 818-500-9631
(1) 818-552-1006

An earlier directory has this listing:
Management Success!
Dave Ahrens & Bill Kilpatrick
230 N. Maryland Ave., Ste. 109
Glendale, CA 91206
Tel. 818-500-9631
Fax 818-552-1006

David, Bill and Management Success have been documented in earlier investor lists.

Mueller, Phyllis . Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phyllis is a Scientologist and donor to the Super Power Building. She is also partnered with another Reed investor and Scientologist, Craig Shields. Mueller/Shields is a WISE company.

Mullin, Terry . Tarzana, CA 91356
Mullin, Terry . Tarzana, CA 91356

Terry and Tom Mullin own the Southern Californian lumber chain, The Terry Companies, which manages several lumber and home decoration stores throughout southern California. Based in Tarzana, there is no apparent Scientology connection for either of the two founders, Tom and Terry Mullin.

Murgatroyd, Chelsea A . Malibu, CA 90265
Murgatroyd, George W III . Los Angeles, CA 90025
Murgatroyd, George, Skip & Tracy . Malibu, CA 90265
Murgatroyd, Jack W . Malibu, CA 90265

Scientologist and Patron of the IAS, “Skip” is a well-known Scientology lawyer who has done "Prozac litigation" for an assortment of Scientology-related anti-psychiatry campaigns. Has denied being a lawyer for Scientology; however, his claims have been repeatedly disproved

Murgatroyd was offered initial stock in Digital Lightwave, and is a partner with other Scn attorneys at Coale, Kananack and Murgatroyd. , which later became Kananack, Murgatroyd and Baum.

The other Murgatroyds are almost certainly relatives of Skip, as “The Murgatroyd Family” are Patrons of IAS.

Muscarella, Michael Lee . Newport Beach, CA 92660

Napier, John Michael (c/o Rosser Cole) . Glendale, CA 91206
Rosser Cole has been profiled elsewhere in the investor list; he is a Scientologist attorney.

Napier-Delany Jeanette Clearwater, FL 33755
Delaneys live at this address, Reeve and David to be exact, but it's *Delaney*, not Delany.

David was very highly commended for a CoS-community event in 1997 that was Bennetta-Slaughter-organized:
Greg Barnes refers to the suicide of a "Mrs. David Delaney" on OT5, but it's unclear if this person is related.

Nash 1 Family Ltd Partnership Streator, IL 61364
Nash Robert E MD Streator, IL 61364

Robert E. Nash, who appeared on the earlier list, is an OT level Scientologist, Patron of the IAS and an Illinois pathologist, according to a note on the 1999 Investor list. His wife is Mary Nash.

Nature's Pure Body Inst Inc . Ventura, CA 93001
Nature's Pure Body is a nutritional supplement hawked by this company. Ken Wright is listed as their "health adviser." (http://www.nutritionsupplements.com/natures.html). It claims to be a detoxification sort of herbal mixture. There is a "colon program" and a "whole body program."
Ken Wright is listed as their company president in this article, which gives their address as Pure Body Institute of Beverly Hills

423 East Ojai Avenue, #107,
Ojai, CA 93023; tel:
800-952-7873; (orders);
805-653-5448 (customer service);
805-653-0373 (fax).

Ken Wright has an OS page , where he says
"Hello, my name is Ken Wright, and here is a little bit about myself: I have three kids, and a beautiful home in Ojai, California and I am flourishing and prospering. Before I was in Scientology I was drunk, single and broke. Got the picture? YOU can do better to. Just quit complaining about everything and start DOING something about it."

See Ken Wright’s entry elsewhere too.

Nelson Duane C Espanola, NM 87533
The only trace that could be found of Duane, who does not appear to a Scientologist, was this obituary for a brother, Arden Royce Nelson, died in August, 2000, according to this obituary:

Arden Royce Nelson, age 67, died Tuesday, August 15, 2000, after a battle with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. He is survived by his wife, Nancy; sons, Rick L. Nelson of Houston, TX, Kerry Nelson and wife, Andrea and their son, Jonathan, Christopher Nelson and wife, Sandra and their daughter, Sara and husband, Robert Trujillo, all of Albuquerque, NM; and brother, Duane Nelson of Espanola, NM.

Neuman Alex Hunt (Ralph Cooper Rounds Trust) Englewood, CO 80112
Neuman Carolyne Kimberly (Ralph Cooper Rounds Trust) Englewood, CO 80112

The Rounds (R. Cooper and Karen) have been profiled elsewhere; interestingly, given the last names of these trustholders, it appears that CR may have been investing on behalf of the Neumann children (see Doug Neumann), as well as their own children.

Neuman Doug Ashland, OR 97520
Neuman Doug Ashland, OR 97520

Doug Neuman is the Scientologist and Oregon real estate developer who Reed claimed was a business partner in his appearance before the SEC. He and his wife, Becky, are also WISE members, and Doug was one of the original investors in Digital Lightwave.

Doug, Rebecca and their company, Mountain Park Development (in which Reed was also a partner) were all involved in this lawsuit over real estate in Oregon:

In July 1994, plaintiff and defendant Mountain Park Development, LLC (Mt. Park), entered into an agreement relating to the construction of a subdivision. Under that agreement, plaintiff was to be paid a fixed price for construction of the subdivision improvements such as roads and utilities. The agreement also provided that, if both parties agreed, plaintiff would also construct some or all of the houses in the subdivision. The contract terms specified the division of profits from the sale of any houses plaintiff might build.

Plaintiff began construction under the contract in July 1994 and continued to perform work thereunder until October 1996. In October 1996, a dispute arose between plaintiff and Mt. Park over payments allegedly owed to plaintiff for its labor and supervision as general contractor for the subdivision improvements. At about the same time, a dispute also arose relating to payments Mt. Park allegedly owed plaintiff for several of the houses it built. In December 1996, plaintiff filed several construction liens against those properties.

Doug Neuman is also involved in this bizarre libel suit:

An Ashland developer has filed a defamation lawsuit against a man who wrote his unkind words via e-mail. Doug Neuman claims Tom Sander made false and defamatory statements about him and his family last year. His suit filed in Jackson County asks for at least $450,000.
Sander's e-mails allegedly questioned Neuman's sexual orientation, claimed he lived off his wife's inheritance and accused him of "exhibiting ethnic intolerance toward Jews," according to the suit.
Gilstrap described his client and Sander as old friends whose relationship soured over a development deal in which Sander lost money. Sander took Neuman to court, only to lose at trial.

He is also involved in the hotel business, including the ill-fated Mark Antony, a restoration project that also involved Reed Slatkin.

He and Becky were honoured by the Ashland Historic Commission for their work on the Ashland Springs hotel

Becky is the sister of Cooper and Bobby Rounds, both of whom also invested with Slatkin.

Newman Willie and Leslie J White Salmon, WA 98672
Leslie and Willie Newman are both Scientologists.

Newman and Newman Inc. was incorporated in April, 2001, according to the Washington corporate database.

According to this website, the company sells airplanes:

William wrote this embarrassingly blatant testimonial for fellow Scientologist and Slatkin investor Daniel Jacobs (see his entry elsewhere):

Dear SalesDoctor,

I have recently been introduced to your electronic magazine (e-zine). I must express the impact which has been created upon me by the articles written by Mr. Daniel Jacobs Ph.D. I find his writing method superb and the subject matter vital to what we are faced with daily. Creating, forwarding and closing the transaction!

Helpful, rather invaluable, information such as he has managed to articulate in his three articles is a real pleasure to discover. I'm confident I'm not the only one to notice or mention this talent but want to make certain he receives appropriate recognition.

Thank you for your magazine and supporting dissemination of such useful data.

When can we expect more articles from Mr. Jacobs?
Best regards,
William J. Newman
President, Newman & Newman, Inc.

Novitsky Norm La Canada, CA 91011
Novitsky, Norm . La Canada/Flintridge, CA 91011

An earlier version of this listing reported a recollection by an ex-Scientologist who knew Mr. Novitsky that during his time in the Sea
Org, Mr. Novitsky had been sent to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force): Scientology's prison camp. Mr. Novitsky, through his
attorney, disputes this. Upon further reflection, our informant decided that his recollection was faulty. Although he personally knew
over 100 fellow Sea Org members who did time on the RPF, often on trumped-up charges, he now believes that his inclusion of Mr. Novitsky on this list was erroneous. He regrets the error, as do we.

Norm is a Patron of the IAS and, with his wife Terri, a Cornerstone Club Member of the Super Power Building. In past years, he was also on staff at the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), was a member of the Sea Org, and served as a cramming officer.

According to other sources, Norm is also partners with fellow Club Reed member Ike Kezborn, and has several children in scientology.

He’s also listed in the California 1993 WISE Directory, and again in the 1999 WISE Directory at the following address:
Novitsky, Norm
887 Monarch Dr.
La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011-4105
United States
(1) 818-243-7900
(1) 818-546-5911

He has an OS page, as does Terri.

Here is a portrait of Norm and Terri, as painted by fellow Scientologist, and Slatkin investor, Jessica Rockwell.

O'Brien, Mariah . Glendale, CA 91204
Wife of actor Giovanni Ribisi

Ockrim, Fred W Sheri L Co-Trustees . Calabasas, CA 91032
Fred is the president of Sea Snack Foods, and on this webpage, he calls accounting firm StoneTapert “the magicians of financial planning.”

Sea Snack Foods Inc
914 E 11th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021-2034
United States

Neither appears to be a Scientologist.

O'Donnell Kevin Beverly Hills, CA 90210
O'Donnell, Kevin & Maryann (c/o Murphy & Kress) . Santa Monica, CA 90403

Kevin O’Donnell is a Earthlink investor and patron of Beacon Films, as documented elsewhere on the site. Maryann is his wife. Murphy & Kress appears to be an artist management firm whose clients have included the late John Candy, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern. Both O’Donnells are Scientologists.

Ohl, Chuck . Glendale, CA 91205
Scn, ex-GO, now David Morse and Associates, where the place is just brimming with ex-GOers.
Says Mike McClaughry (one of those ex-GOs):

"There are other church intelligence people there that I used to work with when I was a church intelligence officer. To name some of them, President Chuck Ohl, Paul Poulin co-partner of the New York office, and Brad Ballentine and Tom Reitze of the home office. Paul Mannix of the Sacramento office is ex-Guardian Office staff and there are others. "

Chuck handled Monica Pignotti about Quentin Hubbard's death:

"In June, 1977, I received a call from Chuck Ohl, who worked in the Guardian's Office. He told me that Quentin had passed away last October. According to the story Chuck told me, Quentin had been found in a coma in his car near the airport in Las Vegas. The cause of his death was listed as "unknown" and Mary Sue had ordered a full investigation into his death. Chuck wanted to know if Quentin had called or tried to contact me. I was stunned. I had felt for a long time that something had happened, but hearing the news really shocked me. I told Chuck that Quentin had written me just before he left and that I would send him copies of the letters and do everything I could to help with the investigation. I felt that his mother had a right to know what happened to her son. I knew that she really loved him. I made copies of the letters and sent them to Chuck.

Ohl's address googles to DMA on the WISE list.

"David Morse & Associates
David Morse
425 E. Colorado St.,
Ste. 500
Glendale, CA 91205-1675
United States (1)

Orr, David . Portland, OR 97229

That address resolves to Kelly Orr. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help much, and the Oregon corporate record database is giving me a weird Oracle error (Phil Scott was right!). I’ll try again tomorrow.

Barbara Orr could be the Gray Cary ("Technology's Legal Edge") real estate, commercial litigation and professional liability lawyer in San Diego: . Could also be the real estate agent from Chico.

There is an Elizabeth Orr Walton related to the Waltons of Philadelphia’s investment blitz with Reed - could this be a relationship? I also have a David Orr, and both David and Barbara Orr attended this Rocky Horror Picture Show convention in the UK.

David could be the grandson of Esther Orr, as mentioned in this obituary.

There is no indication that Barbara or David Orr is a Scientologist.

Pagel, Mary Jo MD . Clearwater, FL 33765
Mary Jo Pagel is a Scientologist and a doctor, and runs the Friendly Neighbours Committee in Clearwater. There is also a Dr. Skip Pagel who may or may not be related.

Pantoliano, Joe TTEE . Los Angeles, CA 90025
Pantoliano, Joseph . Los Angeles, CA 90025

Joe is an actor - here’s a bibliography of his movie appearances from the Washington Post.

Currently, he also has a regular gig on The Sopranos, and is appearing in this summer’s thriller Memento. He doesn’t appear to be a Scientologist, according to the biographies available online, of which this is one.

Parselle, John & Helen . Surrey RH192NS, UK
Parselle, John & Helen . Annnandale Australia NSW 2038
Parselle, John . Annnandale Australia NSW 2038

John is involved with this company, Fingerscan Pty.

Helen is mentioned in this excerpt from Believe What You Like by C.H. Rolph:

“Later he said that in 1968 he had a letter from Mrs Helen Parselle, wife of the scientologists' legal adviser, which seemed to him to be 'offering a deal' after they had issued their libel writ. He took it to mean that if he presented a petition to Parliament on behalf of a scientologist they might drop the libel action. 'It was quite an improper suggestion. It was asking me to forget all the representations which had been made to me, and I couldn't do that.'”

Charles Parselle was the Legal Advisor for Guardian’s Office World Wide, and was also involved in Mission Corporate Cleanup, and was at one time married to Helen; John could be their son. According to a source who has asked not to be identified, Charles is no longer involved with Scientology.

No Parselles have OS pages at present.

Payson, George S Clearwater, FL 34615
George S. Payson, his wife, Sheri and Chip, possibly a son or other relative, are all Scientologists who were last believed to be living in Clearwater, Florida. George had donated $20 K to the International Association of Scientologists as of 1986, and Chip is commended for his work in a memo to members of the Clearwater Community Volunteers.

Sheri is the former Exec Director of the True School (see also Steven Collbran, whose wife worked for the same school), and apparently left her post to work for the CoS in Tampa, according to the SP Times' "Scientology's Children" :

"The school is not in any way connected to the Church of Scientology, they do not fund us or have any management over us, Christine Collbran, the school's vice president, said in a letter to the Times. But it does have ties to Scientology. School officers are listed in a local directory of Scientologists. The last executive director, Sheri Payson, left the school to work for a Scientology church in Tampa, according to a newsletter. Child auditing, a Scientology counseling proces The True School is licensed by Applied Scholastics, Collbran said in a letter. According to a brochure, Applied Scholastics' trademark is owned by a group called ABLE International. The brochure says: ABLE creates recognizable changes in society."

