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Since the Slatkin story broke in May 2001, there have been many different, often conflicting lists of investors, each with its own specific context. Each list involved new sets of numbers, and like so much else that involves Reed and numbers, much of what you read is suspect as to its validity.

The first list revealed, the '1999 List', was a verbatim piece of Reed accounting that makes almost no sense in retrospect. It did however, give us an initial sense of the who was investing with Reed.
The 1999 List is Here.
... our researched version of the 1999 List is HERE.
The '2001 List' was provided by the bankruptcy court and the investors on the list were self-identified 'creditors'.. ie, people who had outstanding accounts with Slatkin when he finally filed for bankruptcy.
The 2001 List is Here.
... our researched version of the 2001 List is found in two sections: A - K / L - Z.
The 'Top 75 List' was revealed in the December Interim Trustee's Report, written by Todd Neilson. It marks in numerical order, the investors who profitted most from Slatkin's ponzi scheme. Inclusion on the list does not mean that a particular investor was 'in on the scam' necessarily. The numbers in here are the most 'correct' to date, as they were checked against bank records and wire transfers etc.
The Top 75 List is Here.
... our researched version of the Top 75 List is HERE.
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