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Sandra Everett
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Although it's unclear whether or not Sandra is a Scientologist; she is majorly involved in some of the Church's front groups - here mentioned in this article from the church’s public relations vehicle Freedom Magazine as the recipient of an International Human Rights Award from CCHR:

CCHR’s International Human Rights Award was presented to author, investigative journalist, broadcaster and producer Gary Null (top) and to Sandra Everett, left, pictured with CCHR’s Bruce Wiseman. Everett founded Citizens Rescuing Youth, a group that frees children from psychiatric facilites. The awards ceremony featured a performance by vocalist Raven Kane.

Possibly our Sandra:

Family Therapy for ADHD: Treating Children, Adolescents and Adults. Craig Everett & Sandra Everett, $49.95

Sandra and Craig mentioned in this resume:
Family Therapy for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Therapy
University of Arizona, Department of Psychology, Tucson, AZ
Workshop Leaders: Craig Everett, Ph.D., and Sandra Everett, Ph.D.

Sandra is also affiliated with the Network Against Coercive Psychiatry.