George also ran this company until it dissolved in 1987:
CLEARWATER FL 34615-1322
Changed 03/02/1992
CLEARWATER FL 34615-1322
Changed 03/02/1992 D

Pearlman, Joseph . Southfield, Michigan 48034
According to new information, we have learned that Joseph Pearlman is, in fact, Reed's stepfather, and is married to Reed's mother (and Slatkin investor) Maxine Pearlman.
Joseph Pearlman also resolves to this address via Infospace:
Joseph H Pearlman
29260 Franklin Rd Apt 501
Southfield, MI 48034 Phone: 248-354-1838

Oddly, the second address is the same as that used by Dr. Mark Soverinsky, possibly related to Sally, another Slatkin investor.

There’s a long shot that he is the computer programmer involved in the text-to-speech project profiled here:

JOE PEARLMAN, software engineer
1967 B.S. in mathematics, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
1968 M.S. in computer science, Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA
1969 Control Data Corp., San Jose, CA
1979 Telesensory Systems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA
1983 Circadian Systems, Sunnyvale, CA

Pearlman, Maxine . Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Rancho Mirage, also known as the ‘Playground of Presidents’ (by the community’s marketing mavens is a wealthy community near Palm Springs. (Incidentally, Norton Karno has a postbox with the same ZIP code.)
It is a fitting home, then, for Maxine Pearlman, wife of Joseph Pearlman and -- mother of the one and only Reed Slatkin himself (as well as sister Barbara, also an investor).
According to new information, we can confirm that Rita Rubin is, in fact, Maxine (Slatkin) Pearlman's sister, and Reed's aunt, which explains how Reed came to meet Irving Rubin (profiled elsewhere in this list), one of his most intriguing non-Scientologist investors.

Rita Rubin and Maxine Pearlman, of Southfield, Michigan, were partners at this bridge tournament:

0.82 3 Rita Rubin - Maxine Pearlman, Southfield MI 89.00

Peens, Louis & Heidi . Clearwater, FL 33757
Louis Peens is an OT7 , and he and his wife Heidi, also an OT7, are from South Africa, according to this entry in the 1999 WISE Directory:

Louis Peens Architects
Louis Peens
PO Box 2293, Parklands
Johannesburg, Gauteng 2121
South Africa
(+27) 11-442-6260
(+27) 11-442-6468

Louis has an OS page which touts his golf handicap (4) and says he has three lovely children:

Heidi also has an OS page.

Louis is also the sole partner of this investment company:

Changed 01/29/1998
Changed 01/29/1998
Registered Agent
Name & Address

Name Changed: 04/10/1995
Address Changed: 04/10/1995
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

Note the presence of former church accountant and Unindicted Snow White co-conspirator Martin Greenberg as Peens’ registered agent.

Keystone Investment Inc. is also involved in this property development in Darrenwood, South Africa:

The story quotes chairman Louis Peens’ assurance that the office building will strengthen bird life within the protected area that it surrounds.

He is also involved with development of the Rosenbank Mall:

Keystone Investment Inc. is the owner of this online casino, licensed by the Government of Belize. It’s not clear if this is the same Keystone Investment Inc. as registered to Mr. Peens but - Belize. How could I not include it?

Pelancha, Esperanza . Clearwater, FL 33756

Perry, Steven . Clearwater, FL 33755
See Dynotech Inc.

Petersen, Vikki . Campbell, CA 95008
Petersen, Dr Rick & Vikki . Saratoga, CA 95070

Rick and Vikki run this WISE chiropractic clinic:

Petersen Chiropractic Center
Dr. Rick Petersen & Dr. Vikki Petersen
922 W. Fremont Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Tel. 408-733-0400

Vikki is mentioned in this article about a Scientologist rowing team in Los Gatos.
She has an OS page.

Pettit, Brad & Liz . Golden, CO 80401
Pettit, Bradford & Elizabeth . Glendale, CA 91208
Pettit, Emily Rose . Glendale, CA 91208
Pettit, Sarah N (Rivera) . Glendale, CA 91208
Brad and Liz both have OS pages.

From WISE:
Pettit, Lit
900 Geneva St.
Glendale, CA 91207-1708
United States
(1) 818-246-7786

Phillips, David Charles . Clearwater, FL 33757
David Phillips was listed on the 1999 Investor list, but not much information was known. Here is a company with which he may be associated, given the address:

Florida Profit
Name & Address
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

There is also a San Francisco lawyer named David C. Phillips who has represented, among other clients, Carolyn Adams Garcia, the former wife of Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia. A Rakow connection, perhaps? Unconfirmed identity.

Phillips, Michael D & Elena TTEE . Clearwater, FL 33757
Phillips, Michael . Clearwater, FL 33765

Elena and Michael are both Scientologists and Cornerstone Club members of the Super Power Building project, and Michael is also a Patron.
Michael and Elena also both have OS pages.

Mike was second place in the Flag Birthday Game for 1997, one place ahead of fellow Slatkin investor, Barry Klein.

Phillips, Neil & Norma . Glendale, CA 91202

Neil Phillips is the president of Pacific Promotions, as discussed in the following post to ARS by “Anonymous Researcher”:

COS also incorporated Pacific Promotions, Inc. with the State of California. Pacific Promotions is run out of 1340 L. Ron Hubbard Way, Los Angeles, California 90027, under its President, Neil Phillips. The statement of officers was filed on April 1, 1998 under number 153646, and the corporation was registered on January 26, 1998 under corporate number 2025613.

Picardo, Robert & Linda Pawlik Ttee Picardo/Pawlik Trust . Flintridge, CA 91011
Robert Picardo is an actor, who is recognized for playing the holographic doctor on Star Trek. There is no sign that he is a Scientologist, but there is more information about him on this page.

Piccone, Enzo . Italy
Piccone, Enzo Celano Laquila 67043 Italia
Piccone, Isella & Patricia . Clearwater, FL 33755

A longtime Scientologist and former staffer, Enzo was a periodic poster to alt.religion.scientology. He lives in Italy. Isella and Patricia are most likely relations of his.

Podell Family Trust, Anthony W . Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Podell Industries . Los Angeles, CA 90001
Podell, Anthony . Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Podell, Anthony W & Mary . Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Podell, Ellen Bonnie Trustee . Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274
Podell, Mary H . Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Anthony is the CEO of Laundry by Shelly Segal, a major clothing manufacturer.
He is also mentioned as member of synagogue http://www.ctjmb.org/>, which makes it unlikely that he’s a Scientologist.

Poitras John K Woodside, CA 94602
Santa Barbara based retired venture capitalist - See HERE for evidence that Slatkin may have doctored photographic evidence in an effort to disassociate himself from Poitras.

Poitras is being represented by Musick, Peeler, & Garrett, the same law firm that employed lawyer Graham Berry, whom the Church of Scientology has repeatedly attempted to destroy - read the New Times LA story on the People vs. Henson case.

Pook Ronald L & Josephine V Freeland, WA 98249
The Pooks of Clearwater are well-known Scientologists. Josephine has anOS page, where she says :

" Hello, my name is Peaches Pook, and here is a little bit about myself: I’m a business consultant and I improve businesses using the data I’ve learned in the forty years of Scientology.”

Peaches runs a consulting company and WISE member group called Permanent Solutions, Inc.
Permanent Solutions, Inc.
Peaches Pook
PO Box 1983
Clearwater, FL 33757-1983
United States

Ron Pook incorporated Author Services Int in 1981, during the early period of the "Miscavige takeover" and the creation of the current corporate structure of Scientology.

He is a very old-time Scientologist, around at Saint Hill with John McMaster, and a Sea Org member from the earliest days.

Port Joanna c/o Herbert J Zuckerman Los Angeles, CA 90025


Power, Maureen . East Sussex, England RH104EZ
Maureen is actually in West Sussex, according to Infospace UK:
Power Maureen
Turners Hill Road
West Sussex, Crawley Down, Crawley
RH104EZ Phone: 1342/712728

Preiss, Abraham & Helen . N Miami, FL 33160

Prescott, Ted & Sarah . La Crescenta, CA 91214
Ted is listed in the 1997 and 2000 WISE directories:
Mission: Renaissance
Ted Prescott
3972 Verdugo Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Tel. 213-255-9133

Sarah is the daughter of Slatkin investor Larry Gluck.

Price, Ellen H/Robert E/ Jeremy & Shenan . Los Angeles, CA 90041
The address resolves to Robert E. Price. Shenan Price has an OS page;she is seven years old and likes to dance.

She is involved with Dance Street Performers, a non-profit dance group in La Canada, California. The following description suggests that troupe founder Erin Holt is a Scientologist:

Their latest hit show, Voices of the Future, demonstrated ethics and morality. The voices of the young dancers themselves spoke out against drug use, psychiatric abuses, and war, while also supporting moral topics about love and friendship, family, education, patriotism, religious freedom and their dreams as artists for the future. Featuring the choreography of Artistic Director and studio owner Erin Holt, the performers dance in a variety of styles including full ballet productions, modern dance, hip-hop and acrobatics.

Jeremy Price also has an OS page, which says that he wants to be a stockbroker (hee):

He got into Scientology through his parents, neither of whom have webpages, which suggests they may be on staff.

Quinn, Rod & Mary . Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
Rod Quinn, a Scientologist, somehow ran afoul of American Technologies Energy Group (ATEG), and was mentioned in the following letter from then-ATEG president Bill Carroll to Lynn Irons:

“We know Rod well. He theorized with his partner, Loren Zanier, (a man who claims to have university credentials and to have religious credentials and qualifications that he did not have), that water is capable of carrying a signature of all elements. He claims that the electrical signature or resonant field from all matter can be duplicated in water or liquids.”

He is also listed in SEC filings by ATEG:

10.2 Clean Air Pac Agreement Effective November 1, 1992, By and Between American Technologies Group, Inc., Rod Quinn,Loren Zanier, Robert Carroll and David Gann (1)

Rod is a Cornerstone Club member of the SP Building donor list.

He also still believes in building a better water molecule:

Mr. Rod Quinn and Dr. Parris Kidd are leaders in their respective scientific and nutritional areas. They have come together to provide the exclusive design of AquaLife for PrimeQuest International. PrimeQuest is very proud to introduce both Mr. Rod Quinn and Dr. Parris Kidd. We look forward to their ongoing contributions.

Rod Quinn ia a pioneer researcher in the relatively new science of purified structured water. Rod became intrigued with the physical properties of water and discovered a phenomena that physicists are beginning to explain and quantify. Rod Quinn, the premier scientist in this technology, has demonstrated the ability to modify clusters in specific patterns which give "simple" water extraordinary capabilities. Mr. Quinn discovered that altering the physical structure of water enhanced access to the cells and systems

Rackemann, Donald . Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Don Rackemann is involved in the telecommunications business, and has also been associated with fellow Slatkin investor Michael Mancuso.
Here is a brief bio of Don Rackemann, from an SEC filing:
Donald Rackemann has been the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer since 1998. Prior to heading up Price Net USA.com, Mr. Rackemann was semi-retired but very involved in the manufacturing of golf equipment. From 1988 to 1994, he served as Chairman and CEO of National Telephone & Communications, Inc. a long-distance telephone service provider, which he co-founded and was responsible for its early growth and success. Incomnet, Inc. acquired the company during 1994.

Don ran into trouble in his application to add a 1,000+ square foot expansion, with pool and spa, to his home.
The proposal was eventually withdrawn in the face of opposition from his neighbours.

Here is a sales pitch for PriceNET USA:

He also likes fast cars.

See also the entry for Christopher Mancuso.

Rakow, Keith L Chicago, IL 60610
No information available.

Rakow, Irving . Lakenhusts, NJ 08733
Rakow, Lilliam Lakenhurst, NJ 8733

Lillian and Irving Rakow are mentioned by Reed in his deposition before the Securities and Exchange Commission, as he tries to explain why a cheque was issued to the couple from the joint “friends” account. He refers to Lillian as “the mother of a close friend” - possibly Ron Rakow?

Rakow, Robert Retirement Account The Highlands Group Ltd PSP c/o . Naples, FL 34102
According to Florida corporate records, The Highlands Group Inc. is registered to Robert and Karen C. Rakow:

Florida Profit
Changed 04/07/2000
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Address Changed: 05/02/2001

According to this page , which lists sponsors for some kind of sporting event, the Highlands Group is engaged in “Providing Supplemental Financial and Accounting Services to Business and Industry.” Interestingly, this Highlands Group is located in Colorado. It could be another company altogether, or the Rakows could have recently moved to Florida.

A Robert Rakow from California involved in real estate development was involved in this dispute over reimbursement of funds to a bank that later become insolvent.

Rakow, Beth & Jay . Encino, CA 91356
Jay Rakow is a Hollywood player and entertainment lawyer who currently serves as Executive Vice President and legal counsel of MGM. His wife, Bess, was Lead Plaintiff in a lawsuit over artificially inflated stocks, which eventually resulted in a settlement that strongly favoured the plaintiffs. Here is a summary of the case, in text format.

Jay is the cousin of notorious Slatkin cohort, possible co-conspirator and investor Ron Rakow, who has an entire webpage devoted to his colourful life story:

Rakow, Peter . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Peter “Takow” shares the same street address as Denise Del Bianco, the longtime paramour of Slatkin Since there appears to be no Peter Takow, a search for Peter Rakow uncovers the fact that he played “Joshua” in that seminal cinematic masterpiece “Kindergarten Cop”. He seems to be a Rakow child, perhaps of the Del Bianco-Rakow union.

Speaking of Denise, could David Delbianco in Glendale be a relation?

Ramage, Randy & Eileen . West Sussex England
Scientologists from the Saint Hill area in the UK, Randy Ramage is listed in Source #80. Can't find much else out. Not the dog breeder from West Virginia, apparently.

Ramler, Daniel R . Newhall, CA 91312

There is a Davey Ramler who has an OS page; he apparently goes to the Mojave Academy, a Scientologist-run boarding school in the desert, and mentions that his entire family uses Scientology.

Rappoport, Adrienne Trustee/Adrienne . Santa Monica, CA 90403
Adrienne is a Scientologist Patron Meritorious, and listed in the WISE directory:
Fresh Air Business, The
Adrienne Rappoport
1041 - 2nd Street #2
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Tel. 310-395-3391

Regan, David J & Elizabeth W . Clearwater, FL 33755
Hmm. This is .. odd. The address given by David and Elizabeth resolves to:
Weigand, Alex
1175 Jackson Rd

Weigand, Libby W
1175 Jackson Rd

Look, it’s Libby Weigand, Scientologist and former DIGL executive and director of the local Criminon program.

In 1980, Libby was convicted of extortion for attempting to blackmail her uncle, a US senator in order to gain access to finances:

Elizabeth Eagleton Weigand today was given on indeterminate sentence that could result in a maximum term of four and a half years for an extortion attempt against her uncle, Senator Thomas F. Eagleton. Federal District Judge H. Kenneth Wangelin said that Mrs. Welgand's sentencing would be turned over to the United States Parole Comission under the Young Adult Offender Act. Mrs. Welgand is 24 years old. Her former attorney, Stephen Poludniak, was sentenced to four years tn prison and three years probation for conspiring to extort $220,000 from the Eagleton family business, the Missouri Pipe Fittings company, days before the August primary election. Mr. Eagleton, Democrat, won nomination and was re-elected last month. Mr. Poludniak testified that he and Mrs. Weigand had tried to blackmail Mr. Eagleton with a fictitious document accusing him of being bisexual in order to force him to buy back Mrs. Weigand's stock.

