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Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.

by L Ron Hubbard
And why is she so interested in Reed Slatkin's bilked investors?   slaughter acting on behalf of Scientology - photo courtesty of Mark Bunker
Bennetta as Queen for a Day - photo courtesy Mark Bunker   Bennetta Slaughter of Clearwater, Florida has been busy organizing a committee of Slatkin investors. At least 4 non-scientologist investors have reportedly been contacted by her, according to very credible sources. This appears to be a Scientology "op" to monitor and control the defrauded investors, especially those who are not Scientologists. Slaughter is not just a Scientologist herself, she's Scientology's leading "OSA public" in Clearwater.
OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, is Scientology's secret investigative service and dirty tricks squad. An "OSA public" is a Scientologist not officially on staff, but who works with OSA to advance Scientology's agenda in situations where the cult doesn't want to use its own name.
So Who Is Bennetta Slaughter?
 Bennetta annoints herself Queen of the Slatkin Investors
  These Emails go a long way to demonstrating the role that Bennetta would like to play on behalf of the Church of Scientology in this case. A text version of the emails is here.
Slaughter and Scientology
  Slaughter is Scientology Patron Meritorious, meaning she's donated more than a quarter million dollars to the Church of Scientology.
  Slaughter is a Reed Slatkin investor. It is unknown whether she made or lost money.
Slaughter and Lisa McPherson
  Slaughter assisted the Church of Scientology's failed coverup in the death of Lisa McPherson, who was employed at Slaughter's company, AMC Publishing. Claiming to be Lisa's best friend, Slaughter told the Tampa Tribune's Cheryl Waldrip that Lisa "just got sick and died... There's nothing else there." But there was much more there: criminal charges were eventually filed against Scientology, and a wrongful death civil suit is now under way. For more information on Lisa McPherson, go here.
  Slaughter tried to frustrate the efforts of prominent Scientology critic Bob Minton to set up a foundation to help cult victims. After Minton announced plans to name his group after Lisa McPherson, Slaughter ran out and registered The Lisa McPherson Foundation, The Lisa Foundation, Friends of Lisa McPherson Foundation, and the Lisa McPherson Educational Foundation. Her actions were against the wishes of Lisa's family, who support Minton's organization, the Lisa McPherson Trust.

She says in this article that many activities are planned for both foundations, and boasts membership of over 300. The groups have been inactive if not dormant since then.
  The "Citizens for a Better Clearwater" instituted a plan in which citizens could donate up to $55 for bricks (each brick would bear an inscription chosen by the donor) that would line an alley way. As a 'secret' member of the "Citizens for a Better Clearwater", Slaughter only became a known member of this group *after* the group (Chairperson Pam Marks specifically) had already A) denied having any Scientologists as members and B) rejected a submission from Church of Scientology foes and Lisa McPherson Trust members Jeff Jacobsen and Stacy Brooks. (Read St. Pete Times news story here.)

Jacobsen's brick was to say "Remember Lisa McPherson," and Brooks' brick was dedicated to the memory of former Scientologist Roxanne Friend, a personal friend of Brooks. When the ACLU stepped in, the group relented and Jacobsen and Brooks got their bricks accepted. However, Marks obviously lied on behalf of Slaughter, as she publicly thanked Bennetta for all her hard work on the committee during the alleyway's opening ceremony.

So it turns out that Lisa McPherson's 'Good Friend' Bennetta Slaughter stifiled an attempt to honor her!
Slaughter and Her 'Clubs'

Bennetta is the ultimate Scientology "Church Mom." She starts up and joins community groups all the time, all of them with benign sounding names but each with the same purpose ~ furthering Scientology's goals.

"Gung Ho Groups"
"The Lisa McPherson Foundation"
"The Lisa Foundation"
"Lisa McPherson Educational Foundation"
"Friends of Lisa McPherson Foundation"
"Clearwater Community Volunteers"
"Clearwater Beautification and Development Association"
"Tampa Bay Organization of Women"
"Citizens for a Better Clearwater"
"Clearwater Business Association"
"Boy Scout Leaders"
"The Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic Race of 1997"

For more info on Scientology front groups, including these, go to the Occupied Clearwater Page.

Here's an internal Scientology memo from 1997 commending the members of various Clearwater-based Scientology committees and groups. Notice that Bennetta is the most notable overacheiver here.

Ex-Scientologist recounts his personal experience with Bennetta Slaughter
  Ex Scientologist Michael Pattinson did work on Bennetta's 1.2 million dollar home back in 1995. In this post he says, "Later when I sent them a bill for my services their reply was to get their attorney to threaten me with a lawsuit for extortion if ever I asked for money from them again. Be forewarned."
Slaughter Attempts to "Handle" a Critic >> INVESTORS : PAY ATTENTION!
  Here is a long transcript of a meeting between Scientology critic Jeff Lee, Bennetta and VP of Scientology NY (and OSA) John Carmichael and their attempt to "handle" Jeff and dissuade him from picketing. Carmichael is frequently assigned the task of 'handling' critics, so it's not surprising to see him paired with frequent Scientology mouthpiece Bennetta.

Throughout the interview Bennetta spews both half-truths and outright lies. This is a very important read to anyone approached by Slaughter as it shows how deliberately deceptive she will be on behalf of the Church of Scientology.
  So, as an investor, would YOU trust this woman to look out for your best interests as opposed to the Church of Scientology's best interests? What do you think the chances are that YOUR interests overlap with the 'CHURCH'?