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Neil Byrne
Senior Vice President West Coast
From WWC Executive Team page:

Mr. Byrne joined Wireless WebConnect! in 1991. He graduated from California Polytechnical State University in 1985. He was Production Manager in the food production industry from 1986-1991. He began with Wireless WebConnect! as a sales representative and following his success was promoted to establishing and managing our new long distance reseller offices on the West Coast and later our San Francisco Bay area Ricochet offices. He presently handles our New Business Development and office establishment.

"Production manager in food production industry" sounds almost like he managed a McDonalds, which would corroborate his subsequent remark that moving to WWC "tripled his income" (see below).

Note that he found Scientology in 1992, one year after signing on with WWC.

From Neil's OS Page:

I am involved in sales and marketing. The technology enables my company and me to manage our business expertly. I have tripled my income since I found Scientology in 1992