She went on to become a former executive with Digital Lightwave, along with her “cousin in law” Doug Weigand, who died in a one-car traffic accident outside the corporate offices in the late 1990s. Libby also worked at DIGL, according to the following bio from an SEC filing:

MS. WEIGAND has been Executive Vice President since September 1994. Prior to joining the Company, from August 1992 to September 1994, Ms. Weigand served as administrator of a private health care concern. From March 1991 to August 1992, Ms. Weigand was Director of Sales at Kenfil Distribution, Inc., a software distributor. At Kenfil, she managed a staff of regional sales managers and account executives, restructured the sales and operations divisions and helped negotiate national contracts with companies such as Packard Bell, WordPerfect Corporation, and Borland International.

Libby has an OS page and has since married David Regan. She now styles herself “Libby Regan”.

David Regan is a former staffer, according to Scientology publication records.

As for David, he and Elizabeth currently run this Clearwater art company:

Florida Profit
11885 44TH ST. NO.
Changed 01/23/1995

Here is the company’s webpage.
The company is also listed in the 2001 WISE Directory.

David was also involved with this company, which also features fellow Slatkin investor Chuck Borom and Scientologist and former staffer Jon Stupak:


The company was dissolved in 1997; Supak is also involved with Art Headquarters, Inc.

David Regan wrote this letter to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times on the subject of recent public departures from Clearwater:

A Times reader wrote on April 25 that he was cutting his losses and moving to another city. Another wrote on April 26 that she was also leaving. Both of these neighbors felt that the state of affairs in Clearwater was so awful that they could no longer tolerate living here.
The public departure of my unhappy neighbors got me to thinking, and it took about five seconds to discover my true response. Ta-ta.

-- David Regan, Clearwater

Reiben, Laura A / TTEE / or her successor Sedona, AZ 86339
There is no record of Laura Reiben, but she uses the same address as the minor Lebovitz children. Could Mark Leibovit have invested with Reed on her behalf?

Reilly, William c/o Norman Friedman Miami FL 33169
Reilly, William . Miami, FL 33238

William Reilly does not appear to be a Scientologist. Could he be the former EPA administrator currently working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines?

Reinis, Hilary . Los Angeles, CA 90049
Hilary is likely the daughter of Slatkin investor Richard Reinis, since she lives at the same address. She does photography and design for Crossfire, the student publication of Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica.

Reinis, Lois -RT Account . Los Angeles, CA 90049
Reinis, Lois . Los Angeles, CA 90071
Reinis, Michael . Los Angeles, CA 90049
Reinis, Richard . Los Angeles, CA 90071
Reinis, Robert . Los Angeles, CA 90049

Richard Reinis was a plaintiff in the somewhat mysterious lawsuit against case against Evergreen Ventures Inc, which listed Reed Slatkin and several other Slatkin investors as co-plaintiffs.
There is a Richard Reinis who heads up the “Compliance Alliance”, a labour-management partnership which requires periodic monitoring of independent cutting and sewing manufacturers:

According to other articles, Richard Reinis, a lawyer with years of experience in the textiles industry, participates in other fashion and fabric-related legal issues:

Among those applauding the change in the retail industry's attitude is Richard Reinis, founder of the Los Angeles-based Compliance Alliance, a nonprofit group that monitors clothing manufacturers' subcontractors. Reinis said the retail industry initially refused to consider his proposals requiring manufacturers to hire independent workplace monitors. But in recent weeks, retailers and retail trade groups have asked him for help in developing anti-sweatshop strategies. "The initial reaction of retailers was fear--fear that publicity surrounding the issue would adversely affect them," Reinis said. "The second reaction was concern about possible legal liability. Recently, there's been a noticeable change in the industry's attitude--a change for the better. However, some retailers are responding better than others."

A Richard Reinis is also responsible for bringing Krispy Kreme Donuts to Southern California as the region’s first franchisee, according to this story.

The address of the Krispy Kreme LLC in question, Great Circle Family Foods, confirms that this is our Richard, and Reed ripped off the man who brought Krispy Kreme Donuts to Southern California. For shame.

Lois is Richard’s wife.

Reitze, Virgina c/o Tom Reitze . Pasadena, CA 91105
Reitze, Thomas J & Nancy A Ttees . Pasadena, CA 91101
Reitze, Virginia T . Pasadena, CA 91101

No hits on Virginia, but there have been several high profiled Reitzes in Scientology.

Tom Reitze was the Information Officer at the Guardian’s Office during the heyday of Snow White. As of 1999, he was the CEO of WISE company David Morse & Associates in Glendale, CA.
Nancy Reitze, possibly Tom’s wife, was a spokesman for the church in Clearwater in 1979, and is still active.

From ARS Week in Review (note Cambigue):

The Los Angeles Times reported on November 18th, 1999 that members of Scientology contributed to a domestic violence center.

"The Women's Auxiliary of the Church of Scientology recently donated boxes and bags of clothing and toys to the Glendale Domestic Violence Center. The project was chaired by Margaret des Marteaux, who hd members gather clothing and other items over the last couple of months. Lissa Martinez, director of the Domestic Violence Project, and Sylvia Hines, chief executive officer of the YWCA in Glendale, accepted the donations. Along with des Marteaux were Judy Cox, executive director of the Church of Scientology Mission of the Foothills, Nancy Reitze, auxiliary chairwoman, and Lee Cambique, auxiliary member."

Reso, Brian . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Brian and his wife Joan are both Scientologists, Patrons of the IAS, and have reached OT7. He turns up with an offbeat comment in this story from the Clearwater Sun:

“No one has ever told me I came from the planet Helatrobus," counters Brian Reso, a 42-year-old Los Angeles decorator and Operating Thetan Level 6. "Likewise, Scientology doesn't feed you any beliefs about God."

Rhoads, Doris Hunt & Scott . Clearwater, FL 33755
Scott Rhoads is a Scientologist from Florida and describes himself this way in his OS page:

I am a commercial Captain as well as an avid yacht racer and cruiser. I have logged well over 100,000 miles at sea and I have visited countries around the world. I have a healthy collection of sea stories that range from full gales in a sail boat off the coast of Mexico and amazing victories on sailing yachts to calm and beautiful passages across oceans and bays.
Currently I am volunteering with a non-profit sailing school and teaching maritime skills to children and adults. It’s been a lot of fun. As part of this I have done minor to major yacht repairs and have helped prepare a number of other people to cruise to Mexico, the South Pacific and Caribbean.

He goes on to say that he has been a Scientologist for over fifteen years, and that it has helped him become, among other things, “more financially stable.”

He also wrote this letter on active and passive sailing.
Scott very recently formed this non-profit corporation:

Registered Agent
Name & Address
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

No further information on Doris Hunt.

Ribisi, Albert A . Glendale, CA 91206
Al Ribisi is a Scientologist, and the father of several well known Scientologist actors, including Marissa and Giovanni Ribisi. He publishes the Scientologist-targeted magazine The Latest, and wrote this column about sex and marriage.
According to a tip from a former Scientologist, Ribisi was also a member of the Sea Org and officer at the Celebrity Center complex in Los ANgeles. Both Giovanni and Marissa were born there.

Ribisi, Antonio Giovanni . Glendale, CA 91206
Giovanni Ribisi is a second generation Scientologist and well-regarded Hollywood actor who has appeared in numerous films including the 2000 financial thriller "Boiler Room".

Rich, John & Dorothea c/o Tanya Rich . W Sussex, England RH19 1TQ
Note - This is not Tanya Rich the voice over artist, who is based in Bath . UK. Any suggestions we may have made on this website to the contrary, was a mistake, and we apologize for any distress caused .
John and Dorothea are longtime, high-level Scientologists, according to an email tip received.

Richards, Marjorie Morse . Alamo, CA 94507
Marjorie and Stephen Richards live at this address.

Stephen Richards is the Cantor Emeritus at the Congregation B’nai Tikvah, and is married to Marjorie, according to this webpage:

Before entering the School of Sacred Music, Stephen worked as a composer-arranger in musical theater. After completing his Cantorial Studies in 1969 he served congregations in Rochester, NY, and Indianapolis before becoming the Editor of Transcontinental Musical Publications and faculty member of the School of Sacred Music of Hebrew Union College, from 1977-1980. He then moved to Phoenix, and served there with Temple Beth Israel. He has sung with and directed Pro Cantione of Phoenix and directed the music for North Phoenix Corporate Ministry Programs. He has conducted choruses at Butler University, the University of Rochester and Oral Roberts University. He is currently the conductor of the Bay Area Jewish Chorus in San Francisco.

Robinson, Donna & Robbie . Los Angeles, CA 90042
This is Donna and Robbie Robinson, longtime Scientologists.

Donna seems to have an interesting background in 1982, perhaps was with the old ex-GO crowd?
From David Mayo's affidavit:
"During early 1982, David Miscavige and Shelley Miscavige ran an "Offload Project" during which a large number of SO members, including several members of the CMO were "found unfit" and thrown out of the SO. This project was directly under Pat Broeker. The majority of those persons that Pat Broeker and David Miscavige didn't like were gotten rid of, including Anne Taskett, Donna Robinson, Melanie Murray, Dede Voegeding, Gale Irwin, Lois Reisdorf (all CMO), plus other crew."
Since then, Sasha Zbitnoff, an ex-scn, said that "My other communications with Scientologists (e.g. Donna Robinson) didn't get me much for responses.

She's a Patron with Honors, and Robbie is a Patron, of the IAS.
Robbie has this to say on his OS page:

I became a very successful business man after I had been in Scientology for some years and had trained on the applied philosophy that is Scientology. As a result I sold my business very profitably and established a private foundation which supports the pursuit of religious and spiritual freedom. I have also been able to return to my original purpose of being an artist and have begun my first novel. Already I have great interest in the book after only a few chapters. I have a wife and son who are both Scientologists and we have a very full life with many friends and activities that make every day a joy to live. And all this as a result of my spiritual advancement in Scientology, because I began my journey as a down and out broke hippie in the sixties, more confused about things than the average citizen. It shows what can be accomplished if you just make the effort to advance yourself."

Rockoff, Dr Harry . W Van Nuys, CA 91406

Harry A. Rockoff lives in Santa Monica and is a doctor who is a ‘voluntary clinician’ with the cardiology unit of Cedar Sinai Hospital.

Rockwell, Jessica . Clearwater, FL 33756

Jessica Chromoy Rockwell is a WISE member and longtime Scientologist:

Rockwell Portraits
Gerry Chromoy
313 Lotus Path
Clearwater, FL 33756-3829
United States

You can see her portraits, including some of fellow Scientologist investors, on her company webpage.

Jessica and Gerry also have a cooperative Online Scientologist page.

Rook, Thomas & Nina . Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Neither Nina nor Tom is apparently a Scientologist. Dr. Rook also invested through his chiropractor’s practice.
See also entry for Meyerowitz-Rook Chiropractic Group.

Rosen, Linda . Beverly Hills, CA 90213
Linda Rosen is a Scientologist and Patron of the International Association of Scientologists, as well as a volunteer in Clearwater, although she appears to hail from Beverly Hills. According to recent reports, her investments with Slatkin were managed by Irene and Jack Dirmann, profiled in depth here. The Dirmanns apparently also acted as Rosen's Scientology "Field Staff Members", which means that they received a commission of 10% on Scientology services that she puchased.

Rosenberg, Steven H - MD . Redondo Beach, CA 90277
It might be this fellow, who doesn’t flaunt his doctorate.

Rosenkranz, TL . Los Angeles, CA 90065
Rosenkranz, Thelma L . Los Angeles, CA 90065

Several Rosenkranzes are at this address, T and Charles.
I assume T is TL.
TL is a Scientologist who completed a course on the Freewinds in 1994.
He wrote defending Battlefield Earth against a reviewer who dared call it bad:

"Tank the Reviewer! BE is on my top 10 list of favorite books...and with the talent putting this film together it could be a real blockbuster. Travolta, Christensen, Barry -- If I enjoy it 1/2 as much as the book it will be a hit! TL Rosenkranz 2000-05-08 Los Angeles "

He runs a framing shop in Glendale that advertises in the WhoWhatWhere Scn directory of services:

T.L. Rosenkranz
4101 San Fernando Road
Glendale, CA 91204

and also in the Theta Directory.

Rosman, Richard & Fran Morris . Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Rosman, Richard - Beacon Communications LLC . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Rosman, Richard Trustee (LeWinter & Rosman Prft Sharing Plan) . Encino,CA 91436

Lewinter & Rosman were also early investors in Earthlink, apparently as a firm. Anthony A. LeWinter is listed as a lawyer in the Martindale Hubbell database, and gives the Ventura street address, but precious little other information.

Richard Rosman, meanwhile, has been profiled elsewhere in the list. He is connected to Beacon Films and Armyan Bernstein, as well as numerous other LLCs. His wife is Fran Morris Rosman, and they are also on the advisory board of the Venice Health Clinic.

Richard Rosman’s Profit Sharing Plan shares the same Encino address as the one and only Norton Karno, although a different suites. That address also resolves to:
Smith & Goodfriend A Prof Corp
16255 Ventura Blvd #600 Encino, CA 91436-2311 USA

Ross, Bradley . Los Angeles, CA 90025

The address resolves to a maildrop for fan letters to Lou Diamond Phillips and the cast of Friends, and seems to be the office of Jon Farhat Inc., a “visual effects supervisor” who has been involved with several ‘big name’ movies, including Liar, Liar and Doctor Doolittle.

However, it seems likely that it is, in fact, this lawyer, Bradley D. Ross.
He appears to have moved offices to another building on Wilshire, but the middle initial corresponds with the Bradley D. Ross to whom this address resolves.

Roswell, Joan . Boulder, CO 80304
Roswell, Joan . Boulder, CO 80304

Joan Roswell, a longtime Scientologist, heads up the local branch of Criminon (the Church’s “outreach” program aimed at offenders)at the Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall. She was also one of Reed’s original investors according to his testimony before the Securities and Exchanges Commission.

Roth, Richard F . Southfield, MI 48034-8004

Roth, Charles W . San Francisco, CA 94102
There is a Charles Roth who is a California certified accountant involved with this French hotel venture:
The company also features a chief financial officer named “Wole Wey.”

Then again, Charles Roth may have been the treasurer of the Castro Lions Club in San Francisco for 1997-98, according to this page.

