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The name "Daniel Jacobs" is not a new one for those who have been following the Reed Slatkin ponzi meltdown over the last year. In fact, Jacobs, a fellow Scientologist and self-styled "consultant", was one of the very first Slatkin associates to set about "disappearing" Reed Slatkin's name from his personal website, as immortalized here.

Recently, however, Jacobs has been granted an even greater prominence after allegations surfaced that he was one of a handful of (as yet) unindicted co-conspirators named by Reed Slatkin as part of his plea agreement with the US Attorney's office in March. According to the plea, the result of lengthy negotiations between the US Attorney's office and Slatkin, represented by noted criminal defence attorney Brian Sun, Daniel Jacobs was one of a handful individuals who were directly involved in the efforts to cover up Slatkin's investment fraud after the Securities and Exchange Commission launched an investigation into his activities in 1999 (emphasis added):
SLATKIN provided and caused others to provide materially false documentation to the SEC to obstruct the SEC investigation and to conceal the fact that his investment program was a massive Ponzi scheme and that his investor account statements were complete fabrications designed to lull and deceive investors. Specifically, SLATKIN provided and caused Jean Janu, Dan Jacobs, Didier Waroquiers, and others to provide the SEC with, among other things, fabricated investor account statements, fabricated lists of liquidated investor accounts, and fabricated correspondence and account statements from a nonexistent, purportedly legitimate Swiss brokerage company called NAA Financial (“ NAA”) where a significant amount of investor funds were purportedly held.
At SLATKIN’s direction, Jean Janu fabricated lists of liquidated investor accounts which she knew would be provided to the SEC. Dan Jacobs and Didier Waroquiers assisted SLATKIN in maintaining the fictions that NAA really existed, that it was a legitimate brokerage company, and that investors’ funds were held overseas in one or more NAA accounts.
Perhaps coincidentally, Jacobs is also listed as one of the top 75 "net gainers" listed in the December 2001 Trustee Report, with a recorded profit of just over $2.5 million on an initial investment of just over $700, 000. In the months before Slatkin's pyramid collapsed, Jacobs was also sending Slatkin regular invoices for "consulting", as well as "bonuses" for scoping out potential investment opportunities.

In July 1999, Jacobs sent this letter requesting a "cash bonus" of just under $2 million for doing unspecified "work", at Slatkin's behest, to increase the value of Slatkin's investments. The companies listed include Earthlink, Stryker Systems, Alliance MFG Software and Advanced Resin Technology. In another letter dated January 15, 2001, Jacobs suggests that Slatkin has agreed to increase his retainer to $40,000 per month. Finally, Jacobs was also providing Scientology counselling to at least one of the Slatkin children, Justin. In this February 2000 letter that requesting the full payment within thirty days, Jacobs predicts that Justin can be "finished" for "something less than $100,000" -- at which point, he suggests, the rest of the money could be applied to counselling for Slatkin's younger son, Brett.

Millions of dollars in cash bonuses, tens of thousands of dollars in monthly retainers - just what were Daniel Jacobs' qualifications for these sky-high bills?

According to our sources, Daniel Jacobs is a highly trained Scientologist auditor (Class 6, in Scientology parlance), as well as a graduate of the Church of Scientology's "Organizational Executive Course", an expensive, intensive course designed for teaching executives to use L. Ron Hubbard's "administration tech" to run a business. In past years, sources say, Jacobs also ran a successful field auditing group. Both Daniel and Myrna are Cornerstone Club donors to the Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida. Dan's wife, Myrna Jacobs, is listed in Impact as a member of the International Association of Scientologists.

Jacobs also runs -- or at least ran -- his own consulting firm, Corporate Development International. Until the Slatkin story broke, the site -- available here thanks to Google's web cache service -- billed Jacobs as a "senior associate" of Skatkin and Associates. Since then, the site at has been removed, and now displays a message stating that the company is " temporarily out of business."

According to Internic, the domain registry is in Mr. Jacob’s name:
Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
W. Jacobs, Dr Daniel (DDW94) dwjacobs@AOL.COM
Corporate Development International
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr. Suite 592
Toluca Lake , CA 91602
800 900 6660 (FAX) 818-845-4852
Daniel W. Jacobs, Ph.D.
When it was online, the Corporate Development International site also included this stipulation for media looking to reprint his articles:

“Any copy concerning Dr. Jacobs specifically should include the following:
As a successful senior executive, consultant and corporate advisor for over 25 years, Dan specializes in identifying and resolving barriers to expansion while helping to bring about stable rapid growth for corporate and private investment clients. He is also the CEO of Corporate Development International, an international consulting firm with offices in Los Angeles, California and in Geneva, Switzerland.”

Here is a sample article entitled "The Romance of Salesmanship":
Salesmanship is exciting. It is the quest that counts. The chase is the thing. Once it's over and the deal is won and the initial exhilaration has worn off . . . it's a letdown. The blood starts surging through his veins again only when he's off on a new pursuit and he's back in the game.

It requires wit, nerve and persistence. It is a process of continual change and therefore an ongoing education. Yes, it has its basics that you must be familiar and competent with, but you're still always dealing with another human being. It's not like a chess game, because in sales, as in life, the pieces think for themselves! They don't always do your bidding. They have their own purposes and pressures that might or might not include your product or service.

But, let's be truthful about it. Once a salesman always a salesman whether you are in the game or not. If you've got the bug you might as well admit it and enjoy it. If it's in your blood have fun and use it to your advantage. If you don't love it, find another line of work. For the details will kill you. You'll hate it and it will show. The customers will pick it up and they'll stay away in droves.
Dan jacobs' name also disappeared from this page for Optimum TSM Partners (originally resurrected courtesy of when Jacobs' profile was initially prepared by, the page has since been removed from the collection). The page originally listed Jacobs as an executive partner for a shady-sounding "time share management" services for companies looking to set up European subsidiaries. Interestingly enough, the page also lists as "founder and executive partner" Didier Waroquiers, who was also listed as an unidicted co-conspirator in Slatkin's plea agreement.

According to sources who follow the site, both Jacobs and Waroquiers worked at Mueller International, the Irvine-based marketing company owned by long-time Scientologist Phyllis Mueller. Through his Mueller International connections, Jacobs is said to have recruited dozens of Scientologists into Slatkin's sham "Investment Club" - including Ms. Mueller herself.

These days, Waroquiers seems to have trimmed his entrepreneurial sails considerably. Although Optimum-TSM continues to offer subsidiary shell services to corporations who want a European address, Waroquiers was also involved in the European marketing of Dogwatch, an electronic "invisible fence" system. Waroquier was listed as Dogwatch's European sales affiliate on this page, resurrected here courtesy of Google cache. Waroquiers' erstwhile listing originally pointed to this page, also resurrected courtesty of Google. In recent weeks, that domain has been changed to a forwarding URL for Dogwatch's current European sales representative.
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