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Bruce Wiseman
Former Advisory Board Member
Longtime Scientologist and OT7 Bruce Wiseman is the co-founder of WISE management firm Wiseman and Burke, and also runs On Target Research, a marketing research firm with close ties to the original company. Both companies appear in the 1999 and 2001 WISE directories.

In his spare time, Bruce is also the president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, the Church of Scientology’s anti-psychiatry attack dog and front group. In that role, he has done considerable media appearances, usually touting the church’s rabid opposition to psychoactive drugs, including Ritalin, Prozac and others.

Here is his testimony to a Pennsylvania legislative committee.

He also hosts "Take Back America," a regular talk show on Radio America, a libertarian radio network where, according to the show’s description he ...

"bring truly fresh insight to hidden factors affecting the precipitous decline of education, morals and our American system of Justice,"

... usually involving CIA mind control and, of course, "evil psychs", a Scientologist mainstay.

In early 2001, Bruce was still listed on WWC’s website as one of two members of the company’s Advisory Board. His bio includes the following remarkable claim:

"Mr. Wiseman has also written and lectured here and abroad and served as a marketing consultant to the Russian government, being honored with a sculpted bust in the Hall of Heroes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation."

Neither Bruce, nor the rest of the Advisory Board, appear on the current masthead at WWC.

Bruce's business partner, Kevin Burke -- the other half of Wiseman and Burke -- is also a Scientologist, and invested with Reed Slatkin.