Rounds Hutton Coleman (Ralph Cooper Rounds Trust) Englewood, CO 80112
Rounds Investment Ltd Prtnrship Las Vegas, NV 91207
Rounds Jessica Leigh (Ralph Cooper Rounds Trust) Englewood, CO 80112
Rounds, Jeffrey Cooper (Ralph Cooper Rounds Trust) Englewood, CO 80112
Rounds, Karen B (Cooper Rounds Main Account, Gold Account) Englewood, CO 80112
Rounds, Karen B . Englewood, CO 80112

Ralph Cooper and Karen Rounds are both Scientologists and generous donors to the Church of Scientology, and have been mentioned in Impact Magazine.
They are contributors to the Super Power Building, and were at one point supposed to testify as to the alleged copyrighted material found on the FACTnet hard drives.
Ralph Cooper Rounds is the brother of Slatkin investor Bobby Rounds (husband of Susie Coelho-Rounds) and also Becky Rounds Neuman.

Rubin, Irving . Southfield, MI 48076
Rubin, Irving R Irrevocable Trust Southfield, MI 48076

Irving A. Rubin is a Michigan businessman who has been involved in a number of attention-garnering deals in the past.

He was the president of CPI Plastics, a limited liability corporation that received a warning from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division over toxins released into the groundwater, but that company has since gone dormant. Rubin’s current company is the Rubin Investment Corporation.

During his divorce in the late 80s, Rubin made a unique argument for reducing the amount of money to be granted to his soon-to-be-ex-wife:
Defendant next argues that his exposure to liability from criminal charges in antitrust litigation pending against him at the time of the divorce should have been deducted from the marital estate. The court considered this potential antitrust liability in valuing the involved asset, Container Products, at zero. But it did not directly subtract this potential liability from the marital estate. We find it appropriate to hold defendant personally responsible for such criminal penalties rather than subtracting them from the marital estate. Thus, we do not find this dispositional ruling inequitable.

The criminal charges were in relation to certain unorthodox business transactions related to Rubin’s steel drum business, as explained in this Department of Justice release:

Rubin was the principal owner, board chairman and CEO of Container Products, Inc. ("CPI"), a Michigan corporation that operates steel drum plants in Ohio and in Missouri, Louisiana and Oklahoma; Bonczyk was CPI's executive vice-president and treasurer. Steel drums are large containers (ranging in size from about 13 gallons to about 57 gallons) used most frequently to package chemical and petroleum products for storage or transport. The superseding indictment returned on March 6, 1991, charged Rubin, Bonczyk, CPI, two other corporations, and three other individuals each with one count of criminal antitrust conspiracy, in violation of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. §1, and two counts of mail fraud, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §1341.2

CPI Inc. was eventually bought out by US Can in 1996, and in this SEC filing, one of Rubin’s co-shareholders in the company is revealed to be fellow Slatkin investor Ronald Schmier:

THIS STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT, dated as of August 2, 1996 (the "Agreement"), is entered into by and among United States Can Company, a Delaware corporation ("U.S. Can"), CPI PLASTICS, INC., a Delaware corporation ("CPI Plastics"), CP OHIO, INC., a Delaware corporation ("CP Ohio"), and CP ILLINOIS, INC., a Delaware corporation ("CP Illinois" and, together with CP Ohio and CPI Plastics, the "Acquired Companies"), and Irving A. Rubin, a resident of Michigan ("Rubin"), Robert Bonczyk, a resident of Michigan ("Bonczyk"), Sally Levy, a resident of Michigan, Ellen Schmier, a resident of Michigan (both individually and in her capacity as Custodian of Kate Schmier's shares of stock in the Acquired Companies), Ronald Schmier, a resident of Michigan, Denise Levy, a resident of Illinois, and Dana Ishbia, a resident of Michigan, the stockholders of the Acquired Companies. These stockholders are collectively referred to hereinafter as the "Stockholders."

Rubin also appears to be a philanthropist, and donates money to several local Jewish charities in the Michigan area.

Sadeh, Daniel D . Tarzana, CA 91356
Sadeh, Daniel and Mirit Arazi . Tarzana, CA 91356

Daniel Sadeh is a Scientologist with an OS page, but he is not one of Reed’s more supportive investors, according to this story:

"We were so frightened. We thought, 'That's it, he's not going to [invest for us] anymore,' " said Daniel Sadeh, 29, a Tarzana furniture restorer who said he had invested $400,000 with Slatkin beginning in 1997. Sadeh said he met Slatkin through friends who had invested with the Santa Barbara millionaire. Sadeh said Slatkin provided statements showing Sadeh's money had grown to "more than $500,000."
Sadeh said he initially was relieved when Slatkin failed to follow through on his letter by returning Sadeh's money. Now, Sadeh said he wishes Slatkin had. Given Slatkin's bankruptcy filing and the fraud accusations against him, Sadeh said he is concerned he will never see any of his money.

Safirstein, Susan . Livingston, NJ 07039
Safirstein, Susan . Livingston, NJ 07039

Susan Safirstein is a Scientologist.

Sagaon, Mercedes . Clearwater, FL 33764
Mercedes Sagaon is a Scientologist, and according to records, has completed some OT levels.

There is a Mexican Scientologist named Aurelio Munez Sagaon who, according to his webpage, sells vitamins. He also mentions that his family is also Scientologist, but there is no indication if Mercedes is related.

Samko, Peter J & Mary Ann . Solon, OH 44136
Peter J. Samko is a Scientologist with a Clear Number dated circa 1982, and was also mentioned in Source #87.

Sanders Roger Ttee Roger Sanders Self Admin Pers Pnsn Plan . Torrance, CA 90502
Sanders, Roger TTEE - Self-AdminPersPenPlan . London, England EC1Y4TZ

Roger apparently administers his own pension plan. Durrant House is an office in London that also houses lawyers and an association of investment trust advisors:
Association of Investment Trust Companies (AITC) is the trade body for investment trusts. It provides factsheets, a directory of investment trusts and other information for investors.
Durrant House, 8-13 Chiswell Street,
London EC1Y 4YY
Tel: 020 7431 5222

This listing gives the same postal code for this SIPP pension administrator:
EBS Management Plc
Durrant House
8 Chinwell Street

PAN reported to Opra under section 48(4) Pensions Act 1995 that the investment manager had received instructions from the trustees’ secretary and adviser, EBS Management plc (EBS) to prepare to release £500,000 of the pension scheme money in a management buyout of one of the employer companies - Geebro Ltd. (Geebro).
PAN had not been consulted as to this proposed transaction. EBS had asked the investment manager not to mention it to any of the trustees’ advisers or any of the trustees individually. Two of Geebro’s directors were trustees of the scheme and declared an interest when the trustees discussed the proposed investment in Geebro on 5 March 1998. At the time Geebro had a very poor credit rating according to a credit-checking agency report obtained by Opra.

Roger Sanders may also have been appointed as a member of this Small Business Advisory Panel.

Here is a bio of that Roger Sanders, who may be our Roger Sanders:

United Kingdom
Roger W. Sanders, Director of iHilal (UK) Ltd., is a well-recognized professional in the fields of pensions, financial services and personal investments. He is a Principal of Roger Sanders Associates, regulated by the Personal Investment Authority ("PIA"). He is also a Director of the PIA and has served on various PIA Panels and Forums.

Sands Charles Edward Wilson, WY 83014
Little is known about Charles E. Sands, except that he seemed interested in obtaining email updates from Consorzio, Napa-valley dressing and flavoured oil makers:
Do you have E mail updates?
charles E. Sands & Son [apwcheyenne@webtv.net]

cheyenne, wy USA - Saturday, June 02, 2001 at 12:17:23 (PDT)

And he has a webtv account.

He may also be the Charles Sands who runs a whitewater rafting company:

Sanz, Pablo . Clearwater, FL 34625
Pablo Sanz is a Scientologist and Patron of the IAS who runs a multi-million dollar business, according to his OS page. He was profiled in the original list. He seems to be from Spain.

This page suggests he ran afoul of the Clearwater City Council as some sort of “public nuisance”, but no details are given.

Satzinger Design . Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Satzinger, James and Muriel . Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Satzinger, Muriel & James A . Santa Barbara, CA 93111

James is a Santa Barbara architect, and also sits on the board of directors of a local professional organization.
There is no indication either he or Muriel is a Scientologist.
Savoy Ltd Guernsey . Leetonia, OH 44431
This address resolves to Scientologists Gerhard and Peggy Haag! Yes, the Robotic Parking king!

From WISE lists passim, including 2001:

Robotic Parking
Gerhard Haag
280 Walnut St.
Leetonia, OH 44431-1048
United States
(1) 330-427-6233

Here is the fabulous Robotic Parking website:

Notice that not only Gerhard, but the lovely Peggy Guignon, who was an early investor in Digital Lightwave, is present on the board of directors. She is, in fact, Gerhard’s wife, which might explain why his former wife, Sabine, has been removed from the Patron list. Peggy and Gerhard are both Patrons of the IAS, and Key Contributors to the Super Power Building.
According to this post to alt.religion.scientology, which includes several excerpts from newspaper stories, Gerhard Haag left Germany partly due to accusations of unethical business practices.

His robotic parking business venture was profiled recently in the St. Petersburg Times:

Robotic Parking’s automated garage concept promises to pack in twice as many cars as a standard parking garage, plus cut down on pollution, energy use, labor costs and frustration for drivers trolling endlessly for an open space. But critics argue the company has tried before but hasn’t been able to reach its Jetsons-like goal. (…)
Haag, a German-born, 6-foot-4 tower of sinew and muscle, insists he's about to turn part of the ramshackle factory where Checkers once built its drive-through burger stands into a totally automated garage. And he says he has raised about $7-million from investors, plus thousands more in state and local tax incentives, to help him do it.
There's just one problem: Haag has made the same promise before. A prototype he built in tiny Leetonia, Ohio, drew scores of visitors but has since been called a sham by critics. A 324-car garage his company, Robotic Parking Inc., helped build for congested Hoboken, N.J., is almost two years overdue and mired in litigation. "We paid them $3-million, and we have a building that's empty," said Donald Pellicano, chairman of the Hoboken Parking Authority.

Here is the corporate record for Robotic Parking:
Florida Profit
Changed 07/18/2000
Registered Agent
Name & Address
Address Changed: 04/29/1999
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

Gerhard is also involved with this land development company:
Florida Profit
Changed 06/08/1999
Registered Agent
Name & Address
TAMPA FL 33607
Address Changed: 06/08/1999
Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title

This entry also appeared in the minutes of the Clearwater City Council:

From ACTION AGENDA - CLEARWATER CITY COMMISSION MEETING Thursday, March 20, 1997 - 6:00 P.M. - County Chambers 11. Public Hearing & First Reading Ord. #6132-97 - Vacating east/west alley lying S of Lots 9-11, less W 3', Blk 4, Gould and Ewing 2nd Addition, subject to applicant relocating at his expense City's sanitary sewer, water, gas & storm systems along with Florida Power & General Telephone facilities, within their respective replacement easements, and recording private agreement with authorized representative of Coachman Building for solid waste pick up on applicant's property (Haag / Savoy Ltd., V96-01) ACTION: Approved. Ord. #6132-97 passed 1st reading.

The Coachman Building is deep in the heart of the Scientology real estate empire in Clearwater, and according to this Scientology web page, houses the Church’s “training center” in that city. It appears that Haag’s company was acting as an authorized representative of the Church in its negotiations with the city council.

Sazeez LP Egg Harbor Township, NJ 8234

See Azeez.

SB Investors Orange, CA 92868
See Donald Martin.

Schenkelberg, Robert . Glendale, CA 91204
Cathy Scenkelberg appeared on the 1999 Investor List. She is a Scientologist and actress whose major role so far has been Pepper on the Bozo show. It seems likely that Robert Schenkelberg is related to Cathy.

Schepps, Kathryn . Santa Fe, NM 91204

Kathy does not appear to be a Scientologist, but seems to be a contributor to Fine Arts for Children and Teens, Santa Fe:

Joe and Kathy are art collectors in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area; Joe owns Schepps Management in Santa Fe, and is a prominent local developer.

He is also on the Board of Trustees for the Santa Fe Preparatory School. He seems to be an advocate of Feng Shui.

Short profile, from Santa Fe Preparatory School:
Joseph Schepps joined the Board in 1997 and is past chair of the Development Committee. He is a graduate of Stanford University with a major in History. He also holds his Secondary Education Accreditation from the College of Santa Fe. Joe is President of the Julius Schepps Company, owner of Sanbusco Market Center and the Inn of the Alameda in Santa Fe, and also the managing partner of the Fechin Inn in Taos. He is very active in the Santa Fe community and is a member of the boards of the United World College, the Santa Fe Opera, the Lensic Performing Arts Center and the School of American Research. Joe has received many awards for his contributions, including the Santa Fe Cares Lifetime Achievement Award and the Anti-Defamation League Community Service Award. Joe and his wife Kathy have one son, a former Prep student.

Schindler, Steven . NY, NY 10006-1404

Schlifka, Celeste Joint Tenants . Los Angeles, CA 90068
All we know about Celeste is that she is a joint tenant with Slatkin investors Merle and Ron Mardigian.

Schmier, Ellen . Birmingham, MI 48009
Schmier, Ronald Trustee . Birmingham, MI 48009

Ron Schmier is an anesthesiologist at North Oakland Medical Centers in Michigan.

Ronald S. Schmier, M.D.
NOMC Anesthesia Department
461 W. Huron
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 857-7306

He’s also a clinical instructor at this school

His wife is Ellen, and he has been involved in business with fellow Slatkin investor, Irving A. Rubin.
Ronald Schmier was also one of Reed's earliest investors, according to his testimony before the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Schwartz, Debbie Highland Park, IL 60035
Schwartz, Jeff c/o Credicorp Chicago, IL 60606
Schwartz, Jeff c/o Creditcorp for Jason Schwartz Chicago, IL 60606
Schwartz, Jeff Chicago, IL 60606
Schwartz, Jeff c/o Credicorp Inc for Debra Schwartz Chicago, IL 60606
Schwartz, Jeffrey B Irr Ins Trst Chicago, IL 60603

Credicorp Inc. seems to be a debt consolidation/loan company, according to its webpage. It is not the Credicorp credit card company operating out of Texas (which has been investigated for fraud and is the subject of numerous scathing online consumer reports).

Here is a Jeffrey B. Schwartz with a Chicago investment firm:
COMFORT ZONE. Putting every penny of your 401(k) money into large-cap stocks tempts a lot of people. The company names are reassuringly familiar, and the returns have been excellent in recent years. ''Every adviser I talk to has trouble getting people into things like small-cap and foreign,'' says Jeffrey B. Schwartz, senior consultant for Chicago-based Ibbotson Associates, which provides investment software and consulting. No wonder: For the 12 months ended Nov. 30, the total return on the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index was 23.7%, vs. 16.8% for a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter index of developed-economy stocks, -11.1% for an Ibbotson index of small stocks, and a lousy -19.7% on an International Finance Corp. emerging-markets composite index (table).

