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Phil Jepsen
Senior Vice President Operations
From Phil’s OS page:

I am currently involved in the wireless communications industry and wireless Internet access in particular. Aside from this, my wife and I are concentrating on getting our 6 children and ourselves trained as Scientology auditors.

From the WWC Executive Management page:

Mr. Jepsen joined Wireless WebConnect! in 1996. He graduated from Herlufsholm College in Denmark, majoring in Physical Science and Mathematics. From 1978-1996 he designed and implemented computer network security on international WANs, as well as designing and installing network firewalls and security monitoring systems in commercial buildings, including encryption and data compression on a high volume proprietary e-mail system spanning six continents. Currently, Mr. Jepsen manages WWC's technical delivery operation, including the Internet service provisioning, information systems, technical support, quality control and billing activities.

The previous paragraph sounds a lot like Mr. Jepsen worked for OSA INT, specifically INCOMM, from 1978 until 1996, when he apparently designed network security for a nameless company ‘spanning six continents’.

See also this story, which describes Jepsen’s involvement in the harassment of former Scientologist Nan Bowers. According to the story, Jepsen was at the time an official of the Church, most likely OSA, given other information:

It turned out that "Alan Goldman" was lying. In fact, as Scientology officials readily admit, the caller was a private detective working for Scientology attorneys. Three days later, Bower says, a Scientology official named Philip Jepsen paid her a visit. "He comes with two people in uniforms - very intimidating - and he asks me about Tom Cruise," Bowers recalls. "It became obvious he knew everything I had told 'Goldman.' He grilled me for two hours. At the end, he handed me a Declare."