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Joe Yazbeck
Senior Vice President West Coast
From a Theta News Exchange (TNX) intro post:

Please welcome Joe Yazbeck, from Los Angeles, California

What is your job or profession?
Managing partner and member of Board of Directors of Milestone Management Inc.a corporate Wise member serving diverse
industries with LRH admin tech by acquisition, joint venture and other alliances.

When did you get into Scientology?

In August of 1974

What training have you done?

HAS, HQS, ST Hat,Personal Ethics&Integrity Course, HSDC&Internship, Ministers Course, Mini Sup Course,Management Series Course, Flag Tech Trs and Flag Pro TRs Course, Data Evaluators Course, Staff Status 1, 2 &3. Public Relations Officer Course, Fully hatted PES; Golden Age of Tech: Student Hat, PTS/SP( Both at Flag); Freewinds:Golden Age of tech Route to Infinity, State Of Man, OT Debug;Currently on Solo Retrain at AOLA to do OT3 Expanded.

What is your processing level?

OT 3

Where are you currently on lines?


What service are you currently on?


Who referred you to TNX?
Originally Mya Borgman, most recently Shawn Rhine.

Anything else you'd like to originate?
Thank you for creating such a needed theta network.

From WISE 1999:

Yazbeck, Joe
4806 Fountain Ave. #89
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1604
United States
(1) 323-666-0044

From a post on CoS addresses:

The California address may have been the mail drop across the street from INCOMM--where "(-AB-)" lived and worked--at 4806 Fountain Ave. Los Angeles, CA., on the Southeast corner of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Fountain Avenue. INCOMM is located at 4833 Fountain Avenue--on the Northwest corner of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Fountain Avenue.

Not surprisingly, Joe has an OS page:
I was born Oct 29, 1952 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to a family of Lebanese ancestry. I am a graduate of King’s College of Pennsylvania with a B.A. degree in theatre. I held executive positions in sales, marketing and public relations while serving in a Scientology and Dianetics organization from 1974-1983.

I founded a theatre company in Southern California in 1983, performed in the national touring companies of Evita and South Pacific and performed in dozens of repertory and regional theatre productions throughout the country. I was artistic director of mission studios in Southern Californiaa full production performing arts studio developing and packaging artists for successutilizing the powerful communication and administration technology of Scientology.

I created upscale success training and Yazbeck Consulting services in Pennsylvania as a development base for all professionals of many diverse fields applying the management technology of L. Ron Hubbard. I have owned and operated several successful companies using Hubbard administrative technology.

I am blessed with 2 beautiful kids, son 22 and is currently a successful Broadway actor. My daughter is 19 and is a successful sales and marketing rep. I plan to continue to help mankind grow, expand, flourish and prosper by learning and applying with dedication and love for the people I serve the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard. I am currently the Vice President of a publicly traded wireless Internet company in Clearwater, Florida. I currently oversee all aspects of business development, strategic alliances and independently create sales and marketing programs to assist companies with expansion opportunities.

Conclusions: From the courses listed and his own biography, it is very likely that Joe worked for OSA INT in PR, and possibly also INCOMM.