However, according to this page, Jeffrey Schwartz is president of Credicorp, Inc. and a licensed mortgage broker:

M02055 REN Credicorp, Inc. Jeffrey B. Schwartz 11/8/1990 11/8/2000 11/7/2002 Originating MB 233 S. Wacker Dr., Ste. 4030 President

For what it’s worth, here is Credicorp’s corporate record:
CREDICORP, INC. File Number 54828055
Entity Type Corporate Master Type Corporation Domestic BCA
Incorporation Date 10/08/1987 State ILLINOIS
Agent Name RICHARD W RAPPOLD Agent Change Date 10/16/2000
Agent Street 120 N LASALLE ST STE 3200 President Name JEFFREY SCHWARTZ 2655 KELLY LN HIGHLAND PK 60035
Agent Zip 606020000 Duration Date Perpetual
Current Paid Year 2000 Current Paid Date 10/05/2000

Schwarz, Helen . Truckee, CA 96161

Sears, Jonathan W & Trina Shapiro-Sears . Clearwater, FL 33755
Trina and Jon are both Scientologists living in Clearwater. Trina is in television production, according to her page, and lives in Clearwater, Florida. Jon is a diver, according to this story in the St. Petersburg Times:
He also has an OS page.

Sedrish Jay Playa del Rey, CA 90293-7815
Sedrish, Jay and/or Dawn Darfus . Los Angeles, CA 90066

Jay Sedrish, production manager at large, keeps reappearing in Slatkin investor-related research.
He has been profiled elsewhere.
As for Dawn and George Darfus, here is the only listed Darfus in California:
James Darfus
Los Angeles, CA 90035

James is a set decorator for the television series Ed, according to this page.

He was also a stage dresser for Shadow of a Doubt:

Both films also employed production designer Curtis A. Schnell.

According to this webpage, George Darfus is a graduate of the US Naval Academy class of 1950:

He attended this navy event:

Seeligson, Juliana . Santa Fe, NM 87505
Apparently not a Scientologist, Juliana is the daughter of oil baron and horseracing aficionado Arthur Seeligson Jr., according to this article
She and her siblings were also involved in a tussle with an offshore bank.

Segal, Misha . Calabasas, CA 91302
Misha Segal is a Scientologist musician of some note, and has his own webpage.

He is listed in this Scientologist Who’s Who as well. .

He is quoted on this Church of Scientology webpage praising L. Ron Hubbard’s music.

One does wonder whether anyone who could, with a straight face, say:
"L. Ron Hubbard’s music is the best thing that’s ever happened and a joy to be a part of” doesn’t deserve what they get.

Serrano, Felicidad . Clearwater, FL 33765
Felicidad Serrano Barrera is a Patron Meritorious with Honours, and has an OS page (in Spanish).

With her husband, Jose, Felicidad is also a Cornerstone Club Member, and they live in Clearwater. She also apparently made a separate $500 K donation to the SP Building along with, among other Reed Slatkin victims, Reed Slatkin himself.

Sexton, Allan D . Chicago, IL 60411
Sexton, Jeanne . Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Allan and Jean were both listed on the 1999 Investor List, and Allan is confirmed as a longtime OT Scientologist, Patron of the IAS and proprietor of the following WISE company:

Sexton Advisory
Allan Sexton
22921 Burnham Ave.
Chicago Heights, IL 60411-5822
United States
(1) 708-758-9550

Shaffer-Ludwig, Timothy P & Elizabeth . Burke, VA 22015
This address resolves to Beth and Tim Ludwig.

Both Timothy and Beth are Scientologists, according to the 1999 Investor List.

Timothy Ludwig teaches Psychology at Appalachian State University in North Carolina:

Here is his bio from his work with the Performance Center, some sort of organizational management consulting firm headquartered in Oregon.

Beth has an OS page:
Not much else is known about her.

Shah Indira J & Jiten K Duncanville, TX 75137
Jiten Shah is on the 2001 Patron List, and may have owned stock in Network Commerce Inc., along with Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization and CoS ASHO. Dr. Jiten and wife are also Cornerstone Club members.

He runs this WISE company:

Improving Conditions, Inc
Jiten Shah
1715 Green Tree Ln
Duncanville, TX 75137-3600
United States
(1) 972-283-7955
(1) 972-298-6390

Shaw, Marilyn R Trust . Carmichael, CA 95608

Shaw, Rick & Genevra . Los Angeles, CA 90065
Ginevra Shaw is a Patron of the IAS.

Shepherd, Linda & Scott . Glenview, IL 60025
Shephard, Scott . Evanston, IL 60202

Linda has an OS page.
.This is probably who"Scott Shephard" really is, and not the Oregon chiropractor as previously thought. Sorry about that.

Shereshevsky Advertising Inc . Glendale, CA 91208
Shereshevsky Advertising Inc
12206 Ventura Blvd #201 Studio City, CA 91604-2518 USA

Barry and Robin Shereshevsky are a graphic designer and junior high school teacher, respectively. They both have Online Scientologist pages:

Sheridan, Jill . Los Angeles, CA 90041
Apparently not a Scientologist, Jill Sheridan is a wardrobe director and costumer for minor films and television shows. She was wardrobe director for a film called Laserblast, as well as for TV's Colombo. She advertises on this industry trade site.

Sherman, Eugenia Dillard . Glendale, CA 91206
Sherman, Eugenia Dillard . Glendale, CA 91206

Eugenia Dillard Sherman, or "Jeannie", as she is comonly known, is married to Eric Sherman, and is a longtime Scientologist and one of the Dillard clan (See Mary Dillard for more information). She currently is Executive Director of a Narconon clinic in Newport Beach, California.

Shields, J Craig III and Rebecca Neff Shields TTEE . Woodland Hills, CA 91367
From WISE 1997:

Craig Shields
5230 Las Virgenes #110
Calabasas, CA 91302-3431
United States
(1) 818-871-1888
(1) 818-871-1864

as well as in a previous WISE directory:

CMI Corporate Marketing
Craig Shields
23901 Calabasas Rd., Ste. 1068
Calabasas, CA 91302
Tel. 818-222-8073
Fax 818-222-8073

Craig has a website at www.muellershields.com, and his sister is the high profile Scientologist doctor Megan Shields. Craig and Rebecca Shields are members of the California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders.

His co-partner in this venture, Phyllis Mueller, is also a Slakin investor. She, too, is a Scientologist, and is a Cornerstone Club member

Shippony Family Trust dated 11/3/00 . Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
Shippony, Ilana . Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
Shippony, Ilana & Zyi (for Elad Shippony) . Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

Both were listed as Freewinds course completions in 1994. Zvi is listed as a supporter of the Foucault Tribunal Decision, from Israel; the Foucault Tribunal was a hearing on psychiatry which condemned much of it, and has been touted by Scientology.

Someone I assume is the same Zvi Shippony wrote a math program called MAFIA, Math And Fun International Association which is available as freeware/shareware.

It is not clear if they are still Scientologists.

Shuman, Barry and Marcia . Studio City, CA 91604
Shuman, E Barry TTEE . Studio City, CA 91604
Shuman, Jason . Studio City, CA 91604

The Shumans appeared on the 1999 investor list; Jason Shuman, likely a son, is an aspiring film maker. Here is a sample of one of his works in progress:

Title: Half a Lifetime
Log line: Five friends get back together after a long time to play in a fantasy baseball camp.
Writer: Stephen Metcalf
Agent: UTA
Buyer: Revolution Studios
Price: n/a
Genre: Comedy
Logged: 12/19/00
More: William Sherak and Jason Shuman will produce. Story is based loosely on Sherak’s father, Tom Sherak, who is a partner at Revolution.

Siefe, Patrick . Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Pat Siefe is a Los Angeles-area computer programmer. He is not a Scientologist, but he did work for Reed Slatkin during the years of the investment club, according to Reed’s testimony before the SEC in 2000.

Silver, Barbara . Sheridan, OR 97378
Alan Larson, Janet Larson and Barbara share the same address: the main office of Delphi Academy, a Scientology school owned and operated by the Larsons.

Barbara, who is a registrar at the school, is also a Scientologist. Her husband, Larry Silver, runs the WISE company Hollander Consultants, which operates out of Portland, Oregon.

See also entry for Alan and Janet Larson.

Sinclair, Wonza W & Robert . Brooklyn, NY 11205
Robert and Wonza are both Scientologists.

Singer, David IRS Diana Venegas . Afton, VA 22920
Diana Venegas is a longtime Scientologist, WISE member and generous donor to Scientology, including a Cornerstone Club-sized gift to the Super Power Building. She is also a Patron with Honours of the IAS. She is married to fellow Scientologist and WISE honcho Dr. David Singer. There are other Venegas in Scientology as well, possibly children or siblings: Czarina, Lysander and Nickolas, all Patrons as well.

Diana describes herself as a ‘fashion designer’, and seems to have designed the wedding dress used in the Meg Ryan weeper “Prelude to a Kiss.”

Skrenes, Thomas . Tustin, CA 92680
From WISE:

Skrenes, Dr. Thomas M., D.C.
1254 Irvine Blvd., #100
Tustin, CA 92680
Tel. 714-669-8845
Fax 714-669-1438

According to the listing on the Scientologists Online website, he used to have an OS page, but it is no longer active.

Slatkin, Barbara . Kenwood, CA 95452

Barbara is Reed's youngest sister. According to our source, Barbara Slatkin used to be involved in Scientology, but is no longer an active member. Evan and Michaella are her two children. She also signed an open letter expressing concerns over Dr. Laura's comments about gays and lesbians:

SLH Holding Ltd Calgary, Canada ALB T2J 2T9
Stephen & Patty Harris
SLH Holding Ltd
#301 1167 Kensington Crescent NW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2N 1X7
No further information is known.

Slome, FBO Ariana Slome Trust - c/o Slome Capital Corp . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Slome, FBO Barret Slome Trust - c/o Slome Capital Corp . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Slome, FBO Brynie Slome Trust - c/o Slome Capital Corp . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Slome, Pagden Investments Inc . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Slome, SIL Nominees Ltd . Los Angeles, CA 90067
Slome, SIL Nominees Ltd- WW - Los Angeles, CA 90067

SIL Nominees is a Cayman Islands holding trust in possession of the shares of Kyneton Investments, according to this SEC filing:

1) The share amounts listed above include immediately exercisable warrants to purchase 296,855 shares of Issuer's Common Stock beneficially held by Kyneton Investments, Ltd., and take into account the Conversion and the Reverse Split (as defined in Item 4 below) as contemplated in the Plan of Reorganization (as defined in Item 3 below). All of these securities are held in the name of SIL Nominees, Ltd., a nominee, but are beneficially owned by Kyneton Investments, Ltd. Pursuant to the Plan of Reorganization, warrants were issued to all holders of Issuer's Common Stock, on a one-for-one basis after giving effect to the Conversion and the Reverse Split.

Here is some info on Kyneton, from the same filing:
(a) through (f). This statement is being filed by Kyneton Investments, Ltd., a Cayman Islands corporation ("Kyneton"). SIL Nominees, Ltd., a Cayman Islands corporation ("SIL") is a nominee company that holds the securities that are the subject of this Schedule 13D for the benefit of Kyneton. Kyneton is a securities investment company.
The principal place of business for Kyneton is c/o Shield Management Services, 2 Jane Street #501, Toronto, Canada M6S4W3.

According to this page, Shield seems to be associated with a Canadian named Doug Langford.
The stock in question in this filing was for Casmyn Corp.

Ansel Slome is an authorized agent of Kyneton Investments, which corresponds to the other names at this address, which are C/O Slome Capital Corp. He is also involved with Aries Ventures Inc., another somewhat mysterious holding company, which is involved in gold mining in Zimbabwe and other areas, according to this Yahoo! Snapshot:

Aries Ventures, Inc., formerly known as Casmyn Corporation, is engaged on mineral resource development. As of and subsequent to September 30, 1998, the Company has been focusing on its gold mining operations in Zimbabwe. The Company conducts its mining operations in Zimbabwe through its wholly owned subsidiary organized in Zimbabwe, Casmyn Mining Zimbabwe (Private) Ltd. In addition, the Company is currently implementing programs to improve production, increase reserves, reduce expenditures, and maximize operating profits and cash flows.

Ansel Slome is more traceable; his company, Slome Capital Corp, buys the insurance policies of terminally ill people at a cut rate. He was involved in a lawsuit with Amex Life Insurance over an incidence of fraud:

Here is more information on the case.

Slome appears on this list of viatical insurance companies:

He is also a philanthropist and generous supporter of the local Jewish community in Encino, California.

Snider, Ann . Los Angeles, CA 90010
A Patron of the IAS and longtime Scientologist, Ann is the wife of convicted GO felon Duke Snider, who was sent to prison as part of a plea bargain after Church of Scientology staffers were caught breaking into government buildings. For more information on "Operations Snow White", see this page.
Ann has an OS page; lthough Duke remains a Scientologist, he does not have a webpage.

Snow, Marybelle . Montecito, CA 93108
Snow, Tom & Mary Belle . Montecito, CA 93108
Tom Snow is a Scientologist and musician best known for scoring the hit series “The X-Files.” Mary Belle is his wife.

Sobol, Neal . Glendale CA 91205
Sobol, Leslie S - Trustee . La Canada, CA 91011

Leslie is the wife of former Guardian’s Office legal staffer Neal Sobol, who is currently an associate at Baum Hedland, a lawfirm with many active Scientologists. Leslie works as a certified accountant at WISE accounting firm Greenberg & Jackson in Los Angeles, and is also listed in the Who, What, Where directory.

Neal has an OS page as well, which doesn’t mention his past history in the infamous Guardian’s Office:

I have been in Scientology since 1973. In 1984 at the age of 34 I decided to go to law school. I knew it would be very difficult to do but it was a goal of mine since I was a child.
Due to the training I received applying L. Ron Hubbard's study technology, I was confident I could attain this goal. I chose the only 2 year American & California Bar Approved & Accredited Law School in the United States. I attended South Western University School of Law and graduated in 1986. I successfully passed the California Bar in 1987 and have been a participating attorney in Glendale, California since that time. Without L. Ron Hubbard's study technology I could never have gotten through Law school or passed the California Bar. I had graduated from college 12 years earlier but I was a very poor student.

Soref, Dror The Soref Fan Trst . Hollywood, CA 90038

Dror Soref is a Scientologist and film director.

Soref directed "The Seventh Coin" in 1993, and went on to form Orbit Productions, an independent film company, which has become Orbit Entertainment Group since then. He is listed as co-owner/producer/director at Orbit, which recently launched an interactive-media division called endtheory.
There was a Sue Falcon Soref on TNX.

Southard, Will & Elisa . Benicia, CA 94510
Southard, Elisa M & William P . Benicia, CA 94510

William and Elisa are Scientologists from California. On his OS page, William says:

“I was introduced to Scientology in New York City in 1968. I attended a lecture by Heber Jentsch on money (this was particularly useful for me since I had none).
I left the east coast and moved to California in 1975 where I met my wife-to-be. I started an engineering firm to provide control systems integration services to process industries. Today the firm is doing well with clients on five continents.

