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Why is Scientologist investor Arlo Gordin still on the Investor Committee even though he wound up making money rather than losing 15 million, as he first claimed? Arlo reportedly resigned from the committee only to retract that resignation after giving the matter some thought. Now the investor committee wants him off and he's reportedly not going easy.

Is Hope Ranch Becoming 'Clearwater West'? How many homes has Reed bought for his "business associates" in the area? And where did that money came from?

Is Reed Slatkin STILL trading? We hear that he's spending lots of time these days bullying clerks into clearing his trades. Is this legal under his SEC agreement?

And speaking of legalities, who is paying Brian Sun?

Where are Slatkin buddies Bill Yaude and Don Simons in all this? They're not on the 99 investor list but are both said to have strong personal ties to Reed.

There are many Sea Org members on the 1999 investor list. Sea Org members make approximately $50 a week which begs the question - how could they also have a spare quarter million dollars to invest with Slatkin?

Other preliminary research has revealed investors living in $100,000 homes yet having $500,000 to invest with Reed.

Is Slatkin STILL attending the same Santa Barbara country club every day, driving up in his new SUV and playing tennis, even though Slatkin defraudee John Poitras still attends the same club?

Did Reed burn his own Michigan based relatives?

Did Reed Slatkin's son legally change his name two months ago, before these allegations came to light? Perhaps he saw that the name Slatkin would become synonomous with Scam.

There's a rumor that Slatkin was subjected to Scientology "justice" in the middle of the summer of 2000; this would have left tracks in the Scientology records. Our source also says that some Scientologists were warned not to give him any more money. Supposedly this occurred right around the time when the work crews at Gold (in Gilman Hot Springs, CA) and the Super Power building (in Clearwater, FL) were cut to the bone.

Did Slatkin clean out his fellow co-founder Sky Dayton, leaving the young man penniless?

Did Slatkin lose all or part of the Sea Org Reserve fund? (The Sea Organization is the fanatical paramilitary wing of Scientology.)

According to this posting by ex-Scientologist Michael Pattinson, Slatkin arranged for his Scientology clients to make monthly donations in order to avoid harassing telephone solicitations from the cult.
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