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RICOCHET is back!
No idea what this means for WWC
WWC has sold all of its stock for $20,000 to the Texas based (and also seemingly doomed) E-Home.com, Inc., which doesn't even own that domain name.

E-Home.com does business as 'HomeMark.'
Wireless WebConnect! & Scientology
What You Should Know
Wireless WebConnect! (OTC symbol: WWCO.OB), founded in 1991 under the original name of Business Tel by Gerald T. Finn (aka Deac Finn, or GT Finn) has recently brought a rash of negative attention upon itself that cries out for scrutiny in a larger forum.

Wireless WebConnect! is a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE), which, as the name implies, it is comprised of companies that use Scientology "tech" in the day-to-day management of the company, for which they pay substantial licensing fees to the church.

More alarming perhaps is the fact that many of WWC's officers were members of both OSA and the infamous Guardian's Office, Scientology's investigative and espionage arms. The Guardian's Office was dismantled in the late 70's after a dozen of its members were sent to jail for infiltrating and attempting to steal documents from both the IRS and the Justice Department.

And yet, WWC boasts a client list that includes almost every branch of the US government, including the CIA, FBI, and yes.. even the IRS.

WWC was a licensed reseller of ricochet's (Metricom) high-speed wireless service. Metricom eventually ran into ran into financial difficulty and declared bankruptcy in July. Its assets were purchased in a bankruptcy auction by Colorado based broadband provider Aerie Networks for $8.25 million.

Meanwhile, WWC had sold $21 million in ricochet subscriptions they can no longer fulfill and customers have not been refunded (and are quite upset at the lack of information they're getting from WWC, one even going so far as to put up this site detailing his troubles with WWC).

WWC's future hinges greatly on Aerie Networks relaunching the ricochet service, but it seems unlikely.

In this site we'll bring you profiles of all the key players in the WWC enterprise, news on some extremely interesting companies that overlap and intersect WWC's universe, and present parallels between Scientology and WWC that illustrate why Scientology-owned companies in the Telecommuncations industry should be more closely monitored.