In addition to my interest in engineering, I am an actor. I enjoy doing live theater. I have also done numerous industrial films and a few dramas (one comedy even found its way to Cannes). Voice-over jobs are fun also. My wonderful wife is Elisa. She is a marketing consultant and author of a book on personal contact marketing. We have a LARGE yellow Labrador Retriever named Rocky. Life is good. Additional interests include kayaking and music”

The WISE business he refers to is:
DST Controls
William Southard
Benicia CA 94510-1141
United States

Here’s a description of Elisa’s marketing schtick, from a TNX event announcement

“Special guest speaker, Elisa Southard, president of MarketSkills- a marketing, communications and public relations firm in Benicia. She will be discussing key marketing principles to help you reach your target audience with the proper message. "Break Through the Noise" is a seminar you will NOT want to miss!”

Soverinksy Sally Recovable Living Trust Southfield, MI 48034
Soverinsky, Sally . Southfield, MI 48034

Possibilities: Could be related to either Randall or Mark Soverinsky, both of whom have addresses in Southfield. Mark Soverinsky is a doctor and program psychiatrist with the Pathway Family Center, according to this page.

Randall is a lawyer and probate specialist, according to this author’s note:

Randall J. Soverinsky is an associate at Patricia Gormely Prince, PC, in Farmington Hills, practicing in estate planning and administration. He is a member of the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan and was a contributor to Michigan Probate Litigation (ICLE 1998) and Trust Administration in Michigan (ICLE 1999). Mr. Soverinsky has also lectured for ICLE.

Spencer, Barbara . Los Gatos, CA 95033

This Lexington community newspaper, which covers the Los Gatos area, refers to Barbara Spencer’s Mountain Shiatsu as a sponsor in a recent silent auction According to this page, she’s also a graduate of the Ohashiatsu Institute. The number and address check out; she’s our Barbara.

Spinner, Howard . Los Gatos, CA 95032
Spinner, Jeannete & Howard (Howard Spinner Profit Sharing) . Los Gatos, CA 95032

Howard and Jeanette are both Scientologists and Patrons of the IAS.
From WISE:
Los Gatos Academy
Jean Spinner
220 Belgatos Rd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Tel. 408-358-1046
Fax 408-358-1086

Jean’s school:

Howard and Jean both have OS pages.

Stedman Stuart W Wesley West Interests Inc Houston TX 77019
Stedman Stuart W President Houston, TX 77001

Stuart Stedman is a Texas investor and manager of Wesley West Interests. He is not a Scientologist, and in fact was one of the first Slatkin investors to pursue legal action against Reed for allegedly fraudulent actions.

Steinberg, Stuart TTEE BFCC Inc . Burbank, CA 91505
Steinberg, Stuart & Deborah . Burbank, CA 91505

Stuart is a podiatrist in Burbank, who also invested with Slatkin under the name of his practice.
See Burbank Foot Care Clinic for more information.

Sterling Insurance Company Limited . Bermuda
Sterling Insurance Company Limited . Orange, CA 92868

See entry for Donald Martin.

Sterling, Robert IRA Robert Sterling SEP/IRA . Ventura, CA 93001


Stern, Michael S . Vineland, NJ 8362
Michael S. Stern could be the corporate counsel of Long Island-based Dial Inc., as quoted in this Newsday article :

Michael S. Stern, Dial's corporate counsel, said: "The real value of this company will be realized when it has expanded more thoroughly. Then it would make sense to consider a public offering." Dial might sell stock to the public within five years, he said.

There is also a screenwriter of the same name who has worked on Angel and the X-Files, among other shows.

He could possibly be the “friend” mentioned in this alumni report:

Joseph R. Bezzone (BBA '87) has opened an Italian trattoria, Due Amici ("two friends" in Italian) in West Orange, New Jersey, with business partner and college friend Michael Stern, who graduated GW in 1986.

The extremely annoying New Jersey corporate database gives me these possibilities for Michael S. Stern:
Stern Construction LLC
Stern Development #4 LLC
Stern Construction at Autumn Ridge. Inc.
And the elusive:
Perhaps further New Jersey investigations will shed some light on Mr. Stern.

Stevens, Patty . Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Stevens, Pattie . Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Stevens, Trevor & Jennifer . Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Stevens, Joel - Studio City, CA 91604
Stevens, who is also a Scientologist, acts as manager for actors (and Scientologists) Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi through his company, Joel Stevens Entertainment, which can be found on this webpage.

He was also one of Reed’s original investors, and his name appears on the short list of founding Investment Club members that was tabled at Reed’s hearing before the Securities and Exchanges Commission in January, 2000.

Stewart, Bruce & Donna . Mountain View, CA 94040
Bruce and Donna Stewart are both Scientologists.

Stoller Family Rev Living Trust - Michael T & Vanessa Stoller TTEE . Hidden Hills, CA 91302
Michael Stoller is a Scientologist and a lawyer, and has also acted as counsel to several Scientology corporations, including WISE International and the Hubbard College of Administration. He is also working on behalf of the Church of Scientology in the Raul Lopez case, and is representing BWN Nuclear Waste Elimination Corporation in its case against American Technologies Group, which claims to have been the target of an orchestrated attack by Scientologists.

Stoller works out of the same office as Lawrence Heller, one of the non-Scientologist attorneys who acted as founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology. According to filings with the court, not only is Stoller representing his own interests, but he has also filed on behalf of several other investors, including Donna and Mark Isham.

Strassburger, McKenna et al Ronald D. Barber/Yale Gutnick . Pittsburgh, PA 15222

H. Yale Gutnick is a partner at venerable Philadelphia law firm Strassburger McKenna Gutnick and Potter, one of the largest and most reputable firms in the city. His bio can be found here.

He also serves on the Board of Directors of internet startup company i2corp.com, which is listed on the business.com investment directory.

He was also involved in a bizarre controversy related to the suicide of Steve Kangas, who was an ardent critic of Gutnick’s client Richard Scaife, a local millionaire.

Sturgill, Ben C . Glendale, CA 91209
Curtis Ben Sturgill, a Scientologist, is an architect in Glendale, California. He grew up in Michigan, according to the bio on the firm's website:

"Mr. Sturgill is a licensed architect in the State of California and has been with the firm since 1984. He attended Ferris State University in Michigan. He has extensive experience in all aspects of architecture including design, project management and construction coordination. He has an excellent rapport with city officials throughout Southern California."
The firm is listed in the Theta Directory.

Curt also has an OS page, where he explains how his Scientology training helps him to deal with city officials:

"I am an architect and I use my Scientology training all the time. It is simply a part of my life, a major part. Since I've been on Scientology courses my life has gone right with a capital R. Confronting and keeping in communication with city officials is key in my line of work and my Scientology training has been invaluable in this. Before I would sometimes get into useless arguments with officials which went nowhere - not any more! I get my point accross and I get my product. It's so simple."

Sudalnik, Robert A & Suzanna . Portland, OR 97229
Both Suzanna and Robert are Scientologists from Clearwater, and Patrons of the IAS.
Robert’s OS page says that he is a computer professional, while Suzanna brought study tech to the public school system:

“I have been a teacher my whole life. I graduated from UCLA as a Graduate Fellow in Education and Administration, and my first position within the LA Unified School District involved teaching a bilingual class of children; half of the children spoke only English, the other half only Spanish. My job was to make all the children comfortable in both languages. No mean task. How did I do this? I used materials provided by the school district, but also applied to the teaching of these materials the L Ron Hubbard method of study, including the "Three Barriers to Study". Using Mr. Hubbard's study technology, my class became truly bilingual in half the time normally allotted for this. I have used Mr. Hubbard's educational technology to teach every subject to every child, every teenager, every adult, and I can unequivocally say that it works!”

Robert Sudalnik is apparently also on the Clearwater Beautification Committee:
“Commissioner Clark moved to appoint Robert Sudalnik. The motion was duly seconded and carried unanimously.”

He also wrote one of the many Scn letters to the St. Petersburg Times praising city manager Mike Roberto:

“The first wrong statement is that Scientology is strongly dependent on visitors to downtown Clearwater. That is totally untrue as our parishioners come from all over the world to receive religious counseling and training and it does not matter one bit what goes on in downtown Clearwater” -- Bob Sudalnik, Clearwater

Summers, Heidi . Saugus, CA 91350

Summers, Jane . Los Gatos, CA 95030
This story describes the plight of Steffanie Lynott, a teacher who had been renting a Los Gatos house from her aunt, Jane Summers, until her death forced the sale of the property.

Summers, Pete . La Canada, CA 91012

Summers, Sam . San Jose, CA 95118

Svirsky, John D . Garrison, NY 10524
John is a mortgage broker in Garrison, according to this article. He also enjoys a good cigar:

UNDERSTANDING THE THINGS THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT HOME MORTGAGES Sometimes, life is good. Typically when I interview someone, the meeting takes place in an office or my home. So when I contacted Mr. John D. Svirsky, a commercial and residential mortgage broker, and he suggested we meet on the second floor of Nat Sherman International, "Tobacconist to The World," I anticipated a treat. You see, Mr. Svirsky keeps a stash of very good cigars in the huge second floor humidor and he offered to break out a few for the interview. Yeah, sometimes life is good.

He is also a director of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers:

Sydney, Loren . Naples, FL 34109
Still no information, and address is unlisted in Infospace.

Sydney, Elaine . Tenafly, FL 7670
50 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, FL 7670

Here is a listing for Bob Sydney:

Bob Sydney
50 E Clinton Ave
Tenafly, NJ 07670

Unfortunately, the Sydneys remain a mystery. Perhaps it’s better that way.

Tambor, Jeffrey - c/o Gregg R Wind & Assoc CPA . Marina del Ray, CA 90292

Tanenbaum, Robert M . New York, NY 10053
According to this listing, Robert M. Tanenbaum is a probate lawyer in New York:

Robert M. Tanenbaum, Esq.
767 5th Avenue
New York, NY

Here is his listing from Martindale Hubbell:

Robert M. Tanenbaum
767 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5001
New York, New York 10153
(New York Co.)
Statement of Practice:
General Practice. Taxation, Corporate, Probate and Trust.
Firm Size: 1

Robert M. Tanenbaum, (Member) born Peekskill, New York, June 15, 1933; admitted to bar, 1960, New York. Education: Cornell University (A.B., 1954; M.B.A., 1955); New York University (J.D., 1959; LL.M., in Taxation, 1961). Certified Public Accountant, New York, 1959. Member: The Association of the Bar of the City of New York; New York State (Member, Section on Taxation) and American (Member, Section on Taxation) Bar Associations; American Accounting Association; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; New York Society of Certified Public Accountants. Practice Areas: Taxation; Trusts and Estates; Residential Real Estate; Real Property; Probate.

Taussig, John E and Judith B . Hollywood, CA 90068
Both John and Judith are Scientologists.

John is former GO, and is quoted in Omar Garrison's book defending the GO:

"In another sworn statement, John Taussig, a member of the church's Gaurdian staff, reported that since May, 1974, he has on numerous occasions noticed curious acoustic phenomena while using the telephone lines of the legal office. He states that the most f requent and noticeable noises have been mysterious clicking sounds. He has also on several occasions experienced interruptions which clearly did not originate in his telephone or that of the party with whom he was conversing. He avers that other staff memb ers have complained to him or to other members of the legal department of similar experiences."

He *could* be an executive with TRW now and living in Irvine, CA, but that could be someone else.

Judy is also ex-GO and signed an incriminating document in the old days:

"In the so-called Zeus code Mr. Hubbard is Joko, his wife, Jigo; in a code called Amber he is Neon, and Mrs. Hubbard is Lily. A document with FBI number 7822, dated Nov. 5, 1976, and signed by Judy Taussig, a U.S. national official of Scientology, defined the correct use of the codes. They were to be used, the court learned, for "groups or actions that we don't want connected to LRH or MSH. This is handled by coding their names. Also coding the group or action if it falls into categories #1 - #8 listed here."

That list included incriminating activities, "unpublished crimes," and "things like lobbying where this is prohibited in non-profit corporations, or money deals that might provoke government tax offices."

John works for this law firm, listed in Theta Directory:
Gonzalez & Harris
John E. Taussig
101 N. Brand Blvd., Ste. 1840
Glendale, CA 91203
United States
Phone: 818 550-0999
Fax: 818 550-8855

Taylor, Norman - Ocean Technologies . Glendale, CA 91204
Norman Taylor is a Glendale attorney specializing in the "Lemon Law" :

Norman Taylor & Associates
A Professional Law Corporation
425 West Broadway, Suite 220
Glendale, CA 91204
Toll Free 1-877-SOUR-CAR

His website is hosted by Scientologist ISP Relaypoint.

Terino, Dr Edward O . Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
Scientologist and Patron of the IAS, he appears to be a plastic surgeon specializing in "alloplastic facial contouring":

Thomas, Ann P and Seymour Jr . Alhambra, CA 91801
Both Seymour and Ann are Scientologists and Patrons of the IAS, and both have OS pages.

Seymour works for a company that pushes creatine.

Thompson, Alexandra L and Philip Marik . Santa Monica, CA 90402
This page has a Katherine Marik Thompson listed as an alumna of Marlborough School, a preparatory school for girls in Los Angeles.
Philip Marik may be related to Slatkin investors Jaroslav & Jirina Marik.

Thompson, Mary . Los Angeles, CA 90035
Mary Thomson is a Florida-area Scientologist, or at least, she was at the time that she wrote her “About Myself” profile for her OS page:

I got into Scientology because I wanted to improve my golf game. I went from a 36 handicap to an 8. No, not really - the real reason was that I was getting divorced and was total effect of the whole thing. I didn't think I could do anything. Well, it completely helped me to be at cause over the whole scene and to believe in myself and now I'm winning in life happily. And it really did help my golf game too!

Thornell, Kent . Sedona, AZ 86339
Kent Thornell lives in Carmel Valley, California. There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.

If he is the same Kent Thornell who made this post to an offshore message board, this is not the first time he's had trouble with bad investments:

"I also have a sizeable investment with TAC, Here is their address and phone numbers. the fax number is now disconnected and there is no answer at the phone number. If anyone has any information on this company, please email me …"

Thank you, Kent Thornell

Tinney, Lon D . Santa Monica, CA 90405
Lon Tinney and fellow Slatkin investor Janet Weiland are mentioned in a Los Angeles Times society article on the fund-raiser for a non-profit law center.

"Bet Tzedek, the nonprofit law center that provides free legal aid to economically disadvantaged people in Los Angeles, staged its fourth annual blowout fund-raiser, the Justice Ball, at Santa Monica's Museum of Flying on Saturday. The evening raised more than half a million dollars, according to co- chairmen Rafael Fogel and Randall Kaplan.

"We hung out for a while with some newfound friends, many of whom were in clear violation of the 'under 35' theme, including Janet Weiland, vice president of the Church of Scientology, and Lon Tinney, a film special-effects expert who worked on the original 'Star Wars.'"

