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Mike Campbell
Senior Vice President Administration
It’s not clear whether Mike Campbell is a Scientologist (although it certainly seems likely, given the preponderance of Scientologists on the Management Team).

From his Bio:

Mr. Campbell joined Wireless WebConnect! in 1993. He established offices and sales and telemarketing training programs for Wireless WebConnect!'s nationwide sales teams for the long distance reseller business and later on with our Metricom Ricochet account. Mr. Campbell currently oversees the same tasks in addition to overseeing our PR and Marketing functions. He was recruited from Michigan where he established and ran his own administration and sales consulting firm from 1988-1993.

There is a Mike Campbell listed in Source #86 as a Patron, but he doesn’t appear in any subsequent lists. However, this Mike Campbell, who has an Online Scientologist page, is from the right city, and sounds like he could be our man:

I live in San Jose, California with my wife, Mary, and our two young daughters, Lea and Lauren. We all use Dianetics and Scientology to make our lives better. It never ceases to amaze me how well my children are doing just using some of the simple things they know about themselves and others. As a parent I share with my wife a deep sense of joy, pride and accomplishment in these results. We have similar achievements in our personal and family relationships, our business dealings and in the various community activities sponsored by the Church of Scientology. We view life as a game where we have a better chance of winning because of the tools we have to help us achieve our goals and to help others achieve theirs. Needless to say, we have a limitless gratitude to L. Ron Hubbard for the endless work he did resulting in the basic discoveries of life which make up Scientology. You should try it. .