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Steven Hayes
Steven L. Hayes is a longtime Scientologist, and the partner of Scientologist and attorney Timothy Bowles, who himself is the former partner of noted Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon, himself an Unindicted co-conspirator in the Snow White infiltration case. Steve and his wife, Paula, were both listed as members of WISE in 1993.

Steve was a key figure in the takeover by Scientology of the Cult Awareness Network:

(From Page A4 Wash Post Dec 23 1996)
The people answering have been instructed to tell callers that CAN has been "taken over" by "a new corporation," but "we would be happy to help you with information about religious groups you have an interest in," said Steven L. Hayes, the Los Angeles attorney and Scientologist who bought the rights to use CAN's phone number. CAN has filed an appeal objecting to the sale of its name and phone.

He also represented notorious Scientologist stock promoter "Curious" George Chekelis, and is also the legal counsel (excerpt below) of Robert Cefail and company in the ongoing Raul Lopez case.

On the Scientology side, the legal team involved in the case has a familiar look. Several of the lawyers are longtime Scientologists, including Kendrick Moxon, representing the church's Celebrity Centre International, and Steven L. Hayes, the lawyer for the Cefails and RC&A Group. It was Hayes who, a few years ago, showed up unexpectedly in a Chicago courtroom to purchase -- for $20,000 -- the logo, files, and phone number of the religion's former chief nemesis, the Cult Awareness Network, whose assets were auctioned off after litigation led by Moxon forced the group into bankruptcy.

Steve has an OS Page where he discusses how "interesting and rewarding" he finds the legal business:
I was living in Arkansas when I heard about Dianetics. I read and reread the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and began auditing (Scientology counseling) friends and having them audit me. In 1970, I decided to move to Los Angeles. I walked into a Scientology Church and signed up for the Success Through Communication Course. I have been doing Scientology and Dianetics courses ever since.

Some information on Steve Hayes, from an anonymous researcher post to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology:
Steven L. Hayes was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1947, and graduated from Northside High School in 1965. He obtained a B.A. in History with honors at the University of Arkansas in 1969. In 1969, Hayes opened an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Franchise in Arkansas. In 1970, he moved to California and worked in financial planning and was instrumental in developing and marketing investment packages for the scientologists. In 1976, Hayes enrolled in Sothern Methodist University Law School in Dallas, Texas, and in 1977 transferred to the University of San Francisco Law School, where he received his LL.B law degree with honors in 1979. He was admitted to practice law in California that same year. Hayes’ areas of specialization are business acquisitions and general business.

According to biographical information posted by the Citizens For An Alternative Tax System [CATS], which he helped found, Mr. Hayes "began advising clients with respect to the income tax code in 1973", despite the fact that he did not have his law degree at the time.

Here is an article written by Steven L. Hayes in his role as CATS founder on the unfair tax situation faced by Americans today entitled "Would Jefferson Think We Are Free?"

Here is a profile of Steve that appeared in the pages of Scientology public relations vehicle Freedom Magazine.

This story explores the links between CATS and the Church of Scientology.

Steven Hayes was or is the partner in the firm of Bowles & Hayes, a partnership located at 1015 Oneonta Drive, Los Angeles, California. The Bowles referred to is Timothy Bowles.

Steven Hayes is also the registered agent and mailing address for JTP Films, of which John Travolta is the President. JTP was incorporated on April 19, 1978, the name was changed on July 31, 1978 from Travolta Productions, and the files contain a number of amendments and changes, including the most recent on September 28, 1998 when a certificate of amendment was files.

Steven L. Hayes also works for Leahy and Associates, a California business consulting firm. (See www.hightechbiz.com for the company’s website.) On the Leahy website, it states ..
"Mr. Hayes...has developed a practice that concentrates on dealing with the acquisition and reorganization of successful and financially distressed companies. Steve has also developed a practice in Mergers and Acquisitions. He has concluded several transactions in values over a half a billion dollars. His clear and perceptive understanding of even the most complex deals, expedites completions and improves value. He developed his reputation PRIOR TO AND DURING LAW SCHOOL. IT IS THROUGH REFERRALS FROM THESE COMPANIES THAT HE DEVELOPED AN IMMEDIATELY SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE. SOME OF HIS TRANSACTIONS HAVE EXCEEDED ONE BILLION DOLLARS. [emphasis added] Mr. Hayes’s clients include insurance companies, banks, oil and gas companies, marketing companies, companies that own and manage race horses and motion picture companies."

Here is his bio, on the corporate webpage.

Steven and Paula Hayes are also involved in the Citizens for an Alternative Tax System, a "grassroots" tax protest organization formed on October 22, 1990, and located at 10600A Crestwood Drive, Manassas, Virginia 20109. Steven Hayes is listed as the registered agent of the organization and President, Paula Hayes as Treasurer, and Glenn Wahlqist as the Secretary. The Chief Executive Officer of CATS is Victor Krohn at the Manassas address.

Bowles and Hayes are registered agents for a couple of companies. One is Enchanted Woods Quality Hardwood Flooring, which was incorporated recently on December 11, 1998. The California Secretary of State corporate number is 2127701.

Another such company is Futurelink, Inc., which was incorporated in Nevada but registered with the California Secretary of State on January 5, 1999. The California Corporate number is 2129592.

From Martindale Lawyer Index:
Steven L. Hayes
Bowles & Hayes
Los Angeles, California
(Los Angeles Co.)
Born 1947; Admitted 1979; University of Arkansas, B.A.; University of San Francisco, LL.B.

Steve is the contact for this WISE telecommunications company:
Steven L. Hayes
Payless Communications, Inc.
1015 Oneonta Drive
Los Angeles, California 90065

From WISE 2001 (as well as earlier editions):

Payless Communications
Michael Osmon
1820 E. First St., Ste. 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705-4028
United States
(1) 714-647-0908
(1) 714-647-0764

15-Mar-01 BYRNE, NEIL
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WWCO Initial Direct Holdings Statement
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WWCO Initial Direct Holdings Statement

Richard Dahslon represented Intellicall during merger negotiations with WWC. He is a Texas lawyer, according to this webpage.