It is fairly likely that Lon is a Scientologist, as his wife, Gloria, has an OS page .

Totah, Isa . Los Angeles, CA 90048
Isa Totah is a Scientologist and an actor who appeared in "From the Earth to the Moon,
a Tom Hanks miniseries as Farouk El-Baz, and as a character Ahmed in a Married With Children episode in 1994.

Of Arab-American descent, Totah appeared at a Celebrities Dinner at the 15tg convention of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.
The address resolves to two names, neither of which is Mr. Totah:
Mark Mcpherson
William Potter

Turbin, Alan . Dunedin, FL 34698
A partner of Norm Novitsky and Ike Kezbom in Kezbom, Turbin, Marsh and Novitsky, Turbin is likely a Scientologist. I am unaware if Edward Marsh is the Marsh in this company. At least three out of the four were indeed Reed investors.

Turner Alvet, Peter & Nancy . Los Angeles, CA 90065
A former Guardian’s Office staffer in the Information Bureau, longtime Scientologist Peeter Alvet was one of Michael Meisner’s guards during the time he spent under confinement by wary GO agents who suspected he was planning to turn state’s evidence. (He eventually escaped, and did so.)
From the Stipulation of Evidence in the Snow White case:

“On May 1, at approximately 6 p.m., Brian Andrus, Peeter Alvet, Information Bureau official Chuck Reese and two bodyguards visited Mr. Meisner and told him that he was to be moved to another apartment. Mr. Meisner refused to leave, threatening to cause a commotion if forced to do so. The two guards handcuffed him behind his back, gagged him and dragged him out of the building. Outside, they forced him onto the back floor of a waiting car. In the car one of the guards held Mr. Meisner down with his feet.”

Today, Peter and Nancy are both artists, and own the Alvet-Turner Fine Art Studios in Southern California. The Turner-Alvet Studios are listed in the Theta Directory:
Turner-Alvet Studios
Nancy Turner-Alvet
P.O. Box 9223
Glendale, CA 91226
United States

Ulan, Fred . Glens Falls, NY 12801
Fred Ulan is a Scientologist chiropractor.
He is involved with the "Natural Health Improvement Center," and practices the highly controversial and medically unproven Contact Reflex Analysis.

In addition, he claims to be a founder of CCHR, the Scientology front group opposing psychiatry:

"One of Dr. Ulan's proudest achievements has come out of more than 25 years which he devoted to study and work in the field of drug-free approaches to physical & psychosomatic illness. He became sickened by the atrocities he discovered as "routine treatments" in the mental health field, including physically damaging electric shocks, extremely addictive and harmful psychiatric/pharmaceutical drugs, frequent sexual violations of children and adult patients alike, as well as extensive insurance fraud. In 1986, aided by Rev. Heber Jentszch, President of the Church of Scientology International, he spearheaded the establishment of an international network of volunteer organizations to help clean up field of mental healing. This formidable psychiatric watch-dog group, CCHR, (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), now has over 300 chapters world-wide. CCHR has brought about major reforms in the field of mental health field through numerous criminal investigations and public campaigns which has resulted in many favorable changes in the mental health laws in many countries and states, thus helping to usher in an era of greater safety in this field. Dr. Ulan can be reached at the Natural Health Improvement Center, LLC, 15 West Notre Dame Street, Glens Falls, New York, 12801. Phone: (518) 792-5772; Fax: (518) 792-7310. E-mail: nhic@capital.net."

He highly recommends various vitamins for their curative properties, and contributed cases to a booklet: "Patients Speak About Nutritional Therapy."

He has an OS page.

In 1976, he was a GO officer involved in handling CoS' entree into Clearwater:

"A press release quoting church spokesman Fred Ulan says the Scientologists will give Clearwater city commissioners "a written guarantee" that the church will not hold the officials legally responsible "for any libel or slander uttered by Bob Snyder in his forthcoming lecture entitled 'The True Story of the Fort Harrison'."

Not only was Ulan involved in the takeover of Clearwater, according to the affidavit of his ex-wife, Ginger Ross Breggin, now married to prominent anti-psychiatry (yet apparently non-Scientologist) writer Peter Breggin, he was involved with the GO defense:

"At the time I was married to Freddie Ulan (1976-1983). He was head of the Safe Environment Fund and was fundraising for the defense of Mary Sue and other indicted Scientologists. After leaving staff I made a genuine year-long attempt to salvage the marriage but it was beyond saving and we separated in 1982 at which point I also left Scientology."

Breggin concludes her affidavit, which was highly critical of Scientology (she has also endorsed Steve Hassan's book concerning cult recovery issues), by stating:

"Immediately after our daughter was born, I decided not to return to staff. My husband, Fred Ulan, left when she was less than two weeks old and went to Flag for more upper level auditing (maybe the Ls). I was a new mother, cut off from all my friends and any support network. My infant began crying one night and did not stop. She cried for over three hours. After trying everything I was horrified to discover that I was thinking about dropping her off my second story balcony. I quickly and gently laid her in her crib, and called my sister-in-law who came over and helped me for a couple of hours. I felt like I was going crazy and became convinced that I needed some auditing to address the horrendous impulse I had had and went to the service bureau at USGO. I was placed in lower conditions due to having declared I was not returning to staff, and had to work through conditions and return to staff prior to receiving any auditing. During this time my husband, away at Flag, was refusing to speak to me and providing no emotional support, because of my lower condition and the fact that it could risk his auditing."

Ulan introduced Arte Maren, GO felon, to the crowd in CW:

"But five days later, the public was invited to an open house at the Fort Harrison. About 500 people showed up and they found the old hotel looking better, cleaner. Rev. Fred Ulan, flashing a big smile, greeted everyone and spoke of a week of "ups and downs." He introduced Maren and, pointing at his head, said: "See, no horns."

From another article:
"In June, Fred Ulan, an assistant public relations official for the church, reported to public relations director Artie Maren that not enough was being done to silence Snyder. To make up for this shortcoming, he said, FREEDOM, a Scientology publication, was preparing an article "tying Snyder in with Interpol as he has stated he supports them, and using the one-world rule button which Snyder hits us with saying Snyder now supports Interpol which supports one world rule by its very nature."

Not surprisingly, Ulan's clinic is a WISE business.

Vallenilla, Diego . Miami, FL 33102
According to our lists, Diego, a Scientologist, has taken the Ls, and he is most likely in Venezuela.

She married DIEGO VALLENILLA December 22, 1983 in Caracas, Venezuela. Children of LORNA ESCOFFERY and DIEGO VALLENILLA are:
i. ANDREA7 VALLENILLA, b. August 20, 1985.

Van Der Merwe, Susan Cust Rachel Van Der Merwe . Woodbine, NJ 8270
Van Der Merwe, Susan (Cust Rachel Van Der Merwe) . Los Angeles, CA 90066

The Van Der Merwe’s Los Angeles address resolves to Jay Sedrish, who is also a Slatkin investor.

A Susan Van Der Merwe testified at the post-apartheid hearings in South Africa:

According to this story, her husband was shot by guerilla fighters in 1978.

A woman of the same name also acted as a spokesperson for the Cape Nature Conservation in this case involving illegal tortoise exports.

She also seems to have worked as parliamentary counsellor to President Mbeki:

There is no indication that she is a Scientologist; she does seem to be linked somehow to the Azeez family, based on one of the addresses given.

Van Susteren Greta & John Coale Clearwater, FL 33767
Van Susteren Greta Conway Coale & Van Susteren/FBO Clearwater, FL 33767


Venegas, Diana . Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770
Diana Venegas is a longtime Scientologist, WISE member and generous donor to Scientology, including a Cornerstone Club-sized gift to the Super Power Building. She is also a Patron with Honours of the IAS. She is married to fellow Scientologist and WISE honcho Dr. David Singer. There are other Venegas in Scientology as well, possibly children or siblings: Czarina, Lysander and Nickolas, all Patrons as well.

Diana describes herself as a ‘fashion designer’, and seems to have designed the wedding dress used in the Meg Ryan weeper “Prelude to a Kiss.”

VGIS Main Account Tujunga, CA 91042
Von Gunten Srvcs DBA Grid Systems . Tujunga, CA 91042
VGIS Main Account
10951 Hillhaven Ave
Tujunga, CA 91042

Jon Von Gunten is a Scientologist.This is the address for Jon Von Gunten, of "von Gunten, Inc." (as listed on the 1999 Investor List.) VGIS stands for Von Gunten Inc. Services, otherwise known as GRID Systems. This is a WISE company (as of 1999) at this address:

G.R.I.D. Systems
Jon Von Gunten
10951 Hillhaven Ave.
Tujunga, CA 91042-1417
United States
(1) 818-352-8000
(1) 818-951-1649

Jon Von Gunten has an OS page.

He was a TNX member, and was also involved in sending out email encouraging Scns to go see the John Travolta bomb Battlefield Earth on its opening weekend.

In addition to VGIS/GRID Systems, Jon also handles Publicity and Public relations for hightechbiz.com:

"Jon von Gunten Publicity and Public Relations Mr. Von Gunten is a skilled journalist, writer, and publicist specializing in high technology and business to business communications. Because of his journalistic leanings he has an extraordinary skill in booking great press coverage. Editors love him too because he can do most of the work and write it in a fashion that is compatible with their style and editorial needs.

"We've worked with too many PR teams that really don't understand what is needed and waste a lot of time and resources. Jon is one of two out of hundreds that meets and exceeds our demands. Clients love him" Jack Potter Senior Marketing Analyst"

Other Scientologists are involved in this venture, including attorney Steven L. Hayes, the infamous Scn attorney who purchased the name and property of old, real CAN after driving them into bankruptcy in order to set up the new, Scn front Cult Awareness Network. Steve Hayes, unashamed of his activities, also has an OS page.

Jon von Gunten wrote to complain about the way a group of Catholics discussed Scn:

"A recent HLI press release inaccurately characterized my church, the Church of Scientology. Our moral code is freely available at http://www.thewaytohappiness.org/html/twth/how.htm We Scientologists believe in an infinite God, the sanctity of life, a monogamous family, no drugs, hard work, unimpeachable fair play, and delivering what you promise (or more) in business. You have all noticed how drugs, dishonesty, criminality and illiteracy are strangling once-vital nations. Scientology reaches out with highly effective anti-drug efforts on six continents, criminal rehabilitation groups in prisons, inner-city literacy projects, and volunteer ministers when disasters strike. Earth's religions must form inter-religious alliances against the forces of chaos. United we stand... Jon von Gunten 2000-06-13"

He also wrote to the New Times LA to attack old CAN () and to the LA Times to talk about Scn beach-cleaning

GRID Systems was apparently involved with QuickSell Commerce, perhaps in a PR context. He was a 1961 graduate of Antilles High School.

Jon Van Gunten is quite the OSA public it seems, he was involved with SPL, or the Scientology Parishioners League:

"Defend your religion in the media. Have your spiritual beliefs been slurred by mass media? Scientology Parishioners League (SPL) defends Scientology and other religions pilloried in print or electronic media. When media is merely misinformed, we document the truth. Letters to the editor are SPL's primary tool. Occasionally we phone in "live" to a talk show. It's not time-consuming because we ask only a few people to respond to each incident. PR seminars available. For more information, contact Jon von Gunten, Director of Operations, SPL, grid@csi.com or call 818-352-3500."

Walker Adam Wicks Glendale, CA 91207
Walker, Adam W . Glendale, CA 91207

Son of Douglas Wicks Walker and childhood friend and erstwhile business partner of Sky Dayton.

From an article on Sky Dayton and Earthlink:

A practicing Scientologist, Dayton graduated at age 16 from the Delphian Academy, a Scientology-affiliated boarding school in Sheridan, Ore. But ambition moved him to choose entrepreneurship over college. His first venture was a money-losing coffeehouse named Cafe Mocha, located on trendy Melrose Avenue in L.A. Dayton's next business was a graphic design shop, started with long-time friend Adam Walker.

The article continues:

To fund the venture, Dayton talked to anyone who would listen, eventually hooking up with two Scientologists who would become his first angel investors. He raised $100,000 by selling a 40 percent stake to Kevin O'Donnell - the father of a school friend and founder of Government Technology Services Inc., a Chantilly, Va., computer reseller - and Reed Slatkin, a Santa Barbara, Calif., stock trader, financial manager and long-time friend of Walker's family.
(emphasis added)

Walker, Doug - Marsha Fox . Los Angeles, CA 90039
Marsha Fox is an OT 7 and a Patron of the IAS, and has also taken at least one L course. She may represent the artist Mark Goss, according to this webpage.

She is also quoted in Source 1982:

"On Int by Dynamics -- well, frankly I have never experienced so much Tone Arm action so fast in my life! It certainly explained why I might be having a bit of trouble expanding into a bigger game! I also did the Dynamic Sort-Out, and the PROSPERITY RUNDOWN." Marsha Fox-Walker, p.22

Douglas Walker is a Scientologist, writer and initial investor in Earthlink. According to a newspaper article quoted in his original entry, Reed Slatkin is a longtime friend of the Walker family. Douglas Walker is also a Patron of the IAS.

Here is his picture in the online version of the Church of Scientology publicity book "What is Scientology?"

Walton, Elizabeth Orr . Peapack, NJ 7977
Walton, Ellen . Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Walton, James M . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, James M Jr . Peapack, NJ 7977
Walton, James M Jr . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Joseph C - Cust for Isabel Blair Walton . Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Walton, Joseph C . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Joseph C Cust . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Joseph C Custodian . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Mary . Glorieta, NM 87535
Walton, Mary T . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Mary T . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Rachel M . Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Walton, Rachel . Delray Beach, FL 33483

Many of the Waltons were early investors in Earthlink, which may explain why they invested with Mr. Slatkin in the first place. The Waltons are one of Pennsylvania’s oldest, wealthiest and most respected families, and the lineage includes marriages with the Carnegie and Mellon families, amongst others. Rachel Mellon Walton, in particular, is a renowned philanthropist, and the family supports many charitable initiatives and projects.

From a Heinz Foundation profile:

Mr. [James C.] Walton is chairman of the Vira I. Heinz Endowment and actively involved in many of Pittsburgh's civic and cultural organizations. He has been a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University since 1968 and continues to be deeply committed to the university and its many programs

Ward, Lowell & Mona . Burbank, CA 91504
Lowell is a chiropractor and the pioneer of "Stressology"

The story of Lowell's history is on this page.

Ward Chiropractic Family Center
359 Redondo Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90814
(562) 433-0444

There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.

Warner, Cass . Clearwater, FL 33755
Cass, a Scientologist, is one of the "Warner Sisters"
Among their goals is the Clearwater Film Festival. According to this page, she was trained by Katselas, also a Slatkin investor. There are several other Warners in Scn Online.

She was also married to Wings Hauser, and may be the other of his son - and fellow Slatkin investor - Cole.

Watson, Susan C - Trustee . Hollywood, CA 90028
Scientologist Susie Watson Taylor, pictured here, is the Vice President for Public Affairs at Author Services Inc., the for-profit publishing wing of the Church of Scientology.

She also played oboe with the Incredible String Band, which had several Scientologist members, and has acted as guard for at least one recalcitrant Scientologist staffer at the church's mysterious "Happy Valley" compound, according to this statement by former RTC executive Jesse Prince.

Susan Watson would appear to be using the same address as the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles:

Church of Scientology
Celebrity Centre International
5930 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
Tel. 213-960-3100

Wearn, Cartney . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Wearn, Cartney . Glendale, CA 91208

Cartney Wearn is a Scientologist and a scriptwriter in Los Angeles.

Weaver, Mary Sue . La Canada, CA 91011

Mary Sue is a member of WISE:

Weaver, Mary Sue
2115 La Canada Crest Dr. #105
La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011-1909
United States
(1) 818-541-9650

She also has an OS page.

Weber, David Oil Co 401K DTD . Carlstadt, NJ 7072
Bennett Weber has a Scientologist Online page:

“Hello, my name is Bennett Weber, and here is a little bit about myself:
I have lived and worked in the New York area all my life. I love to sail and I also have a farm in upper New York State where my family and I raise horses and other animals. I'm happily married and have two wonderful children. My wife is a wardrobe consultant. One of my sons is twenty-three years old and works in our family business with my 91-year-old father and myself and the other son is twelve and an avid athlete who excels in basketball and baseball. We run a petroleum business, which makes industrial lubricants.”

The company in question, David Weber Oil, is a WISE member. Mr. Weber is a Patron with Honours, as well as a Cornerstone Club-level supporter of the SP Building.

Weiland, Janet & Cary . Los Angeles, CA 90029
Janet Weiland is the Vice President of the Church of Scientology International, and Cary is most likely her husband, a child or other close relative.

Wells, Theodore & Ellen Trustees . Van Nuys, CA 91402
Wells, Theodore Allen & Ellen . Van Nuys, CA 91402

Ted Wells, presumably a Scientologist is listed in Source magazine as completing L11 in 1992.

Wesley West Long Long Term Houston, TX 77001
Wesley West Minerals Ltd Houston, TX 77001

See entry for Stuart Stedman.

Wheeler, Charles F. Trust 1984 . Tucson, AZ 85718
Wheeler, Elizabeth B. Trust 1984 . Tucson, AZ 85718

There are lots of Wheeler Scientologists, but no Charles or Elizabeth.
Charles Wheeler could be this cinematographer:

Possibly Elizabeth mentioned in this article about EL Paso Community College instructors:

Wheeler, Ellyn . Tucson, AZ 85718
Wheeler, Larry F / DDS PC . Tucson, AZ 85718

Ellyn and Larry are both Scientologists. Patrons with Honors (>$100,000) of the IAS, and Cornerstone Club member (contributor to Scientology's Super Power building in Clearwater, FL)

Ellyn and Larry live in Tucson, Ariz.

From Larry's OS page:
"Hello, my name is Larry F. Wheeler, and here is a little bit about myself: I am a dentist, living in Tuscon, Arizona with my wife, Ellyn, who is also in Scientology. I have a son, Charles, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who are also in Scientology. My interests are dentistry, golf, tennis, and my community. I would enjoy talking with anyone about Scientology."

White, Tim . Shingle Springs, CA 95682
Tim White is listed as an IAS Sponsor in Impact 1990.

Wiley, Lawerence & Peggy Family Trst . Clearwater, FL 33759
Both Lawrence and Peggy are Scientologists.

Lawrence Wiley is the list owner of "PSYCH-BITTER-HUMOR, which describes itself as:
" an open, moderated weekly list featuring bitter humor at the expense of psychology, psychiatry and their practitioners. The humor is often based on real events, or taken from news reports of outrageous psychological or psychiatric practices."

Lawrence Wiley is also a consultant with the infamous Sterling Management, the chiropractic training firm and Scientology recruitment and FSMing arm. He was engaged in a controversy on chiroweb with another chiropractor, Barbara Kowlowitz, who told her story of how her busines was taken over by Scientology and Sterling:

"Investigate a Management Group
Dear Editor:
Barbara J. Kowlowitz, DC, has courteously sent me a copy of her August 7, 1990 letter to you. If you decide to print this letter, would you add the following postscripts? I would appreciate it very much.
Postscript: It sometimes happens that Sterling's clients do come up with successful marketing ideas. Of course, our consultants encourage such activities. About the $500 given by Dr. Kowlowitz's partner to the Church of Scientology, that's a personal matter between him and the church. Although Sterling may have recommended personal counseling, it would not have been involved in the actual transaction.
Lawrence Wiley
Sterling Management Systems
Glendale, California

Willardson, Greg & Judy . Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Willardson, Greg & Judy . Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Greg Willardson was Director of Information US during the Snow White operations within the Guardian’s Office, and is one of 11 Scientologists who went to prison as a result of pleading guilty to the charges that resulted from the daring plan to infiltrate United States government offices and steal sensitive information related to plans for a personal audit of L. Ron Hubbard.
(For more information, see this site.)

He has been somewhat low profile in the years since his incarceration, but is presumed still a Scientologist.

His wife Judy, on the other hand, runs the Willardson Group, a professional field counselling firm in Glendale, California. While not listed in WISE, it appears in two other publications dedicated to ‘theta’ enterprises, Who What Where and the Theta Directory. Her OS page is here.

Willner, David . Glendale, CA 91207
David Willner appears on the earlier Investor List, and is likely related to longtime Scientologist Neil Willner, also profiled elsewhere.
On his OS page,he mentions that he is an accountant, and ‘grew up’ in Scientology, which means it’s likely that he is the son of Neil and Eve.

Willner, Neil & Eve . Glendale, CA 91207
Willner, Neil . Pasadena, CA 91105

Neil Willner is on 1993 WISE Directory
He was a trustee of Foundation for Religious Freedom and a Patron with Honours Foundation for Religious Freedom
He is also listed in WISE 2009:

Consolidated Financial & Ins.
Neil Willner
1550 W. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105-1415
United States

David is likely related to Neil and Eve.

Wintz-Leibovit, Alice . Encino, CA 91436
Alice has been profiled at length elsewhere; she was paralysed in a car accident and entrusted her settlement, and her children’s college funds, to Slatkin. What is unclear is how she is related to the Leibovit clan, who were also heavily invested with the “friends club”.

Wise, Randal IRA Nancy Roby Wise IRA . Glendale, CA 91206
Scientologists and businesspeople from Glendale. Both Randal and Nancy have OS pages.
Randy describes himself therein as a 30-year member of CoS. They are members of the Glendale Character and Ethics Project, a seemingly Scn-related enterprise in the heavily Scn community of Glendale, CA, as representatives of the business community.

Their company, General Networks, provides a variety of networking services. Randy Wise is involved with the Glendale Business Association.

Wood, Alastair N . Tujunga, CA 91042

According to information from ex-Scientologist Tory Bezazian, Alastair Wood is an OT8 and highly trained auditor who currently works at Executive Software.

Wright, Ken (The Ken Wright Ltd Family Ptn) . Ventura, CA 93001

Wright, Ken . Ojai, CA 93023
Ken has an OS page.

His company is also a member of WISE, according to the 1997 Directory:
Pure Body Institute
Ken Wright
230 S. Olive St.
Ventura, CA 93001
Tel. 805-653-5448
Fax 805-653-0373

Here is the webpage of Pure Body Institute’s
vitamin crap, which promotes ‘detoxification’:

Also see entry for Pure Body Institute, which is listed as a separate investor.

Yager, Robert A (for Frank Brikowski) . San Jose, CA 95124
The address corresponds to this company, which seems to have nothing to do with Brikowski or Yager, and I wasn’t able to find anything else out about either gentleman:

Sunstone Consulting
San Jose Office
4820 Harwood Road #100
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 453-4531 phone
(408) 453-4524 fax

Yoder, Ronald A . Los Angeles, CA 90026
From WISE:
American Home Products
Ron Yoder
1461 N. Benton Way
Los Angeles, CA 90026-2216
United States
(1) 213-483-5626
(1) 212-483-8568
Here’s a story on the company’s “Bungee Ball".

Yoh, Julie & Jovian . Medford, NJ 8055
Galaxy Scientific Corp
Attn: Jim Yoh
2500 English Creek Ave - Bldg 11
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 8234

James and Julie Yoh resolve to the Bortons Road address, according to Infospace. According to this bio of Dr. Yoh, Jovian is their son.

James Yoh is the president and CEO of Galaxy Scientific Corporation and vice-president of the Monte Jade Science & Technology of Mid-Atlantic States (MJMA), which appears to be a high tech industry association.

Galaxy Scientific Corporation is a multi-million dollar private high tech firm that specializes in defence, aviation and civil applications, with offices around the globe, according to its website:

Galaxy Scientific Corporation provides superior, technology-driven products and services to a broad range of customers in both government and private industry. Galaxy Scientific Corporation is a key member of the Galaxy Group, comprised of Galaxy Tracking Systems, Galaxy Aviation Corporation, Galaxy Litebeams, and Galaxy Aviation Security, L.L.C.

As for Dr. James W. Yoh, he has been recognized as a business leader by not one but two presidents:

Both the George H. W. Bush and Clinton Administrations have twice recognized Dr. James W. Yoh, Galaxy's Chief Executive Officer, as a national leader in business management and technical achievement.

No slouch herself, Julie has a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Yonemoto, Stan & Sheila . Alhambra, CA 91801
Yonemoto Physical Therapy
Sheila Yonemoto
55 South Raymond Ave., Ste. 100
Alhambra, CA 91801-7101
United States
(1) 626-576-0591
(1) 626-576-5890
They are both Patrons of IAS, and Stan is a Patron with Honours. Tracy Yonemoto is involved with Delphi fundraising. They run a physical therapy clinic.

Stan is also a member of the Rotary Club of San Marino and a planning commissioner for San Marino.

Sheila is a physical therapist and a fan of the Shiatsu chair.

Young, Bonnie W . Atlanta , GA 30318
According to this local arts report from Creative Loafing Atlanta, Georgia, Bonnie W. Young may indeed be the Donna Karan photographer and fashion conceptualist:

Donna Karan, yep the DK of DKNY, presents Colors of the Vanishing Tribes, photographs by Bonnie Young. The photographs focus on tribes around the world and their tribal colors. The photographs depict textiles and rituals that inspire the creations of Donna Karan International. Included in the exhibit are jewelry and artifacts gathered by Bonnie Young and Donna Karan on their travels around the globe. Proceeds from the exhibit go to Trade for Aid, a non-profit organization that develops creative centers for disadvantaged children. The exhibit opens March 2 and runs through March 13 at the Lowe Gallery, 75 Bennett St., Suite A-2. Gallery hours are Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Bonnie was accused of cultural misappropriation when Inuit art and design-inspired creations found their way into her latest collection.

Young, Brinton . Pasadena, CA 91107
Brinton O.C Young is vice-president of Strategic Planning for Earthlink, and joined the company in 1996, according to this news release.
In his February deposition, Reed told the SEC that he and others had invested in an east coast company started by Mr. Young’s brother-in-law. He was also an early investor in Earthlink, as was Reed.
There is no indication that he is a Scientologist.

Young, Robert . Tarzana, CA 91356
Unknown, but possibly this California vineyard-owner.

Zalcberg, Irwin . Grand Beach, MI 49117
Irwin was an early investor in Earthlink, selling 14,000 shares at the IPO.
He also holds inside trading status with broadband company Yvvo, Inc., according to this Yahoo! Report.

He also is a shareholder of ESAT Inc., an OTC stock. E-Sat is a Virtual Internet Service provider.

Zaplin, Mark Santa Fe, NM 87501
Zaplin, Mark Wm Synnamon - Century Bank Santa Fe, NM 87504
This is Mark *Zaplin*, erstwhile art partner of the infamous Ron Rakow!

Zaplin runs the Zaplin Lampert Gallery, which "exhibits Classic Western art, including nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American paintings, drawings and prints by Santa Fe artsits and Taos artists, and works by the Early Modernists. The Gallery features a fine collection of traditional Mexican furniture, New Mexican furniture, and other New Mexican art. There are also works of historic photography and contemporary American art from a select group of artists on display."

The website tells the gallery's story:

"Partners Mark Zaplin and Richard Lampert grew up together in Massachusetts. In 1972, in the basement of a Boston bookstore, they discovered a large trove of Edward S. Curtis photographs and plates of the American Indian, a project to which the photographer devoted 30 years of his life. The find led Mark and Richard to the West, and to their careers as dealers in fine art."

Zaplin was involved in a co-ownership deal with Rakow and Denise Del Bianco of a Georgia O'Keefe painting which led to a lawsuit by him against Rakow and DelBianco. Both Rakow and Del Bianco are Slatkin investors, along with numerous other members of the Rakow family. Rakow's prior fraud convictions have raised questions about his involvement with the Reed Slatkin investment enterprise.

As it turns out, Zaplin’s relationship with Rakow may have started before their cooperative art ventures: according to the New Mexico corporate database, Zaplin was involved in the creation of “Standard Activator Corporation,” which, according to the record, was “TO BUY SELL, AND TRADE LACTIC BACILLIS CULTURES.”

PRINCIPAL ADDRESS (Outside New Mexico)
RESIGNED 03-12-86
Designation date: 07/09/85
Agent Post Mark Date:
Resignation date:
Expiration Year:
Date Election of Directors: 06/01/86

He is also the co-owner of trendy Santa Fe restaurant Rociada

As for “WM Synnamon”, any guesses?

Yes. Bill Synanamon, Santa Fe resident and treasurer of the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet:
He also seems to attend Star Wars conventions, and feeds tidbits to this fansite.

Century Bank is Santa Fe’s number one real estate lender.

Zerden, Herbert N Irrev Trst - Sheldon Goldberg TTEE . Clearwater, FL 33774
Herbert Zerden is married to Helen “Penny” Zerden, and is the stepfather of Gregory Wisner, the young man found dead on a beach after failing to kick a drug habit using Narconon.

Gregory’s father is R. Michael Wisner, a major Narconon supporter. He is an IAS Patron with Honours.
His company, Rate Reductions, was a member of WISE in 1998. Other corporate ties include:
Herb Zerden, Inc.

He is also involved, with fellow Slatkin investor Mike Kaplan, with BUSINESS DISCOUNT SERVICES, INC. at 614 N HIGHLAND AVE in Clearwater, Florida

Zimmerman, Dick & Patty . Belleaire, FL 33756
Patty and Dick are both Scientologists and Flag volunteers.

Dick is a celebrity photographer who has been in Scientology for over 20 years.

This person was recruited into Scientology by Dick.

Patty was a supporter of redevelopment in Clearwater.

Dick's old company, not WISE, was: